Scary For Kids


  • Yeah, all the dolls are the entrapped souls of children. The one on the bike was trying to escape…

  • OMG CREEPY! I despise dolls or anything that falsely represents a human. They are horrible, empty shells.

    Anyone else notice the windows on the building look like eyes and a huge mouth with fangs? Check it out at 4:40 in…

  • i wunder if lk alll the other dolls in that building were once living human boys and girls but the same thing happend to them lk alma

  • Creepy! I like the way that once the girl turns into the doll, make it a mystery that leaves a good ominous feeling

  • first! omg at 3:41 in the video the girl and the doll switched places because the original doll in the window had vlue eyes but then it switched to the real girls green eyes!

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