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Creepy Videos

The top 10 creepy videos from Drew Daywalt of Fewdio Horror.

Creepy Videos

1. Bedfellows

A woman is awoken by a phonecall that leads to a terrifying revelation… Sometimes the person you are laying next to isn’t the same person you went to bed with.

Director Drew Daywalt says: “With Bedfellows, I knew I had something good when Mikal Sky recreated my childhood boogeyman so well. Bedfellows itself was actually my own personal embodiment of the boogeyman. Everybody has an idea of what the boogeyman looks like to you, when you close your eyes and think back to when you were a child. That was the face I was convinced the boogeyman had. I looked at him in Bedfellows and he really creeped me out. Normally I don’t get creeped out, but he did it. He’s a cross between Captain Howdy from The Exorcist and Nosferatu, and those two scared the heck out of me!”

“But none of us had any idea it would do as well as it did. And when it blew up on Youtube with 2 million hits in one day, I was flabberghasted. I guess there’s real power in translating your own worst fears to film and sharing them. It’s a real reminder to me to only make films that creep ME out. Since then, I don’t worry what will freak anyone else out. I just make the films to entertain myself. So far it’s working.”

2. There is No Such Thing

A woman is tucking her daughter in at night and tells her that the boogeyman doesn’t really exist.

Director Drew Daywalt says: “The funny thing about this one is that it started out as a jump scare kind of thing. But I’ve outgrown those kinds of scare tactics and wanted something more awful. In my original draft of the script, I just had the mother checking under the bed, and then she finally puts her foot down and doesn’t check for a monster and leaves the room, but this one time she doesn’t check, there’s the monster, and it’s going to eat her daughter and she didn’t check. Total parent anxiety fears. But then as we were filming, the actress who plays the mother jokingly suggested that she looks under the bed, sees the monster and doesn’t do anything to save her daughter. We laughed and then I thought, that’s amazing. What a horrible mom. And that’s how we came to this one. And the villain switched from the creature to the mother.”

3. Mockingbird

After watching this clip, you will never look at a baby monitor the same way again.

Drew Daywalt says: “Mockingbird is a straight up parental fear. I think every parent with a morbid sensibility lays in bed looking at their baby monitor thinking of the potentially god awful things they “might” hear coming over the speakers. When I showed the script to my wife she instantly said “Ooooh I want that one!” so I let her direct it, and I’m so glad I did. She was so subtle and her film so awful in it’s horror… I mean, a baby gets its throat slit off screen by a ghost…”

4. Creep

A woman is driving home late at night.

5. Ninja Clown Monster

A boy is in bed when, out of the corner of his eye, he spots his toy clown moving.

Drew Daywalt says: “Ninja Clown Monster was a response to Ninja Cat, a video on youtube where a guy was videotaping his cat, and every time he put the camera on the cat it would hold perfectly still, but when he moved the camera away, the cat would move. Then when the camera went back on the cat, it was still standing perfectly still, but it kept getting closer and closer. It was a hysterical video and I loved the idea of an evil doll that never moved while on camera, but every time you looked, it had somehow gotten closer to you. It’s also the coolest evil clown ever. I went to a craft store and bought a scarecrow doll, took the hair off and painted it into a clown doll, painted it white and gave him creepy eyes. There’s no real story. Sometimes it’s just a scare!”

6. Jack

This short film was done for the Santa Barbara MINUTE Film Festival where you have to create a horror short that tells a story in 60 seconds or less…

7. The Closet

The Closet is a scary video short from Drew Daywalt about two girls who want to surprise their mother on her birthday.

8. Selfie

9. Doppelganger

10. Cleansed

Cleansed is a short horror film from Drew Daywalt about a woman who is hired to clean up a house after a horrific murder happened there.

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