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Scary Music

Scary Music

Scary music and Halloween sounds from classic horror movies and videos. Listen to creepy soundtracks, spooky sound effects and ambient background noise for free online.

Scary Music

The Exorcist Theme

The main title theme from the soundtrack of the movie The Exorcist is “Tubular Bells” by Mike Oldfield.

Insidious Soundtrack

The creepy violin music from the scary movie Insidious was composed by Joseph Bishara. It is considered one of the most terrifying horror film scores ever written.

Scary Violin Music

The scary violin music you hear in movies and TV shows is the Theme from Psycho by Bernard Herrmann. It’s used during the shower scene in Psycho when Norman Bates is stabbing a young woman to death. The high-pitched screech was achieved by playing the violins in a “screeching, stabbing sound-motion of extraordinary viciousness.”

Scary Opera Music

The scary opera music you often hear in horror movies is “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana by the German composer Carl Orff. It is often used in horror movies and TV shows because it sets a foreboding mood and creates a frightening atmosphere. The song begins with the hushed chants of a choir in Latin before building to a crescendo of strings, drums and cymbal crashes. It was based on a medieval Latin poem written in the 13th Century that talks about fate and luck.

Scary Classical Music

Verdi’s Requiem Deus Irae.

Scary Organ Music

The scary organ music often associated with horror movies is “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” by Johann Sebastian Bach. This famous eerie tune is often played at Halloween or featured in parodies of old horror movies. This ominous-sounding piece of music, written for the pipe organ, has become associated with all things scary over the years.

Scary Piano Music

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

Creepy Music Box

Creepy Banjo Music

The most well-known creepy banjo music is “Duelling Banjos” and it was composed in 1955 by Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith under the title “Feudin’ Banjos”. It was made famous by the movie Deliverance which tells the story of four men on a canoeing trip. One of the men plays banjo with a mentally disabled and odd-looking young hillbilly. Later, the men are attacked by a group of hillbillies and hunted down like animals.

The Twilight Zone Theme Music

This classic theme was made by splicing together 2 different cues in the network’s music library. They were “Etrange 3 (Strange No. 3)” and “Milieu 2 (Middle No. 2)” by French Avant-Garde classical author Marius Constant.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Theme Music

Alfred Hitchcock’s TV show used Gonoud’s “Funeral March of a Marionette” as its theme tune.

Scary Music
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  • help me out sfk pls….! I wanna download that sound effect of halloween ….. ! Wanna listen @ night to make an mood …. So pls is their any way to download that track….?

  • Oh and there is song called Jeannie’s afraid of the dark by Dolly Parton. It is said to be scary but i think its totally ridiculous! (NO OFFENSE TO THE SINGER P.S.)

  • I have some cool facts about 2 cursed songs. First of all is the “gloomy sunday”. It is said that many people committed suicide after listening to that song. It is also known as the “hungarian suicide song”. Another one is Frank Sinatra’s “my way”. It is said that many people died while singing the karaoke version of the song. So….both of these are true and if you ever mention them….I’ll get credit too, right?

  • You should check out the legend of the dogman song from WTCM-FM. It was made up by some disc jockey on a radio station in ’87 and began the whole Michigan Dogman legend. The song is REALLY eerie though and the words creep me out every time. ugh

  • Type these into youtube, listen to each one.
    “Come Little Children lyrics”
    “Monster Meg and Dia”
    I’ll have more soon <3

  • There are a few creepy Japanese songs I know:
    Hide and Seek by SeeU
    Rugrats Theory by Yuki Kaai.
    I don’t think there’s an Engloid for Hide and Seek, but the English version of Rugrats Theory is by Oliver.

  • Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath should also be here… ,It’s a brilliant song… And it is scary too…

  • most of these songs are like curses especially the songs i lisen to all these are AWSOME AND SCARY :)

  • THE THING THAT SHOULD NOT BE by Metallica is an eerie song about the Cthulhu, it should be here please… It’s a million times better than Enter Sandman…

  • I think you should put the music video from New Perspective by Panic! at the Disco. It is terrifying.

  • ScaryForKids, I think you should check out the song ‘Hamburger Lady’. It’s really creepy but it’s one of those things you can’t explain why it’s creepy. Look it up on YouTube. It’s awesome!

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