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Caught Cheating

Caught Cheating

Caught Cheating is a horror story written by a member on this website named crazy stalker. It’s about a man who cheats on his girlfriend and is wracked by guilt when his infidelity causes her to take her own life.

Caught Cheating

The night seemed to last forever. At least that’s how it seemed for Alec Kite. His mind was torn by one everlasting memory. What had destroyed his psyche? Not a screaming demon, but a soothing voice. A joyous laugh and the sight of her twinkling eyes.

Maybe it was the sweet and innocent demeanor of Calpurnia that made Alec cringe now. Or maybe it was the way she tried to hide her grief on the fateful night when she discovered his infidelity. The way the pain flashed in her eyes when she stammered and tried to maintain her composure.

He could kick himself now, for his stupidity, his blindness, his betrayal of her true love. He had always considered himself an intelligent man, so how had he fallen for the trap of cheating on his girlfriend?

Could Brianna’s beautiful face and long blond hair compensate for the horrible guilt he felt now? Of course not. Could her sweet lips and attractive curves make Calpurnia’s tears not matter? No!

He had given in to the most common temptation. He remembered the night Calpurnia had found him in the Brianna’s soft embrace. All Calpurnia could do was whisper, “Alec, why?”

He would never have the answer to that question. He remembered how she looked that night. Her long dark hair shining in the moonlight as she tried to hide her broken heart. How she had whispered, “I still love you, Alec” as she turned and ran away.

She fled from sight, leaving Alec to sit there wondering what insanity had caused him to cheat on her. But the worst memory was when he had heard the shocking news the next day. She had taken her own life. That was the terrible consequence of his irrational actions.

He shivered, imagining her elegant neck with a rough, dirty rope tied around it and the sound of her final gasp. It was all his fault. Because of his weakness, their beautiful dream, had become a nightmare.

That night, the guilt seemed to weigh on his soul more than usual. All he could see were her tear-filled eyes and her rosy cheeks contrasting with her ivory skin. He could almost hear her voice calling to him, “Alec, Alec, please don’t, I love you.” This echoed and echoed until a sudden realization made a shiver crawl up his back, freezing him to the core.

It was not his imagination. The sound was coming from the hallway. He peered through the shadows of his bedroom to the creaky old door. The whole house seemed to moan and groan under the gathering storm. It was nights like this made Alec regret buying such an old, historic house.

The door to his room was swaying slightly back and forth, back and forth. Behind it, Alec noted a strange, flickering light. Immediately, he searched his mind, trying to find any logical explanation for the occurrences.

“It must be just a draft. Old houses are drafty, right?”, he told himself in the shadows. But what about that light? A lamp must be shorting out. He tried to convince himself, but something just didn’t feel right. That bright glow didn’t look like the light from an ordinary lamp. It was an icy blue, and the flickering was getting brighter. It was beautiful, but haunting. Then he heard a voice echo from the illuminated corridor, “Why did you betray me?”

It couldn’t be. It just couldn’t. Alec found himself huddled in his bed, trembling, his eyes fixed on the azure light. Suddenly the door flew open and smashed against the wall with a loud crack.

Calpurnia stood in the open doorway, her hands reaching out for him. Her eyes were dark and hollow, the twinkling long gone. She was wearing a black evening gown, ripped at the hem, but somehow still beautiful. Draped around her neck like a morbid necklace, was a dirty, brown noose.

“Cal-Cal…” He couldn’t get the rest to leave the tip of his tongue. He cowered in fear.

Suddenly, she stepped toward him and her mouth opened as if to speak. Crimson blood poured like a waterfall over her pale, perfect lips. Her sweet voice morphed into an ear piercing screech.

“You! You did this! I will make you pay!”

The sound echoed throughout the house.

Alec leaped off the bed and ran to the other side of the room, screaming. Tears flowed from his wide open eyes. His heart pounded so hard and fast that he feared it would explode. Calpurnia strode elegantly forward, leaving a trail of blood behind her. Alec felt his breath quicken until his head became light and his sight became dim.

He awoke to find two police officers standing over him. Sitting up, he looked around the room. The morning sun shone through the window lighting the bedroom completely. There were no blood stains, no proof she had even been there.

One of the policemen touched his shoulder and asked, “Sir, could you tell us what happened?”

They would never believe him, but he had to try.

“She was there!” he cried. “Blood ran from her mouth… Light everywhere! She wants to kill me!”

He grabbed the policeman’s arm in a panic. Then, his eyes wide in mortal terror, he jumped to his feet and began to pull his belongings off the shelves, each item crashing to the floor.

“Where did she go? I have to find her!” he screamed as he picked up his mattress and threw it against the wall.

“She’ll kill me! She’ll kill me!”

After that, the police ran to his side and grabbed him, afraid he would harm himself. As he struggled to get away one of the policemen pinned him to the ground.

“Who is she?” he asked.

“My love!” screamed Alec. His voice echoed through the house, his wild eyes piercing the officer’s soul, “My dead love!”

The next thing he knew, Alec found himself in a psychiatric hospital. How did I end up here? he wondered to himself as he sat wearing a white gown, in his small white cell.

“Maybe it was all just a dream.” He thought, staring down at his feet.

The doctor had diagnosed him as a schizophrenic and they told him Calpurnia had all been a hallucination. The stress of her passing must have caused him to snap, they said.

When the doctor came in and told Alec this information, he tried to be reasonable. Maybe the doctor was right, maybe he was just ill. That night Alec tried to sleep but couldn’t. So the nurse gave him a tranquilizer.

As he drifted off to sleep, just as his eyes closed, he saw Calpurnia, standing over him, blood dripping from her mouth.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“You’re too late,” was her cold, growling answer.

The next morning the nurse opened the door to Alec’s room and was confronted by a terrifying sight. The floor and walls were covered in a bloody trail. The bed was torn in half, each end thrown to two opposite corners of the cell. In the middle of the floor lay Alec’s pallid, lifeless body. He was sprawled across the white tiles, his face a ghastly blue color. Blood was splattered in a circle around him and an old, rough rope was wound tightly around his neck.

The nurse knelt down at his side, shivering and crying. Then, she looked up and gasped. The blood that painted the walls spelled out, “I still love you Alec.”

No one could ever explain where the blood had come from or how the noose ended up around his neck. The only fingerprints found at the crime scene were Alec’s own. The newspaper reported Alec’s death as a suicide, but everyone at the hospital knew otherwise.

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  • 8/10 nooses 😄 They can now be together, but did she deserve him? Noppppeee

  • DANG IT! DAG IT! DANG IT! I mean good story but……. i have long black hair!!!!! So now I’m gonna die????

  • OOO my name is Brianna c:
    and i also have long blond hair hehe :>>>
    but believe me the rest is all LIES

    The most sexual thing I’ve ever done was pat a guy on the shoulder.. :I
    (the worst part was that he was crying)

  • I read this in another website, no offense, crazy stalker, but I read it in everything scary by a writer called phantomfox7777 and the title was Calpurnia

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