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Neighbor Boy

Neighbor Boy

The Neighbor boy is a scary story written by a member on this website named harrystyleswife. It’s about two young girls who are playing in the park when they meet the creepy kid that lives next door.

Neighbor Boy

It was a nice, sunny day and I had just finished eating my breakfast. My best friend Marley arrived at my house and we decided to go outside and have some fun. We went to the park behind my house and played some games together in the playground.

While we were playing a small boy came into the park. I recognized him immediately. He was the son of the family who lived next door. I had only caught a glimpse of the neighbor boy once or twice. His parents never let him play with the other kids in the neighborhood.

Our neighbors were an odd bunch. We never actually saw them very much. They hardly ever left their house and nobody on the block knew anything about them. We didn’t even know their names, which was odd because they had lived next door for more than a year.

Marley and I were building castles in the sandbox and the neighbor boy came slinking over to the playground and stood next to us. He was dressed in a red hooded sweatshirt and his face was very pale.

“Can I help you girls?” he asked.

“Uh, yeah, sure,” I replied. “Whats your name?”

“Jacob,” he replied in a flat, emotionless voice.

He joined us in the sandbox and silently helped us build some more castles. The whole time he was playing with us, he never said a word. After a while, his mom looked over the wall of the park and called him inside. As he was leaving, he asked us if we would like to come and play at his house the next day. We were curious to see what his house looked like inside, so we happily accepted his invitation.

When the following day arrived, Marley and I went to Jacob’s house around noon. We both knocked on the front door and waited. After a while, we heard a shuffling sound behind the door and then it opened. Jacob, the neighbor boy, was standing there. His blue eyes were shining and the ghost of a smile lingered on his pale face.

“Come in,” he whispered. His voice sounded friendlier.

We followed him inside and looked around. The house was nicely decorated and there were pictures on the walls of Jacob with his mom and dad. We could hear the TV playing in the background.

“Lets go play in the basement”, he whispered.

He had an odd smirk on his face and his eyes twinkled with a malevolent gleam. I got an uneasy feeling, but just tried to shrug it off. We walked down the steps that led to the darkened basement. In a corner, there was a metal table which had tools on it. Beside it was a little bed with a curtain drawn around it.

“So, what will we play?” asked Marley.

“We are going to play doctor”, said the neighbor boy with a grin.

I giggled. “Uh… How do you play that?” I asked suspiciously.

Jacob didn’t answer. “Who want’s to go first?” he asked.

“Me!” said Marley.

Jacob led Marley over to the bed and pulled back the curtain. Then, he motioned for her to climb up on it. He looked straight into my eyes, smiled and then pulled the curtain, hiding both of them from view. I stood there, waiting and listened.

All of a sudden, I heard Marley scream. Then, there was an eerie silence. I ran over and pulled back the curtain.

There, on the bed, lay Marley. Blood was pouring out of her body and there was a knife sticking in her chest. I was horrified.

“What did you do?!” I yelled.

He turned to me and gave me the most evil look I have ever seen.

“I just lost a patient,” he growled. “And I’m about to lose another.”

Before I had a chance to do anything, he lunged at me with a knife. I managed to dodge him and ran up the basement stairs as fast as I could. Just as I reached the top, the door suddenly swung shut and I felt a hand on my ankle.

Jacob pulled my leg out from under me and I tumbled all the way back down the stairs. Lying in a daze on the cold, stone floor, I looked up and the last thing I ever saw was Jacob, standing over me, holding a glistening knife.

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