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Charlotte is a stupid scary story about a young girl who is babysitting her younger brother and sister one night when she gets some disturbing phone calls.


It was a cold and rainy night and Charlotte had just put her little brother and sister to bed. She looked at the clock. It was 10:00 PM. Her parents should already have come home by then. Charlotte sat on the couch, and switched on the TV.

The news channel was reporting that a man had just escaped from a nearby mental institution. The newscaster said he was very dangerous. They said to lock all doors and windows and be on the lookout for suspicious persons.

As Charlotte was getting up to lock the front door, she heard the phone ring. When she picked it up, all she could hear was hysterical, high-pitched laughter.


Charlotte thought she must have accidentally put it on speaker-phone, because it sounded much louder than it should have. It almost sounded like it was coming from down the hallway. She didn’t think much of it though and hung up the phone.

“Maybe it was some stupid kid pulling prank calls on me,” she muttered.

A little while later, when she went to close the kitchen windows, the phone rang again. This time, all Charlotte could hear was heavy breathing. She asked who was on the line and heard a short chuckle before the line went dead.

As Charlotte locked the windows, all of a sudden, she heard a tapping noise upstairs. And then another tap. Still, Charlotte thought nothing of it, until the phone rang one more time and on the other end she heard TAP TAP TAP and then laughter. She began to get worried.

Charlotte was too scared to go upstairs and save the children, so she rushed out the door and went to her neighbor’s house. She got next door, only to find her neighbor’s pet cat lying dead on the front porch. It had blood all over it.

Charlotte heard a rustle in the bushes, near her house, and when she turned around she found the head of her mom on top of the bush. Then, her fathers head was thrown out the window of the car in her neighbor’s driveway.

Charlotte screamed, but it was too late. The psycho killer had managed to silently sneak into the car without her noticing. He stepped out, smiling wickedly, with a bloody knife in his hands. Charlotte screamed again and then there was silence.

Police arrived at Charlotte’s house 30 minutes later, but by that time, it was too late. Charlotte’s entire family had been killed and even their neighbor was murdered. They found the killer in the children’s room, playing with a ball. He was smiling and saying “They’re all mine now!”

Somewhat confused as to what he was saying, the police officers locked him up. Days later, they went back to investigate the house and found that all of the bodies were missing. The only thing left was the ball the killer had been playing with. There were some words written in blood on Charlotte’s closet door. The police officer at the scene opened the closet door and found the killer standing there, smiling and reaching out to kill him. He kept saying, “MINE! MINE! MINE!”

No one will ever know what he meant, because to this day, he is still running around out there, but under a different identity. So, watch out who you trust, because the police officer next door who acts just a little bit funny may be a killer in disguise…


scary for kids


  • My dad’s a police officer he’s always acting a little funny and stressed but that’s probably because he has me as a son and I enjoy annoying him

  • Oops, I meant you dont need to be a Cold Case, Hawaii Five-O and NCIS: LA addict (like I am) to know that!

  • I know Im dumb but COME ON the corpses cant go missing after 2 days bc thats the first thing they take from the crime scene. But u dont need to be a Cold Case, Hawaii Five-O and NCIS: LA to know that

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