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Heart Doctor

Heart Doctor

The Heart Doctor is a spooky story written by a member of this website named Angie311211. It’s about a young girl who gets sick and her parents take her to visit the hospital.

Heart Doctor

Melissa was a normal teenage girl. She was an only child and was living in a small town with her parents. She was studying in a normal school. She was a healthy child and seldom got sick, until one day…

Melissa was at home with her parents. She was watching TV when suddenly she started coughing up blood. She told her parents about it and they brought her to the nearest hospital.

The doctor said, “What’s wrong?”

Her mother said, “My daughter is coughing up blood! Could you please help her!?”

“Of course,” said the doctor with a smile.

Then, the doctor brought Melissa to an examination room and told her he was going to do some tests. He told her parents to sty in the waiting room. They were hoping the doctor would find out what was wrong with their daughter and she would get well soon.

After a while, the doctor came out and said, “I’m afraid to say this but she has a problem with her heart.”

The parents were shocked when heard what the doctor said.

The doctor said, “We can’t let you stay here for a long time but when we’re finished we will ask you to come inside to see your daughter. We hope you can understand.”

The parents said, “Yes, we can. We will wait here.”

The parents waited for the doctor come out of the room. A few hours went by and they began to get worried. The doctor still hadn’t come out. So the parents went inside and they were horrified by what they saw.

Their daughter’s body was lying on the bed, in a pool of blood. Her chest had been sliced open and her heart was missing. They could see the bloody bones in her ribcage. The doctor was nowhere to be seen, the window was open and the curtains were fluttering in the breeze.

The parents called the police right away. The police questioned the parents and found them innocent but the were never able to track down the heart doctor. He is still on the loose.

(Angie311211 says: Hey,SFK I’ve been reading your stories quite a long time. I just made an account a few hours ago so yeah I hope you like my story. Thanks for reading, I hope you can choose my story.)

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