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Sleepover Invitations

Sleepover Invitations

Sleepover Invitations is a spooky story for kids written by a member of this website named prettydeadgirl5. It’s about a girl who invites all of her friends to spend the night in her house.

Sleepover Invitations

Nenia sat in her room waiting for her friends to come to her sleepover. Two hours later, everyone had arrived. They decided to liven up the party by playing truth or dare.

First Amelia asked Mark, “Truth or dare?”

“Truth!” he answered.

“Are you in love with Nenia?” asked Amelia with a sly smile.

Mark blushed and replied shyly, “Yes.”

Everyone giggled and Nenia blushed. Next, it was Nenia’s turn to ask Brandon, “Truth or dare?”

“Dare!” he replied bravely.

“I dare you to kiss Amelia,” she said.

He opened his eyes wide, took Amelia in his arms and kissed her. Now, it was Mark’s turn to ask Nenia, “Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” said Nenia.

“I dare you to look into the mirror and say Bloody Mary three times,” he said.

Nenia was really afraid of scary things but did not want to be seen as a wuss, so she did it. She said Bloody Mary three times and then slowly opened her eyes. Nothing was in the mirror. She breathed a sigh of relief.
Amelia suggested they do something else and everyone agreed. Amelia opened her backpack and pulled out a ouija board. Nenia almost fainted. She had almost chickened out of doing Bloody Mary and she was afraid to tempt fate any more.

Amelia put her hands on the board and asked, “What is your name?”

They all waited patiently for five minutes until it spelled out M-A-R-Y.

“What are you doing in the house?” asked Amelia.


Suddenly, the lights went off. Everyone heard a loud scream and when the lights flickered on, Amelia was missing. By now, everyone was rushing to get out but the door shut in front of them. The lights flickered off again and terrified screams were heard. When the lights came back on, Nenia was all alone. She cried, asking it to stop.

Then suddenly she jerked awake and was happy that it was all just a dream. then, she looked around and saw Bloody Mary standing in the mirror.

Bonus Story: Did You Hear That?/h3>
(By prettydeadgirl5)

Did you hear that? I shivered under my covers afraid to move for fear of what it might do. How did I get myself into this predicament, you ask? It’s a long, hard and painful story.

My name is Cindi Makafee and my father loved me and promised to take care of me forever. I was twelve when my mother died. My father and I were devastated. Two years later, he met another woman. She was pretty and nice to my father but mean to me. I hated her because she hated me and always tried to come between me and my father.

One night I was having a sleepover with my friends Alice, Justin and Becky. I was so afraid because my best friend Becky had been in the bathroom for a hour. The door was locked and she wasn’t answering us. We heard a loud thump and then a sliding sound. I heard a long yell then silence. I cried at the thought that whatever it was had killed her.

Each of my friends were scared and wanted to leave. I told them we couldn’t go anywhere with that thing lurking about. My friend Justin ignored me and went out of my room into the hallway. I screamed for him to come back, but he left. A few minutes later we heard another thump. I whispered to my last friend Alice and begged her not to leave. She promised she wouldn’t.

I stayed with her for hours until she told me she had to pee I begged her not to but she had no choice. She went to the bathroom and I heard another scream and a loud thump. I cried because I knew what had happened. And now I lay in my bed afraid waiting for it to end.

I slowly open my eyes and see my dad staring at me dripping blood. I yelled and ran as soon as I did I saw the killer. It was his girlfriend. She was holding him over me. I winced and ran out of the door then fell over the dead bodies of my friends that lay there. I tried to run but my ankle was twisted. She came up to me and cut my legs and slowly came to my face she screamed, “I always hated you!” and stabbed me in my heart.

That is all I remember. I look at my life now and I wonder how I survived it. There was a mirror in the hospital I was at and I looked into it and I saw my mother. Her face was fixed in a blank and loving stare. She showed me the scene again only I saw her save me by stabbing my dad’s girlfriend. She then came over to me and hugged me and told me she would never leave me.

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