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Looking For a Friend

Looking For a Friend

Looking For a Friend is a sad, spooky story written by a member of this website named DeathDiva. It tells the story of two girls who go to university and lose touch with each other.

Looking For a Friend

There were two girls named as Amanda and Gabriella, who had been best friends since kindergarten. As time passed by, both of them left school and went to college. Amanda went to an exclusive Fashion Design Institute which was in another city, while Gabriella went to a university that was only 30 minutes away from her house.

Gabriella was able to live at home with her parents and continue her studies, but Amanda had to move away and find a place in the city. Although her parents wanted her to live in a dorm, Amanda refused and said she’d rather get an apartment of her own.

When university started and they parted ways, the two friends missed each other very much. They called each other regularly and talked for hours. However, as time went on, both grew very busy with their studies and eventually they lost touch with each other.

One morning, Amanda woke up and realized that she was late for class. She quickly got dressed and left in a hurry. While walking down the road, she got a text message on her cell phone. To her surprise, it was from Gabriella.

“Hey Amanda wazzup? This is my new number. I lost my old mobile. Hope you haven’t forgotten about me.”

Amanda was delighted to hear from her old friend and quickly typed a reply as she approached the gates of the university.

“How could I forget about you, Gabby. We’re Best Friends Forever, remember? I’m fine. Just working hard at college. How are your studies going?”

When she got to class, she apologized to the lecturer and sat down in the nearest chair. A few minutes later, she felt her phone buzz again. It was a new message from Gabriella.

It read: “Amanda, I need your help. Can you meet me?”

“Yes, sure. I’m busy right now, but we can arrange to meet up during the holidays,” Amanda replied.

“Oh…. Well, I guess it can wait… Keep in touch. Best of luck.”

“Thanks and same to you. Bye and I’ll keep in touch.” Amanda sent the message and put her phone away.

Later that day, when her classes were finished, Amanda went home. She pulled off her clothes and took a bath. While she was drying herself, she got a text message from her boyfriend, Kevin.

It read: “Watch the news channel, there is something for you.”

Amanda went downstairs to turn on the TV. She surfed through the channels until she found the news broadcast. Her jaw dropped wide open.

The news headline was “University shooting. Deadly attack kills 15 students”.

On the screen, there was a list of the names. To her horror, she saw that Gabriella’s name was on the list. Her head started to spin, She couldn’t believe what see was seeing. She ran upstairs, got dressed and headed towards the city.

It was a half an hour journey. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Suddenly, she saw Gabriella standing by the side of the road. Shocked and relieved, Amanda quickly pulled over and jumped out of the car. She ran over to her friend and hugged her tight. Both of them were crying.

“Thank god you’re alive!” cried Amanda. “I almost had a heart attack when I saw the news. I thought you were dead. I saw your name on the news.”

“Well, actually I managed to escape,” said Gabriella. “There was another girl at the college with the same name as me. She was the one who was killed.”

Both girls were relieved to see each other.

“I am so happy! You are alive!” said Amanda.

Gabriella looked at her sadly and said, “I love you bestie “

Before Amanda was able to reply, Gabriella suddenly jumped out into the road, right into the path of the oncoming traffic. A truck was bearing down on her and there was no time for the driver to swerve. He smashed straight into Gabriella, grinding her body under the huge wheels. By the time he managed to slam on the breaks, the poor girl’s body was ground up into a bloody mush. It was such a horrible sight to see, that Amanda fainted on the spot.

When she opened her eyes, she realized that it all was just a dream. Gabriella hadn’t been there at all. It was just her imagination. Amanda broke down in tears and rushed to the university. When she arrived, she saw that the university building was partially destroyed. Dead bodies were being taken out of the building. She saw one body that was covered with a white cloth. One of its hands was visible.

Amanda recognized that it was her dead bestie Gabriella’s body because it had a “Best friends forever” bracelet which she gave her. Her world turned upside down. The words came running in her mind that “Gabriella is gone, Gone forever.”

Amanda went back home. She wasn’t able to sleep that night. At dawn she fell into a fitful sleep and started to dream. She saw that she was walking through a Hotel lobby was empty but an one end she saw a figure of a small girl. She went towards her and tried to hear what that girl was trying to say. “Don’t worry I’ll always be with you even though I am no more in this world” the girl said. Amanda stood there, shocked. She wanted to get out of that place but something wasn’t letting her go.

Amanda woke up. She fell into a deep depression and every night she had a peculiar dream. But after Gabriella’s funeral it was all over. Gabriella’s memory never let Amanda forget her completely.

Time passed by and it had been four years since Gabriella’s death. Amanda remembered the date well, it was 4th July, four long years had gone by so quickly. She went to church to pray for Gabriella and while coming back home, she took a shortcut through a park. She sat on a bench and saw a small child playing on a see saw.

Amanda was about to leave when she heard a ‘thud’ sound. She turned back and saw that the girl had fallen off the see saw. She ran over and picked up that girl and asked if she was ok.

The girl smiled and said, “I am ok. You know what? Today is my fourth birthday. I am so happy!”

“Wow that’s nice!” Amanda said. “What’s your name?”

“Gabriella,” said the little girl as she ran back to her mother.

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