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The Marionette is a creepy story about a puppet doll. It was written by a user on this website named PeanutBrittle.

The Marionette

A young Japanese girl named Ayumi was casually walking around in downtown Tokyo, when she noticed a beautiful doll in the display window of an antique shop. As she peered in the window, she realized it wasn’t a doll, but a marionette made from fine porcelain. There were strings attached to its arms and legs so that it could be manipulated like a puppet.

The marionette was dressed in a luxurious sapphire blue Victorian gown. What was so striking about the marionette’s face was that it looked almost exactly like Ayumi. It had the same long black hair, dazzling, green eyes, and thick, black eyelashes. Ayumi was so fascinated by the marionette that she couldn’t resist buying it.

When she opened the door and walked inside, the shopkeeper came over to the counter.

“What a gorgeous doll you have in the display,” said Ayumi. “May I ask how much it is?”

“Actually, it is not for sale,” said the shopkeeper, gruffly.

“Why not?” asked Ayumi.

“Because it is too dangerous for little girls to play with,” he replied, taking the marionette off the display and setting it down on the counter. “Now, kindly leave!”

Ayumi was about to turn away, when she saw the shopkeeper bend down under the counter to search for something. Ayumi couldn’t resist the opportunity. Throwing caution to the wind, she quickly snatched the marionette and dashed out of the shop before the owner knew what was happening.

Ayumi was panting hard when she got home. Her mother was reading a book and sipping some tea at the kitchen table. She looked up and saw what Ayumi was holding.

“What is that, Ayumi dear?” she asked.

“Mother! Mother! I found this wonderful marionette at a little shop downtown. Isn’t it pretty? And it looks just like me.”

Ayumi thrust the doll into her mother’s arms so that she could look at it more closely.

“That’s great,” said her mother. “But Mommy is busy reading now, so why don’t you go play with it upstairs?”

Ayumi grabbed the marionette and ran up to her room, closing the door behind her. She was smiling with glee.

“I think I’ll name you Little Me,” she said as she started tugging on the wooden base that held the strings.

After a few weeks, Ayumi began to get bored of playing with the marionette. On her birthday, she received a new doll from her parents. After that, the marionette was left to collect dust on her shelf.

One night, after Ayumi had fallen fast asleep, she was awakened by a soft voice.

“Ayumi! Why don’t you play with me anymore?” said the voice.

Ayumi jumped out of bed and switched on the lights, but the room was empty. She looked suspiciously at the marionette. It stared back at her, its face blank. Ayumi began to feel awfully nervous. The next day, Ayumi took all of her dolls and placed them in a box in the attic. She didn’t want to take any chances.

The next night, Ayumi was awakened by the same voice. This time it sounded more menacing.

“Ayumi! Why don’t you play with me anymore?”

She turned over in bed and found herself face to face with the marionette.

“Ayumi,” the doll hissed, “you didn’t listen, did you? Why couldn’t you play with me? Oh well, now I’ll just have to play with YOU!”

Suddenly, Ayumi’s skin started to feel tight and hard. Her arms and legs twisted and turned. Her joints creaked and she started to shrink. Long strings wrapped around her wrists and ankles. Her skin felt as smooth as fine porcelain.

She tried to scream, but her mouth wouldn’t open. As she watched in horror, the marionette began to change too. It was becoming more lifelike and real. Its strings disappeared and its porcelain skin turned to flesh.

When morning came, Ayumi couldn’t move. The marionette took a scissors and roughly snipped her strings. Then, it picked her up and began bashing her head against the wall. The marionette dragged the helpless girl over to the top of the stairs and threw her over the bannister. Ayumi fell to the ground with a mighty crash and her head shattered into pieces.

“Mom!” cried the marionette. “My doll broke! I can’t play with it anymore.”

Ayumi’s mother came running out of the kitchen. “Oh what a shame,” she said. “Well, it’s your own fault. You shouldn’t treat your toys so roughly. We’ll just have to throw it in the garbage. What a shame. It was such a pretty marionette.”

scary for kids


  • But… if the doll could change into a human why didn’t it just do it at the store?

  • @kitten226 the doll made the girl and her switch life’s and then the doll smashed her and told the mom it broke

  • Well done!Thx for mking me realize to thtow all dolls!!!!!!
    For those who.says itd horrible-No taste in stories lol

  • I liked the story wish my sister read it then she would stop bringing stupid Barbie dolls into the house

  • Can you guys let me know if my stories any good? I know it’s not great but I’d like to know if it’s even relatively good

    There once was a teenage girl named mary, now mary was pretty and loved her life quite much. She was popular so she had many friends and her family had enough money to be considered very high middle class

    One night mary was at home alone cause her parents had gone out on a date. Now every time her father would leave the house he would have to do 3 things which he never told anyone the reasons to

    1.  He would Go to the basement and watch the same part of the same scary movie. A part in which it sounds like a person is getting killed in one way or another.

    2.  After hed killed an animal he’d skin it on the spot and then run home, take the meat up to his room and clean it.

    3.  When it was finally time to leave with Mary’s  mom he would go downstairs and tell Mary, “honey I’m asking you to be a good girl, I’m telling you not to go up to me and your mothers room, and I’m demanding that you don’t go downstairs, ok?”

    At first mary thought these rituals a little off, especially since she never saw the meat her father brought home after he took it upstairs, but as she aged, she grew accustomed to it and paid no attention. That night Mary had planned on having a party, so once her parents left, she put out some snacks and drinks and waited for her guests to arrive. Soon enough, at about 9:30 her friends showed up.

    The party raged on till about 11 when most of the guests went home, Mary’s friend walks up to her and asks “hey Mary, why don’t we go downstairs and look for for some beer or liquor?”

    “umm I’m not allowed down there” replied the partys host

    “oh come on, what’s the worst that could happen? Plus, your boyfriends here and he really wants to drink.” her friend urged on and on until Mary finally gave in

    “fine!” she yelled “but someone’s gotta go down there with me!”

    “I’ll go with you!” screamed her teenage boyfriend

    Together, they walked down the staircase, the smell of rotting and molding substances filled the air and grew worse and worse as the couple went further down the stairs. And when they finally reached the bottom it smelled deeply of expired meat. Mary had never been down there and did not understand how her father could  handle such a smell. “There’s gotta be a light switch somewhere around here” mary said in a shaky voice, as her and jake felt around for the light switch, marys fear began to seap into her heart, she started panicking, her heart raced, her arms trembled and the fear of a demon attacking her filled her mind. Finally she found the switch on the other end of the room, as soon as the light came on she heard someone on the staircase and the door at the top  slammed shut.

    “their just trying to scare us.” Said jake after seeing the terrified look on Mary’s face

    Together they looked around for any sign of alcohol but all that was in the room was a big cage that would fit a small adult bear , no food or water or anything, just an empty open cage

    “hey look! There’s a door!” jake exclaimed.

    They walked over and attempted to open it but the door wouldn’t budge

    Together they tried to push it open, they broke down the door and got up…Mary would have freaked out about the door breaking had she not been horrified by the scene exposed to her and her boyfriend, they were speechless , severed heads and arms and legs and bashed brains and livers and guts were sprawled all across the room. And in the middle of the room was a huge clear, plastic pipe leading up to her parents room
    The two turned around and ran upstairs screaming, the door at the top of the stairs would not open, Mary thought quickly and ran back down to turn off the light she had turned on and heard her boyfriend open the door and fall into the room…she never heard him get up…
    Mary ran upstairs and started crying histarically as she saw the butchered and severed bodies of her closest friends and jake was nowhere in sight. Mary ran to her parents room thinking it would be safer and in her parents room she saw the clear plastic pipes hole at the foot of her parents bed…Mary hear the flapping sound of wings and thought the killer was in the room. She ran down the stairs and without looking where she was going, she ran into a big male body, she looked up and saw her father holding the headless body of her boyfriend.
    “I asked you to be a good girl Mary.” said her father with multiple tones in his voice, as he edged closer “I told you not to go upstairs and I DEMANDED that you don’t go downstairs!” her fathers voice grew deeper and more tones of voice joined in. He grabbed mary by the neck and picked her up then through the body of her once beloved at a creature not like anything shed ever seen before, it was a dark reddish black color with fire coming out of its back and shaping as a spine and it’s legs we’re long and skinny with three toes almost like a goats, long, curved, sharp nails pointed out of those toes
    It was big, the size of a small adult bear, it had its back to her an it was feeding on the carcass of the headless jake making the most blood curdling sound shed ever heard …that was the last thing she saw before her father struck her in the head with his hand.

    …the next morning Mary awoke with a headache, and went down to the kitchen to find her mother making breakfast “where’s dad?” she asked
    “Oh hes downstairs doing he’s pre-date rituals.” Mary ate, went back to her room, and at about 8:45 her father called her downstairs he put his hands on Mary’s shoulders, looked at her in the eyes and said “honey I’m asking you to be a good girl, I’m telling you not to go up to me and your mothers room, and I’m demanding that you don’t go downstairs, ok?”

    “I know daddy, I wont” she said, Mary was planning on having a party that night. So once her parents left, she put out some snacks and drinks and waited for her guests to arrive…

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