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Interesting Stories

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Interesting Stories

Interesting Story – The Photo

by itsThebanie

One day, two sisters got a new camera. Wanting to test it out, the oldest sister took pictures of the youngest one. After the second photo was taken, the sister was complaning that she felt something touch her. She then began to feel light-headed. The oldest one went over to her to look at the pictures they had just taken. To their horror, they saw a dark figure standing right beside the youngest. Just then, the youngest girl passed out.

When she woke up, she found herself outside under a tree and she was holding something in her hands. When she looked, she saw she was holding a skull. She later told her parents about it and they took it to a doctor to have it looked at. When they did, the doctor looked at it, took tests on it to see who the skull belonged to, then came back to tell the family. The skull the girl was holding was her own skull!

(Hope you liked it! I was told this story by my brothers.)

Interesting Story – Dead Lake

by Greed01

One lonely night, a teenager named Rica was lost in the forest. She was very scared and after 2 whole days with no food or water, she almost gave up hope. But then she found a lake. There was a sign that said it was very deep and serpent-like monsters lived there. She was so thirsty that she had to drink, but before she could drink, a strange old lady appeared to her and said don’t drink the water or you will drown. Rica was stubborn. She tried to reach the water she fell and begged for help, but the lady vanished in thin air. She drowned and her body rotted.

Years later, her bones were crushed and the skin was rotting away. She was reportedly seen near water by people passing by. They say that anyone who sees her will get lost in the woods and never return alive.

Three people were camping on the woods. They were finding wood and suddenly they heard a scream of a girl in the lake. They looked three times, but they saw no one. Next morning three people were found lying along the shoreline of the lake. No one survived. Now, they call it Dead Lake.

Interesting Story – The Heart Phantom

By hiccups.

There is this old legend in Mexico about a monster who sucks the hearts out of children when they cross the street after dark. They call it La Corazón Fantasma (The heart phantom). Of course a young girl named Ariana Yãnez thought it was only a harmless little story.

Ariana and four of her friends decided they would test this silly legend. They waited ten minutes before the last ray of sunlight disappeared behind the horizon. Ariana and her friends ran across the street. “See I told you nothing was going to ha-”

She was cut of by a blood curdling scream. She turned around and watched in horror as a white women apparition sucked out the hearts of her friends. The figure turned to her and that’s the last thing she saw before she blacked out. Her parents found the five children dead, their hearts sucked out and a large gaping hole in each of their chests. Scratched into Ariana’s back were the numbers 666.

Interesting Story – Halloween Incident

By itsdafoodfriends64.

In my home town, in southern Connecticut, they say that back in the late 1970s there was an “Incident”. There was a man who had killed 4 people and was sent to a mental hospital. One Halloween night, he escaped from the insane asylum on a road called King Street. He was on the run and had been spotted in every corner of town. Before trick or treating began, the police announced a curfew. Everyone was told to stay indoors.

However, a mother and son didn’t hear the announcement. They were walking to a halloween party on the street where I live. The mental patient ran down the street and stabbed the boy in the back. Then he slit the mother’s throat. A neighbor heard the screams and ran out with his video camera, which he had been using to tape his Haloween party. He saw the psycho stabbing the mother. When the psycho caught sight of the camera, he pulled out a gun and blew the neighbor’s brains out.
They say the tape is the only proof that this incident occurred. The police covered it up and the local news was told not to report it. The asylum was shut down 4 years later after another man escaped and harmed a young woman in her own home. Quite a few people in the town want the tape released to prove that the Halloween incident really took place.

Interesting Story – Yellow House

By ariahope1995

Up on a hill, next to my street, there sits a yellow house that nobody dares to go into and here is the reason:

20 years ago, a wonderful guy lived there. He was the nicest person you would ever want to meet. But one night, the neighbors heard weird noises over in his yellow house. It ounded like satanic laughter. They thought he was just watching a horror film but the next day the man never came outside to say good morning like he usually did. So they called the police. when the police got there, they broke down the door and walked into the living room. There, they found the man lying on the ground. His face was hideously deformed and he looked like the devil himself.

Now, 20 years later, you can still hear the sounds of laughter coming from the abandoned house and if you look in the window, you can see the man’s deformed red face. My best friends have been in that house and they swore they would never go back again. When I asked why, all they could tell me was, “If we tell anyone what happened in that house he will kill us and whoever we tell must keep it to themselves or he will kill them too.”

Interesting Story – Alone in the House

By ghostgirl123123

There was a nine-year old girl named Alison. Her parents were leting her stay home alone for the first time and she was very excited. Before they left, her parents told her that there were three rules she had to obey while they were away.

1. Keep all of the doors and windows locked.
2. Stay out of the woods
3. Don’t go outside at all

After her parents left, Alison watched some TV and read a magazine, but she soon began to grow bored. Finally, she decided to go and play in the woods. She played and played for hours. Then she got tired and started to head home. As she was walking back to the house, she heard the sound of a twig snapping behind her. She turned to look but there was nothing there. She started to run and heard footsteps following her. Turning around, she was confronted by a masked man, holding a knife.

She ran for her life, crashing through the bushes and trees, desperately trying to get home. Minutes later, her house came into view and she saw her parents’ car pulling into the driveway. She tripped over a tree root and fell to the ground. The masked man pounced on her and stabbed her in the side. She screamed for help and her parents came running into the woods. They found her lying in a pile of leaves, crying and bleeding.

When her parents bent down to help her, the masked man came out of his hiding place in the bushes. Creeping up behind them, he grabbed them by the neck and slit their throats. Alison tried to get up, but she was too weak. The masked man put his hand over her nose and mouth, slowly suffocating her.

To this day if you go to the woods at sunset, You can hear her ear-splitting screams echoing through the trees. If you don’t get away from there immediately, you will end up just like her. All alone and dead.

(I hope this story is good enough to be on the website, I really want to se it on the website, I love writing scary stories<3!)

Interesting Story – A Simple Ghost Story

By mathewlan13

One night, a little girl was walking home after visiting her grandparents. It was almost midnight and she was singing softly to herself, trying to make herself feel less frightened. She just so happened to see a little boy walking right behind her. She stopped.
“What are you doing here?” asked the little girl.
“Going home,” he replied. “We must live in the same neighborhood.”
They walked over to the street where the little girl lived. The little boy entered the house next door to her.
“When did you move in?” asked the little girl.
“A long time ago,” said the boy. “We’ve lived here for five years now.”
“That’s impossible,” said the girl. “I live in the house next to you.”
The little boy’s eyes grew wide and he slowly backed away from her.
“What’s wrong?” asked the girl.
“The house next to ours burned down before we moved in,” said the boy. “Everyone in there died.”

Interesting Story – Facebook Addiction

By ImScarysowat

There was a man named Dave who was an ordinary guy. He had black hair and wide framed glasses. He wasn’t married and didn’t have any children. He was 36 years old and lived in a tiny appartment in New York City. He had no hobbies and never played any sports.

He spent every day on Facebook. He changed his status every hour and used a different profile picture every single day. He was fat because he never excercised and always ate “Computer snacks”. He was as pale as a piece of paper because the last time he went outside was when he was 30. He got his food by eating whatever the grocery store delivered.

One day Dave’s mother came to visit her son. His mother was disgraced by her son when she found out that he had no job, no money, no wife and no kids. “Dave you are obsessed with that Facebook website!” she cried. Dave’s mother immediately took her son to the Mental Clinic. Dave was very furious on his first day at the mental institute. He kicked and screamed at every doctor or nurse who tried to touch him.

A few weeks later Dave started to lose his mind. He decided that he was through staying at this mental aslyum. He grabbed a sharp razor and he ran out the door. He killed every doctor and nurse he saw and then he escaped. The next day a young man passed by the clinic. He noticed that blood was dripping on the floor. He went to go check it out. He came in to see a very horrific scene. He saw the severed arms, legs, and heads of the doctors and nurses. He began to panic and called the police, but they found no trace of Dave. He was never seen again. So don’t get too addicted to Facebook or you will end up like Dave…

Interesting Story – House in the Woods

By ariahope1995.

There is a house in the middle of the woods. If you are smart, you will stay away from it and here is the reason why:

13 years ago, there lived a family of 3 a mom a dad and their daughter, Simba. Simba was 13 years old. She wasn’t normal and had many issues. Sometimes her parents would wake up in the middle of the night to find simba standing in the doorway with a butcher knife in her hand, whispering “die, die, die” over and over again. They would just brush it off because it was normal to them. She did it every night. But every night, she kept getting closer to them. One month later, they woke up and Simba was standing right next to their bed.

The next morning, the police came over because they got a strange call that night. When they walked into the house and went up the stairs. There, in a king size bed, were the dead bodies of Simba’s parents. But where was Simba? The police have looked for her for 13 years. Now, if you go into the house, at midnight, they say you can see a girl in her late twenties with a butcher knife in her hands, whispering something to herself.

Interesting Story – The Woman in Red

By Rashona.

A few years ago, on a quiet road, a gruesome murder took place. A beautiful young woman named Sarah was being abused by her alcoholic husband. They had twin girls, both 9 months old. The husband loved his twin girls but hated his wife and the only reason he stayed with her was because he had nowhere else to go.

One day the constant hitting and punching Sarah had to endure by her drunken husband pushed her over the edge and she decided to kill him. After she put the twin girls to sleep, she quietly crept down the stairs with a large butcher knife hidden behind her back. Her husband was watching TV while drinking.

He called out to her “Get me a drink and make it fast! I know your fat legs make it hard for you to walk but make it quick before I punch that ugly face of yours again!”

“No,” Sarah replied.

Her husband got up and turned to her and said in a cold voice, “Excuse me?”

Sarah was scared of what he might do but she replied, ”I think it’s time for you to have a permanent timeout.”

Before her husband could reacted she stabbed him 32 times in the chest and 12 in the head. Her White nightgown was stained red and her eyes became wild and crazy.Just then, a crying sound echoed from upstairs. The mother rushed up and opened the door. She stared, crazy-eyed at her twin girls crying in their crib.

Sarah then took her girls and placed them in the bathroom down the hall. She cut of their heads and carried them down to the living room where the dead body of her husband was. She cut off his head and placed the three heads in the kitchen sink. By this time her white gown was stained red with blood. After she calmed down and realized what she had done, she hung herself in her bedroom closet.

Today, if you enter the house where the murders took place, people claim to hear the cries of the poor twin girls and the husband. They also say they sometimes see a woman in a red nightgown, her eyes crazy and a big knife in her hand, staring at you and watching.

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  • I did’nt like every story. The storyy which i read was “A simple ghost story by @mathewalan13. I want to say that when SFK writes stories many of us say dumb,boring,lame etc. But our stories too are not that good. I think SFK is far off better than us. So first we should try to be like SFK then we should post negative comments only. IF WE DON’T LIKE IT AT LEAST WE SHOULD NOT POST NEGATIVE COMMENTS.

  • @beachgirl IKR and @hiccups it was a fine story(on funny stories there was a story about a guy who wanted a push and what I posted in the comments…yeesh! #mylameattemptatajoke XD

  • @ariahope1995 I live in a yellow house at the top of the hill….. I don’t know anything about the history of the house but the people before didn’t stay very long…. It kinda creeps me out

  • @ariahope1995 so thats why i see a face every night before i go to sleep (i know other people joke about this, but im not)

  • @Really? Scary? Call me Rose!
    So my mom has no life now? I mean, she HAS a FaceBook, but only uses it for our family business, Toula’s Skin Care.

  • i think that for a simple ghost story the girl should be the one saying”the house burnt down years ago” just saying
    (not to be rude or anything)

  • Oh thank God! Been trying to access this website using phone but terribly failed. Was worried this website has been shut down or something… Makes me realize that this website is a part of my life :D Nice one, SFK, very scary indeed…

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