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Revenge is Sweet

Revenge is Sweet

Revenge is Sweet is a scary story written by a user on this website named scarykid1413 (with a little help from ScaryForKids). It’s about a gang of teenagers who bully a younger boy until he can’t take it anymore.

Revenge is Sweet

Benjamin was never a mean kid. He was always nice, well-mannered and tried his best to get along with the other students in his class. All he ever wanted to ever do was go to school, get his work done and go home. Unfortunately, life didn’t work out like that and he never stood a chance.

That’s because four upperclassmen would always terrorize him and make his life a living hell. Their names were Clint, Devon, Julia and Lia. They loved messing with Benjamin. He just looked so punchable and seemed like an easy target.

Clint and Devon would usually corner him in the hallways and beat him senseless while Julia and Lia laughed and cheered them on. Sometimes the girls even threw in a few punches themselves.

One day, Clint was in a very bad mood and felt like letting off some steam. He had just learned that he had failed some of his exams and would have to take summer school. It made his blood boil and he needed something or someone on whom he could take out his anger. In his mind, Ben would make the perfect punching bag.

After class ended, Clint met up with his partners in crime. Devon, Julia, and Lia were hanging out in the bikesheds, looking for trouble. He told them that they were going to hunt Ben down and give him another beating. The others readily agreed and together, the gang went into the freshman hall. There, they found Ben standing at his locker. His eye was still black and swollen from the previous beating they had given him.

“Come on Devon, let’s go mess this kid up,” Clint said with a malicious grin.

Devon cracked his knuckled and followed happily behind. When they got to Ben’s locker, they surrounded him and slammed it shut. Ben turned around and stared at them in horror.

“Why are you looking at me like that, nerd?” Clint growled.

Ben could smell the older boy’s foul breath and feel the flecks of spit hitting him in his face.

“Like what?” asked Ben, terrified.

“Like you think you’re better than us,” said Devon.

“You’re an ugly geek,” said Clint. “You don’t deserve to live.”

“Hey Clint, you know what I think?” asked Devon. “I think we ought to take this little sissy behind the school and teach him a lesson he’ll never forget.”

“Yeah, I’m with you, man,” replied Clint as he grabbed Ben by the scruff of the neck. “Come on, nerd! You’re coming with us for a little meeting.”

“W-what kind of meeting,” Ben stammered.

“A meeting between our fists and your face,” Clint replied with an evil smile.

The older boys led Ben through the hall doors and out towards the back of the school. Lia and Julia bounded along behind them. The other students just stood by and watched as the bullies dragged Ben away.

Now, you may think it was cold and heartless that none of the other teenagers ever stepped in to help Ben, but the truth was that they were just as scared as he was. All of them lived in fear of Clint and Devon and were worried that, if they got involved, they would just become the bullies’ next target.

As they led Ben outside, Julia suddenly turned to Ben and screamed at him, “Dude, why did you just smack my butt?”

Ben was confused. “I didn’t smack your butt,” he said.

Clint elbowed him in the gut. “Why are you touching my woman? That’s double punishment for you, Nerd.”

Actually, Julia had just pretended that Ben touched her butt. She wanted to make sure Ben would get a worse beating than ever before.

When they got outside behind the school, the two bullies tripped Ben and pushed him into a puddle of mud. When he tried to get up, they knocked him down again. Then the beating started.

Devon hit Ben square in the temple and the force of the punch almost knocked him out. Clint stepped on Ben’s head, holding his face down in the mud until he could hardly breathe. Then, the bullies began hitting. kicking and punching the younger boy while the girls cheered them on.

After they got tired of beating him up, they stopped and took a look at his battered body. He was lying on the ground, writhing in pain and coughing up blood.

“That ought to teach you a lesson,” Clint said proudly.

“We don’t take kindly to Nerds who don’t know their place,” Devon hissed.

Then suddenly, Ben dug in his pocket for something. When he pulled it out, the other four drew back in horror. It was a gun.

“No more of this,” Ben muttered.

Then he put the gun to his temple and pulled the trigger. There was a loud bang as his brains were blown all over the grass. His head fell back into the mud.

The four bullies stood around him, staring in terror at his lifeless body for a full minute.

“Oh My God!” screamed Lia. “What have we done?”

Julia tried to say something, but before she could get a word out, she began puking all over the ground.

Clint just stared open-mouthed, his hands shaking. He couldn’t believe what had just happened.

“Dude, we’re in big trouble,” Devon said in a panicked voice.

“We’ve got to get rid of the body,” hissed Clint. “Quick, grab his legs!”

Clint picked Ben’s bloody corpse up by the shoulders and Devon grabbed him by the feet. Together, they carried the dead body over to the school dumpster. Devon fetched a garbage bag and they stuffed his body in there. Then they threw the body in the dumpster. After the deed was done, fifth period was just ending.

“Let’s get back inside before anyone sees us,” said Clint. “And we will never EVER speak of this again, you guys understand me? This NEVER happened.”

They went inside and continued with school. When it ended, they all went home and tried to act normal. They knew it was only a matter of time before Ben would be listed as a missing person and the police would start searching everywhere for him.

That evening, Devon was taking a shower. He always took long showers to take his mind off things. As he rubbed the shampoo into his hair, he caught a glimps of something through the shower curtin that made him jump. There was a shadowy figure standing in the bathroom doorway.

“Mom, I’m in the shower,” he yelled over the roaring water.

The figure took a step towards him.

“Mom, get out! I’m naked! Can’t a guy take a freaking shower in peace?” he yelled.

Still, the figure came closer until it was standing right beside the shower curtain. Devon angrily pulled back the curtains, but before he had a chance to react, a sharp knife slashed his throat. He fell back against the tiled wall, grabbing his throat. All he could do was gurgle helplessly as his blood spilled down the drain and the life ebbed from his veins.

A few minutes later, Clint was in his bedroom listening to music on his iPad. He was trying to forget the horrible scene he had witnessed that day. Right in the middle of his fvorite song, the music cut off and all he could hear was static. He tapped on his earphones and tried to adjust the plug, but it was no use. Then, suddenly, he heard a voice over his earphones

“In… your… closet,” it muttered.

Clint suddenly got scared. He wasn’t sure what he had just heard. Maybe he was imagining a voice in the static. Just to be sure, he slowly inched over to his closet and cautiously swung pulled the door open. There was nothing inside but clothes.

“Whew! Maybe I’m going crazy,” Clint said.

Then, before he could do anything else, an axe emerged from his hanging clothes and swung at his him. The blade sliced through his head, cleaving it in two.

Not long after that, Lia was at home crying her eyes out.

“Oh God, what have we done,” she sobbed. “We were just having fun. I never thought it would end up like this.”

She had the whole house to herself because her parents were out. Then her cell phone rang. It surprised her greatly. With trembling fingers, she answered it.

“Hello. Who is it?” she asked.

“Lia! It’s Julia,” a muffled voice on the other end replied.

“Hey, Julia. How are you. I feel so bad,” Lia said.

“Me too,” Julia said in a hushed voice. “Listen, Lia, I may be wrong, but I think someone’s in my house. I’m home alone, but I swear I just heard footsteps outside my door.”

Julia was whispering and seemed to be completely freaked out.

“Julia, chill it, okay?” Lia said. “You’re just being paranoid. After all we’ve been through today, it’s only natural to start imagining things. If you’re really so scared, just come over my place and keep me company. My parents are gone too and I’m all alone here.”

There was a long silence at the end of the line. Then Lia heard her friend scream in horror.

“Oh my God. No! You’re dead! No! Get away! Get away from me!”

There was a sickening crunch, followed by an eerie silence. Lia kept on calling Julia’s name, but got no answer. Then on the other end of the line, she heard a mysterious voice whispering, “You’re neeeeeext.”

In a panic, Lia hung up the phone. She ran into her bedroom and locked the door behind her. She swore to herself that she wouldn’t open it until her parents came home.

About thirty minutes later, Lia had to go to the bathroom. But she ignored the urge. Suddenly, she heard a light tapping on her door. She knew it wasn’t her parents because they wouldn’t be back till midnight. And it was just 8:00 pm. The tapping grew louder and louder until it sounded as if someone was beating down the door, trying to get in.

She heard a frightened voice on the other side.

“Lia, open the door! It’s Devon. Ben is chasing me. Open the door right now! Please! For the love of God open the door!”

Lia turned the key in the door and pulled it open. To her horror, a muddy, bloody arm reached into her room and grabbed her by the throat.

She tried to scream but all that would come out was a strangled croak. The muddy fingers tightened around her neck until she couldn’t breathe at all and her face turned bright purple.

The last thing she heard was a voice whispering, “Revenge is sweet!”

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  • Eh. I love it when they die and get revenge but I wish they tried to grab the gun getting their fingerprints all over it. Then him to shoot himself. And them to get arrested and killed in prison by Ben.

  • Good job ScaryKid1413,

    Neat…… Hope you make many more stories like this anyway did not expect “Gun”…. ;)

    Keep It Up!!


  • whoa!! Great Revenge, they really deserved that..
    Being cruel with someone was their fun… My God…!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi there ….. I’ve been coming here since last 3 months and am love with all the stories ….. They all are humorous and provide authentic thrill

  • And that guys is why you don’t bully people, what goes around comes around dudes, gotta learn that…

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