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Personal Website

The Personal Website is a creepy story written by a member of this site who goes by the name of Carcass. It’s about a teenage girl named Sally who stumbles across a forum on the Internet one night and discovers that she has a stalker.

Personal Website

Sally was sitting in the school library, typing away at one of the computers. She had been there for hours, trying to finish her overdue project for Biology class. Sally smiled once as she finished writing her last assignment and printed out the pages. She was relieved that it was over and she could finally go home after a long day.

She jammed the report into her backpack and was about to log out of the computer when a window popped up on her computer. She read the name of the website and stood there, shocked when she realized it was her name. She slumped back down into the chair and stared at the screen. To her surprise, it was a website all about herself. There were pictures of her and it contained information about everything from her new clothes to her late assignments.

On the front page, there was a message that read: “hello Sally, Welcome to your own personal Website.”

Clicking through the pages, Sally discovered that there were countless forum discussions about her and all of them were started by a user who called himself ReklatsExtreme.

“What an odd username,” Sally said to herself, breaking the eerie silence in the deserted library room.

The more Sally read, the more uncomfortable she grew. Odd things were mentioned; the brand of shampoo she used, what size clothes she wore, even her blood-type… The teenage girl was so frightened that she began tembling.

Just then, a new thread popped up entitled “Projects & Essays”. Nervously, Sally opened it and started reading.

“Little Sally is currently at Bayview High’s library, on the 2nd floor! What is she doing at 2 AM in the library, you may ask. Well, the 16-year old beauty queen has some late essays to type up and has to do some research for her Biology Project. Wow! That sucks, Sally! School sucks, doesn’t it, Sally? Can’t wait to see what you’re gonna come up with for your biology project ;) Care to give us a sneak peek? Pretty please? You should hurry up, because there are scary things that lurk around deserted buildings at night!”

Sally was barely able to read the thread. None of it made any sense to her. Within minutes, comments began popping up.

XScissorHandsX: You sick freak! Leave the girl alone, damn it! Get a life!

PinkChick: Omfg you’re so scary. You need help, you creep!

Cookiemonster: What is wrong with you, dude? Are you on medication? You need to see a psychiatrist.

Anon E. Mouse: I just stumbled across this website and this is officially the creepiest thing I have ever seen. This guy is nuts. :D

ReklatsExtreme: Haters gonna hate! :P

In the space of 5 minutes, almost 50 comments appeared. Sally had seen enough. The terrified teen logged off and hurried home. When she got to her house, she locked all of the doors and windows.

Over the next few days, she couldn’t get the creepy website out of her mind. She had no idea who her stalker could be, but she suspected everyone. She stopped hanging out with her friends, she avoided all of her classmates and she didn’t leave her house unless it was absolutely necessary. Soon, she had cut herself off from everybody she knew.

Rumors began spreading throughout the school that Sally was a social outcast. Every day, the isolated teen would check the website to see what else had been written about her.

One cold night, while she was typing up another report in the library, she took a closer look at the owner’s username. ReklatsExtreme. Sally suddenly realized that “Reklats” was “Stalker” backwards. She instantly grabbed her cell phone to call 911, but it was too late.

A tall figure crept up behind Sally when she hadn’t noticed and he shoved her into a large burlap sack.

After a few hours, Sally’s parents were worried. Their daughter hadn’t come home yet. They went to the library only to find that Sally was gone. There was no trace of her. It was as if she had never been there. The worried couple searched the whole library, but there was still no sign of their daughter.

A sudden ‘bing!’ was heard. They ran over to one of the computers and saw the page that was open. It was website that was named after their daughter. A new forum thread was posted . It was titled “Together At Last!”

Sally’s father clicked on the title in hopes of getting a clue as to where she was. There was no writing, just a picture. The couple fell to their knees once they saw it.

The picture was of Sally. She was smiling, but her eyes were crying. It was clear she was faking it. Next to her, was an old man and he was kissing her tear-stained cheek.

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