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Train Journeys

Train Journeys

Train Journeys is a spooky story by a user on this site named xXPhantomFangWolfXx.

Train Journeys

Here’s a random scary story I wrote. I don’t know what to call it yet.

Ben sat in silence on the fast-moving train, not moving, not looking up from the floor. This was his first day at work after not leaving his house for two weeks, but even after being isolated so long he still wasn’t sure he was ready to go back to the norm.

He’d had good reason for being cooped up. Two weeks ago his little brother Will had died. It was a terrible accident. He was only nine. What made it even worse was how he had died.

It was at the very station he’d had to come to to board the train to get to his job. He hated his job, it was a miserable position at a fast-food joint, but it was all he could get at the age of 18.

Even though he hated his job, the one thing that made it worthwhile was Will walking the one block through the city with him, and coming into the subway to wave him goodbye as he boarded his train. Will had promised that he’d be there every day to see his big brother off. They loved each other so much.

And then came the day of the accident. Will was standing too close to the train as he waved, and a careless boaring passenger bumped into him, knocking him down onto the tracks. The train Ben was in ran him over.

It was so horrible, Ben couldn’t seem to get the nightmarish image out of his mind of his brother’s body mangled on the tracks. And so he’d come back home to his parents after the funeral, locked himself in his room, and not come out for two weeks. He couldn’t bear to see that station again, much less ride the train to his hated job.

Shaking his head suddenly and sitting up, Ben snapped out of his thoughts. The train was nearing his stop. It started to come into view in the distance. And then suddenly it whizzed right past.

Cries of confusion and outrage echoed throught the crowded carriage of the train. Who was responsible for this?!? We need to get to our jobs! That was my stop! Where do I complain?!?

Suddenly a sweet, calm, clear voice resounded in Ben’s mind.

“I’m here to see you off, big brother. I’m here,” it cooed.

Ben’s hand flew to his forehead. What on Earth was that? It had sounded just like Will… He must just be tired. He HAD missed his coffee that morning, after all.

Standing up and picking up his small lunch bag, Ben walked toward the operator room of the train. He would be in huge trouble if he was late for work, and he wanted to know why the train hadn’t stopped.

The train shot past another stop. More angered cries. People were starting to shove each other.

“You aren’t going to work today, brother, but I’m here to see you off,” the bell-like little voice spoke again.

Stopping for a moment, Ben took off his hat and rubbed his temples. This was all too weird. Was he going crazy.

A third stop went by in a blur. The train was almost in a full scale riot by this point, and Ben was pushing and shoving people aside to get through to the control room.

Finally reaching his destination, he rammed open the doors.

“Alright, I’d like to know what’s going-” he started, but quickly stopped in shock.

The control room was empty. There was no operator. Who was controling the train?

Ben began to panic as a fourth stop was passed. That was the last stop on the line. The tracks ended not far from here.

Ben started to hyperventilate, and approached the controls.

Locating the lever for emergency stop, he took a deep breath and pulled. It snapped away in his hands. He screamed and dropped the now-useless rod.

They were going to crash.

Seconds before the train smashed into the end of the line, the little voice in Ben’s head rang out one last time.

“Now we can be together forever, big brother.”

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  • if will loved his older brother then he wouldn’t have killed him……..who wants their loved ones to die ?

  • that’s so sad yet so sweet! He wanted to be with his brother<3 kinda reminds me of the last scene of 'The Woman In Black'. Also what's with the comment's lol?

  • That was nice but he should have allowed him to live…. As he loved his big brother… Good job phantom

  • @MacabreWolf
    Thanks for the suggestion, but I actually already have an account on a couple writing and art sites, and don’t want to join another because it’s already hard to keep up. I might join Figment at a later date, though, when I get more time. :)

  • Hey, Fang. Ever heard of Figment? You would be great there at writing stories (it’s a writing site) I would so follow you. Just make sure to post the creepy ones here!

  • @TheWorldWillEnd
    Sorry for the confusion, it is Ben that is 18 and Will that was 9.
    @ SFK
    I agree with EccentricSquirrel. You forgot the last bit, Impact, and that actually would be a good name for the story. Also, thanks for posting my story.


  • Really?Scary?Call Me Rose i really like your name.I really love your story its creepy

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