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New Apartment

New Apartment

The New Apartment is a scary story written by a Scaryforkids member named scarykid1413. It’s about a man who is awoken in the middle of the night by the sound of loud screams and shouts coming from the apartment above his.

New Apartment

David Everson had just finished eating a small TV dinner and was preparing himself for bed. He was trying to get used to his new apartment, because it was his first time living alone. It was sad that, at the age of 32, he was just moving out of his parents’ basement. Now, he could have all the fun he wanted without any complaints.

David undressed down to his T-shirt and boxers. It was a little past midnight. He’d spent the whole day moving his things into the apartment. David lay down in his cozy bed. Just when he had laid his head on the pillow, he started hearing faint voices. The sound seemed to be coming from the floor above him. It sounded like a man and a woman.

At first they were talking softly, but then it got louder and louder. They seemed to be arguing with each other. David had to get up for work the next morning and he needed all the sleep he could get. He put the pillow over his head and tried to block out the noise, but the voices seemed to seep through.

Finally, when the voices began screaming, David couldn’t take it anymore. He got out of bed, fetched a broom from the kitchen and banged the tip of it against the ceiling. That didn’t stop the voices.

“Stop yelling!” he cried. “Some people have to work in the morning!”

Suddenly, the voices stopped. Just like that. There was an eerie silence. David was satisfied and went back to lie down in bed. He once again got warm and comfortable. He was halfway adrifting off to sleep when the voices started up again.

The guy’s voice boomed loudly and the woman’s shrill screech drowned him out. They were yelling over each other and David couldn’t make out what either of them was yelling about. Now, he was really steamed. He groggily climbed out of bed, got the broom and jabbed at the ceiling again with all his might.

“Stop screaming!” he yelled. “I’ll call the cops right now if you don’t knock it off!”

Again, the voices died down just as quickly as they had started. He began to wonder why the voices died down so fast. But as long as he could get his sleep, he was okay with it. Then, just as he made his way back into his bed, a loud BANG erupted through his ears. It had come from the ceiling.

Then, a deep, raspy voice shouted down to him, “You shut up, punk! You yell at me one more time and I’ll kill you. Just… like… my wife.”

Suddenly, David’s heart flipped in his chest. He was nervous, but still steamed at the threat. He grabbed the phone on his bedside table and called the apartment manager to file a complaint.

The phone was answered after the third ring.

“Hello?” said the tired voice at the end of the line.

“Hello, sir,” said David. “I’m sorry for calling you so late at night, but I’ve got a complaint.”

“Which is…?” the manager yawned.

“The people in the apartment above me are constantly yelling at each other,” replied David. “I have a job I have to go to in the morning and I can’t sleep with them screaming like that.”

“Tell me your apartment number and I’ll send someone over immediately,” the manager replied.

David gave him the apartment building and number. Then, there was a long silence at the other end of the line.

“Are you sure that’s the correct information?” the manager asked in a strange tone.

“A hundred percent positive,” David assured him. “I know my own address.”

There was another long silence.

“And you said the yelling was coming from the apartment above you?” the manager asked.

“Yes sir,” David replied, getting annoyed with the questions.

“That seems highly unlikely sir,” the manager said, sounding a bit confused.

“Why?” David asked.

“Because your apartment is on the top floor,” said the manager. “There are no other apartments above yours…”

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  • So, i made a different version off this story. (Yes, the daughter is me, but not a true story.)

    So, one night Alex and his wife, Emily, were fighting….About their daughter, Kat, and who would get custody of her one they divorced. Then, Alex felt a strange force push him into his wife and she fell off. He looked over the edge, horrified, and he saw the dead body of his w-Ex-Wife. She probably died of impact and they had been on the roof. He turned around to see his 4 year old daughter, laughing. She smiled and said, ” Mommy’s dead, and so are you.” Then she pushed her father over the edge and said to her friend, ” See? I told you having a sleepover would be fun!!!! Now, you can join my parents while they’re sleeping.” She said she pushed her friend off the edge.

  • So what? It may happen that a married couple maybe living in the same apartment and they decided to go to the roof or terrace of the apartment to spend some time talking and suddenly they started fighting and just to scare david the man must have yelled i will kill you like my wife but probably it can be a funny joke!
    Think positive guys…

  • Whoa, didn’t see that coming…I figured that he’d call the police because the guy upstairs said that he killed his wife, and then he’d kill David, too.
    8 out of 10 brooms

  • Ending can be more interesting if u added some past story of those ghost or how somrone is murdered on the roof by the manager…
    But overall I lyk the story…:)

  • Maybe there were people living on top of the roof or something, but they were probably just ghosts.

  • A better ending would’ve been:
    “no one has been in that a apartment for 3 years now since the incident…” and go through a whole background story.


    you could’ve made up a background story about a how, many years ago there the apartment complex had an extra floor and was torn down or something.

    other than that the story was great.

  • Sfk thanks for posting my second story! It means alot…and thank u guys for the comments…and for the ones who didn’t get it, the apartment complex is haunted

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