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Dead Bodies

Dead Bodies

Dead Bodies is a scary story written by a user on this website named Crayons. It is about a bright young woman who studies to become a nurse but her irrational fear of corpses threatens to prevent her from finding work in a hospital.

Dead Bodies

There was once a young girl named Louise who was very smart and dedicated to her studies. When she grew up and graduated from school, she was faced with a decision about what she wanted to do with her life. After discussing it with her parents, she finally settled on becoming a nurse. She wanted to choose a career where she would be able to help people in need and also earn a good living.

However, becoming a nurse wasn’t easy. After finishing nursing school, you still had to take three tests. Because she was intelligent and had had a good education, Louise managed to pass the first two tests with flying colors.

However, the last test would prove to be the hardest for her. This test involved handling a corpse.

Ever since she was a child, Louise had a mobid fear of dead bodies. Something about deceased people filled her with an irrational fear. Even when her grandparents died, she had been unable to attend their funerals. She was so freaked out by the thought of seeing or touching a corpse, that she couldn’t even bear to see her grandparents lying in their coffins.

It was late at night and she had just arrived at the hospital where she would be working. At the door, she was greeted by the doctors and the head nurse in charge.

“Hello Louise,” said the nurse with a friendly smile. “I hope you’re ready for your final test. Passing this one should be easy.”

“I hope so,” replied Louise nervously.

“Your final task is to deal with a patient after they have been confirmed as deceased,” said the nurse. “Waiting in the Third Floor Ward is a trolley with a corpse. All you need to do is wheel it into the elevator and bring it down to the morgue.”

Louise nodded and began to make her way into the empty building.

“By the way, Louise,” the nurse called after her. “When you’re finished, you should meet us back here at the front desk. Good luck!”

Louise nodded again and turned around. Her hands were shaking and she was so nervous that she broke out into a cold sweat. She felt so uneasy about the test that she contemplated giving up on the spot and telling the doctors and nurses that she just wasn’t up to the job. However, she tried to steel her nerves and go ahead with the test.

The poor girl felt very isolated as she stepped onto the deserted third floor of the hospital. All she could hear were her echoing footsteps in the empty hallways and the soft patter of the rain on the windows. Outside, there was a low rumble of thunder. The atmosphere was forboding.

Finally, she reached the hospital ward and found the trolley. Thankfully, a thin white sheet was draped over the dead body so she couldn’t see its face. Louise wheeled the trolley over to the nearest elevator and jabbed the call button with her shaking finger.

By now she was scared out of her wits. She shut her eyes, not wanting to see the outline of the dead body beneath the sheet. She waited anxiously until the elevator arrived, then pushed the trolley inside and pressed the button for the basement.

As the elevator doors closed and Louise began to descend into the depths of the hospital, she felt a shiver run down her spine.

“Oh please, please let this be over with as soon as possible,” she muttered to herself.

All of a sudden, the elevator came to an abrupt halt and the lights began flickering. Then, they went out and Louise was plunged into darkness.

The storm outside must have cut off the electricity and stopped the elevator. She was all alone in the darkness with the dead body.

Louise felt the hair on the back of her neck standing on end.

She began calling out, her voice hoarse and frightened.

An hour later, the doctor and nurse realized that Louise had still not returned from her task. When the electricity came back on, they went around the whole hospital, searching for her. It seemed as if Louise had vanished into thin air.

When they got to the elevators, they realized that it was stuck. Calling some workmen, they eventually managed to prise the elevator doors open.

They were horrified by what they found inside.

Some of the doctors ran away, screaming.

Louise was squatting in the corner of the elevator, rocking back and forth. Her eyes were wide and crazed. She was laughing to herself and her mouth moving very fast, muttering gibberish.

A bloody intestine was dangling from her mouth.

Left alone in the darkness with a dead body, Louise had gone insane. She had become a cannibal, eating the corpse and devouring its insides.

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