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Valentines Gift

Valentines Gift

Valentine’s Gift is a scary story written by a member of this website named Carcass. It’s about a self-absorbed young girl who discovers she has a secret admirer. Curious, she decides to meet him to find who it is.

Valentine’s Gift

Elle Winston was the talk of the town. She was a beautiful young girl with green eyes and pink lips that complimented her soft, pale skin. In addition, she had perfect cheekbones and an attractive hourglass figure. Her father was rich and he spoiled her, buying her everything she wanted. She always had the most fashionable clothes, the most expensive makeup and lived a decadent and luxurious lifestyle.

On Valentine’s Day, Elle picked out a red velvet dress with a black bow with matching red stillettoes to wear to school. She wanted to be dressed for the occasion. The teachers were so used to seeing her daring outfits that they hardly paid attention anymore.

When she arrived at the school, she strutted down the hall with an air of confidence and pride. Murmurs, wolf-whistles,and scoffs filled the hallway. Everyone’s eyes were upon her as Elle made her way to her locker, smiling all the way.

When she opened the door to her locker, a pile of love notes and gifts poured out. She picked them all up and stuffed them into her designer handbag. Elle noticed one love note that stood out from the rest. It was black and was cut into a deformed shape that somewhat resembled a heart. There was some writing on the front.

It read: “My love, for the longest time, I have watched you from afar. I think it’s time we finally met. Please rendezvous with me in the cafeteria. For you, I have a very special gift, a gift that is a bit different from the others you may receive today. When you see it, you might just throw a fit. Just meet me at the cafeteria’s salad bar at 3 PM sharp. With love. oxoxoxo.”

Elle giggled as she thought about her secret admirer and wondered what kind of gift he was gong to present her with. She hoped it was expensive and was anxious to meet him. She neatly tucked the letter into her handbag and went to her first class.

The time went by very quickly and before she knew it, it was almost 3 o’clock. Elle declined all her lunch invites, including the one from Brian, her latest crush. The glamour girl stood by the salad bar, eager to find out who her new secret admirer was.

“Could it be Brian?” she wondered as she waited. “Or maybe it’s Ashton? No! No! It’s Brian… Brian for sure…”

Within minutes, a tall figure emerged from behind a partition and nervously tapped Elle on the shoulder.

“H-Hi Elle!” an awkward, nasal voice croaked.

She cringed in disgust when she turned and saw Melvin, the school nerd, standing behind her. Elle’s face turned red and she flew into a rage.

”You dork!!!” she screamed angrily. “You got me all worked up thinking about a secret admirer!!! What a letdown! Ugh!! What is your problem?! I turned down Brian Miller to meet you here!! Brian Miller!! He’s only the hottest guy in school!!! Get out of my face, you wimp! You’ve ruined everything! Stupid nerd!!”

Melvin’s eyes began to water. He opened his mouth to speak, but the words just wouldn’t come out. He looked around only to find half of the school was staring at him, laughing at his misery and taking pictures of him with their camera phones. He was utterly humiliated.

Melvin stormed out of the school with his hands covering his face to hide the tears.

Elle soon regained her composure and settled down at a table with her friends. They just talked about Melvin and what an ugly, weird, repugnant,socially-retarded loner he was. Elle snickered at every insulting adjective they heaped upon him. She couldn’t care less about Melvin’s feelings.

After lunch, the day seemed to be going so slowly and Elle grew very bored. During her final class, she yawned and stretched her arms. Just then, she happened to look out the window and gasped in horror.

Melvin was sitting outside in the school yard. He was rocking back and forth and cutting himself with a knife! The girl watched curiously as the nerd started to slap himself in the face.

“Elle James Winston!!!” shouted the teacher. “Is there something outside you’d like to share with the rest of the class?”

Embarrassed, Elle shook her head and focused on the lesson. An hour passed and the school bell finally rang. All of the students raced towards the door. All, that is, except Elle. She couldn’t forget about the image of Melvin cutting himself. She made her way home, still thinking about him.

“Oh Elle!” her mum exclaimed. “There’s a package for you in your room. A student’s mum dropped it off. She said you knew her son!”

Confused, Elle went up to her room and found a big box lying on her bed. It was gift-wrapped and decorated with red hearts and yellow ribbons. There was a note was attached to the present.

It read: “This was all I could afford! I hope you like it. Yours truly, Melvin.”

She smiled and carefully opened the package.

The smile quickly faded from her face and was replaced by a look of horror when she peered into the box and saw what was inside…

It was Melvin’s heart.

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  • @creepyforlife
    Elle means the word “her”. Your thinking of the word “fille” which means girl.

  • HAHAHA it is funny the girl name is Elle and that means girl in French its like having a name of your gender

  • One Word: Sad. Another Few Words: Mean, spoiled, emotionless, etc. I really liked the story, though! I don’t think Melvin should have done that… he shouldn’t have killed himself (o.o)

  • I gave my hear to you, and you threw it away, so I decided to give it to you again! :D

  • Wow, the Elle is not a nice person. She should of just let him down easy, but the other way makes the story more interesting

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