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Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder is a scary story about a teenage girl who moves to a new school full of strangely beautiful girls. It was written by Suddenly-Psychotic.

Eye of the Beholder

This town was small. Too small. Heather was used to big towns. Towns that had shops, and malls. This town didn’t have much at all. It had a few gas stations and one little grocery store. It was too boring for her, and she hadn’t even gone to school yet. She was getting ready for it now. She picked out a random t-shirt and jeans, and quickly pulled them on. She began to tie her shoes, when she glanced at her clock. 7:30. The bell at the high school rang at 8:00! She quickly gathered her things, and took off out the front door.

The school was completely, and utterly boring. Just like the town. It wasn’t even very big. The walls were white, the floors were white, and the lockers were a light gray. The people looked boring. Every now and then there would be a normal looking person, but other than that, the crowd was a little odd. Sure there were the jocks, the cheerleaders, and the nerds, but they all gave her a slight uneasiness.

The school day passed without much incident. She wasn’t payed much attention, but there was one thing that gave her the creeps. A girl that sat on the other side of the classroom from her in a few of her classes kept staring at her. If she caught her staring, she woudn’t even pretend to do something else. She just kept staring. Heather couldn’t get this off of her mind. She sighed and started to walk home.


Startled, she looked up. A girl about her age had walked up beside her. She had long black hair, and pretty, baby blue eyes.

“I’m Bethany! What’s your name?”


Bethany held out her hand. Heather shook it and smiled. They talked on the way home and agreed to hang out at school tomorrow. Heather happily walked into her house. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad out here after all. She smiled to herself.

The next day Bethany was nowhere to be found. Missing posters had been plastered all over the school. All of the posters bore Bethany’s face. Apparently she had never showed up at her house after school the day before. Heather shivered at the thought. She may have been the last person to see her.

The bell rang, and she proceeded to her next class. Taking her seat, she glanced up. Sitting where the creepy girl had sat yesterday, was someone new. She also stared at Heather. Heather stared back. The girl had long blonde hair, tied up in a ponytail. Her facial features were practically perfect. Not one freckle or blemish. She could barely make out the color of her eyes. They were baby blue. Just like Bethany’s. A shiver ran up her spine, and she broke eye contact with the girl.

Several days passed by. Each day, a new girl went missing. Each day, a new girl sat in the seat of the previous one. They all stared. Soon, the search for the first few missing girls were called off. Many of them were described as runaways. Heather didn’t like it here very much. The bell rang, and she hurried out. A boy named Jonas had a locker next to hers. She opened her locker door, and put up her books for the day. She sighed, and turned to Jonas.

“Hey Jonas?”

“Yeah?” He said, without glancing up.

“Who’s that girl sitting next to Kasey?”

A surprised look came across his face, then he smirked. “Nice joke, Heather. No one sits next to Kasey.”

Heather gasped. She hurried out of the school building, and ran to her house. She had gotten about halfway there, and took her shortcut. She had recently discovered a little alleyway. It cut out about half of her walk home. She turned to the right, and headed down the dark, narrow alley. A sudden chill ran up her spine. She could see her own breath. Glancing back, she saw the girl from the school. Heather began to panic. A smirk ran up the girl’s face, and she began to laugh maniacally. Then it all went black.

“Finally awake are we?”

Heather’s eyes snapped open. Where was she? Her eyes adjusted to the darkness, and she saw the girl in front of her. Panic filled her as she saw her pull out a knife. She tried to scream, but her mouth was taped shut. The girl reached up and ripped off the duct tape, making Heather wince.

“W-what do you want?”

The girl smiled. “I just want to be beautiful!” she said. “I used to have bad eyes, but not anymore. Bethany’s eyes look much better on me, don’t you think? Has anyone told you what a pretty nose you have? Your eyes are not so good, your chin is a little weak, your cheekbones are too low and your mouth is too small. But your nose… Your nose is simply to die for.”

Heather was scared. She was in the presence of pure insanity. The girl reached up, knife in hand. She gently dragged it across Heather’s neck, nicking it slightly and drawing blood. Then she began to sing. Heather remembered some of the words. They were from the story of Snow White.

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, I can now be the prettiest of them all!”

The girl smiled, and began to cut.

The next day, there were more missing posters in school. Heather’s face was on each one. Like all of the other girls, Heather was never found.

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  • @Xx To Live is To Die Xx
    I am prettty sure that story is writtten in Scary Stories To tell in The Dark by Alvin Shwartz.Like that book?

  • I’m really hoping that she didn’t take any body parts that weren’t on the face…if you know what I mean.

  • So these twisted girls the spin off of the evil Queen and Jeepers Creepers…what is wrong with people today?

  • like imgianna said i also get it! She got a little prettier each time she killed a girl and she killed the girls to take their noses and eyes and whatever else she wanted to look…pure perfect but actualllyl she is just pure mean!!

  • I get it! The girls keeps getting prettier everytime she kills someone becuase she steals their body parts! OMG! She’s insane for beauty dude! :O

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    A young man invited a young woman to a formal dance. She was very poor, and she could not afford to buy the evening gown she needed. “Maybe you can rent a dress,” suggested her mother. So she went to a pawn shop not far from her home. There she found a white evening gown in her size. She looked lovely in it, and she was able to rent it for very little. When she arrived at the dance with her friend, she was so attractive, everyone wanted to meet her. She danced again and again and was having a wonderful time. She soon began to feel dizzy, so she asked her friend to take her home. “I think I have danced too much,” she told him. When she got home, she lay down on her bed. The next morning the mother had found that her daughter had died. Her skin had been torn from her body. The doctor did not understand what had caused her death, So he had the coroner perform an autopsy. The coroner found that she had been poisoned by embalming fluid. It had stopped her blood from flowing. There were traces of the fluid on her dress. He decided it had entered her skin when she perspired while she was dancing. The pawnbroker said he bought the dress from an undertaker’s helper. It had been used at a funeral for another young woman, and the helper had stolen it just before she was buried.

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