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Hunger Pains

Hunger Pains

Hunger Pains is a story that was written by Skullkid555 in collaboration with Dead_Ashley. The original idea was written by Skullkid555 and then Dead_Ashley did a good job of improving it.

Hunger Pains

There was a teenage girl named Annie. She was a normal girl just like any other, except for when the “thing” happened.

It was a completely normal day and Annie was babysitting her little brother, James. They were watching television, when she suddenly felt terrible hunger pains in her stomach. She made her way to the kitchen and ate a bag of popcorn, a block of chocolate, a sandwich and some oranges. But her hunger wasn’t satisfied.

She grabbed a full roasted chicken and a bag of potatoes and wolfed them down. Her stomach was still growwling and the hunger pains seemed to be getting worse. Trying to take her mind of it, she went back to the living room and continued to watch her movie. The movie finished at around 10:00pm and, growing tired, she headed of to bed.

As the clock struck midnight, Annie woke up ravenous. Her belly craved food. She ran down to the kitchen and gobbled up everything in the fridge, but yet her hunger was still not satisfied.

Annie ate everything she could find in the kitchen cupboards. She was hungry, so very hungry, and she couldn’t go back to bed until her hunger pains were satisfied.

Her brother was in bed, sleeping like a baby. Suddenly, he was awakened by the sound of a loud thump. Sitting up in bed, he saw his sister leaning over him. Drool was seeping from her mouth and she was licking her lips hungrily.

“Hello James,” she hissed. “I’m so very hungry!”

“Find something to eat in the fridge then,” he replied. He was annoyed that Annie would wake him up for no reason.

“Oh, no, no, no, dear James, I’m much more hungry than that. I’m hungry for something more filling.”, she said. “I am hungry for something living, plump, alive”

James was shocked to see she was holding a knife in her hand.

“W-what are y-you talking about,” James replied, scared out of his wits.

“James, can you not see?,” she growled, “I want to eat YOU. Yes, yes, you are very nice, plump and living!”

A twisted smile was now forming on her face, an evil unnatural smile, the smile of a mad woman. She took the knife and brought it to his neck.

“Thanks for being there for me, little brother. I will miss you, but I’m so hungry and I have to eat something now.”

James wailed and thrashed his arms, but it was no use. No one could hear him. Within minutes, there was not a pick of flesh left on his bones.

The next morning, James’s mother came back. She went into her son’s room and tried to wake him up, but he didn’t answer. Pulling back the covers, she was horrified to find that, from the neck down, he was a skeletal corpse. The bedsheets were covered in blood. Only his head was left intact. His mouth was formed a perfect O and there was a terrified look on his face.

His sister escaped during the night and she was nowhere to be found. A note was attached to her bedroom door. It read: “Sorry, I got hungry. I ate everything in the kitchen for starters, but I needed a main course!”

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  • LOL she was soo hungry that she ate her brother hahahahah who would do that??????

  • Well.. so Avril really is a vampire.. No wonder why people always said that! This pic is a proof!!

  • It kinda ruined it for me when I noticed the pic of Avril Lavigne… :( My favorite singer is not a cannibal!

  • While annie was going away.At night while she was running away she came across a man and wanted to ate him too while she was going to cut him through her knife the full moon rose above of the cloud and then the man turned into a werewolf and then gobbled the whole annie up then the werewolf”Burrrp,well it was not that satisfying!I want to eat my brother!”And after that he got home and ate his brother and he said”Man,nowadays the brothers are too tasty to eat more than anything!”Moral-GO EAT BROS.

  • that girl in the pic is avril she looks like a vampire nd eats a cannibal’s diet !! woow

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