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The Hieroglyphics is a story submitted by a user named Duality.


Mexico is a beautiful country, but there are some places in Mexico that are anything but beautiful. In some border towns, crime corrupts the streets and the government is based on greed and cruelty.

What is less known, however, is the disturbing incident that even the Mexican President himself took notice of, an event that was sealed away and sworn to be forgotten, until now.

Recently, a journal was found in the house where the incident happened that would surely prove that supernatural forces are a terrifying reality.

Exerpt from the Journal of Anderson Marlow:

Friday March 1, 2003
My daughter Julie and I found this place, a month after my beloved wife died. It is run down and mouldy (and I swear I saw a rat in the kitchen) but this trash-heap is all we can really afford.

Saturday March 2,
Julie has settled in nicely and even managed to make some friends, although with who I’m not exactly sure. Whatever keeps her happy I guess. I don’t know why but this place gives me the creeps. Must be the stress of moving and settling into a new home.

Monday March 4,
I visited a shabby little store today with Julie, and the weirdest thing happened. I told the old man working behind the counter that we had just moved in to the first house on the right and he just gave me a weird look – as if he’d seen a ghost! He told me to seal up my mailbox for some reason and told me something odd had happened there. He wouldn’t say what it was and I wasn’t paying much attention to him. He seemed a little crazy.

Tuesday March 5,
I checked the mailbox today and for some weird reason there was something heavy in it. I picked it out and it was a stone tablet. From what I saw it was just and arm that had a red mark on the forearm. Later in the day though, Julie came up to me crying. I asked her what’s wrong and she pointed at her left arm. Sure enough, it was scratched and bruised. She should have learned not to jump into hedges.

Wednesday March 6,
Things are getting weirder everyday. The mailbox contained a new stone tablet with another weird hieroglyphic. This time it seemed to be depicting a scratched right arm. An hour later, Julie came crying again with a cut on her right arm. Weird. Moreover, I’ve looked up the house’s history and it turns out it was the base for a cult that had sacrificial rituals where parts of the body were sacrificed on different days. Perhaps the old man was right after all?

Saturday March 9,
This is horrible! Three more stone tablets have come in the mail and Julie has been scratched horribly. I can’t even take her outside because she is so disfigured. She’s scared of leaving her room and so am I. Also, the hieroglyphs that have come in actually form a body figure. But one piece is missing – the chest. I don’t want to know what that means. Now we’re just waiting. Waiting for the final thing.

Sunday March 10,
I should have listened. Because now she’s gone. My Julie. She’s dead. The final piece of the puzzle came in, and within the blink of an eye, her chest began to bleed and her eyes lost life. Her heart was gone. Ripped from her chest. Bloody. And now, the mailbox is full again. My left arm’s beginning to bleed. Please help me.

(The final parts of the journal were unable to be recovered as they were unreadable. The writings were smeared with blood. But we can probably assume what fate he suffered. Especially since several hieroglyphs were recovered at the house where the bodies of Julie and Anderson were found, blood-smeared and torn open.)

(Ok so this is a shot of writing I’m pitching, hope you read and – better still – like it :D )

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