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Small Notebook

Small Notebook

The small notebook is a spooky story written by a member of this website named peachyinred. It’s about a young girl’s diary that was found in the woods near some abandoned houses.

Small Notebook

A few years ago, a small notebook was found lying in a forest, near some abandoned houses. It was partially buried under a pile of leaves. The contents appeared to be the diary of a young girl.

Day 1:

Hello! My name is Sarah! I just got this new diary for my birthday. My mommy bought it for me at the store. I like my mommy. Sometimes she can be really nice. She buys me presents all the time. When I talk to my stuffed animals my mommy tells me to stop. She says its not healthy for a girl to have imaginary friends. That makes me sad. It makes my animals sad too. I have to go help my mommy make the dinner. See you tomorrow new diary!

Day 2:

When I woke up today, there was a little boy in the corner of my room. I felt scared at first but he came over to my bed and told me he was my new friend. He said he likes to watch me play outside in yard. I like my new friend. He said his name is Thomas but I can call him Tommy. He has really gross cuts on his face. I asked him where he got them from and he said my Mommy did it. That made me very angry at my mommy.

Day 3:

Tommy came again today. We played with my dolls and I asked him where he came from. He said he lives in my closet. That’s funny. I never saw him in there before. Tommy is my new best friend! I asked him where he goes to school. He said he doesn’t go to school. I asked if he wants to go to school with me tomorrow and he said yes.

Day 4:

Tommy couldn’t go to school with me because my mommy wouldn’t allow it. I begged her to let him come but she just kept saying no. That made me very sad. I asked my mommy why Tommy couldn’t come and she said he is not real. That made Tommy very angry. He said he will visit me at lunchtime.
Tommy is so nice! I can’t wait to see him!

I told my teacher Tommy was coming to visit me and she laughed and said Tommy isn’t real. That made me really sad. I told her about his cuts and she seemed worried. I don’t know why nobody likes my friend Tommy. He is my best friend! I went to the swings and he was sitting there waiting for me. He told me my mommy was really tired and she was sleeping. Tommy asked me if anyone was being mean to me. I told him my teacher didn’t think he was real. That made Tommy really mad. He said he would take care of that for me. I played with him on the swings for a while. When the bell rang, he said he would meet me at home. I can’t wait for school to end!

Day 6:

I haven’t seen my mommy since yesterday. Some policemen came and spoke to my daddy. They want to know where she is. I was going to tell them she was sleeping but Tommy told me to shut up. He said my teacher is sleeping too and he didn’t want anyone to wake them up. I asked him if my teacher believes he is real now. He said she does. That made me really happy! He said that my daddy is a stupid man for talking to the police. I told him I liked my daddy though. He said my Daddy didn’t like me. That made me really sad. Tommy said that life is sad and everyone would be much happier if they just went to sleep.

Day 7:

Tommy woke me this morning and said my dad was asleep. He told me he wanted to show me something. I got dressed and we walked to the forest behind my house. He said his mommy and daddy were sleeping so I had to be very quiet. I looked around but I couldn’t see them. He picked up a stick and tapped the ground and said his mommy and daddy were under there. I asked him why they were sleeping in the ground. Tommy said that’s the best place to sleep. He said my Daddy and mommy were sleeping in the ground too and he tapped another spot with his stick. Then, he asked me if I wanted to sleep too. I said no, I just woke up. That made him really angry. I never saw him so furious. Tommy is beginning to scare me. I don’t think I like Tommy anymore.

Day 8:

Hello, this is Tommy! Sarah can’t write in her diary, so I thought I would finish it for her. This will be the final entry.

Sarah felt really tired so I put her to sleep with her mommy and daddy. She said I was hurting her and she kicked and screamed, but after she went to sleep, she didn’t make a sound.

The ground is the best place to sleep! That’s where my pet dog is sleeping! That’s where my family is sleeping! That’s where Sarah’s parents are sleeping! That’s where my teacher Ms. Susie is sleeping!That’s where my friends Hailey, Rebecca and George are sleeping! That’s where I am sleeping!

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  • so i also have a story. sfk i would really like to have it publish

    poor sarah

    Once there was a family of three,mother father and a teenaged girl named sarah. They were all very happy until one day when the parents got in a horrible fight. sarah was locked in her room by her angry mother without food and water for almost 2 days when her father finnaly took her out. she was very frightened and wanted to go away from her mother. the mother never made food and beated everyone so did the father and in between sarah suffered a lot. eventully even her father got angry on her. she had missed a month of school and as there hose was located in the hills in the middle of nowhere, no one bothered to visit her she was many times tied up and not given any food for several days as she listened to her parents shouting beating and calling each other names horribly. eventually sarah also started getting beaten up to neear death as her parents were using her to calm down there anger. then one day the fight got so extreme that her mother burned down the house the mother and father got uou and went away to start there new lives in the city differently . but poor sarah was tied up in the store room with lots of wooden furniture so she couldn’t save herself and was burnt alive it was a very painful death. her mother had married another nan and was working as a fake fortune teller when one day her mirror got shattered and in the shattered pieces of mirror were the reflction of her poor daughter sarah. the place she worked caught on fire there was a way for her to go out but sarah kept holdin her until she was dead. her father also was working in a car factory where when he war in the car all the mirrors reflected sarah the car got burnt he was also in the grassp of her poor daughter he was begging for mercy but of no use he was too burnt alive. people say that if you look into many mirrors and chant the following

    poor sarah poor sarah
    please burn me alive
    poor sarah poor sarah
    i was the one who burnt your life

    you will see sarafs burnt face in the mirror and get a very hot burning sensation in your body which will calm down after a while.

    dear SFK i really want you to post this story as it took me much of my time to write this hope you like it

  • Why do these little kid ghost tell the kids that this person is sleeping it is just so weird cuz every ghost says that now for so reason maybe they don’t want to scare the kids who knows

  • They are so lucky I NEVER get enough sleep…Oh hi Tommy, you want me to go to sleep? Ok.

  • Was Thomas/Tommy Sarah’s brother or something? I really like he story, so good job whoever wrote it *.*

  • @Whiler calm the eff down. Nobody cares if that is ur name or not. Its not like anybody actually knew it. Also SFK didn’t write the story. Someone else did. And nobody was making fun of ur name either. Just FYI :)

  • @Whiler calm the eff down. Nobody cares if that is ur name or not. Its not like anybody actually knew it. Also SFK didn’t write the story. Someone else did. And nobody was making fun of ur name either. :)

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