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Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity

The Bathroom Vanity is a ghost story written by a member of this website named musicismyeverything in collaboration with ScaryForKids. It’s about a young married couple who are spending their honeymoon in an expensive hotel when they receive some shocking news.

Bathroom Vanity

There was a young couple named Paul and Mary who were very much in love. They got married and flew to Stockholm in Sweden for their honeymoon. Mary’s family were very rich and she booked the biggest, most expensive suite in the hotel. There was a huge double bed, a luxurious sofa, ornate tables and chairs and a large vanity mirror in the bathroom.

The couple were very excited and happy. They decided to go out to an exclusive restaurant to celebrate their life together. As her husband got dressed for dinner, Mary stood in front of the bathroom vanity, combing her long golden hair. She gazed at her reflection in the mirror and felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

At the restaurant, they ordered the finest meals and a bottle of champagne. While they were waiting for their food to arrive, Mary’s cell phone started ringing. She answered it and her husband saw a look of shock and horror spread across her face.

After hanging up, he asked her what was wrong. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she told him that it had been her father on the phone. Something terrible had happened on the stock market and her family had lost their entire fortune. Their investment portfolios were completely wiped out and they had been left penniless.

Her husband looked shocked. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The couple returned to their hotel room and Mary lay down on the double bed and sobbed uncontrollably. Paul told her that he needed to take a walk and left the room.

After a while, Mary heard an enormous crash and when she looked around, she saw that the window was broken. On the floor, surrounded by pieces of shattered glass, there was a rock with a note attached. She picked up the rock and read the note.

“Dearest Mary, I am sorry to break the news to you like this, but we can no longer be together. It is time I admitted the truth. I only married you for your money. Now that your family is poor, I can no longer bear to be around you. We both know that you have a face like a pig’s posterior and every time I look at you, I feel like throwing up. Consider this a divorce notification, you ugly cow. I will contact my lawyer in the morning. Maybe you will be able to live a happy life without me, but I really don’t care one way or the other. As far as I am concerned, you can go to hell. Sincerely, Your ex-husband Paul.”

Mary fell to her knees and cried her heart out. Tears poured out of her eyes as she crumpled up the note and threw it in the trash can. Then, she picked up the phone, called room service and ordered as many bottles of cheap wine as they could carry.

When the waiters arrived with her order, she opened the bottles and began knocking them back as fast as she could. Drowning her sorrows, she swilled back bottle after bottle of cheap alcohol. Soon, her head was spinning and her stomach was churning. She got more drunk than she had ever been in her life.

She stumbled into the bathroom and splashed water on her face. Then, in her drunken stupor, she tripped and fell head-first into the mirror, shattering it. There were cuts all over her forehead and blood was pouring down her face. Moaning in pain and despair, she picked up a sliver of glass and slit her own throat.

There, on the bathroom floor, beneath the shattered vanity mirror, she died a slow and agonizing death. In the morning, a maid found her in a pool of blood and rushed downstairs to notify the manager. The hotel staff hushed it all up and as soon as Mary’s body was taken to the morgue, they sealed up the room.

A few years later, the hotel was full and they decided to reopen the disused room. The maid cleaned the room and dusted the furniture. She wiped the bloodstains off the floor and a workman arrived to install a new vanity mirror in the bathroom. Eventually, the room was completely renovated and ready for use.

That evening, a new couple stayed in the room. They had no idea of the horrible events that had occurred there years earlier. The husband was sitting on the bed, reading a newspaper as he waited for his wife to get dressed. She stood in front of the bathroom vanity, brushing her hair and applying her makeup.

Suddenly, she saw a hideous blood-stained face appear in the mirror. The terrified woman screamed and called her husband. He came rushing in, but the face was gone. His wife tried to tell him what she had seen, but he assured her it was just her imagination and finally managed to calm her down.

Later that night, the couple went down to the hotel bar and started drinking. They partied until the early hours and had the time of their lives. It was past one o’clock in the morning, when the drunk couple stumbled upstairs to go to bed.

When they got to their room, the husband opened the door and the wife walked in and went straight to the bathroom. She looked into the mirror and saw a face staring back at her. It was a woman with cuts all over her forehead and blood pouring down her face. The woman’s eyes stared deep into her soul and the wife fell into a trance.

She walked into the bedroom, picked up a candle and brought it over to the bed, setting fire to the sheets. As her husband peacefully dozed, the bed caught fire. Soon, the entire room was ablaze and the woman stood among the flames, cackling maniacally.

The hotel manager called the fire department and they managed to put out the blaze, but by then, the whole room was burned beyond recognition. Sifting through the ashes, they found the charred remains of the man and his wife. The only thing that survived the fire untouched was the bathroom vanity mirror.

(musicismyeverything says: Please post this, SFK. I worked really hard on it.)

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  • Amazing story! Very original, but one quick thing; it would’ve made more sense if they just repaired the mirror and kept it because it was kinda cursed from the dead woman, instead of installing a new one because the title is now talking about 2 mirrors..idk if that makes sense but 10/10 douche bag husbands :D

  • musicismyeverything GREAT STORY!!!!!!!! 9/10 bathroom vanity mirrors!!

    Also, why do people put @ in front of a name? Do you care about the red lines that GO AWAY after you post it??

  • thanks. i know it was changed a lot. i didnt even know sfk was doing it, but at least one of my stories is up. Personally, i thought it was scarier before the changes, but it doesnt matter to me. thanks, sfk!

  • I really hope you asked or hold the right to alter the story this much. Either way, it was a nice story but the husband’s note was altered in such a rediculous manner. I love this website anyhow.

  • You really made a huge difference in the story SFK. Anyways, musicismyeverything, (cool name!) fantastic story!

  • Here is the original story by musicismyeverything:

    Cracked Mirror

    There was a couple who just got married. They went to Sweden for their honeymoon, and stayed in a hotel. Mary, the wife, was very rich, and had booked the biggest suite in the hotel, which was complete with a large mirror. She stood in front of it, combing her hair with a gold comb.

    The couple was a happy one, and was celebrating their mairrage. They ordered the finest food and champagne for their feast. They were waiting for their food, when Mary’s phone rang. She answered it, and her husband saw a stricken look on her face. She told him that it was her father, and that something had happened in the stock market. Her family had lost all of their money. The only thing she still possessed was that golden comb. Her husband looked shocked, but tried to smile. He told her that he needed to take a walk. After a while, Mary heard something break the window. She turned around and saw a paper covered rock. She took the rock and unwrapped it. She found a note.

    Dearest Mary, We can no longer be together. I must admit that I only married you for your money. Now I can no longer be your husband. Please live a happy life without me. Yours Truly, Paul

    Mary, with tears in her eyes, threw the note in the trash can. Then, she turned around and looked into the mirror. Filled with rage, she threw the comb at the mirror. The mirror shattered, and a piece of glass flew at her. She tried to duck, but the glass stuck in her throat. She died a slow and agonizing death in the hotel room. After that, the hotel closed down.

    A few years later, the hotel reopened and a new couple stayed in Mary’s room. The mirror was never replaced, but the wife had a hand mirror. One night, the husband went down to the lobby to talk to the manager, and the wife looked into her hand mirror. She suddenly saw a face that wasn’t hers. The face of a sad, mournful woman. The face of Mary. The terrified woman dropped the mirror and it shattered. A shard of glass flew up and stuck into her throat. She died a slow and agonizing death.

    Another couple stayed in the room. One night, they went down to the bar and partied and had the time of their lives. At one o’clock in the morning, the drunk couple stumbled up the stairs. When they got to their room, the husband opened the door. The wife walked in, and went to the bathroom. She looked into the mirror and started to fall forward. The last thing she saw before her head hit the glass was the face of Mary. Then the glass flew out and landed in her neck.

    A while later, the hotel was full. There was a convention going on, and many people were attending. In MAy’s room stayed a family. They were staying for the holidays. The little girl was decorating the room for hannukah. She pulled out a match and was about to light the menorah, when she glanced in the mirror. She saw the sorry face of a woman. The girl screamed and dropped the match. The room started on fire.

    The next morning, when the police were investigating the scene, the found the charred remains of the people who died when the hotel burned down. As the were searching through the ashes, they found that the only thing that survived unharmed was a cracked mirror.

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