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Killer Scarecrow

Killer Scarecrow

The Killer Scarecrow is a scary story for kids written by Pete Le Brun, a member of ScaryForKids.

Killer Scarecrow

Farmer Smith was fed up. It was Harvest time and gang of pesky teengers were vandalizing his farm and stealing his crops. They all found it funny but he was not laughing. He knew them all to well. Their names were Conner, Ethan, Kenny, and Ryan. One day he decided enough was enough.

“These kids have no respect at all,” he muttered to himself. “Something’s gotta be done”.

That night, he was walking through his yard after finishing his chores.

“I know a way to rid you of your troublesome teenagers”. a voice said.

He looked around. On the top branch of a cherry trees, there sat a young boy.

“Meet me in the woods tomorrow night,” said the boy. “I guarantee you’ll have the prefect solution for your problem.”

The next night came and the farmer drove his truck out towards the woods. He walked deeper and deeper in until he saw a light. He went towards it and was greeted by the young boy. There was an old woman with him. They were in a clearing and had a large cauldron brewing. The old woman wore a black cloak with a hood and had a long nose with warts on it.

“We’ve been expecting you” the old woman said, opening her mouth to reveal a bunch of missing teeth.

The man started to have a uneasy feeling when the boy slowly began to change. Instead of a boy he was now green with glowing eyes and long razor sharp teeth and nails or maybe even claws.

“You are the work of Satan. I will take no offer from you witch” Farmer Smith said.

“Witch is such a nasty term,” the old woman replied. “Calm yourself, Dearie. We don’t want to hurt you, we just want to help. You see we have had our share of troublesome teenagers”.

“And what do you think you could possibly use to stop these boys?” Farmer John asked.

“Wait and see” the goblin boy replied.

The witch started to chant: “Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble. Bring forth the scarecrow, give him life, and save this man from all his strife.”

The old woman grew silent as the cauldron began to broil and bubble furiously and a suddenly, there was a loud bang. A huge cloud of smoke appeared and when it cleared there was a scarecrow standing there. It was dressed in rags and had a grotesque, ugly face and long pointy hands. It was holding a razor-sharp machete and its eyes were glowing red.

“Go home now,” the old woman said. “Tomorrow this scarecrow will rid you of your troubles.”

The farmer picked up and went back to his truck. He drove home.

The next day a teenage girl named Kirsten was traveling through the countryside with her boyfriend Joe. They were driving on backroad after backroad, with no idea of where they were going.

“We’re lost there’s no way we’ll get anywhere like this” Kirsten said.

“You’re right Joe said I’ll pull over then I’ll go to that farmhouse and ask directions” he said pointing to Farmer Smith’s house.

He parked the car and and disappeared into the cornfield. He was a little over halfway in when he heard someone behind him. He turned around thinking Kirsten followed him. No one was there. However a scarecrow he had passed was now standing there.

“The farmer must have moved it. Must have been his footsteps I heard”. He tought.

He began to walk back and started to call the farmer. He noticed a machete on the ground. Now he was sure the farmer was working in the field nearby. He went into row of cornstalks and suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back. In fact it seemed to come straight through him. The tip of a machete protruded from his chest and blood ran down his shirt. He saw a brief light before falling to his knees and to the ground and permanently fading into blackness.

Meanwhile Kirsten was getting worried so she went in after him. She was in there a while and thought she saw him. Yes it was definitely him. No mistaking it. She ran towards him. Only to be be greeted by a gruesome sight. It was him alright or at least his body because whoever owned the farmhouse had not only killed him but turned his body into a scarecrow. Kirsten glanced at the second scarecrow beside him. It was dressed in rags and had a scary face and in its hand a bloody machete. She began to run but couldn’t remember the way out. She was halfway out when she felt a sharp pain deep in her back that seemed to go straight down.

Later that night Conner, Ethan, Kenny, and Ryan are coming back. With them are their girlfriends Crystal, Angela, Missy, and Brittany. “Ha Conner laughed look at the new scarecrows he got. There’s even two that look like humans and look the ones with the machete and scythe even have blood on them and their weapons”. “Good try old man but it’s not going to stop us” Ethan laughed. Each of he couples went into their own little section of the cornfield to fool around. Ryan and Brittany suddenly heard footsteps behind them. “Leave us alone old man”. The footsteps were now on the side of them. Brittany cleared away some cornstalks. “Look we said” a pitchfork shot out of the cornstalks and stabbed her in the chest killing her instantly. Ryan wrestled the pitchfork away from the “old man” and stabbed him in retaliation but to his horror Ryan watched as the old man’s wound healed itself. It was the last thing he ever saw. Kenny and Missy were next as the “Ghostface” scarecrow began to approach them. It tried to stab Missy with its glove but Kenny stopped it. He pulled out a match from his pocket and threw it at the scarecrow catching it on the fire. He turned around try to warn the others but unbeknownst to him the scarecrow quickly regenerated and stabbed him and managed to kill Missy despite her valiant effort to escape. Ethan and Angela were killed after that when they were beheaded by the scarecrow with the scythe. Sometime after that Conner and Crystal were looking for their friends because it was getting the late. They decided to separate to find them. Conner heard footsteps in cornstalks right beside him. Thinking it was one of his friends he began to follow them. He soon felt something sharp pierce his stomach and go all the way through. He knees sunk to the ground and he too saw a white light before permanently blacking out. Crystal was walking towards the row of scarecrows when she noticed something strange . There were more scarecrows there now. She pulled out her phone to get a better look and screamed in terror. There were the bodies of her friends all turned into scarecrows. At the end was a vacant pole. Hers. Worse the 4 killer scarecrows were still lose. She heard rustling all around her. Quickly he bolted straight through the cornfield towards to the road. Ahead of her she saw a tractor. Perfect, she thought. She got in and started it up driving towards the direction of the footsteps before long she didn’t hear them. She got out and walked towards the road. After what seemed like forever it finally came in view. Finally Conner’s car her ticket out of this nighmare. Fortunately she had his keys. She was starting the car when she heard footsteps right beside her. Standing at the edge of the cornfield were the scarecrows. Quick think fast Crystal thought to herself. I got it she realized one thing about Conner. He always kept a spare tank of gasoline in his car as well as matches. She started the car and reached into the back and grabbed the gasoline and opened it and threw it in the air. It landed right the scarecrow’s feet. Then she lit a match and threw it at the gasoline catching the scarecrows as well as the whole cornfield on fire. She drove off completely hysterical not knowing what to tell the police.

The next morning Farmer Smith woke up and went to his scarecrows. His field had regenerated just like the scarecrows. He looked at the row of scarecrows with a pleasant smile on his face So one escaped. No big deal. Not like he’d be seeing her again. She learned her lesson. He pulled the pole up and walked away with it. If anyone was unfortunate enough to trespass would be filled up. Plus there were more where that came from Never the less he wouldn’t have to worry about troublesome teenagers ever again.

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