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Mountain Drive

Mountain Drive

Mountain Drive is a story submitted by a user named Duality. It’s about a man who is involved in a hit and run accident on a lonely mountain road.

Mountain Drive

A white mist descended on the valley like a soft blanket as the trees hugged the mountains. The road was mainly empty and silent as night began to fall on the quiet atmosphere. Aside from the occasional eagle, the mountain road was its normal quiet self. Then a car appeared on the scene, driving by quietly along the sunset tranquility of the surroundings.

“Every Tuesday!” Leon shouted loudly, shattering the peaceful atmosphere. “Every DAMN Tuesday, there’s always fog! Is there not one day where I can actually enjoy my trip home? It’s bad enough that deer always run across at the worst moments.”

He was worried not by the fact that the animals could have been injured (in his eyes it’s their fault for being so stupid), but by the fact that the bonnet of his new car might have a dent and give his co-workers back at the office yet another reason to laugh at him. His cynical attitude got him no friends and he would always have at least one amusing accident on the stairs involving slippery shoes. So this time, he would be careful not to wreck his $42,000 sense of pride.

Just as the mist started to clear up, the stars in the night sky slowly drifted and became something beautiful. Even Leon himself noticed their beauty. Their radiant beauty became stunning… Dazzling… Tranquilizing…

A loud bang awoke him with a start. It took him enough time to brake to realize that he fell asleep at the wheel. The first thought in his head was to inspect the damage. But there was none.

“Wait, what?” Leon said, confused. He was sure he had hit something, otherwise what was the bang? He looked around as best as the pitch black allowed him to and that’s when he saw the poor girl lying on the road. Bloodied. Broken. Surely dead. He was actually shocked. Animals he could live with. But manslaughter?

Imagine the penalty I would have to pay. And I’ll lose the Porsche! he thought. He had no choice. He had to hide the body. He dragged the painfully heavy corpse to a tree about 20 yards away, then left it in a mangled state. If asked, he would explain that she was attacked by a bear. Simple.

When the car sped away, the scene was deathly silent. Leon was nervous. Paranoid that the authorities would come after him. How he’d have to answer for him and the young girl in the backseat behind him…

He suddenly froze and violently stopped the car. Who the hell was that behind him? He could have sworn that he saw someone there, glaring at him. He looked back and his heart skipped a beat. No one was there. Yet now the car was cold. Freezing. Was that the spirit of the girl, coming back for vengeance? For leaving her corpse at the roadside like roadkill?

“No,” he thought. “Ghosts don’t exist. I shouldn’t have read those scary stories last night. Stories like that can make you come up with some crazy thoughts.”

Leon drove onwards. The night was completely black and foggy to the point where he couldn’t see beyond 10 yards. He was nearly home. When he got there, he could examine the Porsche properly and report to the authorities about the girl…

“No, scratch that last one,” he thought. “No one can know about her. It was her fault anyway for being out there.”

And that’s when he heard the crying…

That’s when he felt the cold hand of something on his shoulder, violently grabbing him. He felt something crying on his shoulder, the tears wet against his neck, forcing him to look back only to see nothing.

Not that Leon could do anything about it. By the time he turned around, he only had a second to make out the bright headlights charging towards him…

The next morning, they found Leon’s wrecked car in a ditch by the side of the road. He lay sprawled across the front seats, lifeless and covered in blood. In the back seat was the mangled corpse of a young girl.

(Ok so I can see everyone is pitching stories and this is my own one. Hope y’all enjoy it. If you actually do like it, you can e-mail me at

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  • @xXPhantomFangWolfXx
    I know right? I haven’t seen any other versions of your story anywhere else so yours is original. But I promise to god that i didn’t know your story existed at the time I wrote this. Really. Btw you know they took my story off of Slenderman (Heiroglyphs)? I spent an hour writing that!!! WTF?

  • I don’t know why everyone says my story, Turn Left, is better, the writing in this one is really of a much higher quality! I do appreciate the nice comments, though. I also am the writer of Liar Liar. And what is this I hear about Turn Left being a changed version of some other story? I really thought it was an original idea, honest.

  • @imgianna
    It’s ok, don’t give up hope :) just post your stories and you might be selected!
    @Saad Hamid
    If its ok with you I wouldn’t care if there was a girl in the backseat – I still wouldn’t ever leave MY Porsche :P

  • Nice! Dear SFK, Y U NO post mine? Sincerely, It’s Okay :) I’ll stop posting stories becuase I wanna become a writer in the future and I can’t give away my stories just that easily.

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