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The Hacker is a story about a girl who meets a stranger in an internet chatroom. It was written by a user named Carcass.


A girl named Afrin Moone was scrolling through chatrooms, sending people chain letters and scaring the daylights out of them. She called herself Sorrow Weeps. A few minutes later, a new user joined her chatroom. His username was The Hacker. She soon began a private chat with him.

SorrowWeeps: Hey do you really a hacker??
The Hacker: Of course I am! I’m an expert on hacking. I love to hack every day.

After chatting with The Hacker for over an hour, Afrin began to feel uncomfortable. She was worried that the guy might try to hack into her account.

SorrowWeeps: Uh… It was really nice meeting you, but I need to go.
The Hacker: But why? The fun has just begun!

Now Afrin was really scared. Her hands shook nervously as she wrote.

SorrowWeeps: What do you mean??
The Hacker: Give me your address and I’ll teach you all about hacking! No need to worry about anything. I could send you my picture! I’m not a thirty-year old man who’s addicted to Facebook and lives in his mums basement XD

After two minutes she received an email from The Hacker with a picture attached. She opened the picture and was relieved to find a cute looking boy with blonde curls and deep blue eyes.

The email said : What do you think? :) now send me your address.

Afrin happily sent him her address and phone number.

The next night, Afrin’s parents were going out to a dinner party.

“Mum, Dad…” Afrin said awkwardly, “Can I have a boy over? Pleeeaaaasse??”

Her father gave her a stern look. So did her mother, but they eventually agreed. As soon as they left, Afrin looked at the clock. It was 6:30. The boy would be arriving at 7:00. She spent thirty minutes reading about hacking on Wikipedia. She wanted to learn as much as possible, in order to impress the boy.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang and when she answered it, the boy was standing there, smiling. He seemed eager to get into her house.

“Hey! How are you?” the boy exclaimed.

Afrin flashed a dazzling smile and replied, “I’m fine now that you’re here. Let’s go to my bedroom and you can start teaching me about hacking!”

A devilish grin formed on the boys face. As soon as they reached the bedroom, he put down his bag, unzipped it and pulled out an axe.

“Let’s get started!” he yelled.

Afrin barely had time to scream. Within minutes, the girl’s brains were splattered all over the floor. With crazed eyes, the boy raised the axe over his head and hacked her carcass into a bloody pulp.

A few days later, another girl was in an internet chatroom, when she received a private message from a new user.

TheHacker: Hey! Do you want to learn about hacking?

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