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Haven is a scary story written by a user named Suddenly-Psychotic. It’s about a young girl whose family is attacked by a mysterious and monstrous creature.



A raspy breath echoes down the hall. The inhuman form lurks towards the far right wall, propping himself up with his dirty, scabby hand. He inches forwards, dragging his palm along the wall, leaving a bloody smear behind.

I take a sharp intake of breath. I pray that my dark corner is dark enough, or that his leg is still in pain. He chased me all the way to this storm drain. I have no idea what he is, but it isn’t human.

“Haven! Haaaavvenn!” he shouts.

He sadistically toys with me. Driving me to the edge. Trying to make me scream, to run in terror. I almost do. I inch back, wedging myself farther into the corner. Water has soaked my pajamas. The creature inches forward a little more. My eyesight starts to blur. I can feel reality slipping from me. I am driving right over the edge.

That “thing” killed my parents. It walked right into my house and killed them. I didn’t dare check on my baby brother. All I know is that he was crying, and then he wasn’t. And then there was blood all over the floor of his room. I stifle a single sob. I’m trapped like a rat. My only other way of leaving is locked. The bars are too close together to slip through.

“Haven! Haaaaavvvennn! I only want to play….”

He carries on with his words, dragging them out in a childish manner. Toying with me. Toying.

I know I’m going to die. I have only a sliver of hope left. I have to run. He can smell me. I know he sees me. He is faking it, still toying with me. It’s my only hope, I’m about to pass out from fear and exhaustion.

I slowly stand up, my back pressed firmly against the wall. Then I charge. I am almost past him when… Too late! His arm swings out, hitting me square on the stomach. I fall back and his the ground. My stomach squelches. I groan. He grips my stomach with his sharp talons, ripping it wide open. The wound gushes blood. I look up. Is that my skin?
He has a bloody mass clenched in his fist. His hand raises up to his mouth, and he gorges himself on my flesh. I feel like vomiting, but the pain won’t let me. He bends over and places his nail on my chest, right where my stomach starts. He slashes downwards, creating a long wound. Blood oozes out as he guts me. I go limp.

“Heh, for a minute there, I thought we would have to restrain her.”

A man in a white coat stands up. He has a scratch on his cheek. Two male nurses are carrying a young female patient into a padded room.

“What’s her story?” A man with shggy brown hair steps up to the doctor.

“I’m surprised you haven’t heard yet, despite you being new here. Her name is Haven. She was brought here about a week ago. She was found in a storm drain not too far from her home. She was soaked and filthy, and her pyjamas were in tatters. She was soaked in blood. Not too far away, back at her house, her entire family had been slaughtered.”

The man took a step or two back, “Whoa…”

The doctor snorts, “Yeah, not everyone here just decided to chase an imaginary butterfly one day Tim.”

Tim slightly laughed, “No kidding. Who killed them?”

The doctor paused, then continued.

“Not sure. She describes the killer as an inhuman being, with talon-like nails, which got her admitted. Either some random psycho killed them or…”

Tim grinned, “Or?”

“Or she did it. I can’t imagine it though. I mean, both parents were in halves, the baby was practically everywhere, like an explosion took place. She freaks out and goes into what we like to call “Nightmare Mode” a lot, and she recalls that night, only with the demon in place instead of the killer. She claims that he is coming back to finish the job. It worries me, like maybe the killer is going to kill her as soon as he can get his hands on her. She worries me…”

Both doctors walked off down the hall.

Haven woke at God only knows what time. The sedatives messed with her perception of time. It wasn’t quite night yet, seeing as the lights were still on. It was lights off at ten o’clock every night. She backed up to the wall. She had no straightjacket thank God. The annoying people that talked to her too much said it wasn’t necessary.

The lights flickered off. She took no notice. Her eyes closed for about a full minute. She opened them and glanced around allowing her eyes to adjust to the darkness. She glanced up at the little window of her room and screamed.

A pair of bloodshot eyes were staring her down. The bald scalp and inhuman expression gave her all the information she needed to tell what it was.

“N-No…” Tears flowed from her eyes, and she went to the corner, into the fetal position. She blinked once, and when her eyed reopened it was in the room with her.

“Haven! Haaavvvennn! I told you, you can’t escape…” It smiled evilly. Sharp, rotted teeth tore at his gums, causing them to bleed. He roared with laughter, spitting out blood. It spattered against Haven’s face. She screamed.

“No one will listen. You’re mad as far as they’re concerned…”

Haven risked a blink, and when they opened he was right in front of her face. She jumped. His head turned curiously. His left hand shot up and Haven saw the scabs peel off individually to reveal rotten meat. His nose was but two tiny holes that spurted blood when he breathed from them.

“No one will hear you, no one will care…”

Haven was frozen. His talon inched down to her stomach.

“All those tasty juices and treats waiting… I’m absolutely famished…”

And then was upon her. His talon split her gut wide open.

(Random story from mah random mind xD. Wow, that was loooonng. Sorry it took up so much room xD)

scary for kids


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  • I haven’t been on this site for about 2 years, and randomly logged in today. For nostalgic reasons I reread this story, to refresh my memory. All of the people who liked the story, thanks so much! It makes me feel awesome (despite all of my grammatical errors I am now noticing xD)

    And, I don’t really know if there is a way for me to message you, RandomFloridan, but if I got the chance, I would enjoy being able to work with you on a story :3 (leaving this comment just in case you come back xD)

  • This is my favorite story on here! Suddenly-Psychotic, can we work together on a story? Similar to this? PLZ reply! Also, I had this weird dream last night that this kept happening to Haven no matter what. It was creepy!

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