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Keep The Lights On

Keep The Lights On

Keep The Lights On is a spooky story written by a user named Scary Lady. It’s about a girl who is scared of the dark.

Keep The Lights On

Keep the Lights On

There was a shuffling sound. Shelby’s closet door creaked open.

”Oh Dear God” she whispered. She was terrified of what would happen next.

That’s when she woke up. She scrambled to the lamp. Light poured into the room. She jumped back into bed and sighed in relief. Shelby’s heart was still racing.

“It’s ok. Just a dream. A really scary dream,” she would tell herself.

She got a book and tried to get her mind off things. Suddenly the light went off. The TV turned to static. Her eyes were still adjusting, but she was able to make out the outline of a disfigured man.

“No, no, just,” Shelby suddenly blacked out.

“I can’t remember anything after that,” Shelby told the man. She didn’t know where she was. Who the man was. She was completely lost.

”Well, here’s your room, your clothes. Now get some rest,” a plump lady told Shelby.

Shelby looked at the dirt caked walls. The same words were written over and over.

“Keep the lights on, keep the lights on, keep the lights on…”

Shelby ignored it and continued on to change her clothes. She went out to the recreation center with the other girls.

“Hi, welcome to the asylum! Sorry, no way to make that sound good,” said a warm cheery voice. “I heard you have Selena’s old room. Did you hear what happened in there?”

”No, what happened?” Shelby asked.

“Just keep the lights on,” said the voice, suddenly changing tone.

Shelby ignored the warning and went back to her room. She turned the light off and went to sleep. She heard the door creak open. She heard steps getting closer and closer to her bed. Shelby heard something. It was the familiar voice.

“I said keep the lights on.”

The next morning, Shelby told the girl what she heard.

“Why didn’t you keep the lights on?” she asked.

“I didn’t believe you,” Shelby said.

The girl led Shelby to her room. She looked under the bed.

“Oh gosh, she’s not there,” said the girl, worried.

“Who?” Shelby asked.

“The girl who was here before. The one that was killed. People say she’s still here and I’ve seen her. She only comes out with the lights off,” said the girl.

Shelby was terrified, but still she turned off the lights. She woke up again in the middle of the night. Shelby felt under the bed for the girl. The lights suddenly turned on.

“Looking for something?” the voice giggled.

Shelby couldn’t tell, but it looked like the girl that kept warning her.

The third night, Shelby decided to sit and wait for the girl. She had the lights off and was as quiet as possible. The girl came in. Shelby felt hands gently encircling her neck. The grip tightened. It suddenly became harder to breath.

“Why didn’t you listen?” asked the voice.

She slit Shelby’s throat and dragged her blood soaked body out of the room.

“Keep the lights on.”

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