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Facebook Stalker

Facebook Stalker

The Facebook Stalker is a scary story written by a Scaryforkids member named Carcass.

Facebook Stalker

Mary was your stereotypical teenager. She was a cheerleader and her boyfriend was the star quarterback of the football team. Her parents were rich and they catered to her every whim. She was spoiled. She knew every handsome guy in school and had all of their phone numbers.

One day, after coming home from a long day at school, Mary opened her laptop and realized she had forgotten to log out of her Facebook account. She was suprised to find 96 messages waiting for her. Delighted, she opened her inbox and began to read them.

Carl Fritz: Hey! I miss u! <3 (Sent at 11:28am) Carl Fritz: Omg! Guess wut happend 2day!! (Sent at 11:29am) Carl Fritz: Come on I know you're online! (Sent at 11:30am) Carl Fritz: Plz talk to me. I luv u and u luv me. Why aren't u responding?! (Sent at 11:31am) Carl Fritz: Fine! I know you're online cuz u just came back from iHop. Don't think I'm stupid, Babe! :3 (Sent at 11:32am) The girl gasped as she realized that all the messages were from him! He still kept sending them. Carl Fritz: You've been 'typing' for 2 mins now! Wtf is goin on? She snapped out of it and wrote back to him. Mary Heirman: Sorry! Lol I forgot to log out! Was at school. How did u know I went to iHop? O_o Carl Fritz: oh! It's ok. How was ur day at school? Did u pass that biology exam? He was trying to change the subject. Mary got a bit freaked out. How did he know she had a biology exam? she wondered. How did he know she came back from iHop last night? She didn't check in at all. Or mentioned that she had a biology exam in her status. Mary was growing anxious and she tried to view his timeline. All she got was an error message: "We're sorry! The link you have opened has either been deleted or broken. Please try again later or refresh." Mary refreshed more than five times, but she still kept getting the same message. She gave up and messaged Carl. Mary Hierman: I'm back! Just had to check on my farm lol xD Carl Fritz: U liar. Why do u wanna see my timeline so badly? :( Mary Hierman: lolwut? I just wanna know u better cuz I wanna add u Carl Fritz: hkde84&$3&6ieyrancld Mary Hierman: Huh? Carl Fritz: You'll see me soon. A chill ran down Mary's spine. What could he mean by that? Her laptop froze all of a sudden and she couldn't open the start menu or log off. Sighing, she refreshed the page. It didn't say 'Carl Fritz' it just said Facebook User. "Dinner's ready!!" Mary's mum shouted from downstairs. There was no reply. Worried, her mother went upstairs to Mary's room, only to find that her daughter was gone. She looked everywhere for her missing daughter, but she was never found. Two hours later, Mary's mother contacted the police and they organized a search party. The search lasted about 5 months, but they finally gave up and ruled the case unsolved. Mary's whereabouts are still unknown today.

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