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Yellow Eyes

Yellow Eyes

Yellow Eyes is a scary story written by a user on this website called Phantom-Menace-Wolf. It’s about a frightening beast that preys on the inhabitants of a small town and a group of teenagers who decide to investigate.

Yellow Eyes

One dark night, Vince Murdoch was awoken by a familiar noise. It was the sound of his beloved collie, Phyllis, barking outside. At first, he just tried to ignore it, but when the howling and scratching at his front door grew louder, he finally gave in and went to see what was wrong.

The night was so dark that Murdoch couldn’t see Phyllis anywhere. He searched for his companion in the cornfields. He pushed aside stacks of corn, hoping to see Phyllis nearby. He took his hat off and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

At that moment he realised that it wasn’t sweat… It was blood.

Murdoch slowly turned around and was horrified to see a pair of yellow eyes staring at him from the blackness.

A hideous creature emerged from the shodows. Blood and saliva were drooling from its open mouth. Before he had a chance to react, the creature pounced on him and its monstrous set of teeth bit into his neck, ripping out his throat. As the blood spurted out of his gaping wounds, Murdoch was dragged by his ankles, silently screaming into the darkness.

The next day, a young girl named Kimberley Black was returning home. Her day had been very boring and uneventful and she had been running errands for her father. She placed the grocery bags she was carrying on the kitchen table and tucked a stray strand of long brown hair behind her ear.

That evening, when her father didn’t show up, Kim just assumed he was busy at work and would be arriving home late. She went to bed and was soon fast asleep.

On Friday morning, Kim got up early and walked to school, tightly clutching her satchel. She saw her friends Caleb, Allison and Darren outside the school gates. Caleb had a look of concern on his face. They seemed to be discussing something important so she went to investigate.

“What’s going on?” she managed to blurt out.

There was an uneasy silence.

“Old Man Murdoch and his dog were killed yesterday,” Caleb replied. “The police found their bodies in the cornfield near the old graveyard.”

“what killed them?” asked Kim. She started to become curious about the situation.

“I don’t know,” Darren replied. “The police say it was a wild animal or something.”

His flippant tone that made it seem like it wasn’t that big of a deal.

“Why would they think that it was a wild animal?” Kim asked.

“They said his throat was torn open and there was blood everywhere,” Caleb said.

“OMG! That’s sick,” squealed Allison as she scrunched up her face in disgust.

Hours after school had ended, Kim recieved a text from Caleb.

It read: “Meet me at the back of the Youth club at 8pm.”

Being fifteen, Kim was filled with excitment at the prospect of staying out late, so she waited until 8:00pm, put on her demin jacket, tied up her auburn red hair and left the house. She was concerned about what her father would think but she knew she couldn’t turn back on Caleb.

She found him waiting at the back of the Youth club, grasping the handles of his bicycle.

When he saw Kim, he smiled and said, “Cool, I thought you’d never come”.

“Where are we going?” Kim asked as she rubbed her shoulders.

“I thought we could go hang out in the graveyard,” Caleb replied. “We’re not supposed to be there but aren’t you just a little curious?”

Just then, two dark figures emerged from the shadows and came walking towards them. It was Allison and Darren.

“You weren’t thinking of leaving without us were you, Caleb?” laughed Darren.

Allison just rolled her eyes.

Officer Whitbeck, the local policeman, was investigating the graveyard when he spotted a dark figure wandering into the mausoleum. His partner had gone into the graveyard an hour ago but never returned. He was worried something might have happened to him.

Whitbeck pointed his torch at the ground and saw marks that looked like a body had been dragged through the dirt. He also noticed strange footprints in the mud. They didn’t look human. He followed the tracks into the mausoleum.

Suddenly, he heard a sickening noise. It sounded like flesh and bone being torn apart. Turning around, he saw a pair of yellow eyes staring at him from the darkness.

With trembling hands, he shone his torch straight ahead and saw a repulsive looking creature lurking in the darkness. Blood and guts were hanging from its mouth. The mutilated corpse of his partner lay on the ground beneath it.

Whitbeck immediately pulled out his gun an aimed it at the creature. He fired repeatedly but the bullets didn’t seem to do any damage. The terrified policeman knew his only option was to run.

Just then, the creature lunged at him. Whitbeck dropped his torch and stumbled backwards. Unable to see, he tripped over a gravestone and fell to the ground. Before he had a chance to get back on his feet, the monster grabbed him by the head. Its grip tightened and crushed his skull completely.

A little while later, Kim and her friends were arrived at the graveyard and saw a police car parked outside. The officer was nowhere to be seen and the car looked abandoned.

“We can’t go inside now,” Allison warned them. “The cops are here.”

“Screw that!” shouted Darren. “I didn’t come here for no reason”

Without another word, he wandered off into the graveyard, leaving the others behind.

“Darren! Come back!” Allison shouted at the top of her lungs but she knew Darren wouldn’t listen.

“Come on, let’s just go home,” said Kim. “Whatever happens to him is his own fault”.

Darren was strolling through the graveyard, hands in his pockets, mumbling to himself. He idly kicked up small heaps of dirt out of the ground until he stumbled across something. Without thinking, Darren kneeled down and moved the tips of his fingers across the strange object, trying to identify it.

It felt damp so he stared at his hand only to see the tips of his fingers were stained with blood. He didn’t want to stay any longer but at that moment he felt something warm on the back of his neck. Darren turned to see the same creature that killed Whitbeck. It was standing right in front of him.

Caleb had agreed to escort the girls home and decided to take a shortcut through the woods. Darren’s screams echoed through the area as it caught the attention of Allison.

“Was that…Darren?” she asked nervously.

Caleb just scowled. “He’s probably just playing trick on us,” he growled. “You know what he’s like”.

After fifteen miniutes of walking, Kim, Caleb and Allison realised they weren’t going anywhere.

“You said you knew where we were going”! Allison screamed, pointing an accusing finger at Caleb.

“Don’t blame me”! Caleb protested.

“Both of you shut up!” Kim said, silencing both of them. “We need to find our way out of here!”

Allison was about complain, when a hand suddenly appeared from the darkness and sunk its claws into her forehead. It ripped off her head and blood sprayed everywhere.

Caleb shrieked in horror as he watched his friend being killed by the beast. He grabbed Kim’s wrist and pulled her with him. Together, they ran through the woods, but eventually they reached a dead end. The creature came hurtling towards them at a rapid pace.

“This way!” Kim shouted as she ran into the trees.

Caleb followed her. Minutes later they arrived at the back at the Youth club. They turned to see a pair of wicked yellow eyes peering at them from between the trees. A piercing howl echoed through the night. Kim’s house wasn’t far away so the two teenagers used all the strength in their legs to get them there.

Caleb rushed into the house and Kim locked the door behind her.

“We have to call the police!” Caleb shouted. He was in a panic.

“They won’t believe us,” Kim said.

“It’s our only chance,” Caleb replied.

Suddenly, Kim collapsed to the ground, writhing in pain. She began foaming at the mouth.

“Kim? What’s wrong?” Caleb whined.

Just then, the front door burst off its hinges and Caleb saw a pair of yellow eyes glaring at him from the gloom. He backed up against the wall. There was nowhere left to run. he was trapped.

As he watched in horror, the beast slowly entered into the light. He saw that it had the head of a wolf and the body of a man. The beast was a werewolf.

Caleb trembled, expecting it to tear him to shreds at any moment.

Instead, the beast just looked at him.

Caleb glanced over his shoulder and saw Kim standing there. Her eyes were glowing yellow and her face was covered in hair. The girl who used to be his friend was turning into a beast.

“Kim… you… you’re…” Caleb stuttered as he held his hands up to his face.

“… a werewolf,” Kim replied.

Those were the last words Caleb ever heard. At that moment, Kim pounced on him and tore his body to shreds.

Crouching over the mangled carcass, Kim looked up at the creature in the doorway.

“Dad, you’re home,” she said. “Just in time for dinner.”

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  • Woah…….. Twisted ending, was she going to eat her dad???!!! Or was the monster her daddy?

  • This seemed confusing at first. I thought it would be a Windigo, but no, it had to be a werewolf! Kind of cliché, ScaryForKids.

  • aww man :( I was really hoping to see a picture of Azazel from Supernatural when I saw the title of this story and clicked on it.

  • A werewolf ? I though it would turn out to be some creature from ‘Avatar’.

  • @tophatmiss I think the concept of your story is good but the events happened too fast.. and it needs more detail :) what about mine? what can you say about my story?

  • Hi! I posted this story before, but here it is again… (Feedback appreciated :))
    Mirror, Mirror

    A family moves into an abandoned castle. They clean out and fix-up all the rooms, except a small room in one of towers. It was too small for anything, but it had a nice, fancy, old-fashioned , metal-framed mirror in it, and the family kept it like that. But, for whatever reason, the daughter would often go up to the room for 2-5 minutes at a time, and would come out crying… absolutely bawling her eyes out. A few days later a family member or close friend would die, but the little girl wouldn’t cry or anything… she just got a bit depressed and would mutter things under her breath, as if she saw the death coming. This kept happening until only the father and maid were remaining living in the house. The father was curious, and one day (from a distance, of course) followed his daughter to the room. She closed the door when she got there, so he leaned over and listened through the door. “Mirror, mirror…” said the girl. The father thought to himself, “OMG! My little girl is reading Snow White to herself, so precious! She must keep all her princess books up there, too!” He continued listening. But, instead of the story he heard this: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who will be the next to fall…” The father was confused. He was even more confused when he heard a deeper, manly voice he’d never heard before. “The maid…”, said the voice in a hauntingly chilling manner. The father heard the girl getting up, so he ran off so she wouldn’t see him. Sure enough, 2 days later, the maid passed away. The next day the girl went back up to the tower room, and the father once again followed her up. He heard her daughter say her ‘mirror, mirror’ chant, once again followed by the voice. At first he was confused when he heard the same manly voice as before say “Open the door”.
    But then he understood.

    (Srry, the ending’s not that good!)

  • @TheTreasureGamer Some stories take a while for SFK to alter so they can put them on the site 3 of mine took 8 to 9 months at least.

  • Loved this story, Loved the twist at the end. Only thing that I have to say that might be corrected is the fact that at first the lass has brown hair and later it says she tied up her auburn red hair. Just thought I’d better point that out incase you wanted to edit it.

  • i am kinda offended my story did not get posted. Not good, scaryforkids -_-

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