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Devils and Demons

Devils and Demons

Devils and Demons is a scary story written by a member of this website named shadowman4512. It’s about a boy who encounters terrifying evil and demonic forces in his own home.

Devils and Demons

A teenage boy named Jordan was rudely awoken from his sleep by a strange noise. At first he didnt think anything of it, but when he heard the noise again, it made his eyes widen in fright. The sound was coming from his room.

The boy stared silently into darkness, waiting for his eyes to adjust and fearing what he might see. Jordan strained his ears to listen as best he could as he swore he could hear whispering voices coming from beneath his bed. His mind raced and his heart was pounding. Frozen with fear, he could not move.

He tried to tell himself he was just tired and his mind was playing nasty tricks on him but all that went out the window when he heard a disembodied voice hiss, “This one knows we watch.”

Jordan’s face went white as he turned around in his bed and saw a shadowy hand reaching for him from the darkness. He screamed and quickly switched on the lamp on his bedside table. The hand was gone. He looked all over his room, but there was no sign of anything or anyone.

Cautiously, he slid out of bed and went to get a glass of water. As he walked down the darkened hallway, he passed the bathroom and noticed that the door was standing open. Peeking inside, he was horrified to see a tall, black shadow reflected in the mirror. Its eyes were bright white, like the lights of a train rolling down a dark tunnel.

Jordan backed up against the wall and tried desperately to steady his nerves. He stood there, shaking with fear as the shadowy figure slowly cocked its head to the right. It was still staring directly at him and its eyes turned bright red and blood began pouring down its face. The thing opened its mouth, displayed a row of jagged teeth that looked like daggers. The worst thing about it was how its teeth chattered against each other.

Jordan’s face was twisted into an expression only true fear could bring on. Tears of pure terror rolled down his cheeks. He felt like he was in a nightmare and screamed out for someone to help him. As the words left his quivering lips, the figure suddenly raised its hands and let out a horrible screech. The sound was so loud that it shattered the bathroom mirror.

Jordan gasped in horror and ran to the kitchen, turning on every light he could find. He grabbed his phone off the kitchen counter and dialled his mother’s number. It started to ring and he heard his mother answer.

“Hello?” she said.

“Mom, please come over!” he screamed into the phone. “Something is in my house! Something wicked! I saw it, Mom! My God! Its eyes, Mom! Its eyes!”

Jordan stopped and he heard his mother laughing softly.

“What’s so funny, Mom?” he cried.

Suddenly, he heard the voice on the other end of the line change to a deep, malevolent cackle.

“You cannot escape us,” it said. “No one can help you.”

Jordan was so shocked, he threw the phone against the wall with such force that it broke into pieces. He heard a monstrous shriek and the light bulbs in the kitchen suddenly exploded. Jordan grabbed a butcher knife from the kitchen drawer and held it tightly in his hands.

“What do you want from me?” he screamed.

He heard a scraping sound and looked around. His gaze settled on the refrigerator door. The letter magnets were slowly arranging themselves to form the word “BLOOD”.

He ran over and swiped the letters off as hard as he could. Then, he heard a noise coming from inside the fridge. Slowly, he opened the door and was greeted by a terrible, gut-wrenching sight.

On the shelf, lay the severed head of a pig. Just then, its eyes flickered open and it began squealing at him. Blood was gushing out of the pig’s head and flowing down the shelves, into the bottom drawers. The pig’s head suddenly opened its mouth and lunged at him. Its teeth sank into his hand and he screamed in horror. Jordan began stabbing the severed head with his knife and it finally released him.

He slammed the fridge door and turned around, but a heavy force hit him, knocking him to the floor. When he looked up, there was a tall, shadowy figure standing over him. It was a ghostly woman in a flowing, white dress with bloody stains all over it. Her skin was pale with a hint of blue and her hair was as black as night. Her eyes were empty, hollow sockets.

A wicked smile crept over her face as she knelt down on top of Jordan’s chest. He was screaming and struggling so hard, but he couldn’t move from under her. She lay on top of him, holding down his arms. Her face was directly over his and her empty eyes seemed to stare into his very soul.

His terrified screams filled the room and he felt something cold and wet brush against his cheek. In disgust, he realized it was her tongue, sliding across his face.

“We will eat your flesh,” she whispered in his ear.

With that, the figure suddenly disappeared.

Jordan scrambled to his feet as quickly as he could. His heart was beating so fast, it felt like it would burst from his chest at any minute. He looked out the window and saw something lurking in the back yard.

A robed figure was digging a hole in the garden. Flames were shooting out of its eyes. The thing climbed out of the hole and Jordan saw that its shovel was made of severed arms, all holding each other. The hooded figure turned its head and stared at jordan, its face hidden from view in the shadows.

It removed its hood, revealing a head that was made up of many different faces. It held out its hand and beckoned towards Jordan who watched in horror through his window. He turned to run away but was grabbed by an invisible force and slammed into the wall.

The figure with bleeding eyes was now a few inches from his face. It screamed in Jordan’s ear. Its teeth were still chattering grotesquely and blood poured forth from its eyes, dripping into Jordan’s mouth. It grasped him by the neck and threw him into the living room. Jordan crashed into the couch and fell on the floor.

He lay there, trying to regain his senses as he felt cold, icy hands grabing hold of him. Some were clawing his back and others were trying hard to drag him into the cushions. Jordan screamed and thrashed as hard as he could. He managed to break their grip and get away, running into the hallway.

Just as he opened the front door, he was met by the ghostly woman. She slashed his face with her nails and a scream of intense pain left his lips. She clawed his shirt to shreds, leaving wounds all over his chest and stomach. Jordan tried to fight her off, but she just laughed and vanished again into thin air.

Finally all was silent, all was calm, but not for long…

Jordan saw a holy cross on his wall. He got up, grabbed it and held it to his chest. Tears were streaming down his cheeks like waterfalls. He let out a scream, but it was drowned out by the horrible sound of millions of disembodied voices laughing at him.

The room began to shake and the house caught fire. Jordan heard a crackling fire and saw flames whipping at the windows. He saw the three grim figures standing in front of him. He looked at each of them and asked, “What are you?”

The one with many faces spoke. “We are the bringers of death… The messangers of hell… The stealers of souls…”

Jordan held out the cross in front of him.

The ghostly woman spoke. “Jesus cannot help you now,” she hissed. “Your soul is ours to take. Your flesh is ours to eat. Your mind is ours to play with…”

Jordan fell to his knees and looked up at them. The one with the bleeding eyes let out a massive shriek and all went silent. The room was dark. The house was cold.

The next day, the neighbors awoke to find the house was a burned-out shell. They called the police. As the cops examined the scene, they were horrified by what they found. Blood was splattered across the walls and floor and three sets of bare footprints were outlined in the blood. One cop checked the rest of the house and said everything was burnt to a crisp. The other cop stood there in shock. He had discovered a charred body lying with its back to the wall. It was Jordan.

The arms of his corpse were held up as if he had died trying to defend himself. Jordan’s face was covered in claw marks, his dead eyes were fixed in silent horror and a cross was jammed down his throat.

(shadowman4512 says: Thank you to whomever took the time to read this. I hope you enjoyed this and I am sorry if this is graphic and disturbing. I am also sorry if this was too much or over the line, LOL, but that’s the type of stories I would like to write. If this gets put on the website, please let me know. That would be great. If not, it’s totally fine. I still enjoyed typing this. I like to share the twisted stories that go on in my head. LOL and if I misspelled some words, I’m sorry. Anyway, if anyone reads this, I know it’s long but if you liked it, thank you, if you hated it, I’m sorry I didn’t meet your standards and if it scared you, I’m sorry… I kind of scared myself with it LOL. Anyway, thank you for letting share this story. I have more but I’ll save them for later.)

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