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Outside the Door

Outside the Door is a scary story written by a member of this website named scarykid1413. It’s about a girl who is left home alone one night and encounters something terrifying lurking just outside her front door.

Outside the Door

There was a 13-year old girl named Heather who lived alone with her father. Her mother had died four months earlier and the father and daughter had moved to a new house. Heather missed her old house, but she missed her mother even more.

She didn’t want to move, but her Dad insisted because he wanted them to have a new start. The old house had too many sad memories. They had only been living in the house for ten days so far and she hadn’t made any friends.

One evening, Heather’s father came hurrying out of his room, dressed in a neat, well-ironed suit. In his left hand, he was holding a briefcase.

“Hey, Dad. Where are you going?” Heather asked.

“I’ve got a meeting tonight, Sweetie,” he replied, spraying on some cologne. “I’d better get a move on. I’m already late for it.”

Heather gulped. “So that means I’ll be here all by myself?” she asked.

Her dad nodded. “Just for a few hours. This meeting is important. i can’t get out of it. You’ll be fine all by yourself for one night, won’t you?”

Heather was never usually afraid to be left home alone, but she wasn’t really comfortable yet in the new house. However, she didn’t want her Dad to lose his job just because she was scared.

“Don’t worry about me, Dad,” she replied cheerfully. “I’ll be fine.”

“Good,” he said. “I’ll be back by ten or eleven at the latest. Although I’m sure you already know this, I don’t want you opening the door for any strangers. Look through the peephole and check who it is before you open it. I have the house key so you shouldn’t even have to open it for me.”

Heather nodded her head. Her dad gave her a kiss on the cheek and then hurried out of the house.

After her dad was gone, Heather began to feel a little tense and nervous. It’s the feeling everybody gets at one time in their lives. It’s the feeling of being home alone.

She wanted to watch TV, but they had never bothered to carry it upstairs yet. She took her cell phone out of her pocket and called her friend who lived where she used to live. Talking to someone she knew made her feel better. She calmed her nerves and they began talking about Heather’s new school.

After about thirty minutes of gossiping on the phone, her friend had to go. Heather hung up feeling a lot more relaxed and happy. She made herself dinner and ate her meal at the kitchen table. Then she read a humorous book, took a nice shower and logged on the computer to browse the internet.

It was a little past 8 PM when Heather suddenly heard a knock on the front door. Assuming it was her father, she jumped out of her chair and ran to answer it. She was ready to give him a big hug to welcome him home, but when she got to the door, she remembered her father’s warnings.
She looked through the peephole and sure enough, she saw her father. Heather went for the door knob, but then hesitated. Why was her father back so early? He said he wouldn’t be back till at least ten.

Heather looked through the peephole once more and a chill went down her spine. Her father had a strange, unearthly smile on his face. It was so different to his usual smile. He was grinning from ear to ear. It was an almost inhuman smile.

“Uh, is that you, Dad?” she asked.

The man outside the door looked exactly like her dad, but she felt something just wasn’t right.

“Yes, Heather, it’s me,” he replied.

Heather still hesitated. “Well, uh, if it is you, can’t you just get your unlock the door with your key?” she tested.

Still looking through the peephole, Heather saw the smile leave her dad’s face.

“I must’ve dropped it,” he growled. “Can you just open the damn door?”

Heather knew something was definitely wrong. Her dad had never cursed at her before. Still a bit freaked out, she pulled out her cell phone and sent her father a text, just to be sure.

“HEY DAD WHAT R U DOING?” she wrote.

Heather gripped her phone tightly, as the man outside beat on the door angrily. About a minute later her phone buzzed. It was a message from her dad and it sent a chill down her spine.


Heather started trembling. Her muscles tensed. If her father was at the meeting, then who was at the front door? She kept looking through the peephole. Now her dad, or whoever it was, was scowling, and looked beyond angry.

“Y-you’re not my father,” she shouted.

“Yes I am!” came the angry reply. “Now open this door, young lady, before I beat the hell out of you!”

Heather knew this man wasn’t her father. He may have had every feature her dad had, but his behavior wasn’t right.

“What are you?” Heather asked.

“Can’t you see? I’m your father,”he shouted. “Your loving father. Now open this door right NOW!”

Heather backed away from the door in terror. Suddenly, there was a terrific bang. She could tell that whoever or whatever was outside the door, it was trying its best to get in. The banging grew louder and louder.

In a panic, Heather retrieved a knife from the silverware drawer and hid in the pantry. She waited and waited until she heard a huge crash and the sound of splintering wood as the front door give way.

Then, a devilish voice outside the pantry said, “Come out to plaaaaay.”

Heather couldn’t help it. She let out a terrible scream. The pantry door swung open and and a strange, clawed hand reached into the pantry, grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out. She kicked and screamed, but it was no use…

Later that night, when Heather’s father pulled into the driveway, he was very tired. He wanted nothing more than to get some sleep. As soon as he reached the front door, he knew something terrible had happened. The door had been smashed to smithereens and the pieces of wood were scattered in the hallway.

He went into the darkened house and turned on the lights. He called out Heather’s name, but got no reply. He was horrified and began desperately looking for his daughter. He searched the living room, the bathroom and the bedrooms, but there was no sign of her.

“Heather!” he cried in anguish. “Where are you?”

He was just about to call the cops, when his phone buzzed.

He got a text from his daughter’s number.

Breathing a sigh of relief, he clicked on the text message.



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