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Red Hoodie

Red Hoodie

Red Hoodie is a creepy tale written by a user on this website named eerie.

Red Hoodie

Once there was a young girl named Atta. She was quiet and shy, but a lot fun to hang out with. She had a close friend called Tyranny who she spent a lot of time with. The two girls were very close and they sometimes referred to each other as sisters. Tyranny always wore a very distinctive blue hoodie wherever she went. It was very rare to see Tyranny dressed in anything else.

One evening, Atta and Tyranny were playing together at the park. After a while, it got dark outside, so the two went home. Tyranny’s grandparents called over to visit and told her that there was a funeral the next day she had to attend.

Tyranny turned to Atta with a frown but tried her best to disguise it into a rather awkard grin. Atta knew she was upset but she respected her friend’s feelings and didnt ask.

“Hey Atta, I’m sorry but my grandparents are taking me to my cousin’s funeral,” she said. “Sorry I can’t stay.”

Atta just smiled politely. “It’s OK Tyranny,” she replied. “Maybe next time when you’re in a better mood.”

The girls heard the car horn honking outside, so Tyranny got her stuff and headed out to where her grandparents were waiting. She waved goodbye to Atta, then got into the car and they drove off.

Atta ate dinner, then went upstairs to bed. As she was trying to fall asleep, she thought she heard a strange noise outside her bedroom door…

She turned over and opened her eyes.

The bedroom door slowly creaked open and there, standing in the doorway, was a shadowy silhouette. It looked like the figure of a girl.

“Is that you Tyranny?” asked Atta groggily. “You came back.”

Atta welcomed her her friend and told her she could sleep beside her on the floor in a sleeping bag.

The next morning, Atta woke up and turned over in bed. She saw the empty sleeping bag on the floor but there was no sign of Tyranny. She got dressed and headed down for breakfast. When she walked into the kitchen, she was surprised to find that her friend wasn’t there either. Atta shrugged her shoulders.

“Maybe she went to the park to play without me,” she thought.

After breakfast, Atta hurried down to the park to meet up with her friend. Atta saw Tyranny over by the playground, but something was different about her. She was wearing a red hoodie and she didn’t speak at all, not even when Atta greeted her. She didn’t even say, “Hi!”

Atta shrugged it off again, but this time she felt a little uneasy. Thatg evening, when it was getting dark again, Atta decided to go home. She turned around to invite her friend over, but Tyranny was nowhere to be found!

Atta scratched her head and shrugged for a third time that day. She figured her friend knew her way around the neighborhood, so she went home alone for dinner.

While Atta was eating her steaming hot dinner of lasagna on her plate, she looked at her mom and dad.

“Mom, Tyranny and I were at the park and had a bit of fun, but something was strange about her today. She was wearing a red hoodie. She never usually does…”

Atta’s father looked at his wife and shrugged.

“Um… Honey, you were at the park by yourself,” said her mother. “There’s no way she could have been with you!”

Atta looked at her mother. “Mom, what do you mean? She was with me! I saw her!” Atta insisted.

Atta’s mother shook her head. “No Dear. Tyranny left to go to her cousin’s funeral yesterday. If she was going to come back here to visit you, her grandparents would have called us, Atta. You know that.”

Atta felt a chill go down her spine. In a shaking voice, she said, ”Mom, if that’s true, then who was I with at the park…?”

(eerie says: i made a scary story of my own. hope you ladies and guys liked it. please dont copy it but you can suggest on helping me with proper spelling grammar!(: thank you! this story was inspired by the novel series ‘too dark to read’ the original story called ‘look what’s behind you’.)

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  • @eerie Well if you didn’t want people asking questions about what happened then you should’ve included in your story. It doesn’t make sense if she’s randomly going to her cousin’s funeral and her “twin sister” shows up outta nowhere. Also, some people could’ve mistaken her for a fraternal twin or something, so that’s why it’s important to include “identical”. I thought this was supposed to be a scary story, not a riddle.

  • Nice story but you should’ve added, Atta turned around and saw a girl wearing a red hoodie holding a butchers knife

  • @bullies are losers are you referring to me?? or someone else I found your comment really rude…

  • @mysterychick thanks a lot! :) @raffy im not going to explain again you can think of the ‘conclusion’ on your own. @nightisascaryday thank you and yes it does! im not going to tell you how she ‘died’ its alil too grim..

  • @eerie nice job! but.. the last explanation was verrry vaerry confusing.. First was better…

  • @scarykid1413 i said it before *points above* Ty had a twin sister who DIED on the day of the funeral.her grandparents called her cousin and she called Atta’s friend.when she left the spirit of her sister came to see her (Ty) but she didnt KNOW she was already dead.and SHE wore the red hoodie! (twins are “identical”) ‘key word’?
    so Atta assumed Ty came back earlier that same night.BUT she didnt know it was Ty’s deceased twin SISTER!

  • @SFK i guess i should be more greatful thank you so MUCH for putting this up! :D im really sorry about saying it wasnt posted yet…my apologies…

  • @kagamine Rin yeah uh….you see there was alittle twist..
    Tyranny had a twin sister who died on the the day of the funeral and she wore a red hoodie. Atta mistaken the twin sister as her friend…

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