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I Am Four

I Am Four

I Am Four is a story submitted by a user on this website named lanablue711. It’s about a teenage girl who finds a little girl who is lost.

I Am Four

One: A young man was found murdered in the park. He was missing an arm. Written in blood on his forehead was the number 1.

Two: A middle-aged woman was found dead in a crashed car by the side of the road. Her legs had been severed at the knee. Written in blood on her forehead was the number 2.

Three: The dead body of a teenage boy was found on the street. His arms and legs had been chopped off. Written on his forehead was the number 3.

Four: It all began on a cold and breezy day in November. I was walking home from school when I noticed a very small girl who seemed to be lost. She was dragging her feet and kicking leaves with her head bowed down.

“Hey, are you lost?” I said, tapping her shoulder.

“Yes,” she replied, wiping her head. The first thing I noticed was that she had two black eyes.

“Are you alright?” I gasped.

“No, I’m so hungry,” she said.

“How old are you?” I asked.

“I am Four,” she replied.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

The little girl stared at me blankly. “I am Four,” she repeated.

I took the little girl’s hand and walked down the street. The little girl began to sing to herself. It was a cute little song, but for some reason it made me shiver. She grasped my hand even tighter.

“One two three four,” she sang. “One two three four.”

We walked in silence. It was almost dark when we reached a dark, shady cabin in the middle of nowhere.

“Thats it?” I said. “It looks like nobody lives there.”

“Yeah,” she replied in a deep voice. “One, two, three… and you are four!”

Everything happened so fast. She lurched forward and bit into my throat. Her eyes were glowing red. I screamed and fell backwards, hitting my head against the ground. She dipped her fingers in my blood and then held up her finger and licked it off. I could feel her fingers on my forehead. She was writing the number 4 in my own blood.

That was when I realized, she wasn’t four. I am four.

Slowly, the life ebbed from my body and everything went black.

Four: The corpse of a teenage girl was found near an abandoned house. Police believe that most of her insides were eaten by animals. Written on her forehead in blood was the number 4.

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  • me: hey little girl
    me: what’s your name?
    little girl: I am 5
    me: no, silly, you are dead.
    little girl: ?
    me: *shoots in face with shotgun*
    me: ASTA LA VISTA! (terminator reference by the way)

  • me:”walks””sees a girl”oh hey there,what’s your name?
    girl:i am five
    me:”laughs”you are so adorable,i asked for your name not age
    girl:i said i am five!
    me:okay okay,five,are you lost?
    girl:yes,will you help me?
    me:sure “sarcasm”
    me:”stabs the girl”I KNOW YOU ARE EVIL!”runs”

  • Wow, Good job!! Make me curious to find the answer. Thumbs up for the writer.
    @water spirit: thats nice story for the “five story”.

  • wow! I knew it! little girls are plain evil. lets take my 7 year old sis as an example. She’s jealous that I have a iphone and ipod, so she HID them both, and I couldn’t find it.

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