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Show Must Go On

Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On is a story written by a member nicknamed lacole luv99. It’s about a new girl in school and a clown who comes to perform at the school’s Halloween concert. Must the show go on?

The Show Must Go On

This story concerns a young girl named Jenny May. She was a new 5th grade student at Marington Elemantry School. The school was preparing for a big show. It was to be a Halloween concert complete with acting, singing and dancing. Because Jenny was the new girl, she hadn’t been assigned a part, but the school wanted to accommodate and include her in the activities. It was decided that, since she was a talented dancer, Jenny would perform in a ballet number.

Jenny’s mother was president of the parents’ council and organized all extra-curricular activities like concerts, teams and recitals for the school. Jenny’s mother decided to hire an entertainer for the young children to keep them busy until it was their turn to perform. She hired a clown named Austin Tyler, who was supposedly new to the business and hadn’t really had an official gig yet. He was hired to entertain the kindergarners from 7pm until they performed at 9pm.

On the day of the show, Austin arrived. He was a friendly, decent looking man. He was tall and had short blond hair that peeked out from underneath his rainbow clown wig. As Jenny shook his hand, he said, “Good afternoon, Ms.May.” His breath smelled terrible, and Jenny barely resisted offering him a mint. She didn’t want to seem rude.

It was soon 6:30, and the show had begun. Everything went smoothly. After Jenny finished her routine at 8:45, she went down to the lowest floor where the kindergardners were waiting. She barely knew her way around the school because it was very large and complex. To get from the gym to the kindergardner’s classroom she had to go down three staircases and through seven halls. She had already gotten lost four times.

Finally, right on time, she got to the classroom and pulled open the door. She peeked inside and gasped. There were twenty-five children in the class, but only five were left in the room.

Blood was splashed on the walls and the five dead bodies were torn and tattered. One was lying in the sink, another was stuffed in a desk, two more were in a crumpled heap in the corner and one was stuck head-first in the fan. Blood was being blown around with the wind.

Jenny tried to scream, but the sound died in her throat. She couldn’t make a noise. She backed out of the classroom and ran down the hall, desperately trying to find her way outside. In her panic, she kept coming to a dead end.

The classrooms were empty because everyone was up at the concert. Jenny tried to find her way back but instead stumbled into the library. She was about to run through it when the elevator doors opened and blood poured out. Seven little bodies were stacked inside. They were mutilated beyond recognition.

Jenny nearly fainted. She stepped backward in fright, but lost her balance and fell through a swinging door. She tumbled onto white tiles and realized she was in the school bathroom. Blood was spattered all over the toilets and sinks. It was even dripping down the walls.

Whimpering, Jenny pulled herself up. The blood was still fresh. That meant this had all happened very recently. She crawled over to the sinks and used the counter to stand up. As she glanced in the mirror, she could see the blood on the wall behind her.

It formed words… Words that could only be seen in a mirror.

In a messy scrawl, it read: “The show must go on”.

The last thing she saw, reflected in the mirror, was a pair of red clown shoes stepping out from one of the stalls.

(Dear Scary For Kids, please post this story. This website is awesome and I really want to be a part of it. Thank you for your time.)

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  • WOW nice as ice which is good in the summer and warm weather which it is FINALLY beginning to be

  • Im sure ive heard this from somewhere, but i just cant pinpoint it! There are some things different from what i can remember.

  • A friend told me this story but i didnt like the names she had so i changed them inn to names i thought was good but anyways thanks for the positice comments and i have read stories on tell me your story and honestly i am very impresses with all of you.You guys are fantastic writers,All of you.I can tell everybody worked very hard on their stories.

  • Austin Tyler is not a good choice of name for a murderer. But on the other hand, brilliant story!

  • when i saw the name austin tyler i laughed so hard because i some one with the very same name.

  • @meglz it’s awesome and @killerkat101 I think I heard of this story before

  • New story time! :)

    Title: Island

    Summer Break is supposed to be fun, right? Wrong. Sometimes it can be like you’re in Hell. That’s my case.

    It happened a few years ago. It was summer break of Junior year, and me and my friends were pumped up. My boyfriend, Garrett, had booked us a plane to Hawaii.

    We were so happy–it’s hard to think about how bad it turned out.

    Anyway, when we left for the plane, a man tried to stop us to tell us not to get on the plane. He told us something bad was going to happen, but nonetheless we went. I had a bad feeling also, but decided not to warn the others on the plane. They would think I was a freak too.

    During the ride, the ride got bumpy and rickety. As I held Garrett’s hand, the right side wing fell off. I let out a scream and reached for my oxegen mask that had fallen from the ceiling of the plane.

    The plane crashed.

    A few minutes later, I woke up. Garrett was alive. I could feel his pulse.

    Milo and Chelsea were still alive too. They were awake also.

    But the rest of the people aboard were dead. I woke Garrett up and we got off the plane, successing in not getting hurt by the stray pieces of metal.

    We were on an island. Our phones weren’t getting reception so we were stuck on the island.

    “I need to go to the bathroom.” Chelsea announced.

    “I’ll accompany you, babe. I don’t want you to get hurt.” Milo said. The duo left, while me and Garrett lit a fire.

    Dark fell. Milo and Chelsea weren’t back yet, and a surge of panic went through me.

    “Baby, their not back yet.”

    “Want me to check on them?”


    “Alright.” Garrett said and entered the palm trees.

    Dawn came. Nobody was back yet. I was starting to break down. No food, no water. No Garrett. No Milo or Chelsea.

    I decided to go look for them. Then I found the carcass of Milo. His eyes had been plucked out, his heart ripped out of his chest, sitting calmly next to him. There was a pice of paper on it.

    I picked the note off the heart, and read it.

    Let’s play hide and seek.

    I was in disbelief. I started to run into the forest. I stepped on something squishy. Guts. Ew. I saw Chelsea’s body in a huge pile of blood. I turned her on her back and saw her face was taken off.

    I barfed and didn’t wanna see anything else.

    But I forced myself to keep going. To see if Garrett was still alive.

    But he wasn’t. He was dead, eyes staring up at the sky, a hole in his stomach.

    I barfed again. I started to cry softly. I turned around and saw a guy with a knife.

    He smiled a creepy smile. He held his knife to my neck and whispered. “It won’t hurt a bit.”

    I kicked him in the gut and when he fell down, grabbed him knife. I started to stab him wildly.

    He was dead. I brought all the bodies by the campfire.

    I still live at the island. Eating the carcasses, one bif bite a day.

    One day, I will get out of this place. I will hunt you down and kill you.

    Sweet dreams.

    (Sorry if it’s…bad)

  • I agree with MegIz I’ve heard it somewhere. Anyway great story and the picture is really creepy, and disturbing

  • this was ok but i didnt really like how the clown didnt scream or do anything or how she was new and she couldnt find her way around, i mean obviously someones going to show you around the whole school on ur first day no matter what

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