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Dark Stories

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Dark Stories

Dark Story – The House on the Corner


This is a true story that I heard from a story teller that came to my school. There once was a family that lived in Ireland. They went to live in America, so they shipped their mansion brick by brick, across the ocean, and then rebuilt it. One day, the family started to die one by one until they were all dead. Right behind the mansion, there was a small pond and a tomb that held the coffins of the dead family members. One day, several boys wanted to have a party and decided that the tomb would be a great place to have. They got a paddle boat and floated across the pond. They decided also to play a game of dares. One boy said, “I dare you to go up and touch the tomb.” So, the boy did. Then he said to the next guy “I dare you to knock on the door.” So, he did. Then, he asked the next guy “I dare you to open the door.” So, he found a crowbar and took off the chains on the door and opened it wide. He then asked the next guy “I dare you to go inside.” But the seventh boy was too afriad. He said “We shouldn’t do this. I’m going home.” So, that’s exactly what he did. However, all the others went inside. They took all the bones and threw them into the pond. Each of the six boys took a bone as a souvenir. One took a skull, another took a leg bone, another an arm bone, another a hand, another a rib cage, and a foot. After that, they left. But a few days later, the guy who took the skull fell off his friend’s motorcycle and broke his own skull. He died there and then. A few days after that, the guy who took the leg bone stepped on a rusty nail and contracted a disease. He later died from the disease. So whichever bone they took, that was the way they would die. When I went home, I told my father this story. His eyes grew wide and he asked me where I heard the story. When I told him, he took in a deep breath and said “I was the seventh boy.”

Dark Story – The House on the Corner

By xxDeadLoverxx

When she got home from school, Rachael thought about the creepy house on the corner that she passed by when she was walking home from school every day. It had been vacant for more than 3 years. She always heard stories about how an entire family had been murdered there by a crazed madman who escaped from the mental aslyum. There were stories about their ghosts lurking in the old place and killing anyone who set foot inside. Of course, Rachael didn’t really believe it.

One night, Rachael and her friend, Olivia, decided to put those stories to the test. The girls decided to stay in the house for one whole night. So, they took sleeping bags, food and water with them and went into the house. A few hours later, they heard footsteps coming down the stairs. A voice said, ”LEAVE NOW!” Just as they were about to head for the door, all of the lights went out. The footsteps got closer and closer. The voice became louder and louder until it was almost deafening. The next day, the news said that two girls had been found murdered in an abandoned house.

Dark Story – The Blood Covered Tree

By Daylaaa

A preteen girl lay in her bed. She was scared to go to school because her best friend had been murdered. The killer was never found. She heard footsteps coming towards her room, her mother was abusive. Katie was the child’s name, Katie got up in a hurry and crept out of her room but nobody was there. She started to panic and ran down the stairs, she nearly fell a couple of times. Katie could see the faint shadow of her tree from outside, as Katie was looking in the mirror she didn’t see her reflection. She saw the face of a girl with black hair and blood seeping through her eye sockets and running from the brim of the mirror. In no time, blood completely covered the object causing Katie to scream at the top of her lungs. Katie ran as fast as her legs could take her until she came to her tree in the garden. She sat down on the cold, wet grass and started to fall asleep. What woke her up was the cold sensation of a sharp knife against her neck. It was too late! Her throat was slashed open and the blood was draining out of her. Splatters of blood covered the leaves of the cherry blossom tree. Now, they say that if you see a blood-red cherry blossom leaves, you are in grave danger of having the same fate befall you.

Dark Story – Wine Cellar

By BabyFreaks

It was sunday morning and James and Emma had just moved into their new home. They could not believe how lucky they were to have bought such a wonderful house for such a great price and were excited to begin the renovations. It was an astounding 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom home complete with a wine cellar. Once the renovations were over and done with James and Emma decided they could make better use of the wine cellar by turning it into a family room. As they began clearing things out they discovered a large barrel of brandy. They tried moving it with the help of some friends but it wouldn’t budge. James suggested that they have a housewarming party and serve glasses of Brandy to help empty out the barrel. Then it would be easier to move. The party was going great and before they knew it, the barrel was nearly empty. After the party, they went into the cellar amd tried to move the barrel, but it still did not budge. Emma insisted that they cut it up into smaller pieces as they had no use for it anyway. As james began cutting into the barrel with his saw, a thick goey liquid began to oose out through the hole. Emma freaked out and immediately backed away. James grabbed a mallet and began pounding on the barrel. It burst open. James took one look at the mess and was apalled at what he saw. Four bodies lay within the shattered barrel.

(Ive been visiting this site for about 3 years now but i finally made an account =) im not the best writer but here goes nothing. Anyone have any ideas on how i could improve the story? You are all great writers and i enjoy criticism and feedback thank you =D i hope you guys enjoyed my story)

Dark Story – Classroom 666

By GHninja101

At Eastwood high, there was a classroom with the number 666 on the door. Some people said the classroom was haunted and all the students stayed well away from it. “I bet the classroom had a history before it was abandoned.” Tori said. “I doubt it” Wade said. “Your just scared!” Emily said. “No I really think it’s not haunted. Besides I think teachers just fear it.” Wade said. “Fine, but you, me, and Tori come here at midnight to go in the classroom.” Emily said. “Deal!” Wade and Tori both said. At midnight they were sneaking out of their houses. When they got into the school, they were ready to go in the classroom. When they got in, they didn’t see nothing that was scary. “This seems like a normal classroom.” Emily said. But just after she said that, she saw a teacher spinning its head slowly. She freaked out and tried to get out of classroom. Unfortunately the door was locked and so were the windows. Then they saw the teacher at the blackboard, writing the name TORI. Then a ghost appeared and poked Tori’s eyes out, skinned her alive and threw her body out the window. The teacher then wrote WADE on the blackboard. The ghost made Wade’s skin decompose until he looked like a skeleton. Finally, the teacher wrote EMILY on the board. The ghost tried to skin her alive, but she managed to run out of the classroom and shut the door behind her. Emily later moved to another school that didn’t have a haunted classroom. Her life was never the same again. So if you ever have a classroom that has the number 666, you might want to stay away from it.

Dark Story – Eyeball

By Epic Fart

There was a young man named James who very lucky. He had a good job, a beautiful wife and seven kids. Every night, James would read his kids a story and they would fall asleep. One day, on his way to work, James got into a car accident. He was almost decapitated and spent seven weeks in the hospital. He had barely escaped with his life. James had a sneaking suspicion that he was starting to have bad luck. One night, he became the unluckiest man alive. He awoke from a bad dream and leaned over in bed to kiss his wfe, but he realized he was kissing a bloody stump. Her head was gone and the bed was full of blood. On the wall there was a big letter G, written in blood. James started crying and ran to check on his kids. His newborn baby was dead. Its head was bashed in. On the wall, in the baby’s blood, was the letter O. He also found his 7-year old son murdered. His legs were missing and his eyeballs had been plucked out. On the wall, in his blood, was the letter O. His third child, a 9-year old girl, had a bullet wound to the head. On the wall in her blood, was the letter D. James felt sick and threw up on the ground. When he looked down, his vomit had formed into the letter B. James had tears rolling down his face. He ran to the kitchen to get a knife to protect himself. On the kitchen tiles was a letter Y in bullet holes. Just then, a shadow passed by him. There was blood on the floor. He knew what was happening. Years ago, he was involved in a life of crime. His boss forced him to kill an innocent man and his family. He believed that the ghosts of this family had returned to seek revenge. James was bleeding. There was blood on his knife that formed the letter E. James realized that all of these letters spelled out “Goodbye”. James looked behind him, and saw the family he had murdered standing there. They walked up to him and said “Goodbye”. They shoved him down and start stabbing him. The dead family can now rest in peace. James is dead. The four surviving children had no idea what happened when they woke up the next morning. They started crying uncontrollably and were sent to an orphanage.

Dark Story – The Television

by bratzgirl2233

Bella was a girl who watched TV all day every day until one day when she never wanted to watch TV again. One day Bella was watching TV until it broke. Suddenly an awful face appeared in it as if some one was hacking the Telivision. It was a little girl with no eyes and blood streaming down where the eyes were ment to be. The hair was somehow brown and wet. ” I’m coming to your house in a week…” it whispered. Bellas parents were out shopping and her sister was at her freinds for a sleepover. Bella was so scared she called up her parents straight away. “Hello Dad?”
“Oh Bella you sound like it’s an emergency. Are you okay?”
“No I’m terrified. Theres this person with no eyes in the TV and it isn’t part of the program. It said that it’s coming to the house in a week.”
“Okay come out of the house we’ll meet you there.”
So Bella got out very quickly. When the parents got there she told them everything. “We’re calling the police now.” When the police got there nothing was found so a week later it was judgment day. “I’ve locked everything so we’ll be safe…” whispered Bellas Mum. But they weren’t… In the middle of the night Bella heard footsteps in the kitchen. She decided to go back to sleep but the next morning police found the familys dead bodies with blood on their chests.

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