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Mitchell the Mad Machete Murderer is a horror story by a member of this website who goes by the name of bloodandrosesforever.


Murder 1:
Annabelle hid behind the tree. After a while she came out to give herself up to the seeker. Just as she came out a man with a machete stabbed her in the forehead. Her body was left slumped on the tree trunk as blood trickled down her forehead and onto her lips.

Murder 2:
Lewis ran down the street, his heart pumping. The man with the machete was right behind him. There was nothing he could do as he was pinned to the floor. Lewis’ stomach was slashed open and his intestines fell out. His body was left in the garbage.

Murder 3:
Bailey ran her bath. When it was warm enough she got inside and closed her eyes to apply shampoo. Just then she was stabbed in the chest. Her lifeless body sank in the bath as the water turned red.

Murders 4 and 5:
Eleanor and Naomi went to the park. Suddenly there was a rustling in the bushes. Then a man chased the girls into the woods, stabbed them and hung their limp bodies on the branches of a tree.

Murders 6, 7, 8 and 9:
Callum, Phillip, James and Bradley spied on people from a bushy tree. When they came down a man met them. He forced James to murder his friends before he murdered James. He tied ropes around their necks and hung them from the tree.

Gabby and I walked home, discussing the recent murders. Soon we found ourselves lost. Desperately, we knocked on a door. A man opened it. He was still in his work uniform. His name was Mitchell. Gabby told him about us being lost and he agreed to help us get home. He had a wicked gleam in his eye.

He was eerily silent on the way to our house, only using his hands to tell us where to go. It was getting late and there were few people on the streets and cars seemed to never pass. The path we were going down was full with brambles and thorns.

Gabby and I were filled with dread. We knew this was bad but there was no escape. We tried to run but Mitchell took out a machete and took of Gabby’s head. I ran along the path, blood trickling from my legs were thorns had scratched me in my escape.

Suddenly I fell to the floor. I rolled onto my back and saw Mitchell standing over me, holding his bloody machete. I couldn’t escape. There was nowhere left to run. I was at a dead end. There was nothing I could do as he pressed the machete to my throat.

Murders 10 and 11:
Gabby and Shannon’s bodies were found in a path filled with brambles and thorns. They had both been decapitated and Shannon’s head was chopped into little bits.

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