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  • I worked hard on this :) this is something I’ve always thought about . Lmk if you like it!!

    Have you ever thought about how the government & area 51 is always silent and you never hear anything about them? Yeah that’s what I’m here to talk to you about. I’m here to tell you what I think about them. These are all different topics each one is labeled. Enjoy.


    See people don’t just wake up one day and decide they want to shoot up a building or a school or just go crazy and kill people. It’s the government. That’s what I think. I’m pretty sure that the government somehow convinces people to do so. Don’t you find it weird that they all either commit suicide or just are never found? And the fact that we have so much food to go around? We can’t really have that much food unless the population keeps getting smaller. See the government sends out people to kill as many people as they can. And it’s ALWAYS in a crowded area. They then hide the murderer and do some weird tests on them or have them kill themselves. Who know they probably even get into the murderers head and control them.


    Doesn’t anyone else find it weird how we all catch glimpses of animals that aren’t supposed to exist or just animals that are supposedly dead? And its even more suspicious how its only once & right after that its pure fakes. Like instantly right when u spot a living creature that’s not supposed to be here and all of a sudden the internet gets flooded by hoax & most of the time u never know who the fake is. All those dragons & sea creatures & just in general anything that’s not supposed to exist, I believe its real. Why? Because think about it, It’s a really strange world. Look at everything that exists and don’t tell me it isn’t possible. I believe the government & area 51 hides them all. I believe they experiment on humans and give them “superpowers” and I also believe they bring back the “extinct” and “mythical” creatures. I believe. Do you?


    I also believe in the paranormal. I am more than sure that it has something to do with area 51. I believe in aliens & all. Area 51 hides absolutely EVERYTHING. And why? Because the world wouldn’t be able to handle what’s behind those doors. They know what they do. They know what I say is true; they just don’t admit it because they want to take over the world before they do it. They want to control all of us and the first step is too take the paranormal & use it against us. All those scary creatures.. They’re real. All those animals that “don’t exist” they’re real too. Pretty much anything we shouldn’t believe in is real. The government and area 51 just cant ley us know. Can’t you see? They made a portal, they travel in time, they bring back people, and they bring demons and all with them. You just don’t believe it… yet….


    Like I said, I believe in it all, I know what’s behind those doors. I know its all true. I know robots might take over the world one day, I know everything is getting smarter & more advanced which is making up even more stupid & that there is the reason we don’t believe. We don’t believe cause of all the advanced technology that makes you take fake pictures & Photoshop thing, We believe the evidence is fake because the technology is taking over, but of you just take a closer look you’ll see its real, you’ll finally believe. You will soon learn the secrets, I know all those creatures & animals are out there hiding, I know there’s paranormal in this world, I know we have a horrible way of controlling the population, I know there’s things out there, things we wont be able to see until they take us over, Things we will finally believe in when its too late..


  • Okay, sorry for spamming but I have a question – if your story gets posted, do you get a notification or something? Or do you find out another way?

  • Btw, on my “Middle School Massacre” story I want to make some adjustments. If you read it, you might notice some mistakes… :/

    1. When it said “Bye Audrey! Love you!” I yell, I meant to say “Bye Audrey! Love you!” mom yelled.

    2. I meant to say our instead of out – “when we finish our schoolwork” instead of “when we finish out schoolwork”.

    3. When I said “I freeze and run to Cassidy.”, I meant that the girl froze in her tracks for a second and then she ran over to her best friend. Sorry if that didn’t make much sense, lol.

    4. I meant to say “Mrs. Taylor, didn’t you lock the door?” instead of “Ms. Taylor, didn’ you lock the door?”

    5. When it said “we grabbed her hand a dragged her out of the classroom.”, I meant to type “we grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the classroom.”

    Just wanted to make this comment :3

  • The Middle School Massacre… (this has a very, very long introduction and a long story so sit back and relax! :))

    Only 2 months until the last day of school! June 8th, one of the best days of my life. My alarm keeps beeping, ugh shut up stupid alarm! Okay, now that it’s off, I can get out of bed. Time to change into my outfit! I’m wearing my Simply Southern shirt with my blue jeans and hightop Converse. I’m gonna go brush my teeth. Ah, much better. Mint breath instead of stinky breath, am I right? I pull my long strawberry blond hair into a high ponytail, eat breakfast, and gather my school things. “Bye Audrey! Love you!” I yell from the hallway, where I get my shoes on. “Bye Mom! I love you too!” Then I head out the door.

    Ugh, I hate the bus. I ride it with my BFF, Cassidy. That’s the only reason I like to ride the bus. We are so close, she’s like a sister to me. Hmm, where is she? I hear someone call my name. I turn around a see Cassidy waving at me with a huge smile. “Hey! Come here!” she calls over the loud talking of the other students. “Okay, I’m coming!” I yell back, hoping she hears me. We greet each other and get on the stinky, crowded bus. “Omg, did you hear that Hudson and Jessalyn broke up?” That caught me off guard. They were like the most loving and popular couple in school. “Really?! I would have never thought that.” We chat away until we get to school. We arrive and get off the bus. Our first period is Advanced Language Arts. Our teachers’ name is Mr. Harrison, he’s a real grouch. No one likes him except Ms. Goody Two Shoes, Miranda. She always likes to do stuff for him, it makes me sick. Shes always like: “I can do this, Mr. Harrison!” or “I can do that, Mr. Harrison!” She always gets bullied for it.

    All of Cassidy and I’s periods are the same except second-period. She has Spanish and I have French. “See you at third period, Audrey!” she says as she walks to her class. “Okay, you too!” I say back, just as shes at the door. She flashes me a big, toothy smile as she walks in the door. I smile back, walking to my classroom door.

    The second-period ends and the third period starts. We both have Science class and our teacher is Mr. Owen. He’s well, a little uh…how do I put this. CREEPY AS HELL. I’ll be doing my school work and I look up and he’ll just be grinning at me.
    Even if you look at him, he doesn’t break his gaze. It gives me goosebumps. I dunno, he just gives me a creepy vibe. My bestie even thinks it too, you can even ask her.

    The third period passes by, and finally its lunch time! I packed Chicken Noodle soup in my thermos, a few sugar cookies, some red, juicy strawberries, and Ritz crackers. Yum! Cassidy has a bagel, Goldfish, chocolate chip cookies, and a green, juicy apple. Other kids got the nasty school lunch. Cassidy and I eat out lunch and chat away (again) until lunch is over. At the last 2 minutes of lunch, everyone has to be silent and finish up their lunch. Cassidy and I circumvent the rules, though. We use sign language instead of words at the last 2 minutes.

    Now is our fourth period, math. We have Mrs. Taylor. She is like, the nicest teacher who has ever existed. She lets us play games on the computers, go on our phones when we finish out school work and draw things on the Promethean board. It was a normal day in Mrs. Taylor’s class. We were doing our schoolwork when we heard something that made us shudder…

    I freeze and run to Cassidy.

    Mrs. Taylor runs to the door to make sure it is securely locked. She puts the colorful flap over the small window on the door and turns off the lights. Cassidy and I huddle together and hold each other close, we are praying this intruder goes away. We hear loud footsteps coming towards the hallway, the crazy man is rattling all of the door handles. The footsteps stop and I breathe a sigh of relief until I realize the footsteps stop right in front of our door. He rattles the door handle and bangs on the door. I let out a cry and Cassidy says “shhh” very soothing to me, which calmed me down a little bit. “I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE!!!” he screams. By now all of the girls are crying and their boyfriends are holding them in their arms and calming them down. I don’t have a boyfriend, so Cassidy is who I have to soothe me.

    We have a room called where kids go if they’re being too distracting. It’s in a little part of the classroom, so we all go in there. We all are calmer until we hear the door open. “Mrs. Taylor didn’ you lock the door?!” Adam whispered. “Yes, I did. We have to be very quiet. Don’t make a SOUND.” We all nod our heads.

    Then, he bursts open the door of the room we’re hiding in. We are too stunned to move until finally: “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” we all scream. The man is about 6’3 and has a giant machete in his hand. His legs are spread a little bit apart so Cassidy and I squeeze through and run for help. We hold hands as we sprint down the hallway. The office ladies are all slaughtered except Mrs. Crowder, who tries to stop Cassidy and I from running but we don’t stop. We run out the school and to the bus, which is where I left my phone. I call the cops and talk to them for a few minutes. We walk back into the school and tip-toe back into the classroom, hoping the crazed man isn’t at the door. We walk quietly to where we were hiding. Cassidy and I stop, and we cannot move. We see most of our wonderful classmates slaughtered and are laying slumped on the floor. Some are clinging to life. Mrs. Taylor is missing some of her fingers but she is still okay. We grab her hand a drag her out of the room. She drives us to my house and then she drives to her house.

    Cassidy and I walk into my house and I run up to my mom and squeeze her tight. She said the school called and she started freaking out. She drove Cassidy and I to Target to take our minds off of the situation. Thankfully, we’re calm and happy by the time we get back home.

    We get home and are chilling out in my room. Cassidy and I are watching funny videos on my computer. My mom is in the shower, probably washing her hair.

    I hear a loud knock on the door. “Hmm, that knock sounds familiar…” I open the door and I’ve gotten hit in the head. The last thing I saw was Cassidy kicking and punching the man with all of her might before everything went black…

    So, I wake up in a hospital bed with Cassidy and my mom standing over me. “Oh, I’m so glad you’re okay!” I smile and the nurse walks in and I scream. “ITS HIM! ITS HIM!” He grins and injects me with some slimy green stuff and everything went black again. Like last time, I was hoping I would wake up.

    This time I didn’t.
    (I really hope you enjoyed my story! It took about 2 hours. Hopefully it’s good enough to be posted on this website! Thanks for reading!

  • The Monster In the Mirror

    It’s midnight. Even after taking sleeping pills, I feel wide awake. The house is quiet, too quiet. All I can hear are the chirping crickets and my own breath. I get out of bed and pour myself a glass of water. It doesn’t help. I feel like someone is watching my every move. I’ve felt like this after putting a mirror in my room. I had told my parents that something is watching me, but they didn’t believe me. I know what I saw. Every time I looked at that mirror, a person was staring back at me with a crazed look in their eyes. I go to my parents room and ask to sleep with them tonight. They ignore me, like they have been for the past two weeks. One week after I told them about the person staring at me, they called me crazy and said I needed to go to an asylum. I was enraged. They wouldn’t believe what their child was saying. At night, i saw the person in the mirror again. This time they were holding a knife and heading to my parents room. Very soon I could hear the bloodcurdling screams and pitiful pleas of my parents, followed by the sight of blood, then silence. I woke up the next morning, and I had blood all over me. My parents are still sleeping and ignoring me. They’ll never talk to me ever again. The house started to smell after a while. It was the smell of something rotting and decomposing. I can’t seem to get rid of that awful stench no matter what I do. My parents haven’t been out of their rooms for a long time. I got back and looked into the mirror. This time, that person is holding a knife to their neck, slowly slitting it then suddenly stabbing themself. My stomach hurts and it’s suddenly bleeding. Why is there a knife inside of me? I always knew the person in the mirror was evil. They even killed me along with my parents. I took one last look at the mirror. I see myself lay motionlessy on the ground; heavily bleeding. Then darkness.

    (Thanks for taking the time to read this)

  • Under the Bed
    I begin tucking my son into bed and he tells me, “Check for monsters under my bed.” I look underneath for his amusement and see him–another him–under the bed, staring back at me and quivering. He whispered to me, “There’s somebody on my bed.”

  • [Tea House, ending]
    Sam left the doors propped open to allow moonlight to spill through. Additional light seeped through the loosely boarded windows. Ayako pulled out her flashlight.
    “We’ll use yours for now,” Sam said. “I’ll keep mine for backup.”
    The beam of Ayako’s flashlight picked out a scattered tatami, bamboo mats, covering the floor of a large area just inside the doors. Beyond was a long hall. Rooms or various sizes, with only shreds of doorway curtains, opened off both sides, letting a faint ghostly moonglow leak through. In some of the rooms low tables were scattered about on tatami. The damp, rotting rice straw smelled of mildew. Each room was really a small alcove–some holding wall scrolls, kakemonos, on which Ayako could glimpse faint traces of calligraphy or brush painting. But the artwork was so blackened and rotted for the most part it was impossible to guess what each had looked like when t was new.
    The place was silent, except for the sound of their shoes on the squishy matting–and the sound of beetles in the woodwork, relentlessly destroying the place from the inside out. 𝘛𝘶𝘤-𝘵𝘶𝘤-𝘵𝘶𝘤.
    At the end of the hall was a large kitchen area. Here the beetles’ clicking was–to Ayako’s ears–incredibly loud. Sam, pulling open the oven door of a big, old-fashioned stove, didn’t seem to notice. The raw wood floors were swollen with damp and very uneven. There wasn’t much else to see in the kitchen–just some shelving with a few filthy bowls and a rusty, Western-style teakettle missing its lid. A small door at the back, probably a closet or cupboard, was swollen shut by the dampness, which seemed much worse on that side of the building.
    The sound of wood-boring beetles continued to grow in volume. Ayako suddenly remembered a movie she’d seen at her friend Ada’s house, where cockroaches swarmed out of the walls and heater vents and light fixtures to smother a guy in a whirring, chittering, gold-brown tidal wave. The scene had horrified her then; now just the memory made her skin crawl.
    “Seen enough?” she asked Sam.
    She closed the oven door and shrugged. “I guess.”
    “I wonder what happened to old Mrs. Jirohei? I thought there might be a clue. But she just locked herself inside here and–poof!–no one ever saw her again.”
    “Unless the ghost stories you told me were true,” said Sam. She was far more interested in testing the narrow, closed door in the back wall.
    Ayako shrugged. “People tell them like they’re true. Who knows?” Then she asked, “What are you doing?”
    “This is the only place we haven’t looked,” she replied, digging her fingernails into the crack between the door and the jamb.
    The beetles were suddenly silent. The unexpected quiet startled Ayako. Even Sam paused, her eyes raking the walls and ceiling, as if seeking a clue to the silence. Then, unable to spot anything, she returned her attention to the door, giving it a sharp yank.
    “I don’t think we should–”
    “Well, 𝘐 think we should. Give me a hand.”
    The rusted hinges gave under their joint tugging. They managed to pull the door a little way open. A smell–𝘩𝘰𝘳𝘳𝘪𝘣𝘭𝘦–rushed out.
    The door resisted a minute more and then popped all the way open, nearly throwing Sam onto her backside. Ayako grabbed the girl, steadying her, but kept her eye on the pitch-black space Sam had revealed.
    Something moved–pale, slithering–in the dark. Ayako thought of the imagined ghost koi in the shadow-pool outside.
    Sam pushed her away, clearly annoyed to have to rely on her for support. But Ayako barely noticed as she shone her flashlight into the closet.
    She could see the head, shoulders, and arms of a woman who was, impossibly, climbing up out of the solid floor like a swimmer emerging poolside. Her face was framed by black flowing hair; her eyes were red, her mouth twisted into a snarl. She was clad in a white kimono. When she opened her mouth as if to scream, all that came out was the hideous sound of deathwatch beetles amplified a thousand times.
    Sam, her back to the closet, was searching for something she had in her backpack and was unaware of the thing that was trying to pull itself up and out of the floor. For the moment, the boards seemed to hold the form back like an insect in glue. Ayako’s head churned with ideas as she tried to imagine what elsewhere she was climbing out of–the past, another dimension, some underworld? Possibilities crowded into her mind from all she had learned from books, television, her computer, and talking to people like Mrs. Ozaki about such a nightmare visitation. The only thing Ayako was sure of was that she was looking at the ghost of Mrs. Jirohei. And she was one very scary spirit.
    She made a strangulated sound and punched Sam’s shoulder, forcing her to turn around.
    “Hey!” Sam cried, and then looked where her friend was pointing. “Oh.” She stepped back, clutching Ayako’s wrist.
    The ghostly figure had extracted herself up to her midriff. The remains of her white silk kimono clung to the figure like a diseased layer of outer skin.
    𝘐𝘬𝘪𝘬𝘪𝘬𝘪𝘬𝘪𝘬𝘪𝘬𝘪𝘬, chittered the ghost. Its long, curved fingernails–claws, really–dug into the wooden floor, gaining purchase, allowing her to haul herself partway into the room while she struggled to free the lower part of her legs.
    “We need to leave now,” said Ayako, who’d finally found her voice. Sam, never releasing her wrist, just nodded, following as the girl backed away from the writhing figure that chattered and grabbed at them, then dug nails into the floor again, and, lurching forward, left only her ankles buried in the flooring.
    Hauling Sam after her, Ayako fled down the hall. She had the impression of strange glowing things moving in the tea rooms opening to the right and left off the passage. Her only thought was to reach the doors and escape into the night beyond.
    “Woah!” cried Ayako, stopping so suddenly that Sam, who was looking back into the darkened hall, slammed into her.
    The front doors were closed.
    “We left them open!” cried Sam. She shook free of Ayako’s hand and grabbed hold of the twin doorknobs, pulling with all her might. Neither of the doors budged.
    “Let me help!” said Ayako. She tugged at one side while Sam gave her full attention to the other. Nothing yielded.
    𝘐𝘬𝘪𝘬𝘪𝘬𝘪𝘬𝘪𝘬𝘪𝘬𝘪𝘬, chattered the dark figure inching along the hall.
    The 𝘴𝘤𝘳𝘢𝘱𝘦-𝘴𝘭𝘪𝘥𝘦 sound of the body hauling itself through the shadows was totally unnerving. Ayako and Sam tore more frantically at the doors.
    “Use the crowbar!” Ayako hissed.
    “Oh, yeah,” said Sam, whose self-assurance seemed to have melted away and taken some of her wits with it. She pulled out the tool–but found there was no longer space enough between the doors to insert the chisel blade. The thin opening between the matching doors seemed to have healed like cut flesh.
    It was close, Ayako realized. She yanked the crowbar from Sam’s hands and between gouging the woods. Chips flew, but the wood resisted her desperate blows as if it were now made of material far harder than natural wood.
    Sam was banging her fists against the wood.
    “We’ve got to find another way,” said Ayako.
    “Oh…” said Sam, who had suddenly stopped pounding on the door.
    Something in her voice compelled Ayako to turn and look to where she was staring, letting her flashlight beam follow.
    Sam was facing the darkened hall. At first Ayako couldn’t see anything. Then she followed her sight up.
    The ghost–the nightmare version of Mrs. Jirohei–was crawling toward them 𝘢𝘤𝘳𝘰𝘴𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘤𝘦𝘪𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨, spiderlike. But her head was twisted around so that was regarding them dead-on with her blazing eyes as she scuttled across the sagging panels. Now one arm snaked down toward them. The fingers flexed. The claws glowed in the flashlight beam.
    “Window!” Ayako shouted. She pulled Sam toward the nearest one, where the still-intact rice-paper-covered glass revealed the boards beyond, moonlight gleaming between the warped slats.
    𝘐𝘒𝘐𝘒𝘐𝘒𝘐𝘒𝘐𝘒𝘐𝘒𝘐𝘒𝘐𝘒𝘐𝘒–the spider ghost was above them now. Ayako couldn’t tell what that twisted face showed more of–hatred, rage, eagerness–but it frightened her beyond anything she’d felt before. Escape was now or never, she knew.
    “Follow me,” she shouted. She put her arms over her face, started running, and smashed into the window. There was a jolting pain her left shoulder, which took most of the impact, then papered glass and boards exploded out onto the veranda, and Ayako went sprawling on the deck amid debris, getting jabbed with nails and cut with glass fragments. Dazed and groaning, she twisted around to look at the window gap in the wall above him. A moment later Sam appeared in the space, scrabbling over the jagged remains of the window frame and barricading slats. She quickly worked herself partway over the sill, ignoring the splinter ends that snagged her clothes and dug into her stomach.
    Ayako, still shell-shocked, struggled uncertainly to her feet, stretching out her shaking arms toward Sam. She felt like she was moving in slow motion when all her nerves were screaming, Haul it! But she moved quickly enough when Sam screamed, “She’s got me! By the ankles!” Sam began to squirm frantically. Ayako grabbed her flailing wrists.
    “It hurts!” Sam sobbed.
    Still holding her wrists, Ayako threw herself backward. Sam flew through the ruined window. An instant later, the ghost hopped froglike into the window frame, hands and feet bracing her crouching figure at the window’s four corners, clearly unmindful of the glass and splinters. Hardly pausing, the horror leapt after the kids, who were already fleeing down the stepping-stone path.
    Near the lifeless cherry tree, Ayako snagged her foot on a displaced stepping stone, stumbled suddenly, and sprawled onto the ground. She screamed as her chin struck another stone. For a moment she was too stunned to catch her breath or focus her eyes. Her head just kept spinning.
    She felt the woman-creature spring onto her back, felt her claws dig into her. She saw Sam stop, stare, gasp, pick up a stone, and start forward, ready to do battle with the ghost, though raw terror flooded her eyes.
    Then there was a sound, as if someone was playing a flute, from her left, where the dead cherry tree remained.
    The talons digging into her side loosened mercifully.
    The music played.
    The weight lifted from Ayako’s back.
    She raised her head. Her blurred vision swam from triple, to double, to clear focus. But she was quite sure she believed what she was seeing: an old man, in a shining white robe, playing a bamboo flute. He was seated on the roots of the cherry tree, which appeared to be in full bloom, the masses of blossoms shining pale pink in the moonlight.
    But it must be true–clearly Sam was seeing it, too. She let the stone in her hand fall to the ground with a soft tunk.
    As they both watched, the old man abruptly broke off his playing. He looked very unhappy–angry, even. He pointed at the flute, as if it were a magician’s wand, at the pursuing ghost.
    The spirit woman was frozen in a half-crouch a few feet from Ayako and Sam. Her eyes were fixed on the old man’s face. Her head jerked from side to side in puzzlement, reminding Ayako of a dog given two conflicting commands. She took a tentative step forward, but stopped when the old man gestured angrily with his flute.
    A warm cherry-scented wind began to blow toward the woman from behind Ayako and Sam. Abruptly, with the power of a gale, it picked up the woman, spun her around, and hurtled her through the now-windowless opening back into the darkened interior of the tea house.
    The old man raised the flute to his lips and resumed his soft playing. He began to melt like mist into the air; in a moment, his music had faded, too.
    “Is it over?” Sam asked, casting a nervous glance at the spot where the ghostly woman had been lost to sight. Nothing stirred in the empty window.
    “I think we’re safe now,” said Ayako. But she and Sam continued to hug each other as though it was the only way they could keep from shaking apart after all they’d witnessed.
    “I thought they loved each other,” Sam said suddenly. “That must have been Mr. Jirohei. And the ghost had to have been his wife.”
    Ayako, digging deep into what she could know or guess, said thoughtfully, “Yes and no.”
    “I don’t get it,” said Sam, sounding more like her old self.
    “Their real souls may be in heaven, or wherever,” Ayako said, recalling a discussion she had once heard on the Discovery Channel. “What we saw tonight was leftover anger and a need for revenge from her. And he was some kind of echo of his one-time love for this place. Maybe those are things that have no place in the next life. But hate and love are such different kinds of energy, I guess they cancel each other out. I think that’s what just happened.”
    Sam gave her a long look. “You sure have a lot of strange ideas,” she said. Then she smiled. “That’s okay. I’ve got plenty of unusual ideas of my own.”
    Bone-weary, Ayako turned toward the way out. “I just want to get home. I could sleep for a week,” she said.
    “A month for me,” Sam agreed.
    “I think–” she suddenly froze, her words chopped off in mid-thought, as a sound like a cross between a sigh and a moan reached her ears. Seeing Sam go rigid with tension, she knew she had heard it, too.
    Together, they turned and looked back at the tea house.
    To their dismay, they saw a clutching hand, the fingers twisted like a knot of pale worms at the end of a skeletal arm, reach shakily over the windowsill from the darkness inside.
    “She’s not gone,” croaked Sam.
    “She’s weak, but some part of her is still there,” said Ayako. Renewed fear hardened to a lump of ice in the pit of her stomach.
    A second clutching hand gripped the sill. As if this was a signal, the two spun around and fled, hand-in-hand. Unhesitatingly, Ayako kicked out the rotting gate, no longer caring who or what had heard.
    The park was unnaturally quiet around them. They ran faster, nearly losing their balance in their haste. They didn’t dare pause to catch their breath until they stood in the comforting glow of a streetlight outside the park entrance. To their mutual relief, a few moments later a bus came lumbering along.
    With nervous glances at the shadowed park, they clambered aboard, flashing their passes at the driver.
    “You all right?” the man asked, genuinely concerned. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”
    To his surprise, the two burst out in hysterical laughter. They were still laughing when they took their seats.
    “Kids,” the driver muttered, shaking his head. “Everything’s a laugh to them. Must be nice to not have any real worries.”
    He popped the bus into gear and pulled away from the curb, the sound of the engine muffling the nervous laughter from his only riders.

    Sorry the story was SO DANG LONG, I just had this idea floating around in my head. I really hope it gets posted, but I kinda doubt it because, well, IT’S SO DANG LONG. I would also love feedback, I’m hoping this story even gets read. :I

    ~Kagamine 9S

  • This is a short story I came up with. Hope you like it!
    Dear Future Me

    It was the last day of the 2012-2013 school year. Jackie’s classroom had a very fun assignment. Jackie was a fourth grader. The students in her class were to write a letter to themselves and give it to their teacher, who would mail it to them when they graduate from high school.

    Jackie finished writing his letter. She got up to turn it in to her teacher. Then, she got an idea. She sat down on her desk and started writing something at the end. “P.S. If time travel exists when you’re reading this, I’d appreciate it if you’d come visit,” the letter said at the end.

    Then, Jackie turned the letter in. Then, the bell rang. It was time for P.E. When the class went outside, the P.E teacher, Mr. Johnson, announced that the class would be playing basketball.

    Jackie was very happy. As she was playing basketball with her friends, she heard a voice say, “Hi, Jackie!”

    Jackie turned to her right and saw her mom standing there. Then, Jackie was hit in the head with a ball before she passed out.

    Jackie woke up and found herself in her bedroom, in bed with her laptop in front of her. Jackie was reading emails from a Hangouts chat with her mom.

    Suddenly, Jackie felt pain on her head as she passed out. Jackie woke up in the school nurse’s office, sweating.

    “What happened?” Jackie asked the nurse. “You got hit in the head with a ball and passed out,” the nurse said. “We’re waiting for your mom to come pick you up.”

    “Until she comes, you need to lie down. You have a really bad head injury,” the nurse said. Jackie lied down on the bed.

    Then, Jackie’s mom came and took her home. During the drive, Jackie couldn’t get the dream out of her head. The dream didn’t make any sense and was confusing.

    At home, Jackie was on her bed. She turned her laptop on and opened Gmail. She saw that she had a Hangouts message from her mom.

    The message read, “Hello, Jackie, this is your mother, 8 years from now, when you’re supposed to graduate from college.”

    Jackie replied to the message. “If time travel does exist in 2021, why are you messaging me, and not future me?” the message read.

    Then, a reply came. “I’m sorry you have to hear this, honey, but you’re dead in 2021,” the reply said.

    As she read this, Jackie felt her heart sink. She messaged her mother again. “How? When?” Jackie asked.

    “I can’t tell you that,” Jackie’s mom replied. “Why not?” Jackie asked. “I can’t tell you that either,” her mom replied.

    Jackie felt pain in her head as she collapsed on the floor. She remembered the dream she had when she was asleep at the nurse’s office. Then, she saw a blur, then darkness.

    Jackie’s mom went into her room and found her on the floor. She screamed at the sight. She got her phone and called 911.

    The ambulance came and took Jackie to the hospital. Three days later, she was pronounced dead. She had died from her head injury.

    At home, Jackie’s mom was devastated. She got her phone to call some relatives and break the bad news to them.

    That’s when Jackie’s mom noticed something strange. She had emails from Jackie that was in a Hangouts chat. Jackie’s mom didn’t remember being in a Hangouts chat.

    As if that wasn’t confusing enough, in the Hangouts chat, Jackie saw messages that seemed to have been sent from her account, although she wasn’t on the account at all that day.

    Jackie’s mom thought that she had been playing a prank on her before she died. She ignored the messages and started calling her relatives.

    8 years later, Jackie’s mom was at home. She and her husband had a 7-year old daughter, who they named Jackie, after their late daughter.

    Jackie went outside to get the mail. It was addressed to Jackie Williams. Jackie opened the envelope. Inside was a letter that had been written on June 15, 2013.

    Jackie went inside and showed the letter to her mom and dad. Her mom and dad looked at each other. They knew that they had to tell Jackie.

    And they did. They told Jackie about her dead sister who had died from a head injury the day that she wrote the letter for her 18-year old self.

    Jackie was surprised. She read the letter to her parents. After reading the letter, Jackie remembered that there was a real time machine in the garage.

    Jackie’s mom went in the garage, got into the time machine, and entered the date when her first daughter had died.

  • Jamie was in class when- “YOU ARE ALL DEAD”. These words came out of the loudspeaker. The voice was mysterious and deep. Jamie just sat there in shock and confusion. “Everybody hide!” the teacher exclaimed. Jamie heard mysterious laughter coming from outside. This laughter sounded like it was coming from the person who said those words on the loudspeaker.

    Suddenly, loud banging on the door started. “OPEN UP! OPEN UP!” the voice exclaimed. Jamie was scared of what would happen if the guy behind got inside. “Open up or I’ll shoot this door down!” said the voice.

    BANG! Jamie heard a gunshot. Then, the door fell down, and a man with a gray hoodie and a gun came inside the classroom. Jamie felt a pull on his hand as he was pulled from under his desk screaming.

    Jamie saw the man, holding the gun to Jamie’s head. Just as the man was about to pull the trigger, Jamie kicked him in his private parts, causing the man to drop his gun and collapse on the floor, screaming in pain and agony. As the man was about to get up, Jamie tackled the man to the ground and fought him off as the teacher called the police.

    Within minutes, Jamie heard sirens coming from outside and a group of officers entered the house. When they saw Jamie fighting off the man, the officers grabbed the man and arrested him.

    The police identified the man as Davis Manchester. Manchester was a serial killer who had been arrested six times in the past 30 years.

    Years later, when Jamie was in junior high, he was looking at the news online, when he spotted an article that caught his attention, “Davis Manchester Missing. Wasn’t Spotted In Cell This Morning.”

    As Jamie read the headline, his eyes widened up, and he started hyperventilating. Jamie’s phone rang. It was an unknown caller. Jamie ignored the call and let it go to voicemail. After a few seconds, Jamie heard the notification sound on his phone. It was a voicemail from “Unknown Caller.”

    Jamie played the voicemail. “You’re dead,” a familiar voice said. Jamie heard the doorbell ring. Jamie got out of his room. “Mom, don’t answer the-” BANG! It was too late. Jamie’s mom collapsed on the floor and Davis Manchester was at the door. Jamie saw Manchester look up and point his gun at Jamie. Jamie tried to run, but the man shot him.

    Davis heard sirens from outside. He went out the back door and got out of the backyard, but there was a group of officers waiting for him. One of the officers tried to handcuff him, but the serial killer shot himself to avoid being arrested.

    Residents of the house of the late Jamie Smith say that the house is haunted by the spirits of Jamie, his mom, and Davis Manchester. It is said that if you’re in the house at 8:50 PM on June 1st, the time and date of the murder, ghosts will appear. The ghost of Jamie would appear in his old room, and the ghosts of Jamie’s mom and Davis Manchester would appear at the front door in a reenactment of the event. Manchester would shoot Jamie and his mom, before going to the backyard to shoot himself. They say that if you are with the spirits during the reenactment, they won’t notice you, no matter what happens. The house was destroyed and the government banned construction on the area.

  • this is a real story taken from the Indian horror show fear files

    near to death
    This story happened in Goa, India. We were really happy to find a big house like that when suddenly things startedhappening. We are a really big family and my mom’s family usually visits us. That night, all my cousins and relatives were home and after dinner we all were sitting inthe living room talking, laughing and listening to my mom’s childhood stories when all of a sudden my mom stopped talking. As she was lying down on the floor nobody first noticed anything. Then my dad realized that my mom had not just stopped talking but she wasn’t evenmoving. My dad asked her what’s wrong but she was just laying still and an impression on her face as if she was trying very hard to get something off her. She finally witha lot of effort said “YA ALLAH” (name of lord) when she stood up and sat on the couch. We asked her what happened and she told us that someone was trying to strangle her and she couldn’t even breath or form words to say something. All of us were very frightened but we couldn’t do anything as it was midnight.The next morning after all our relatives left my dad went to work as usual. Though me and my mom were afraid we told him it was okay as it was morning and if something paranormal would happen we would call him immediately. In the afternoon I went in my room to sleep for some time when suddenly I had chills. I was going outof my room when something just tried to push me and I fell on my bed. I could see someone holding me down. I shouted when my mom came running and as she openedthe door the activity stopped. I told her what had happened and about the person I just saw. She called my dad and we immediately left the house for some days.After some days we came back thinking nothing would happen now. At night as my sister was doing some work on the computer when it got unplugged. There was no way the plug could just come out like that. My sister had come from Bangalore and she knew nothing about the ghost. She came to know the house was haunted and shewas not a person who could get scared. She started shouting at no one saying, “I’m not afraid of you! You can do whatever you want!” She plugged the plug back into the socket and started the computer when again it got unplugged. She got so frustrated she started cursing the ghost. We came running and she told us what was going on. My dad said we could not stand living here anymore and every day it was getting harmful for us. We left the house and as I stepped out of it I felt like I was free, like I could breathe again. The encounter with that unknown person trying to kill me would always haunt me.

  • I Was At A Friends House Because She Was Having A Birthday Party And We (We As In Me, Her, And Our Two Other Friends, Jaylee&Audrey) We Where By Her Pool And We Where Talking About Ghosts And Caiden War Pushed Into Her Pool So Being The Children We Are We Went Ghost Hunting And…..

    —K ⤜(◕ᴥ◕)⤏

  • [Tea House, continued yet again]
    “Sure,” Ayako said, picking her words carefully. “Someday, yeah.”
    She knew that they had plenty of time to catch a bus to McClendon Park for a quick view. It would still let her go home before her parents returned from their jobs that evening. But Sam’s eagerness unbalanced her: She found that she really didn’t want to go.
    “Uh… maybe it’s not a good idea,” Ayako ventured. “I don’t want to be late when my folks get home.”
    Sam wrinkled her nose at her. “You told me they’re never home before six and don’t even worry until seven.”
    “Yeah, but,” she floundered, “what about your folks?”
    “Aunt Kim doesn’t close her flower shop until seven. As long as I’ve got something on the stove when she gets home, she couldn’t care less.”
    “Well, I guess–”
    “Done deal. Now, move it or we’ll be late for Spanish.”
    She set off at a run, and Ayako could only try to catch up. All through the rest of their classes that afternoon, Ayako had the feeling that she’d agreed to something that wasn’t a good choice. Not a good choice at all, some nagging little voice kept repeating at the back of her mind.
    They had to ride partway to the park on the 24 bus, which, two stops past where they got on, was taken over by kids from Frankel High School–shouting, shoving, screaming into cell phones, and generally driving adult riders to the front of the bus. Ayako wanted to abandon their seat near the back and find room up front, but Sam said, “I like this seat. I’m not moving.” Ayako glanced around, fearful of a confrontation, but Sam held her ground and–sort of appearing a supreme wuss–she had no choice but to sit firm, too. A couple of the older kids gave them looks; Sam just stared right back. Ayako tried to keep her gaze steady, but she found herself repeatedly turning to look out the window or study the increasingly trash-strewn floor. Sam never wavered, regarding the other kids with a steady, almost adult distaste that deflected all high school challenges.
    At Center Street, most of the older kids got off to catch crosstown buses. Ayako and Sam rode the last half-dozen blocks to the park in peace.
    It was nearing the end of a bright spring day–perfect for showing off the tea house in a way that suggested only sadness, but nothing scary. They stood just outside the waist-high bamboo gate that seemed held together by the no trespassing and danger signs nailed to it. The westering sun left pools of light around the shadows of the dried up koi pond. One of the boys who dared to explore the grounds after dark reported that you could see the bones of the fish that had been left to die when the tea house had been abandoned last time. He said they glowed in the moonlight.
    Other kids suspected he was lying, but none had the nerve to check it out themselves. This was probably the start of the story that, at night, when there was a full moon, the empty pond would fill with moonglow, and you could see the unearthly koi, faintly gold and white and silver, swimming in the thick light. Their scales and skin were so transparent that you could see the shadowy, delicate skeletons inside. Like many such stories, it was layered over in each retelling. Now the ghostly fish were said to have piranha-like jaws–lots of luck to anyone who reached down to touch the undead monstrosities.
    But today there was nothing frightening about what could be seen of the garden and the cherry tree and the tea house behind its deeply shadowed porches. For this, Ayako was both grateful and disappointed at the same time.
    “Let’s go inside,” said Sam, rattling the gate, testing its resistance.
    “I don’t–” Ayako started to protest.
    “Hey! You kids. Get away from there, now!”
    In tandem, the twosome swung their heads around to confront a brown-clad park patrolman–well, woman, really–in her Smokey-the-Bear ranger hat.
    “We were just looking,” said Sam.
    “Scoot!” said the patrolperson. “You could hurt yourselves.”
    Ayako saw that Sam was about to answer back, so she grabbed her hand and yanked her away. “We should go home now,” Ayako hissed.
    Sam gave her the sort of challenging look she’d given the high schoolers earlier, then she sighed exasperatedly and let Ayako lead her away toward Ambrose Avenue. Ayako was aware of the patrolperson’s suspicious eyes boring holes into the side of her head as she hustled Sam to the bus station.
    Sam didn’t say a word until they were seated on the bus swaying its way back toward home turf. Halfway there she said, in a soft voice that, nevertheless, told her there was no room for Ayako’s wussy arguments, “We’re going back–at night–to look inside.”
    Any arguments Ayako might have made died in her throat, long before they reached her lips. The fierceness in Sam’s eyes and the set line of her lips assured her that she would not pay attention to any argument she might muster.
    Maybe she’ll forget about it, Ayako told herself. Yeah, right.
    It was only a matter of time, she realized, before they would be exploring the tea house by starlight and moonlight and flashlight.
    But, for several days, Sam said nothing more about the place. The hateful Mrs. Sun piled on homework and subjected them to pop quiz after pop quiz–she was apparently panicked by the upcoming new state testing and rapidly approaching end of the school year.
    Ayako had almost convinced herself Sam had forgotten completely when her cell rang on a Wednesday, while she was at the seventh level of Star Ranger X. She was tempted to ignore the call, but something in her head warned, “Don’t you dare.” She froze the game and picked up the phone, instantly recognizing Sam’s number.
    “Hi,” she said cautiously.
    “We’ll check out the tea house tomorrow at night,” Sam informed her straight out.
    “My folks won’t let me go out after dinner on a school night,” she began.
    “We’re doing it late–after everyone is asleep.:
    “We can’t get there at night–”
    “I’ve checked the schedule. The 33 runs owl service all night long. It’s slow, but it will get us close enough.”
    “I don’t–”
    “That is not an acceptable answer.” Then (she could envision the smirk on Sam’s face) she added, “Unless you are the supreme wuss of Uchida middle school.”
    “I’m not–” But even as she said the words, she knew she would be if she chickened out at her challenge. After a moment, she conceded, “Where? When?”
    “Tomorrow. The bus stop at your corner. One o’clock. Will your folks be asleep by then?”
    “Oh, yeah–they’re in bed by eleven.”
    “And my aunt never makes it all the way through the ten o’clock news. The bus goes by your corner at 1:07. Be there.”
    She hung up. Ayako didn’t like the idea–she was, in fact, frightened to death of probing the mystery of the tea house in the middle of the night. But she was even less interested inclined to appear weak and babyish in Sam’s eyes.
    So she hustled herself to the corner at the precise time she had decreed, her knapsack loaded with Ayako’s father’s heavy-duty flashlight, extra batteries, snacks, candles, and matches from the family emergency stash. Most important to her was the lucky kaeru charm–a small silver frog that Ayako’s grandfather had given her. Kaeru was the Japanese word for “frog”, but it also meant “to return.” Travelers were supposed to carry the charm to ensure a safe return from a journey. Her grandfather had given it to her when the family went on their first visit to Yosemite National Park in California. Ayako took it whenever she went on a trip. Tonight, having a little extra luck didn’t seem a half-bad idea.
    Sam was already waiting. She gave a sharp nod and then clutched her hand for a moment. Her grip was so tight, Ayako wondered if Sam was having second thoughts. But she knew better than to voice her suspicion.
    The driver glanced at the twosome as they showed their passes. For a moment, Ayako was hopeful that he might question the two of them boarding so late and force them to abandon this middle-of-the-night adventure. But the man just shrugged and waved them on as they flashed their monthly passes. It was typical of most drivers these days, Ayako knew: If passengers didn’t make trouble, the driver wasn’t about to hassle them. Increasingly unhappy, she followed Sam to an empty seat halfway down the aisle.
    The exchanged only a couple of words during the ride out to the park. There were a few owl-service passengers: a homeless man, who seemed to be riding just to have a place to escape the chill night air, and two women, chatting wearily, wearing matching uniforms with major hotel logos on the fronts of their dresses. None paid the least attention to Sam and Ayako.
    At the park occasional hip-high lights provided half-hearted illumination on the path. The moon–nearly full–was far more helpful. Between the two light sources, they were able to follow the twisting path of stepping stones without much problem–pausing often, always on the alert for a late-duty patrol person or someone of more doubtful purpose prowling the darkened park.
    Too soon for Ayako’s comfort, they reached the tea house grounds. The building, which was bathed in moonlight, appeared to Ayako as both daylight harmless and midnight menacing. Her best instincts screamed, Cut and run, but that would only confirm her wuss status to Sam.
    At the rickety gate, with its warning signs, she hesitated. Not Sam. She quickly climbed over. For a moment, Ayako was afraid that Sam’s weight might collapse the flimsy, creaking barrier, but it held. She stood on the other side, impatiently waiting for her to follow. Pushing aside her misgivings, Ayako scaled the gate–though she managed to get her left foot momentarily caught between two of the bamboo uprights. She started to panic. Her struggle to free herself nearly suceeded in knocking down a length of fence, until Sam ordered her to stay still while she worked her free. Ayako was sweating in spite of the cool late-night air and breathing so fast she felt lightheaded.
    “Get over it” was all Sam had to say, before she started up the weedy, zigzag path through the tea garden toward the dark hulk of the tea house.
    Angry at herself for letting Sam talk her into this crazy adventure–and doubly angry at appearing such a cowardly klutz–Ayako followed.
    Passing the dry fishpond, a pool of blackness through the moonlight was splashed brightly over the surrounding grass and weeds, the girl was sure she saw pale shapes curling and gliding in the shadows–the ghost koi? she wondered. She didn’t pause to look closer. Sam was already starting up the front stairs of the tea house. The closer Ayako came, the more she was aware of a tuc-tuc-tuc sound far louder and more disturbing than the familiar chirp of crickets and the hum of flying insects. Beetles, she assured herself. Deathwatch beetles gutting the walls and window frames and roof of the abandoned place. Left to themselves, they would bring the place down as effectively as a wrecking ball, he’d been told.
    “They’re locked,” Sam said, keeping her voice low as she gestured toward the big double doors.
    Ayako couldn’t help herself. “What did you expect?” she snapped. Her frustration at this whole stupid adventure and the distressingly loud clicking of the beetles–deathwatch beetles–were getting to her. Quickly she pulled her kaeru charm out of her backpack and tucked it into her jeans pocket.
    “No problemo.” Sam pulled a small but efficient-looking crowbar from her pink plastic Hello Kitty backpack. With the assurance of a practiced housebreaker, she insterted the chisel end of the tool into the crack where the double door panels joined, gave it a sudden jerk, and cried, “Ta-daa!” when the doors popped apart.
    “Where’d you learn to do that?” asked Ayako.
    “TV shows,” she replied, replacing the crowbar and shouldering her backpack. “Let’s go check out the inside.”

    That’s all I have up until now, but there’s more. I’d love feedback, please and thankings you.

  • Remember Me

    There was an old man in a flat called Mr. Davis. One day a strange looking new neighbour moved in next door. Her name was Amy.

    She suddenly called Mr. Davis into her flat room one night. She locked the door behind her as he came. “oh hello there! You seem familiar.” she said. “how so?” he replied. “i think ive seen you somewhere on tv before!”

    “oh really… ” just as he said that he pulled out a gun and shot her brains out. ” well then we cant have you telling our little secret can we? ” he chuckled.

    A few days later Mr. Davis heard a knock at his door at around 3:00 am.” Mr. Davis its me remember me? “” No! GO AWAY! “” Mr. Davis im surprised you dont remember me. How about i introduce myself..”

    “NO! WHOEVER YOU ARE LEAVE ME ALONE!” he yelled. “Im in the patio Mr. Davis” “STAY THERE IM CALLING THE COPS” “Im in the kitchen now…” Mr. Davis started panicking. “Now im in the living room…”

    “Please… Leave me alone… Please..” he pleaded and begged. “I’m behind you…”

    The next day the mailman came to find Mr. Davis’s door wide open. He thought there had been a break in and called the cops. When they came they saw a horrific scene…

    Mr. Davis was a mass murderer, an old man in his 50’s. The police had suspected he had been the cause of disappearance of his neighbour Amy Smiles.

    That day they found Mr. Davis lying on his back dead. After they had conducted an autopsy, they confirmed his cause of death. His brain had exploded inside of his head and his eardrum had been completely torn to shreds.

    But the strangest thing was… Lying next to his cold dead body was the rotting corpse of Amy Smiles. And she had a huge grin on her face…

  • Ok i have a story P. S it took me forever to scroll down bruh.
    Drowned Child
    There was a girl named Katy. Her parents were rich and owned a mansion near Colorado where it was cold. So naturally Katy became accustomed to the cold.

    One day her parents said that they were going on a honeymoon together, but they were leaving Katy with her grandma. Her grandma was lonely ever since Katy’s grandpa died.

    Her grandma lived on an island in the Pacific. There it was very hot. Gradually, Katy started developing Hyperthermia. She just couldn’t bear with the heat. A couple days of nerve-racking pain, her parents were called. They said they were on their way but that it would take a few days.

    During those days Katy’s fever only got worse and worse. A couple days later her parents called again. They said that they were at the airport. It would take them half an hour to get back home.

    The grandma owned two servants. One was in the upstairs bedroom taking care of the old lady. While the other was in charge of Katy. She had an idea to cool down the girl’s forehead with some cold water.

    She let the girl lie die on her back to pour the cold water on her hair. After a while, the doorbell rang. It was Katy’s parents! The servant went down to unlock the door. But she couldn’t find the keys so she had to go look for them.

    Meanwhile… Katy was relaxing on the bed when suddenly she felt two small hands grip tightly on her hair. It kept pulling until her forehead was submerged in the bucket of water. The servant was still looking for the keys. By this time Katy’s eyes and nose were completely submerged. When the servant finally found the keys she unlocked the door. The servant led the parents up to the bedroom but…

    It was already too late. When they saw Katy they were horrified. Her head was completely submerged in the water and she was dead.

    Soon later, the parents discovered that the bucket once belonged to a rich family. The father of the family was away on an important business trip. The mother was giving her 1 or 2 year old daughter a bubble bath in that very same bucket. Suddenly, she received an urgent telephone call from downstairs. She completely forgot about her daughter and left her all alone. When she finally returned…

    Her daughter had drowned.

  • [Tea House, continued]
    In time, the for sale signs were replaced with no trespassing warnings. To these were added danger signs. Shakes had fallen from the roof; much of the wooden decking was rotten and unsafe; weeds choked the gardens that Mrs. Jirohei had once lovingly tended. The old man’s beloved cherry tree withered and died. Many said it had died of sadness, just like a person. Some late-evening passerby claimed to hear ghostly flute music on the breeze. One or two said they glimpsed the form of the elderly flutist, sitting on the roots of the tree, in the twilight. Now the city had reclaimed the property, though there were no plans to do anything with it.
    Still, something drew Ayako again and again to the old building. Part of it, he knew, was simply a young person’s fascination with the mysterious and frightening–especially when such matters clearly unnerved her parents, who were visibly reluctant to answer her persistent questions about the tea house and what had (or might have) happened there.
    Other adults she asked were just as reluctant to talk–though one old neighbor woman, who had come from Japan when she was just a girl, told him that she was sure the place was haunted by the spirit of Mrs. Jirohei. “Surely she died there,” Mrs. Ozaki said, “and when people die troubled and grieving and angry, they become vengeful ghosts who will make all who encounter them suffer greatly. If the ghost is a woman, she is the most terrifying of all. Female ghosts are as relentless as the blade of a steel sword. Most horrible of all was the ghost of Oiwa. She never gave her faithless husband any peace. No matter where the man went, he would see her face in a paper lantern, her form in a folding screen, or her shape in a tangle of ivy vines. She finally drove him to madness and death.”
    Mrs. Ozaki’s words gave Ayako a fresh mix of the wondrous and fearful to ponder. But she gradually came to realize that if she was to find out the truth about the tea house–or some part of it, at any rate–she was going to have to find out for herself. Yet, as much as the mystery drew her, the old stories of shadows, strange shapes, curious lights, and eerie sounds that were repeated (mostly by kids) kept her from going too close to the tea house. She never attempted to go closer than the tipsy remains of a bamboo fence that was barely visible in the choking mass of rangy rhododendrons marking what was left of the once-charming gardens.
    Even the taunts and dares from her friends–with whom she had made the mistake of confiding her interest in the old place–couldn’t nudge her to go.
    It wasn’t ’till she met Samantha Nguyen, a transfer student from Seattle, that seeking answers became a possibility.
    Sam and Ayako complemented each other perfectly. Ayako was overly cautious; Sam had a reckless streak. They liked the same Xbox games and scary movies; they disliked their seventh-grade English teacher, Mrs. Sun; edaname and sashimi; and Helena Harper and Tony Santucci–the class beauty and the class bully.
    “I’ve heard about the tea house,” Sam said to her one day at recess when they were sitting beside each other. This was shortly after her arrival at Uchida Middle School. “What have you heard?”
    By the time the bell ending recess rang, she had told her everything she knew “for a fact”, and a lot of things she had worked out on her own.
    “Let’s go look,” Sam said, getting up from the bench. “I want to see for myself.”

    Again, that’s all I have for now, but I’ll keep working on it! Please give me feedback, and thank you!

  • [Tea House]
    Most of Ayako Masaki’s friends found the deserted chashitsu, tea house, frightening–even in sunlight. But only the girl found it forlorn and sad. It stood in a corner of McClendon Park in the center of Harrisport, Oregon, on the coast between Newport and Union City. At one time, the building had been the heart of the Japanese-American community there. Modeled after a famous tea house in Tokyo, it was called, simply, Cherry Tree Tea House.
    Though it had been built to serve the Japanese-American population, it quickly became popular with the rest of the community and then with tourists. The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Jirohei, for years had owned a nursery and bulb farm in eastern Oregon, where they raised Tulips, daffodils, and gladioli. When the running farm became too much, they sold the business and moved to Harrisport, where Mr. Jirohei had been born. There they achieved a special dream of theirs, building and running the tea house in the municipal park, with the blessing of the city government.
    Willows shaded the creek that flowed behind it. Stone lanterns along the water’s edge were lighted each night, inviting couples to stroll in the soft glow. In front was the cherry tree–now long since dead–that had given the tea house its name. Mr. Jirohei had imported the tree from Japan. It had been his pride and joy. He would sit playing his ancient bamboo flute under the lavish blossoms in the spring or enjoy the shade it gave in the summer.
    Ayako, who was also born in Harrisport, knew that the sakura, cherry tree, was an important symbol in Japan. The tree represented good fortune, love, affection, and spring–many positive elements. But it had other ideas associated with it. Because of the tree’s short, intense blooming time, it was also seen as a reminder that life passes quickly. One bit of lore that an uncle of Ayako’s shared was that the cherry tree was once associated with samurai warriors. Their life was often fierce and glorious, but they could be cut down in battle at the height of their accomplishments. He claimed that a fallen samurai was often buried with only a cherry tree as a grave marker. So a cherry tree, in many minds, represented new life growing even in a place of death.
    But something had happened in the peaceful setting eleven years before–by unfortunate chance, the year Ayako was born. Mr. Jirohei had been killed in a holdup one night as the elderly couple was closing up shop for the day. By the time the police arrived, they found Mrs. Jirohei holding her husband’s body. She could tell them nothing about the crime (which was still unsolved). Half mad with grief, she actually fought the police and medical workers to keep them from taking her from her husband’s body.
    Then she locked herself in the tea house that had been their shared love for so long. When the police forced their way inside, not a trace of the woman could be found. An exhaustive search of the park grounds revealed nothing. It was as if Mrs. Jirohei had vanished into thin air, or into the fabric of the tea house. The surviving family posted a reward, and the search continued for months, but nothing more was ever learned. In fact, the case became a classic “unsolved mystery” that was often mentioned on television shows or Web sites devoted to the strange, the occult, and the unexplained. Such things fascinated Ayako, even though she rarely discovered fresh information about events at the tea house.
    Yet the weirdness didn’t stop with the woman’s vanishing. A cousin of the Jiroheis, who lived in San Fransisco, inherited the tea house and the nearby apartment the old couple owned. He and his wife planned to reopen the tea house after doing some remodeling.
    The venture was troubled from the start.
    Workers’ supplies vanished; a scaffold collapsed, badly injuring two men; a carpenter working late one night told of hearing strange sounds from INSIDE the walls. He added that he was sure he glimpsed a human form crawling up the wall and across the ceiling “like a great big insect.” Unwilling to stay, he had fled and refused to return except to reclaim his tools the next morning.
    Word quickly got around that the place was haunted. It became harder for the new owners to find and keep the new laborers, none of whom would stay after dark. But the work was finally completed. Two days before the opening, the cousin ran a few errands and left his wife alone to finish some work in the new kitchen. When he returned, he found the woman collapsed on the floor. Medics replying to his 9-1-1 call pronounced her dead. It was rumored–one of those awful tales kids love to share–that she had a look of such terror on her face that it scared even the doctors.
    After his wife’s funeral, the man sold the apartment and put the tea house on the market. But there were no takers. People shunned the place even in daylight. It was said it had somehow been cursed by the tragic loss of the original owners. People kept away from the place as if the Jiroheis’ ill luck might rub off on them. The feeling seemed to be: Let it be swallowed by decay and weeds, taking whatever bad energies lingered with it.

    That’s all I have for now, but I’ll keep working on it. Please give me feedback, and thank you! (ᗒᗨᗕ) ´・ᴗ・` (*ゝω・)ノ

  • Title: Chatroom

    This story is about a boy named Jake who gets a weird message from a girl at his school.

    *One new message from Jessica*

    Jessica: Hey

    Jake: Hi

    Jessica: You go to my school correct?

    Jake: Yes

    Jessica: Do not turn around

    Jake: What will happen if I do?

    Jessica: Just don’t. Please, I am trying to help you

    Jake: Okay, what about when I go to bed?

    Jessica: … You’ll be safe. I promise

    2 weeks later

    Jake: Jessica!!

    Jessica: Yes?

    Jake: There is someone behind me I just know it!!

    Jessica: Oh, well you spoiled the surprise. Do it!

    Jake: Wh-

    Jessica: Is it done?

    Jake: Oh yes it is done. Is master proud?

    Jessica: Oh, yes I am. What will be done with body again?

    Jake: Take it as my own! I’ll be in touch Master

    Jessica: Yes, you will my Jake

    ((This is my first story so like it or not I love it:))

  • Title: Voices

    The school bell rung, and kids flooded out of the classrooms and into the halls. The teachers were drowned out by the chatter of the students. I could hear snippets of everyone’s conversation. A little of some gossip, and maybe a bit of chat about the math test that day. The point is, it was loud, too loud. I pushed past some people in the hall to get to my locker, resulting in a few bad names and insults.
    I finally got to my locker, and put in the combination. I pulled my books from my backpack out and shoved them into my locker. Taking out my lunch box stuffing it in my pack seemed like it was harder than it should be. Slamming the locker shut, I rested my head on the vents of the locker. Banging my head a few times on the locker, then I heard someone behind me.
    “Hey are you ok?” the familiar voice whispered in my ear, “ you look worried.”
    “I’m not doing so hot right now.” i admitted, “ can we just go home?”
    Delilah nodded her head, “ ok lets go.” she said with a smile.
    The walk to my house was a dangerous one, with a few teenagers that would throw things at us, sometimes they swore and made rude gestures and even would threaten us. Today was no different. The group consisted of four boys and three girls, it used to have a fifth boy, but we haven’t seen him in a long time. It started as the normal stuff, a few beer cans throw, a rock or two, twigs and sticks, but then it got worse. One of the girls remembered the last time we walked home. A couple days ago we walked home from school, that day when we passed the group, he came out, he insulted the teens back, made me throw a rock back at them. That day, the mean old teenagers got mad, they threatened to hurt us.
    The girl whispered to the crowd of teens behind her in a raspy voice. Two of the boys got up and jumped down from the little ledge they were sitting on. They extended their hands toward us and grabbed the back of our school uniforms. Yanking us back one of the boys looked us dead in the eyes and in a soothing, yet menacing voice, he said, “ Hey, we want you to stay for awhile.”
    I yanked back my collar and moined for Delilah to do the same. We bolted from the spot that the teens had taken over, strait to my house. Only to find the door locked. I shook the door knob trying to open it. I failed at opening the door, we pounded on the door, hoping my mother was home. The teenagers caught up to us and grabbed me by the back of my shirt. Swinging me to face him, the boy punched my cheek, in an attempt to hurt me. In a matter of self defence tried to punch him back. He grabbed my arm and used it to punch my own face. At that very moment the door swung open, and my mother saw the scene.
    “Go upstairs NOW.” I saw the anger in my mother’s eyes, it seemed as though the angry energy seeped through her pupils into a puddle on the ground. I ran from the teens grasp and in turn i grab Delilah’s arm and run up to my room.
    Finally free from the terror of the gang of teens, we got on to do our homework. Delilah got out her work and scribbled down some answers, I sighed and grabbed the math folder out of my backpack and pulled a pencil from my desk drawer. A little bit later, I decided to take a break. I pick up my phone and browse through my apps. Something catches my eye, a message, from some random person who goes by the name anonymous_gal. I open up the message and read the mean comments in the message. Somewhere along the lines of ‘you are sooo ugly you should just die and make the world a better place!’. Somewhere win the back of my mind, i heard a voice.
    “This isn’t ok, is it? You can text back you know, be mean too! Just do it!”
    “ No, no, no, no! Don’t, please, don’t!” I screeched.
    “ hey, hey calm down!” Delilah cut in, a worried tone to her voice. I knew that she could only hear me talking, until he breaks free of my mind and takes over.
    “She is so worthless! She only cares about herself, she wants to look good, but got stuck with you! Get her! Hurt her! Do it!”
    “NO! SHE HELPS! LEAVE ME ALONE!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, hoping, somehow, it would drive him away, but it was too late. He took over, i felt his power surging through me, as my sanity was pushed to the back of my mind. All I could do was watch myself beat the only friend I had.
    I saw my own body strutting to Delilah, in a dominant way. She cringed in fear, bracing herself from the lashing blows that followed. I watched as my arm raised, my hand curling into a claw-like fashion. He forced me to claw and maul my friend to the point of her bleeding. Her cries rang out through the house as my nails dug into her cheeks, in the process of doing so let a warm red liquid run down my hand and onto my arm. He hurt Delilah, and with my own body. It made me cry to see her cry as she did. She was bawling and at the same time spewing out things to snap me out of the fear and madness that was controlling me. The next thing that she said forced him to the back of my mind as the sanity came rushing back.
    She said, “no matter what happens, I will stay by your side. Even if it means putting myself in danger, I will find a way to help you!”
    The words were so heartfelt and warming, some of the few things said in that line made me cry, she had said no matter what she would stay by my side, or maybe for as long as she could.
    The next day I decided enough was enough, and i went to the hospital and had them tell me what was wrong with me. There was no scientific explanation for what was happening, so i was sent to a lab to be tested and cured.
    The time I spent in the lab was about a year long, but i did have some company, Delilah visited and so did my family. One day a miracle happened. They came to me and said that the thing in my head was gone, and he wouldn’t bother me ever again.
    After the news spread to my family, they took me and Delilah out for ice cream, a big treat for me after all of the dietary food from the lab. When i was licking the cookies and cream from the cone in my hand i dropped it suddenly and started shaking, because somewhere in my head a voice sounded.
    “Hello old friend.”

    I never liked paranormal activities. Even the thought would send shivers throughout my soul. I’m more frightened of ghosts and spirits, than someone robbing my house. My mom had wanted me to be more independent, and, so I packed my belongings and moved into a small apartment.
    In the apartment there were two bathrooms one in my room, and one for the guests. The apartment was quite nice, and the price was affordable, but the only thing strange was my toilet would always flood up red. There was also a huge window inside my bedroom, bathroom, that had a beautiful view. However the red liquid still concerned me, it was not blood-like, so I wasn’t too freaked out. I did ended up calling the landlord and he checked it out.
    “I don’t think there’s anything wrong,” he said. “Alright, so like my toilet is just flooding red liquid? Maybe there’s like a rat there, are you sure everything’s good?” He nodded and that day on I just assumed nothing serious was happening, but frankly my toilet started to flood a lot and that creeped me out.
    I asked my boyfriend at the time,John, to move in with me and he agreed. On the days I didn’t have to go to work, and he did, I’d stay home alone. John was always home late, and I frequently had anxiety staying home. I always had an eerie feeling of some sort that someone was watching me, so I decided to just stay at my mom’s place.
    One afternoon, I was leafing through the internet, at my mom’s house, and saw an ad saying, how dogs could sense things humans can’t. Being the scared person I was, I went to the pet shop and got a dog, that I named Pebbles. Soon afterwards I stopped visiting my mom’s house, because I got confident and said, “Julie its time not to be such a baby.”
    As soon as Pebbles entered my house he started growling and barking. Being the new dog owner, I didn’t know if dogs were supposed to do that. It got to a point where if Pebbles was anywhere alone, he’d just bark and growl at random things, so I had to bring him everywhere.
    One day, John was at work, and I was sitting in front of my closet sorting out clothes, with Pebbles near me. Out of the abyss, Pebbles starts barking directly at me.
    “That’s a new,” I replied uncomfortably.
    Pebbles starts barking louder and I thought he’d thrust his little self on me.
    “Pebbles stop,” I yelled, pointing my finger at him.
    Then, the strangest thing happened. I felt this sensation on my back, it felt like my neck was on fire, and like someone was pushing me. Eventually, Pebbles stops barking and the sensation stops. As quickly as it stopped the sensation begins again. I felt as if someone—or something was just shoving me. It felt like I was giving something a piggyback ride, but I only felt the tension. Shocked and frightened, I could feel myself hyperventilating, I stood up, grabbed my dog, keys, and phone, and then scrambled to my car.
    I sat in the driver’s seat for a little while, thinking whether I should go to my mom’s place or if I should go back up to the apartment. “What if she thinks I’m bonkers?” I thought. I texted my sister saying, how I felt something touching me, and my sister immediately comforts me. I drove to my mom’s house and told her about the incident, my mom hysterically laughs.
    “Jajaja, eres tan graciosa. Probablemente no es tan malo,” laughs mom.
    At that point I didn’t want to talk to my mother. I tell my mother that I think something scratched my back. My mom lifts up my shirt and saw that there were 3 scratches engraved on my flesh. I freak out, but my mom tells me, I probably panicked and scratched myself on accident. I calm down and drank some water.
    “Why is your dog her,” father growls.
    My father did not like dogs, so I couldn’t stay long, at the house.
    “I couldn’t just leave him there,” I protested.
    Eventually, I had to come home, and I was exhausted from the trauma. I went straight for my bed and took a short nap.
    I was awaken by the sound of John coming back from work—I thought, but I was still felt a swarm of relief. I went down from my bed and headed towards the bathroom in my bedroom. The bathroom door was closed, which I thought was a little odd, because from the time me and John lived together, we never closed the bathroom door, unless one of us needed to use the toilet. However, John couldn’t be in the bathroom, because I just heard him come in.
    I came inside the bathroom and lifted up the toilet cover—and then—-I saw blood everywhere on the toilet seat, and in the toilet water, but what horrifies me most was John’s head inside the toilet. I could not scream, nor could I move.
    The only thing that raced in my head was,“T-then who was that that came in?”
    Once I got myself together, I could hear Pebbles barking and the thing’s footsteps come closer and closer to the bathroom. I got all the guts in me and ran towards my window, jumping out of it. I was on the first floor of the apartment complex so the jump was too bad.
    I started yelling and screaming,‘’HELP ME, HELP, PLEASE.” I got my second floor neighbors attention and they called the police. The policeman never found out what the thing was, and I still have the haunted memories of my boyfriend’s head. I had many years of therapy and I still can not stay home alone.

    (I think maybe the ending should’ve been a lil’ stronger ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • And also, I know i’m commenting way too many times LOL but you authors out there should use google docs to write your stories and then copy and paste it to the comments. I don’t know, it just feels more comfortable :)

    My mother owned a small nail salon down in Chancellorsville. Even 40 years later my knowledge of the salon is crystal clear. Every Sunday I’d go to work with her and help her with the business. My mother had bought the salon for a very inexpensive price, something in my pitiful soul knew the salon had history.
    The owner would not tell us what had happened, but since I was a noisy individual and so I did my research on the area—that had been my biggest mistake. I couldn’t find any information on the nail salon, so I ended up having to use Wikipedia as my source of information. I knew the website wasn’t to be trusted, but I still read the article. Back then, at the end of any Wikipedia article the author who wrote the article, his or her name would be shown. I leafed through the article, until a word caught my guard, “KILLED.” That’s when I read the whole article.
    It had said that the salon used to be an antique shop. The owner of the antique shop had a daughter who died of cancer. Everyday the daughter would visit the antique shop. The owner was not please, for the owner wanted to see her daughter, however she was frightened and for that she had sold it. At the end of the article the author’s name was Annabeth Ken. I thought that was odd because the person who sold the salon, was named Margaret Ken.
    My first instinct was it is probably Margaret’s family member. Little would I know this information would haunt me. It was a fair Sunday and I dressed up to go to work with my mother. I had not told my mother about the knowledge I had known, for I did not want to frighten her.
    That afternoon I went to go get some sweets in the kitchen area. The table was so very close to the door to get in the kitchen, so I decided not to turn on the lights to get my sweets. Thus was a rookie mistake. I hurriedly clutched my sweets and tip-toed out of the kitchen, however just as I was to leave, I felt a presence almost touching me. As a 13 year-old, I was not afraid of spirits, because I did not believe. A grave mistake. It was time to go home, and I was terribly exhausted from the long day at work.
    My mother drove me home and we had dinner. The presence at the kitchen had bugged me, and for that I had then told my mother. All I could see was fear in her eyes. She told me everything was going to be okay and I must go to sleep.
    That night, I could not sleep. I had stomach aches, and did not want to wake my mother. Somehow I fell asleep but woke up bright and early. I felt a gush of needing to hurl, in my gut. I lifted up my gown and was shocked to find letters on my stomach “A.K” was what it read. I rushed into my mother’s room, her sheets were on top of her head. I then was greeted by her whole room with bloody “A.K” letters on her walls. By then I fell to the ground and stared at the blood, not being able to twitch, as I got myself together, I rush towards my mother. Her sheets were still on. I pulled the sheets off her—and then there was a note on her forehead that read “WHAT ARE YOUR INITIALS?” That wasn’t all—I was trembling and as I looked and my mother’s stomach I could see all her intestines out of her body, and pounds of blood all over the mattress.
    I screamed and screamed until my neighbors called the policeman. They searched my house and said that the blood on the wall was my mother’s. They never found out what had happened to my dear mother, but I swore for vengeance. Later that day, I was put into a mental asylum and I was never allowed to see my home again.

    [Gruesome? This was semi inspired by Sarah Winchester; a woman you built a mansion for ghosts. Highly recommend you read an article about it, enjoy!]

    There was a thing–slaughtering the city of Tokyo. No one dared to be somewhere alone. The people of Tokyo called this thing Skedrikama. A young man claimed that he encountered Skedrikama. He implies that he harmed the creature and said it had no face. Others say that the creature goes around ripping people’s faces, with its jaws, until it finds a face of its liking. Everyone who had encountered the creature, who lived to retell the story of Skedrikama never saw the light of day. They refuse to go anywhere and so the creature was never caught. Legends say Skedrikama still haunts the city of Tokyo, thriving for the right face.
    “I think I need to use the bathroom,” I yelled over the crowd of dancing people.
    “Okay Jackson, I’ll be here. Call me if you need anything,” cried Hannah.
    The party was loud and everyone was drinking. Trash was on the ground, people were hurling over plastic bags, and a group of boys were doing wedgie contests. I rolled my eyes and headed towards the bathroom.
    Suddenly, something caught my attention. I could see a man kneeling to the ground. I halted and stared at the masculine man. He wore khaki black pants and his eyes were as red as blood, it scared me. Even in the distance his presence sent shivers down my spine. I had an eerie feeling, but something told me he needed help.
    I started walking towards the man, my head towards the ground, because his eyes would make me hesitate. I could hear the man standing up and coughing. I reached the man, still not looking at his face, but for some odd reason I could feel his face close to mine. By now I was staring at his shadow, he was somewhere between 6 to 7 foot tall, just staring at his shadow made me uncomfortable.
    “Umm..hey dude I–.”His face came so close to mine, I’d thought he’d kiss me.
    Finally, with all my might I made eye contact with him–or did I? I felt this gush of vomit reach my throat and it went rocketing at the man. I don’t remember what happened next, but I awoke in an infirmary. My eyes were blurry and I felt like I’d just awoke from a concussion. “Jackson!” I turned my head, feeling so nauseous. I wanted to open my eyes, but my eyelids were heavy.
    Hannah was clutching on something, she dropped it and started sobbing. I was trying to talk but words wouldn’t come out of my mouth. Hannah darted towards my bed, she snatched a bottle of water and fed me the water. It refreshed my throat and I could finally feel my body. I coughed. I opened my eyes, my vision was blurry
    “Slow down Jackson.” She smiled and wiped a tear from her cheek.
    “W-what happened?” I croaked softly. I tried to sit up on my bed, but gradually fell down. “Careful,” Hannah whispered. She touched my shoulders and sat on my bed.
    I closed my eyes and repeated,”what happened?”
    Hannah sighed, cupping on my shoulders a little tighter. I opened my eyes, facing Hannah.
    “You were sick.” Then the memories flowed through me like echoes of a cove.
    “The guy!” I cried.”Is he okay? I just remembering vomiting on him. Hannah nodded. “Yeah..” she murmured.
    “Where is he?” I said, fearfully. My head rambled. I felt a swarm of anxiety throughout my head.
    “Hannah tell me.” I sounded louder than I expected.
    “You…vomited on him..and you choked him and he died–cause he opened his mouth. Shocked, I sat up on the bed.
    “The thing is–he had no face.
    ”Hannah, is that…Skedrikama..?”

    (Sorry if the setup is, well, odd. My cousin was like,” THIS IS HOW AUTHOR’S DO IT.” Btw I wrote this story in 6th grade, so felt like sharing a piece of my mind. Enjoy!)

  • This is called Yinja.

    When I was about two years old, my mother had a stalker. I man named Edward James. He would text her endlessly. Call her all the time. Describe to her in great detail what she was doing. And worst of all, talk to her about my father, who died of brain cancer. Eventually, he was caught by police and charged with stalking and the kidnapping of another girl named Jaci Jackson. He was locked away for three years, until he broke out. One day, he was just gone from the prison.

    He never bothered my mother sience then, not ever. I am twelve now. It’s been seven years sience he broke out, but the day the police notified my mother of his escape, we got a watchdog named Yinja. She was a healthy Doberman, who loved to play. On my thirteenth birthday, my mother and I went out to eat. It was a marvelous dinner. Rice and pork in a bowl. After that, we got ice cream. My mom and I don’t eat much ice cream. When we got home, Yinja was coughing really hard, almost like she was choking on something.

    We brought her to an emergency vet. The vet said she would keep Yinja for the night, and we should go home. Yinja would be fine, she said. We got home late, around 11 pm. My mom didn’t want to sleep without Yinja in the house, so we stayed on the couch all night.

    At 1 am, the vet called us.

    “Get out of your house, now! Leave! No time to explain! Come quick!” She shouted through the phone.

    When we got there, the police were there. The vet said Yinja was fine, but she was coughing and choking on a human toe.

    The police followed a trail of blood to the bedroom, where a man was hiding under my mom’s bed, unconscious. One of my mom’s scarves was wrapped around the bloody stump where his toe was.

    The man was identified as Edward James. They found out the location of his home, and found a room with pictures of my mother back to when she was 17. One was dedicated to Jaci Jackson.

    I don’t know what I’ll do when Yinja is gone.

  • I have got a scary riddle.

    I am Stacy. I have a little sister. Her name is Sarah. I love her and my mother dearly. However one day everything changed when mother died. We cried a lot at the funeral. I was sad. At the funeral I saw a guy. He was very handsome. I didn’t know him.
    He got lost in the crowd before I could find him and I realized I didn’t even know his name. Never mind. After a week, my sister died too. It was very sad. Now I am just waiting for her funeral.

  • The Woman In The White Kimono

    One night, I had a very strange dream. In the dream, I was waiting for the school bus at the bus stop, when I looked up and saw a woman. She had pale almost translucent skin and long black hair which was caked with dried blood. She wore a dirty white kimono, wait but something wasn’t right, her kimono couldn’t be wrapped left over right that would mean she was dead. I looked again and saw her kimono was rapped to the left still I wasn’t imagening things. I closed my eyes for a minute to see if this is actuality real. When I opened my eyes she was still there, but only this time she had two dolls beside her that looked like my parents. She picked up the one that looked like my mom and took a knife out of her pocket and stabed the doll multiple times. Then she picked up the doll that looked like my dad and stabed it too. Then blood poured out of the dolls as they screamed my name. I think then I screamed so loud I woke myself up and the whole house up.

    The next night I had the dream again but instead of my parent it was my sofu & sobo.

    I was plaged by this dream for nights on end each time it was difrent people one night it was my 5 cousins Asa, Hanako-chan, Ako, Nishi and Shiro. Another night it was my 3 obas Suzu, Yumi and Kyoko. Another night it was my 4 ojis Kiyoshi, Akemi, Tomi and Kentaro.

    I hoped and hoped that was the end of these dreams, but the next night it happened again. This time it was my sister Ami. This time it was longer then before. Finaly woke from the dream. I thought it was really strange dream and a really long one too.

    Because, shortly after I was born my whole family was stabed to death.

    Since that day I have never had that dream again.

  • Perfect… Not Anymore.

    It was an average day for Beautiful Julia Taylor. Perfect hair. Perfect body. Perfect life.

    Julia was getting on the bus. As usual, she was talking to her friends, waiting on the 30 minute bus ride home. She always brags about how many friends she has, how big her house is. I used to be her friend, now I’m not. I’m jealous of her. I need her life, I need everything she has, her hair, her body. Now, she just bullies me. This morning, in the third period, I was getting my books out of my locker and ‘perfect little Julia’ comes up behind me and says where everyone could hear her “Hey Bitch, why don’t you get some friends for a change! Huh?” They don’t care, they have no clue what I’m going through.

    Julia is not going to be SO perfect, now. I told her boyfriend, Jake Wilson, that Julia cheated cheated on him with Austin Daniels. Those two absolutely hate each other. He went up to Julia and called her a cheating asshole. This was their conversation:
    Jake: “What the hell, Julia?”
    Julia: “Hey babe, whats wrong?”
    Jake: “Don’t act like you don’t know! You know what you did.”
    Julia: “What did I do, Jake? I really am so confused!”
    Jake: “You cheated on me with Austin! Don’t act like you’re so
    stupid. We’re done, Julia. I can’t believe you did this to me.
    I loved you so much, and this is what how you repay me?”
    Julia: “Jake, please! I didn’t do anything wrong…”

    Julia ran off with tears in her eyes. I grinned, now she knows how it feels to be blamed for something you didn’t do, to be treated like shit.

    One thing done. One more to go. Her life is less perfect now. The more I make her miserable, the happier it makes me. The more she bullies me, the more it amuses her. Next, I sneak out to Julia’s house. School is done, she walks out, she glares at me. I smile back. Hours pass, several boring hours. It’s about 10:00 p.m. I can see through her window, she is with her friend, recording a YouTube video on her channel “PerfectJulia457”. Of course, she has 30,000 subscribers. I sneak in, I hear loud snoring. “Must be her dad.” I whisper to myself. I have a sharp, gleaming Butchers knife in my jeans pocket. I creeped upstairs, and walked into Julia’s parent’s room. Yes, they are asleep. I tip-toed to their bed, the dad was snoring so loud. I took the knife out of my pocket, raised it up, and stabbed her dad, twice in the head, and three times in the chest. I walked over to her mom’s side of the bed. I really feel bad about doing this to her mom, though. She is so sweet. I hesitated. Julia’s mom woke up, startled. “I’m sorry, I have to do this. Goodbye, Mrs. Taylor, have a good time with Mr. Taylor in Heaven…” She screamed, I hesitated. I brought the knife up, closed my eyes, and stabbed her mom in the arm twice, and in the foot three times. Julia and her friend came running in her parents room. She saw me with the knife in my hand,

    “Madison, what the hell did you do?! Why? Why did you do this to me?”

    “I proved my point. Now you know how it feels to lose something you love so, very dearly, Julia.
    You know how I feel, don’t you?” I dragged her by the hair out of the room. I told her friend to tag along. She obeyed me, she walked with a trembling body.

    “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

    I told Julia’s friend to go home, quickly. I didn’t want her to suffer, she was so sweet. I pushed Julia against her bedroom wall. She tried to escape, I locked the door. I had the knife behind my back. “The most precious things in life, Julia, are the things you will eventually lose.” I took the knife behind my back and waved it at her stomach. “And one of those precious things, is your life, Julia. Don’t you remember, Julia?”

    “Madison, please, I’m so sorry…”

    “Remember, Julia? We used to be friends. Now, all that’s over.”

    I raised the knife and stabbed her in the chest.


    “Yes, Julia. Now you’re in the pain you put me in, for years, Julia. YEARS.”
    Can you guess where Julia is?

    (Please post this, I worked so hard on it. :])

  • I Can’t

    There are somethings we as people can’t do, here is a list of some things I can’t do.
    1.I can’t find the key to open this locked door
    2.I can’t figure out what I’m eating is healthy or not
    3.I can’t figure out how do do the trick to get out of a straight jacket without help
    4.I can’t stop thinking what will become of my future.
    5.I can’t help but get lost in my house
    Those are just some of the things I can’t do but the worst things is the stuff you couldn’t stop doing, here is my list.
    1.I couldn’t stop finding those girls
    2.I couldn’t stop taking them in any means
    3. I couldn’t stop making them beautiful
    4. I couldn’t stop their screams
    5.I couldn’t stop those men in blue holding me down
    6.I couldn’t stop the men in white injecting me
    7.I couldn’t find a way to get out of my cell.
    Well I can’t say that I can’t do those without trying now can I.

    (This is my first story so if it’s bad then I’m very sorry)

  • Fools.

    It’s our fifth anniversary.
    It’s my fifth chance of redemption.
    See, I’m on a mission. My master has given me and order to kill my husband.

    Seems easy, oui oui. But I seem to have fallen in love with this bloke. Yet all he does is smother me with affection. I don’t want this.

    I ready a small fancy looking candlelit dinner. I’m ready for this.

    I hear shuffling behind the door. It’s him!

    I grab my extremely fine razor blade, and get ready to kill my love.

    I sit in my seat, legs crossed, blade in hand. He walks in, smiles, and sits down across me immediately. I stand up to hug him.

    I lift his shirt a little, and slide the blade on his skin.

    The night passes quite quickly.

    He suddenly falls over.

    I call 911.

    They ask me the basics and get there as fast as they can. I fake cry.

    They police take me in for questioning.

    Fools. Of course they believe me. Fools.
    How foolish of my husband to love me. Fools.

    I am not one person.
    I an multiple!

    I have been Diana Skye, Freii Dela Rossa, Cory Shay, and more!

    I am everywhere!

    and I have killed friends. Family. Pets. Strangers, even.

    And that’s why I love my job.

    Oh, master will be so happy!

    He’ll finally be able to be free!

    Haha! You thought he was controlling me? No! I am the mastermind, the megamind!

    What?! NO! GET OFF ME!

    They wrap cuffs around my hands.

    I still have the blade.


  • I’m Sorry.

    I had a friend. Her name was Ciara.
    We parted ways for the same reason; school. But we always kept in touch.
    But one conversation I had with her was particularly creepy. Here it is.

    Ciara Chandy: Kacey….I’m sorry.
    Kaceeeeeeeeeey: For what?
    Ciara Chandy: I did it.
    Kaceeeeeeeeeey: whAt?
    Ciara Chandy: I killed it.
    Kaceeeeeeeeeey: huh?–

    Ciara Chandy has left the chatroom.

    I can barely make out any type of topic.

    But recently, I’ve been experiencing different types of quote unquote “supernatural” events.

    My cat, Deni, has kept away from me whenever my phone was near me, or when I was holding my phone.

    The phone calls. Those phone calls are driving me insane. All they say is “I’m sorry. He’s watching. I’m sorry.”

    The bathroom door is always open, whenever I close it.

    I recently called a priest to tell me what the hell is wrong.

    He shrieked in terror and cried out “CIARA…SHE DID IT…THE BATHROOM…DON’T.”

    I have no idea.

    Wait what?

    What’s that coming from the bathroom? It smells terrible.

    I walk towards it.

    Ciara stands there, over my parents…my childhood friends who I thought moved away…my boyfriend.

    “And Kacey…”


    “I’m sorry for this.”

    I feel a sharp pain in my chest, until I slump over against the wall, dead.

    The last thing I see?

    A grotesque face of a girl, who I once called my best friend. Face splattered with dry blood, skin peeled off.

  • Don’t Look Back

    Sandra and her Best Friend, Olivia were sitting on the couch in Sandra’s house. “Sandra, look at this!” “What?” Sandra asked “There’s this thing on Instagram about a 30 day walk challenge.”
    “But, we already walk. Everyone walks.” “Let me finish.” Olivia responded. “You talk a walk around your whole neighborhood. When you finish, you post a pic on Instagram.” “Sounds fun.” Sandra said. “Lets do it!” Sandra’s older brother, Marcus, heard them talking about the challenge. “What about a 30 day walking challenge?” Marcus asked. “Its a trend on Instagram. You walk around your neighborhood and when you finish, you post a pic on Instagram.” “I knew y’all would do that.” Marcus said. “Gotta run!” Olivia said. The girls were chatting while doing the challenge. All of the sudden, they heard “AHHHH!! HELP ME!! HELP ME!!” Then, Sandra and Olivia got a text message from a unknown number. “Did you just get a text that read: Don’t look back?” “Yes, Sandra, I’m scared.” Olivia said, shaking. “Don’t worry, Olivia. This is probably a joke.” “Sandra, I’m not so sure.” “I will prove it to you.” Sandra turned around. “Hey- and she couldn’t get her sentence out of her mouth because a masked man stabbed her in the head. Olivia looked back and commited suicide for the loss of her best friend. The same knife went through Olivia’s head. A person walking by screamed and called the police. The police told their mothers about the deaths of their beloved daughters. Right away the mothers came to the police station. Marcus grinned creepily the whole time… (I hope you enjoyed my story! :D)

  • Summer at my grandparents

    Oh summer! Its my favorite season. Its warm and sunny. But there is one thing I hate about summer. Every summer I have to go to my grandparents house for a couple weeks. Why do I hate my grandparent’s house so much? It is haunted. I’m sure of it. I swear. It really is. My cousin is the manager of the building and he told me about an incident that happened right before my grandparents moved in…. There was a man and his cat in the building and everyday he went to the night club and got drunk. One day he got too drunk and when he got home he cut off his cats head and cooked it for dinner. Then he hid the body somewhere. He accidentally added too much salt to the meal and when he ate it he died slowly. When the manager of the building came up to check on them he found a half eaten cats head and the man’s body on the ground. He called the police and the police searched the building. They could not find the body. So they moved on. But there are other reasons why my grandparent’s house is haunted. Whenever I try to use the shower, it makes a screeching noise. Its the same thing when I try to use the sink. I did the charlie-charlie challenge when I was younger there and I never exited the game. Whenever I go into the bathroom the wind violently slams the door close. When I get into the bathtub it feels wet like someone has been using it constantly. The computer shuts off automatically. Last but not least, when I go to bed I feel something touch my head. (Scaryforkids please post my story. It is all true and I’m at my grandparent’s house now. Please!!! Please!!! Please!!! I’m begging you!!!!)

  • The woman in white

    The woman in white.
    Her eyes are like broken Christmas lights.
    You must beware.
    If she is there.
    She has a grin
    Under her skin
    She has no mouth.
    Or a house.
    She bites peoples heads
    Until they are dead.
    She sucks out their brain
    And hits them with a cane
    A girl was walking
    While she was talking
    The woman in white appeared
    And tripped her to the ground with a spear
    She sucked out her brain
    And hit her with a cane.
    If you encounter the woman in white
    She will give you a fright
    And maybe you might
    End up dead
    With no head

    The end

  • Creepy short poems

    I am dead in your shed.
    Now I am under your bed.

    I yell,”ring the bell!”
    Its time to die.
    Bye bye.

    I cried as she died
    I thought it was all in my head.
    As I killed her from under the bed.

    I am dead.
    I was killed in my bed.
    While playing with thread.

    I am death in white.
    My eyes are like broken Christmas lights.

    It was a hallowing night.
    I looked for children to fright.
    “Hey kid wanna have the fright of your life?”
    Good bye!

    It is hiding under your bed.
    Not in your head.

    I search for food
    No food, not good
    I see a child
    That should have a taste that’s mild

    A criminal is on the loose
    He steals shoes
    They still have feet in them
    At least it tastes better than lamb

    A cow is at the window smiling with glee
    The cow holds a knife and points to me
    I wake up and see a cow at my window

    I killed kritter
    She tastes like dinner

    I am the light that flickers on and off
    I am the child’s shadow in the dark
    You can’t see me but I can see you

    The car turns on by itself
    The toy moves off the shelf

    The child’s laughter is from hell
    Someone rings the bell
    The whole town shivers
    Earth quivers

    He points the gun to my head
    I’m not scared
    I’m already dead

    I wail to the whale
    I should have never killed that scuba diver
    Now I am stuck
    There is not even a duck

    Poems, poems
    Such an appeal
    How do you know
    If they aren’t real?

    Mickey mouse is staring at me
    Mickey mouse is smiling with glee
    I thought it was just a doll

    I eat meat
    Human meat
    It tastes like a treat

    The thing from under the bed
    Killed me
    I am now dead

    I hide bodies that are dead
    Under my bed

    The clock stroke 1
    My work is done
    You are dead
    Under my bed

    My reflection says,
    ” I see you!
    Peek a boo!”

  • Hungry baby

    There one was a woman that had a baby. There was a famine in the town and since she didn’t want to kill herself for the baby. She put up a “free hugs” sign near the entrance of the woods and she would kill anyone that comes near. When the mother fed her baby the human meat, the baby licked her lips. When the mother tried some she became a savage. Killing anyone in her path. She and the baby were the only ones in town now. But they were still hungry so the baby got the butter knife from the table and threw it at the mothers back. The mother fell down in pain. Even though the baby was fat, the baby was strong. The mother slowly bled to death and the baby ate her.

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  • AirPilot

    You might think the internet was an AMAZING thing, but there is a secret it contains. AirPilot. It is a part of the brain the internet named. It is the consequence of breaking schedule. A friend of mine committed suicide because of it. Here is her story:
    I woke up and I looked at my phone. It had low charge. Usually it would have been fully charged by now, but I forgot to charge it last night. So I put my phone to charge while I took a long shower. When I came out I got dressed and dressed my daughter too. I hated being late to work and my daughter had to go to daycare. I drove my daughter to daycare and I went to work. I arrived at work and at lunchbreak I usually would take out my phone and play games, but it was still on my counter charging. At the end of work, I drove to my house and greeted my husband. He greeted me too but he asked about our daughter and where she was. I was angry and went back to the car and drove to her daycare. It had a sign on it and it said ‘Closed due to vandalism’. I forgot my phone and my daughter was dead just because I broke schedule.

    That was the last thing she said when she shot herself. This is all true. I still have dried tears on my face. Now remember keep your schedule like always. Or you will end up like my friend.

  • @jenn3985, I LOVE your story!!! Its one of the best stories ever!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • “Hide and Seek”

    A brother named Ethan and his sister Ava are going to play the game, Hide and seek. “Who is going to count first?” asked Ethan. “Me!” responded Ava. “Ok!” said Ethan. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Ready or not here I come!” Ethan was trying to be super quiet, hiding in the cupboards. He could hear his sister’s voice saying “Ethan, where are you? Come out where ever you are!” in her squeaky, little voice. Ethan nearly laughed out loud, hearing her voice. “Give me a hint!” yelled Ava. “Beep boop!” yelled Ethan, answering his sister’s question. She checked in the cupboards. “Found you!” said Ava. “Aww man!” answered Ethan, both of laughing. “Ok, now you hide!” said Ethan. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… and his counting was interrupted by his sister screaming. He ran to where he heard his sister’s scream. He found a middle aged man in her room, eating her alive. “NO! STOP! LEAVE HER ALONE!!” Ethan screamed. The man looked at him, with a creepy look. Ethan ran and hid in the closet under the stairs. You need a code to get in the closet. Ethan’s and Ava’s mom told them the code, which is 3619. He ran in with his phone and called 911.
    *Actual 911 call*
    “911 what’s your emergency?
    – Ethan “There is a middle aged man in my sister’s room eating her alive.
    – 911 “Ok sweetheart how old are you?”
    – Ethan “I’m 9 years old.”
    – 911 “Sweetheart can you tell me your address?”
    – Ethan “Um ok my address is 2306 Stack road.”
    – 911 “Ok stay on the line with me and stay calm.”
    – Ethan “Ok.”
    – 911 “The police are on their way. They will be there in 5 minutes.”
    – Ethan “Ok. What do I do? My mom is at the Grocery store and my dad is at work.”
    – 911 “Ok sweetheart, can you unlock the your front door for me?
    – Ethan “Yes.”
    – 911 “Is there anyway you can get your mom in touch by texting?”
    – Ethan “Yes. I just texted her.”
    – 911 “Ok. The police are here. You can come out now.
    Ethan came out and saw the police and his mom. “Mom!” He ran to her and hugged her. They just stood there, hugging each other.
    The police arrested the man. He was sentenced to death. Ethan’s mom thanked the police for the help. His mom adopted a little girl and Ethan and her are best friends. Now everyday the family visits Ava’s grave, not knowing the man escaped prison and is hiding in their basement…

    I hope you enjoyed my story!

  • The Lighthouse Keepers

    There were 3 lighthouse keepers that lived in the lighthouse. The lighthouse was just built then. But one day, when a boat came to deliver the monthly supplies so that the lighthouse keepers could have enough food. The lighthouse was empty. There were 2 sweaters missing from the hangers, Papers everywhere, and a journal. In the journal it said that 1 of the lighthouse keepers cried for four hours because there was a big storm that day, and it said that another one was paralyzed. The leader said to hold hands and pray. At the end, it said, all is well and God is over all. Then they realized that they must have drowned, but they looked at the news that day, and it creeped the captain out, it said on that day that the sky was calm and it was sunny. It still remains a mystery today.
    (The End.)
    (Please post this. I spent hours studying on it and this is all true. ;))

  • I don’t like you

    There once was a girl named Kale. Kale was an average, poor 16 year old. There was a boy next door named Alex. Alex was 17. Alex had feelings of passion and love for Kale. So everyday, when Kale went outside, Alex went outside and waved to her. Sometimes when Kale went to school Alex smiled and winked to her, but Kale tried to show him that she didn’t like him. So one day Kale went to Alex and said, “Alex…i don’t like you.” and then Alex made the face that little kids make when there parents don’t buy them the toy they want. But it looked horrid when a 17 year old did it. So that night while Kale was sleeping, she felt het bed shift. So she looked under her bed. “Aaaaaagh!” Kale screamed. Alex was under her bed grinning at her and trying to get out from underneath her bed. She ran to Alex’s parents and said that their son was in her house. So Kale took out her phone and dialed 911, even though Alex’s parents begged her not to. When the police came they found Alex in Kale’s room. Then Alex said, ” This wasn’t the first time I stalked Kale.” Then the police searched his room, and they found photos of Kale everywhere, but the one that was more creepy was the one of Kale sleeping. It was taking in her house. So Kale lived a happy life afterwards.
    (The End)
    (Please please please post my story!!!! I worked so hard on grammer and i made sure it was creepy!!!!)

  • Together Forever

    There once was a man named Harold. He always wanted a wife. But no woman was interested in him. So he went to the “Lost And Found” store and he found it! The recipe book of life. He tried to buy it, but the sales lady said it is not for sale. The man took out a Twenty dollar bill and gave it to her. She took it and gave him the recipe book. So when the clock stroke midnight, he took out the book, and went to the page that had the perfect type of lady. She was supposed to be kind, sweet, and adorable. So the man followed the recipe but thought,”Most woman didnt like me.” So he added a lot more sugar. When he put her in the oven it began to rain, then thunder and lightning came. When the oven door was opened the man’s eyes were filled with glee. Suddenly she rose and did a fancy pose. She knew she was made for him. Without turning off the oven he closed the door, not knowing he was making more. He and his wife came together and bonded, such a powerful bond it was. They lived together in the house he had built for this day. But she smothered him with her love, he couldn’t even breath. So he asked her, “May I have some space.”
    She said ,”Of course but you can’t leave without your umbrella. I will go with you”
    “I think i forgot my wallet inside will you go get it?” he said leaving himself sometime to escape. He climbed up to the batter, his heart was a bit shattered because he had betrayed her. She was right behind him crying.
    “What did i do to make you want to leave me? Am i not pretty enough?” she said putting more lipstick on her lips.
    “We were supposed to be together forever, remember? Just you and me.” she said as she leaned towards him for a kiss.
    “Get off me you freak! I need some space. Ok?” he said as he pushed her into the batter. As she was about to fall into the batter she grabbed onto his pants. “Together forever. Together forever. Together forever. Don’t you remember? Just you and me. Fall into here with me. Don’t you disagree. We deserve to be free. Only you and me. Together forever. Together forever.” she croaked.
    “I do disagree. You are so creepy.” he said as he kicked her into the batter. Soon she began multiplying in the oven, while he was at home. Suddenly there was a knock on his door. He looked out the window, there were millions of her. They still were chanting, “Together forever. Dont you disagree with me. We deserve to be free. Just you and me in harmony.” They broke the windows and the door. They all got in to sing, “You and me in harmony. Together forever. Don’t you remember?”
    Then they ate him.

    (The End!!) (Please post my story on your amazing website!!! I worked so hard on grammer and im sure its really scary!!)

  • Sweet and Salty

    I used to be friends with a man named Cougar. At the time he was a chef and i was unemplowas. I used to be friends with a woman named Savannah…but she told Cougar that i liked him, which was true since he was really likable. I figured out because Cougar told me what Savannah said. So i talked to Savannah and she said that he liked me too. So i thanked her. But then when i was walking i bumped into Savannah. She said that Cougar said that he liked her. We kept on talking behind his back. Saying he was a playboy, and other stuff. So i went to the resturant where he cooks at and i told him that i learned a recipe from my grandma. So i mixed sugar, salt, honey, beans, and dung in a bowl, then I served it to him. Hoping he would see i hid a note under his bowl. As i watched him eat and eat, i said how does it taste. He didn’t respond. I teased him, “Cat got your tongue?”
    He frowned. He opened his mouth. He had no tongue. I almost fainted at the hideous sight. And then he saw the note. It said, “Revenge is sweet.”
    (The End.)
    (Please post my story.)

  • Nobody’s Perfect

    There once was a girl named May. She didn’t want dolls, or pets, or even new clothes. She just wanted to be perfect. One day while at school she acted all fancy. Like she was in those movies where woman take the lead. She wanted to be like that. All sassy and groovy. She wanted the perfect body, face, and hair. On Saturday she made a fool out of her self. She was at a buffet and when she was walking with a glass of juice in her hand, she was trying to walk fancy. Then she only paid attention to her legs. She tripped. All of that juice wet her pants and everyone was laughing. After that May’s mom told May thay no ones perfect. So at night May went outside and crossed the road when she saw a car coming. Her blood stained the streets and she died. She left a note saying,”If no ones perfect, then i don’t belong here.”
    (The end. Please post my story!!)

  • Life

    Have you ever asked yoursef, “What is the meaning of life?” I know every single person here has. Well i have something for YOU. Have you ever had a dream that you or someone you love died? If you had…are you really sure that was a dream? Or are you a visible ghost? Sometimes dreams are dreams. But it can have affects on your behavior. Like a man that dreams of being a dog, and when he wakes up…BOOM he has an amazing sense of smell. So next time you dream of dying, remember…it might not be a dream.
    (The End)
    (Dear ScaryForKids, you dont have to post this story. I made it for fun. But if you want you could. I just took one of the impossible questions and turned it into a paragraph.)

  • Don’t open the door

    There once was a girl named Lily.
    Her mother died of cancer when she was little and they didn’t get to know each other well. Lily was 13 and she lived with her father. Lily and her father were so close they could sense when they were near. They had a powerful bond. One day, Lily’s dad said he would be late when he came home, so he gave money to Lily so she can order dinner and kissed her on the head. Lily came back after hours of school and sat at the kitchen table to do her homework. Shortly after Lily felt a sting in her neck. She felt more and more stings, so she got up, went to the fridge and got an ice-pack. Then she put it on her neck. Later Lily felt hungry so she called the “Joe’s Pizza” and delivered a small pepperoni pizza. Not long after she called, she fell asleep. In her dream, her mom was next to her and said in a faint voice ,”Don’t open the door.” Lily didn’t understand it at first. Then Lily found herself in the sidewalk. She saw her dad in the distance. “Don’t open the door!” He screamed. Then Lily woke up. She heared the door bell ringing. “This must be the pizza,” She murmured. Then she froze. She remembered what her father said. Lily crept towards the door, she looked into the peep hole and she saw her father. “Did you forget your keys?” She asked him loudly. Her father didn’t move. She could only see his face at the time. Then the door bell began ringing intense. It was ringing so fast. She looked at her clock and it was 1:00 A.M. Then after what seemed like 30 minutes past, the door bell stopped ringing. So Lily carefully opened the door…there in front of her was her father’s head hanging from a long wire that lead to the roof. Only his head. Lily began crying. She was so sad she began crying tears of blood. Then she stopped. There was a note on the floor. It said “Now your all alone”
    (The End!)
    (Please post my story! I worked so hard and spent hours writing it. I also worked hard on grammer. Please post it!)

  • Part 2 Of Short Horror Stories.

    The last thing I saw was my Alarm Clock flashing 12:07 before she pushed her long, Rotting nails through my chest, her other hand muffling my screams. I sat upright, relieved it was just a dream. But as soon as I saw my Alarm Clock show 12:06, I saw my closet door creak open.

    I tried to forget the Guy who killed my parents. I couldn’t because he was standing right in front of me. I guess it’s time to go see my parents again.

    I got a text from my Mom. She told me “Hey sweetheart. How are you doing?” My Mom died 4 years ago of Heart Failure. The next thing she said sent a chill down my spine. “Get ready. I will meet you in 1 hour.”

    I got up out of bed and heard someone break into our house. I raced downstairs and just as I dialed 911, a masked man with a gun came at me. That’s when I woke up. Then I got out of bed and heard someone break into our house. I raced downstairs and just as I dialed 911, a masked man with a gun came at me. That dream recurred for all eternity.

    If only I hadn’t poisoned my families drinks, they would have still been alive at this moment. I can’t pay for their funeral’s. I spent all of my money on the poison.

    Our family tradition is to drink blood on every Halloween. I don’t like the tradition even though I like the taste of the blood. We can all thank my grandpa for his Tasty blood. I was sad when my dad killed and drained all of the blood from grandpa.

    I tried to stop the Madness. But I couldn’t because I was already dead.

    I didn’t want to kill my little sister. But I had to. I needed to have all of mommy and daddy’s attention.

  • Short Horror Stories

    I heard the sink turn on in the Kitchen. I live alone. I got up. The water was off. Then I saw what was coming from the sink. It was Blood. Then I went to file a Missing Persons report for my Parents.

    I went to the Park to walk my Dog. My dog was playing around with all of the other dogs. Just then I remembered that this was the Park where a Serial Killer murdered everybody in it. It made me think about how I was one of those people.

    I heard a sound that sounded like glass knocking. I just brushed it off as my Nerves. Then I saw that it was coming from the mirror. Coming out of the mirror was the Girl I killed while she was sitting in her room watching a Documentary about all of the 759 people I murdered. She made 760.

    The Bloody face stared at me through the window. I live on the 19th floor. Next thing I see is a camera in his hands. I look closely and saw that he took a picture of my Sleeping Twin Sister. My Mom came in and asked me who was I talking to. I said its just my imagination. Then I fell asleep. I woke up to a flash of a camera.

    I kissed my Wife and Daughter goodnight. I woke up in a white room with padded walls. I asked the Nurses what I was doing there. They told me I murdered my Daughter and Wife. I thought It was just a Dream.

    She went upstairs to check on her sleeping Daughter. The window was open. The bed was empty. There was blood on the crib. And her closet door was open.

    I went upstairs to see what was making the banging noise. I just remembered I don’t have a 2 story house. But, I still hear the noise. I’m still going to see what is making the noise.

    I saw my Sister walking down the street towards my Apartment. My Sister died when she 16. She had a Heart Attack. She still remembers me.

  • “My Revenge”

    This story is about a Girl named Vanessa Moreno who was Murdered by an unknown killer. Her spirit tells us her revenge story.

    Hello. My name is Vanessa Moreno. I am 21 years old. I am going to tell you my Murder and Revenge story.

    My killer is unknown. He messed with the Wrong person. Okay, enough talk, here’s my story.

    So, I was sitting down on a couch in my Living room, in my house. I had Headphones on my ears, so I couldn’t hear anything.
    Except my Song Playing…
    Then the Glass Breaking…
    Then my Screams… And after that he put the Bag on my head and I blacked out.
    When I woke up, I was locked in a Chamber, strapped onto a Old wooden chair. “HELP!!” I cried.
    The guy who Abducted me answered very Aggressively. “Shut up or I will Kill you before its you’re time to die!”
    Just when he said that, I knew there was a certain time he was going to Kill me.
    “Okay, now’s you’re time to die!” When he said that, he shot me in the head with a Shot gun and then finished me off with a Machete.

    Now, here’s my Revenge story

    When he went to sleep, which was at 3:30 am, I took the same Machete he Murdered me with and Stabbed him in the foot. He screamed in Pain. “Haha! That’s what you get for Murdering me! I hope you burn with the devil laughing while you scream in Pain!”

    Now, that’s why you don’t murder an innocent person! You will get Instant Karma!

  • Billy Blend

    Once there was a man named Ian who had a wife named Rose and twin children, Sammy and Samantha. One day Ian went into the living room and saw the kids watching a puppet show. He asked what it was. “Billy Blend.” Sammy answered, and he went back to watching. I stared at the five year old boy and girl. “What’s that?” Ian asked. “A funny show.” Samantha answered. Suddenly someone with a knife came onto the screen. All three people watched in horror as the man started violently stabbing the puppets while blood was splattered onto the screen. I shut off the TV. even after I turned off the television, the screams of the puppets and the sounds of stabbing were heard. I told the children to go find Mom and try to get their minds off of the terrifying moment. I called the TV station and questioned them as to why such a violent puppet show on the kids section of TV. The man was confused, and stated that Billy Blend wasn’t a puppet kids cooking show, but a live action kids cooking show, and it had been off television for 12 years after a man burst into the room and started killing everyone in it…

  • “You Will Regret It”

    One Typical evening, a Teenager who went by Sam, whose name was Samantha was doing her Homework with her Best friend, Emma. Samantha was stuck on #7. There was 40 Math & Reading questions, Typical High school teachers. “How does Mrs. Jenson expect us to figure out #7?” wondered Samantha out loud. The question was asking Samantha and Emma to multiply 47×14.
    “I don’t know, but this is what we should expect being 16 in Forest Hills High School.” replied Emma.” “I just can’t get the thought of what we did to Rachel out of my mind!” said Samantha.
    “Don’t worry, no one WILL know and no one will EVER know!” creepily replied Emma.
    Just then, the lights flickered and the T.V that was playing turned off. Samantha and Emma were Greeted to a Horrible, Terrifying, and Stomach twisting sight. It was Rachel. Rachel looked Horrifying. She was Bloody, her eyes were just black, bloody sockets… Samantha and Emma had gouged them out in such anger and hatred. Rachel was in the bloody T-Shirt and Jeans she had been in the moment before Emma and Samantha dragged her to the Bathrooms and tortured her. Rachel was clutching a Machete in one hand, and a large Gun in the other hand. Samantha and Emma tried to apologize and Pleaded and Begged for Mercy. But, after what Samantha and Emma did, Rachel showed NO Mercy. She beat and tortured them, and just before Rachel killed Samantha and Emma, she whispered in both of their ears, “I told you will regret it.” And did one last whack with her Machete…

    I hope y’all enjoyed my story!

  • This story is called “The Death Timer”.

    There was once a boy named Vinny, but keep in mind, there was ONCE. Not anymore.

    One day he was bored, and he was using the computer, finding ways to pass the time. He was looking on the internet, and found a website called “Death Timer”. He thought that would be cool, so he went on it, in hopes that he can stop the boredom.

    He put in his birthdate, and it showed the timer, which he had expected to be something like 89 years, but unusually, it said 15 seconds.

    Vinny was confused so he waited the 15 seconds.

    When it said “5 seconds” he hears his closet door cream open, and that’s the last we ever heard of him.

  • wow, nobody answered. anyways, the answer to number 1 is that Mary is actually Queen Mary the I(or III I forget), also known as bloody Mary. the silver bells are another name for thumbscrews, cockle shells were also used as torture devices, and the “Pretty maids” are Iron maidens, a horrific torture device, seen in Despicable Me 1, when Edith walks into the spike filled casket, that was an iron maiden. 2: the mice were 3 christian bishops, and christians were highly looked down upon. Bloody Mary, back at it again, burned them at the steak.
    and 3, it is about Jesus coming down on his chariot at the end of days.

  • 1: Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? with silver bells and cockles shells and pretty maids all in a row.
    2. 3 blind mice, 3 blind mice, they all ran after the farmer’s wife, who cut off their tails with a carving knife, have you ever seen such a sight in your life, as 3 blind mice?
    3. She’ll be coming ’round the mountain when she comes, she’ll be coming ’round the mountain when she comes!

  • nursery rhymes! if you can guess the meanings of these nursery rhymes, post the answers above. I will make a comment with the answers in a few hours.

  • also, who read and liked my story the gray gift box? please say I did if you liked it.

  • (SFK this is a message for you only. If you decide to post this story, delete all the text you are currently reading. this story is meant to be funny, so put it in the funny scary stories section. thanks! ;)
    Horror Stories 101
    1. never kill someone. you’ll end up regretting it.
    2. if you hear any nursery rhymes, RUN FOR IT!!!
    3. if you hear about a crazed killer on the loose, NEVER GO OUTSIDE! unless you want to end up like Nick from Knock, Knock, Knock(P.S, Knock, Knock, Knock is not on this website, I don’t THINK.)
    4. NEVER GO TO ANY PLACE WHERE A MURDER HAPPENED!!! doesn’t matter if the guy killed them with a spoon or has a tomato head, DON’T RISK IT!
    5. never go around saying “Hello?” as if the killer’s going to say “Oh hey how’s it going pal?”
    6. if you are a black guy stay out of anything supernatural. black guys always die first.
    7. don’t think you are safe just because you are a virgin.
    8. if someone goes missing don’t go around calling their name. it reveals your position.
    9. if the killer can only be killed by a gun, don’t even try to kill him. whoever has the gun is going to end up shaking around and missing the shot, or wimp out and throw the gun and run.
    10. use anything to defend yourself, beer bottles, kitchen knives, baseball bats, anything hard really.
    11. don’t think you are safe if you escape. they will come for you.
    12. I don’t care if you shoot them with a bazooka, blast them to bits, or even slit their throats, YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO CAREFUL. take extra precautions to make sure they are dead before you walk away.
    13. if the killer is supernatural, try to find some sort of weakness! ghost: holy water or a crucifix.
    zombie: blows to the head. vampire: garlic, sunlight, counting beans, holy water or a crucifix.
    werewolf: silver, daytime. phantom: holy water or a crucifix. poltergeist: holy water or a crucifix.
    demon: holy water or a crucifix. witch: circle of salt, water(I’M MEEEEELTINNNNNNNNNG!!!!)
    killer back from the dead: this is literally just a zombie.
    14. if the killer is a human, just do what you would to kill a human I guess.
    15. never explore haunted places.
    16. if the doors close and lock behind you, use an ax or a knife to hack down the door.
    17. if you are getting picked off, leave ASAP.
    18. if worst comes to worst, join the killer’s side.
    19. if nobody knows who the killer is, but they know it’s one of them, don’t think it can’t be your best friend just because he’s your best friend.
    20. if you see a little girl, run away instantly.

  • This story was told to me by my friend, her uncle passed away years ago.

    She still remembers while he was in his hospital bed, he was talking alot. Most of the time, he’d talk about senseless things. But there was one thing that he kept talking about & my friend knew that it was something real. It was so real that it haunted her uncle until the last days of his life.

    During the 70s, her uncle was a reserved army who was called on duty one day to help the government contain the rebel movements in one of the remote provinces in Mindanao (Philippines). Her uncle, along with 15 other reserved men, formed a group and went up to the mountains where they thought the enemies were hiding. Three days passed, but no trails or footprints were ever found in the mountains. On their way back, they saw an old mansion that looked abandoned. They were dumbfounded. They took the same path in their ascent but they failed to notice a mansion as grand as the one before them. They were thinking the same thing – how could a team of 15 men not notice a mansion sitting on a mountain?

    Hungry and tired, they decided to go inside the house and, for a change, spend the night under a roof. They were also hoping that they could find something to eat inside, which was very unlikely since the mansion looked like it had been abandoned for several years.

    When they entered the house, they were surprised to see that its interiors were clean and polished. They figured it might not have been that long since someone was in the house. It had seven big bedrooms. In the kitchen, they saw boxes of canned goods that could sustain their group for weeks. Some of her uncle’s comrades proceeded to consume the food in the kitchen. Her uncle, on the other hand, proceeded directly to one of the rooms to take a nap. They weren’t able to get a decent sleep for days. Her uncle checked each room. He was surprised to see that all the rooms had giant wardrobes containing ivory dolls. Her uncle thought it was weird. Who would have wanted to collect such weird-looking dolls? He thought that the owner of the mansion might be a collector or just plain nuts. He tried sleeping in one of the rooms, but he felt umeasy. He could feel the dolls looking at him. That made him uncomfortable. He took his pillows and went down to the foyer and slept in one of the couches. Before finally dozing off, he heard some of his comrades making fun of the dolls, some even snapped the dolls’ heads and threw them all in the garbage bin. Too tired to even share a laugh with the others, her uncle slept. Ignored his hunger and the noise coming from his comrades.

    At one point during the night, my uncle thought he heard the others scream. But he was too weak to even open his eyes. He dismissed the screams and thought they might just be drunk or playing pranks on him. He went back to sleep again and woke up the next morning refreshe. He sat on the couch and listened for a sound from his comrades. Hearing none, he thought they were all still sleeping, tired from last night’s “party”. But something in the silence made him anxious. He quickly got up to chexk on the others.

    What he saw made him scream. All of the rooms were filled with blood. His comrades were killed in their sleep. Some of them were stabbed to death. Others had bruises on their necks indicating that they wrre strangled. Her uncle took his gun, and quickly scanned the place afraid that someone might attack him. He ran from one room to another. All of his comrades were already dead. One was even decapitated. Her uncle felt like surrendering to insanity. As an army man, he was a witness to a lot of bloodshed but nothing could compare to what he was seeing then. He checked the rooms to see if the killers left something to identify them with. He was shocked to see that the dolls were all over the place. When he picked one of them, he saw the head was detached from its body. He picked another one, he saw the doll was stabbed numerous times with what looked like an ice pick. Something caught his eye. He slowly turned his head to the right where he caught a glimpse of something moving! It had something in its hands. It looked like a cutter. Fearing he might go insane in a moment or get killed by a moving doll, her uncle ran for his life. He ran nonstop, he ran for hours. And then he reached their camp base.

    He told his captain what happened. He didn’t believe him. Nevertheless, he dispatched several groups of soldiers into the mountain but all reported that they didnt see any mansion up there. Also, none of her uncle’s comrades were seen. They were finally declared missing in action. After a series of test, my uncle was dismissed from the army and was advised not to tell anyone what happened. He was given a chance to go back to Manila and live a normal life. He was sent away from the families and friends of his cimrades for him to avoid questions about what really transpired in the mountain. His superiors apparently took care of everything, including fabricating a seemingly true story of what happened to the soldiers whose bodies were never found.

    But her uncle lived through it. And he died still haunted by the incident.

  • 1. It was the farmer who died
    2. Maid, because there are no corners in a round house
    3. First word of the poem had “I am Behind you”

  • try to solve these riddles:

    1. Foot prints
    A man is found naked with a gun next to him and foot prints all around. the foot prints and the finger prints on the gun match a farmer’s but although he is found guilty, they can’t take him to jail. why?

    2. Murder Mansion
    There is a mansion known as the round house, and it fits it’s name, as it is completely, well, ROUND. The owner is a rich man who is very nice and has a loving family. One day, a scream is heard. The man is found dead. when the police question them, the wife said she was in the lounge relaxing. the chef was preparing lunch. the butler was polishing the silver. the maid was cleaning the walls, down the last corner. and the son was writing a book. who was the murderer?

    3. The Alley
    A woman is walking through an alley way, when a note flies through the air from the wind, and hits her. she opens the note. the note reads:
    I see the night sky full of stars
    Am I the only one who take these things as godly gifts?
    behind the atmosphere, they shine oh so brightly.
    you surely must agree.
    the woman runs from the alley way, screaming in terror, never looking back.

    if you found the answers to these riddles, post them above. I will make a comment with the answers in a bit

  • so the twist is that Damien was possessed. the box was a portal to Hell, and the thing that came for Damien was the devil himself

  • here is a scary story: The Gray Gift Box.

    Let me just tell you, I have no idea where it came from. It just showed up at my door one day. Let’s rewind a bit…

    Hi. My name’s Benjamin, but most people call me Ben. This happened in my Freshman year of college. One day there was a knock at my door. Me and my roommate(and best friend), Johnathan Smith answered it. There was a package with Benjamin Hansen on it. I opened it up and inside was a gray gift box. On it was a note that said “Do not open. Pass it on.” I strangely felt drawn to the box as a moth is to light. I called my friend Jack and we looked at it. all of the sudden Jack said “I want to open it.” Me and John looked at him. I was about to say something, but John spoke first. “ARE YOU CRAZY?!” He said. “IT SAYS DO NOT OPEN ON IT!!!” I told him to calm down. “Jack, he’s right. It says do not open.” Jack sighed and said “I feel drawn to that box.” I said “Yeah, so do I.” All of the sudden The white’s of Jack’s eyes as well as the irises slowly began to turn black, and his pupils began to turn white. He started to get all mad. “YOU WANT IT FOR YOURSELF DON’T YOU?!” He snarled. “JUST BECAUSE IT HAD YOUR NAME ON IT?!” I spoke up. “Wait, how do you know the package had my name on it?” Jack glared. I could see the small white pupil in the black balls that were now his eyes. “And what’s wrong with your eyes?” I demanded. He began screaming. “SHUT UP!!!” He screamed. Then he fell back against the wall. His eyes were open and staring forward, but he was making no sound, not even blinking. I called my friends Damien and William(who were roommates). “Hey um, something’s wrong with Jack.” I said nervously as he leaned there against the wall still and silent. They came over to my dorm. I pointed to Jack. “HOLY CRAP WHAT HAPPENED?!” Will asked, freaking out. “Calm down there.” John said. Suddenly, Jack jolted back to reality. “IF YOU DON’T WANNA SEE THIS, GET OUTTA HERE!” He screamed furiously. we backed out and went into the bedroom. Will stayed right outside the bedroom door. We heard the box being opened. Then there was a flash of light. We ran outside to see Will lying on the ground. His eyes were staring right up, and his mouth was moving, but no sound was coming out. John began to pump on his chest and stomach and me and Damien went to Jack. But Jack wasn’t there. All there was was the gray gift box, closed. Me and Damien looked at each other, scared out of our wits. Then John came in, Will’s arms around his neck, supporting him. Will was mumbling, but he was scared and breathing heavily. “Will what happened?” Damien asked. All Will said was “Light… Box… Lid… Off…” Before he slid off of John and fell to the ground. Me and Damien rolled him over. He was staring up ahead like Jack was, but he had normal eyes. “Guys, we gotta get the cops over here!” I screamed, holding Will’s wrist as his pulse was getting slower and slower. “Forget the cops, we need a Freaking ambulance!!!” John yelled. Suddenly Will’s pulse was gone. He stopped breathing. The light left his eyes and became glassy. He was dead. We all looked at each other horrified. Two of us were dead. Damien’s eyes started becoming darker, and his pupils began to become white. Me and John slowly turned towards him. He lunged for the box. Me and John tackled him. He kicked John off, and I was easily shook off of him and he ran towards it and picked it up. I grabbed his leg and tripped him, causing him to fall over. The gray box hit the ground and the lid flew off. A second before the flash, Damien’s eyes became normal, and as what was happening came back to him, he didn’t have time to react. Only John looked away quick enough. This happened about a month ago. Me and Damien are still in the hospital, and John visits us every day. Damien wasn’t able to see, but for a split second before the light I saw something in that box… some sort of portal. it looked like it would lead to Hell. and before I was temporarily blinded, I thought I saw something emerge from the box and head towards Damien. One of the flash’s effects was that I lost memory of a few things before the box opened. I do remember the thing coming for Damien, but I don’t remember what happened a second before the flash. ad I still have to ask Damien why his eyes never returned to normal…

  • here is a poem
    Corn Stocks

    look at all the stocks of corn the farmer has to reap.
    but isn’t it strange that today it seems that the corn stocks weep?
    they cry and sob as they are cut in half by the farmer’s scythe
    I believe I even see some of them writhe.
    I see them every where now, they are in front of my eyes
    but I can’t reach them they are there and that I do despise
    corns stocks, nice and yellow with all of those ears
    but is it just me or are the corn stocks shedding tears?
    it’s been a while since the white and padded walls
    and the white walled corridors and halls
    oh I miss the screaming as I stabbed them till they were dead!
    I just can’t seem to escape the corn stocks in my head.

    for those of you that was confusing for, this is in the perspective of an escaped inmate from an asylum. the corn stocks shedding tears and weeping is representing his past… all the people he killed, the past haunts him. the farmer “reaping” the corn represents him, stabbing them to death. I know that it’s kind of dark, but this is a scary website, so deal with it.

  • Don’t scream

    2 friends are texting each other…
    Ash:I can’t find you anywhere. I think I’m lost.
    Surena:I put a tracker on your phone. It says you’re are in the woods.
    Ash:Wait… I think I hear a nursery rhyme. I heard it when I was little.
    Surena:What does it say?
    Ash:Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of rye.
    Ash:1 to 20 blackbirds baked in a pie.
    Ash:When the pie was opened the birds began to sing. Wasn’t that a dainty dish to serve before the king?
    Ash:The king was in the courtroom counting his money. The queen was in the kitchen eating bread and honey.
    Ash:The maid was in the backyard hanging up the clothes…when swoops down a blackbird and pecks off her nose.
    Surena:Do you see anything?
    Ash:I saw a girl with a white shirt with blood on it!
    Ash:I see a house nearby, it might be haunted but it’s better than almost getting killed.
    Surena:Don’t make any noise whatever you do, don’t scream!
    Surena:I don’t want you to die. I love you Ash. Falling in love with my best friend is risky because I don’t want anything bad happening to you!
    Ash:Wow I never knew you felt like that about me!
    Ash:I think I see the girl coming towards the house. I am near the window.
    Ash: Sorry I was running up the stairs.
    Surena:Ok. Understood.
    Ash:Oh no. I hear footsteps coming towards the closet.
    Ash:P.S. I am in the closet!
    Surena:Remember don’t scream!
    Ash:Sing a song of sixpence a pocket full of rye. 1 to 20 blackbirds baked in a pie.
    Ash:When the pie was opened the birds began to sing. Wasn’t that a dainty dish to serve before the king?
    Ash:The king was in the courtroom counting his money.
    Ash:The queen was in the kitchen eating bread and honey.
    Ash:The maid was in the backyard hanging up the clothes…when swoops down a blackbird and pecks off her nose.
    The end!
    (Please post my story I worked really hard on grammer!)

  • ScaryForKids, Please Post My Story. I Absolutely LOVE This Website. I’m Not Begging Or Anything, I Just Would Like To Have My Story Posted. :)

  • The journey of Edward Tulane

    There once was a girl named Abiline who had a rabbit doll made out of china. She named the doll Edward Tulane. Edward was dressed in expensive clothing. Then, one day, Abiline went on a cruise ship. Of course she brought Edward with her. Then 2 boys went up to Abiline and asked her what Edward did and why he had a locket on his chest. Abiline refused to answer. Suddenly, one of the boys grabbed Edward and swung Edward off the ship.
    “No! Edward is special. He had been cursed with a spell. He can’t go!” That was easily done than said. Edward was sinking to the bottom of the sea and Abiline couldn’t do anything about it. “Is my hat still on my head?” Edward thought. 2 years past and one day Edward saw a net coming towards him. Edward had always been selfish. He was so vain and he loved nobody. He got picked up by a man named Lawrence. “Look what we have here. A rabbit. Lucy will love you.” Lawrence said in a calm voice. They got home. They lived in a red shack. When Lucy layed eyes on Edward she squealed with joy. But they had a daughter that studied voodoo magic and cast evil spells. The daughter saw Edward and put a spell on him. “Ja sui pac du kalo puis keel!” she shouted. Then Edward’s eyes began to get red. Edward stood up and said,” I am at your service!” The daughter was happy with her creation so she threw it in the garbage can. A hobo named Bull that had a dog named Lucy found him. One day they found this abandond train and decided to sleep there. At night Edward’s eyes turned red. He stood up and walked towards Lucy with a butchers knife. Stab! Right before Bull was awake Edward returned to normal before Bull could have seen him. A buglar came during the next night. “Is that what I think it is? A china rabbit!” he said before he kicked Edward out the window. 5 years later Edward was found by a cruel old woman. The woman was drunk. She thought Edward was a scarecrow. A boy named Bryce saw what the old lady had done. Bryce took Edward down and brought Edward to his house. He lived in a little shack. Edward saw something that caught his attention there on a bed was a little girl. She was Sarah Ruth. Edward felt his heart opening. But now he…he…he felt his eyes glowing red,”Not now!” he thought. The urgent feeling of killing someone took over his body. He stood up, walked over to Sarah and took out an average knife and stabbed her in the foot. She died instantly. Bryce saw what happened and ran away crying. The dad came home and took Edward as a remembrance of his daughter. He went to a diner though he had no money. The diner was called “Neal’s Diner”. He ate pancakes and sausage. But he told the waiter he had no money. The waiter called the chef and the father told the chef he could do magic tricks with Edward to repay him. Neal(the chef) took Edward and banged him against the table. There was a big crack! Edwards head had broke into 21 pieces. The father screamed. The father took him to a doll shop and the doll fixer said only if he gets to keep Edward. The father accepted. Edwards eyes began to get swollen. He exploded red fluids all over every single doll. All of the dolls eyes were glowing red. They flew out of the shop. Maybe your doll is one of them!

    (SFK please post my story on your amzing website! I worked so hard on my grammar! Please post my story! Thanks for all of the great stories on this website!):-D

  • My story is called: “The Crazy Lockdown”

    I woke up to my alarm playing to my favorite song, “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars. It was 6:20 am, on a Typical Friday morning. “Friday, lets make this a good day.” I thought, as I got out of bed to get ready for the new day at School. I brushed my teeth, got ready, ate breakfast, and walked out the door. “Bye Mom!” I said. “Bye Sweetie!” She answered. I got to School and walked into Ms. McCall’s classroom. We were working on “Writing Hour” and I wrote about why I Appreciate my Mom. Just as we were about to share our writing, over the intercom, our principal, Ms. Styon’s said: “This is a very special announcement, listen very carefully. This is a lockdown, turn off all devices and lights. The criminal is armed and in the building. That is all.” We went in to the “Attitude Adjustment Room” and locked the door. We put the chairs against the door. The man started walking towards the classroom door and banged on the door. He ended up breaking down the door. I couldn’t help myself but to scream “HELP!”. My teacher shushed me and calmed me down. The school office ladies contacted the students parents. The crazy man was looking for us when, Ms. McCall made a plan. “When I do a Thumbs Up, RUN.” She did a Thumbs Up. We ran out of the classroom. The parents were waiting outside the school, Praying for their children’s lives. I saw my Mom, Jennifer right away. I ran up to her, and squeezed her tight. We rode home quickly in my Moms White Honda. I felt safe, with my Mom. We went home and we turned on a Disney movie called “Adventures In Babysitting” and ate pizza. Then we heard a sound of glass shattering. We both ran to my room, armed with knives. He came running at us, with a Butter knife. I nearly laughed out loud. Then, I was surprised when he said “YEET” and pulled out a Butchers knife. He stabbed my Mom in her arm. I stabbed and stabbed him until, he died. We wrapped her arm up and everything was fine. We lived a happy ending.
    I hope you liked my story! ScaryForKids, please post my story. I worked really hard on it and, its would be a honor you you to post it.

  • Full Moon Cabin

    “Great,” Shannon complained, “we’re lost.”
    “We took a wrong turn,” said Courtney, who was driving, “I am very sorry.”

    I rolled my eyes. My two best friends and I were going on a camping trip together. I was very excited for this, since I had never been on a trip of any kind without my parents. It was getting dark, and we didn’t know where we were. All we could see was the full moon rising, trees, and the dirt path ahead of us.

    “It’s pretty late,” I told them, looking at the clock, which read 10:30, “why don’t we stop somewhere for the night?”
    “Where would we stop?” Asked Shannon.
    “This is only another campsite,” Courtney explained, “We can stay in one of the cabins and see where we are in the morning.

    The car approached a cabin with the lights on, and pulled into the driveway. We walked up the porch, and I knocked on the door. We waited a second, and the door swung open. Standing there was a little old lady.

    “Hello,” she said with a smile, “please, come in.”
    “Hello,” Courtney spoke up, “we were just looking for a place to stay. Are there any vacant cabins?”
    “Please, spend the night here,” the lady said, gesturing for us to come in, “I hardly ever get company.”
    “You live here?” I asked, stepping in.
    “Yes, I do,” she said, “it gets terribly lonely.”
    “Well, I’m Samantha,” I said. The others introduced themselves.

    It was a small room, with three adjacent rooms.

    “Well, it’s getting late,” the old lady explained, “you girls should be getting to bed.” She showed us our room. Three small beds.

    “Thank you,” we told her, and began getting ready for bed.

    I was the last one to finish. I had just gotten into bed when the old lady knocked on the door.

    “Come in,” I said.
    “I’m sorry to interrupt,” she said, “but this cabin doesn’t have running water. Would you mind going to the well and fetching some water?”
    “Alright,” I said, shrugging.
    “It’s only a few feet away,” she smiled. She handed me a bucket and flashlight.

    I walked outside and to the side of the house, flashlight in hand. I quickly found the well. I began filling the bucket. In the light of our bedroom, I could see the silhouette of the old lady working on something. I finished filling the bucket and walked back inside. The old lady was on the couch, as if she were waiting for me. I immediately noticed she had wolf paws for hands and feet.

    “Uhh…” I stammered, pointing.
    “Oh!” She chuckled, “There are a lot of wolves around here. I make them into projects in my free time.” I was very uneasy.
    “Here’s the water you wanted,” I said, remembering.
    “Thank you. Now, get off to bed.”

    I walked to the bedroom, and I saw Shannon and Courtney in their beds. It took a second for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, but when they did, I saw that their feet were missing. In shock, I looked closer. Yes, their feet were completely gone. The ankles had been messily stitched up. I heard the howl of a wolf outside. I ran into the living room, screaming.

    “Ma’am! Come quick! Someone-”

    Standing in the middle of the room was a wolf, with bloody human feet, messily stitched on.

    Thanks for reading! Have a day and don’t feed the plants!

  • SFK could you please post my story “Cookies for sale”? I worked really hard on it and I would be happy to see it posted.

  • Idk about this one, I think I made it up. I might have posted a similar version, but idk. Here goes!

    Mysterious happenings

    Hello. My name is Jenny. I am 10 years old and I live in a skyscraper in new York.
    Our skyscraper has 12 floors. But if you have ever taken the elevator, you would know that there are 13 buttons. However, the thirteenth button is out of order.
    The day before Halloween, my friends Alyssa, Danielle and I had a sleepover. Alyssa and Danielle also live in my building. Alyssa lives on the 8th floor, Danielle lives on the 12th. I live on the 11th.
    We had just finished watching a horror film called “The Door on the Floor”, and were discussing how horrible it had been when Danielle said, ” so does anyone want to hear a story? I guarantee, it’s way better than that movie.”
    “It’s about our building. About 50 years ago, there was a man. He was very wealthy, and he decided that he wanted his own skyscraper. It was supposed to have 13 floors, the thirteenth a special penthouse for his family.
    ” one year, on Halloween, he received news that his only daughter had been playing by the lake with her friends when she fell in and drowned. Grief stricken, he ordered production of the building to end at once. They had already built 12 floors, and had already added a 13th button to the elevator. Ever since then, they say that if you get in the elevator at midnight on Halloween, the thirteenth button will work. However, all the people who go to the thirteenth floor never come back. They say that the man’s ghost haunts the thirteenth floor, hoping to get revenge on whoever pushed his daughter into the lake.”
    No one spoke for some time. Then Alyssa said, “do you that no it’s true?”
    “Nah, seems like a load of hooey to me,” Danielle said.
    The next day, we all met at my apartment in our costumes. We were going to trade Candy afterwards.
    “Don’t be late!” My mother called from the kitchen. “We won’t!” I replied, and we left.
    We went to every apartment on every floor, and by the time we had finished, we were all tired. “What time is it?” I asked Alyssa, yawning. “11:59,” she said, checking her watch. ” we’d better get going.”
    When we got in the elevator, we noticed that the 13th button was glowing. We exchanged nervous glances, and without thinking, we all pressed the 13th button together. Suddenly, there was a strong jolt, and the elevator began jumping around and shaking madly. Then it began to ascend slowly, and we all huddled together, watching the button in horror.
    Suddenly, the elevator stopped and the lights went out. The doors slowly and shakily began to open. Beyond the elevator, it was pitch black. I stepped forward, holding my friend’s hands. We stepped out of the elevator slowly and nervously. Alyssa rummaged in her pillowcase and pulled out a flashlight, then began clicking it furiously. It flickered for a second and then went out.
    Suddenly, we heard a voice. “Hello?” It sounded like a little girl’s voice. “Do you want to play?” We turned around and saw a girl with soaked blond hair and a pink coat that seemed to be dripping. Her face was a slight bluish color, and her eyes were gaunt and pale. I squeezed Danielle’s hand. The girl cocked her head to the side. Then said, “daddy thinks that little tommy martin pushed me in the lake. The truth is, I drowned myself because daddy was always too busy for me. Maybe you can stay and play with me, and I will be happy again. Maybe you can stay forever….” She began drifting toward us, and we ran back to the elevator. Danielle pushed the button to the 12th floor furiously, and the elevator sped downwards just before the girl got in.
    “Phew. That was close,” I said. My friends looked at me. “Umm…. So, maybe we shouldn’t tell a anyone about this,” Danielle said nervously. So what happened on that night has forever remained a secret.
    The end! I know it’s terrible. Sorry about that. I mean, you know, i’m not proud of it….

  • Cookies for sale

    When I was walking home, I saw a stand thay said cookies for sale. I was curious so when I went to school, I asked all my friends about the cookies. They said they sold the best cookies in the world.

    Suddenly, one day I thought about it. My parents would never let me. Since I was an obedient daughter, I never bought a cookie. One day I heared one of my friend’s died the first time she ate one of the cookies.

    More and more of my friends died because of the cookies. I decided to investigate. I bought a cookie and cut it in half. To my terror I found blood, eye balls, hearts, worms and bugs. I told my parents about my dead friends and their insides in the cookie.

    They called 911 and the police came and arrested the people who owned the stand. But this actually happened, well, sort of. Some people poisen cookies and candy, Don’t take candy from strangers, kids!

    But this morning when I woke up I saw cookies on my plate for breakfast. I asked my mom if she gave me that and she said a secret admirer left it on the door step. I thought that was nice but I broke it in half to see if it was poisened.

    It was poisened. I told my mom and she called 911. It was the same recipe as the people that used to own the cookie stand. I was always known as investi-girl. I kept on receiving cookies I got so angry I called 911 and told them that the people who owned the stand, should be hanged on an oak tree.

    So that evening, people were gathered around a tree while the people who owned the cookie stand were forced to hang on an oak tree. Good thing the oak tree was far away from my house. But it was in my school yard, where we have recess.

    The next day during recess, someone dared me to climb on the oak tree. I didn’t want them to think I was scared, so I agreed. When I was on the top of the tree I felt someone staring at me when I looked at the hanging people and I found out they were staring at me and they were smiling at me.

    I got so freaked out, I fell down. I felt humiliated now. The world was ending for me everyone was laughing at me. The bell rang so I had to line up to go inside. I was worried about that moment when one of the hanging owners were staring and smiling at me. I was scared. I stopped playing with random people. I just sat on the swing waiting for the bell to ring.

    My condition was getting worse and I stopped talking. I missed my friends. I tried doing yoga and I got better. Everyday I had to do yoga so I could get better. One day a girl came up to me and started kicking me. I tried to tell her to stop but she ignored me.

    The next day I found a cookie on my doorstep with a note that said give this to the bully. So when I went to school I taped the cookie on her locker. I saw her eat it and then she fainted, or at least died. I was so happy that I started playing with random people again.

    Soon came Valentine’s Day. On my doorstep it had a choclate chip cookie, and it said from jason but when I ate it, it tastes like bugs and blood. Something kept moving around in my chest then…Pop! My heart fell out of my chest and I was bleeding. My hair turned gray and my skin turned pale and I saw another stand that said Jason’s Cookie Stand.

    The end.

  • I have a story. It’s called Turn Around.

    There was a girl named Kim Jackson and her brother Johnathan. . They were into paranormal things like ghosts and demons. There was an abandoned house across the street from their house that was rumored to be haunted. One day, Kim and Johnathan planned to go to the haunted house. They knew their parents wouldn’t allow them to go because they always said paranormal things are wastes of time. So when it was time for dinner, Maria told them to come for dinner. “We’ll be there in 5 minutes”,Kim said. Then, they climbed out the window and walked to the house. “Do you think the house is actually haunted?”,asked Johnathan. “Maybe. We have to go there first to find out”,replied Kim. In only a few minutes, they were at the door of the house. There were 5 windows. 3 were just shattered glass and 2 were dirty with cobwebs. They were surprised to find that there was no door,just an empty space the size of a door to enter the house. They entered the house and were horrified to find skulls and bones on the floor and blood on the walls. There was a note on the floor. Johnathan picked up the note. It read, “Turn around, Maria and Johnathan”. At their house, Kim and Johnathan’s parents were wondering why they haven’t come for dinner. They went to their room. They weren’t there. They ran across the street looking for their kids. While they were looking for their kids,they heard familiar screams coming from the haunted house. They were the screams of Kim and Johnathan. The parents ran inside the house to see their beloved kids’ dead bodies. On Kim’s body, there was a note. The father picked it up. It read,”You’ve seen the dead bodies of your children. Now turn around”.

  • This is an indian story.i hope you like it.

    I was once taking a road trip from chennai to bengaluru with my friend joe,his sister angel and her bf jack.We were going to watch a cricket match and also to meet jack’s parents.Jack was a quiet boy whom we had met last year.He live in a hostel and we knew little about him.
    Seeking the thrill of driving at night,we started our trip at 7:30 pm and stopped at a roadside stall for dinner.The owner of the stall warned us that to continue our journey,we had to pass through a village which was supposedly haunted by the ghost of a widow.In olden times widows were seen as bad luck and this woman was burnt alive as the people thought she was the reason for all the ill happenings.
    He said that the woman was burnt alive at the exact spot where the new road was laid and the road,despite had witnessed a lot of accidents with no survivors.He said”going there is same as killing yourself” .I was a bit scared but joe and jack didn’t believe a word of it.
    As we were driving,we saw a beautiful girl who was looking for a ride.Joe being a natural flirt,stopped the car and offered her a ride.Me and joe were at the front,angel and the girl at the second and jack was at the back seat.As we were driving I noticed many strange looking people who were were pointing at our car and saying this we couldn’t understand
    Only i and joe saw this as the others were asleep.We started getting scared as we saw more apparitions pointing at us.Some were headless,some had their eyes gouged out and some looked like zombie.I realized that they were pointing at the girl and began feeling that she was a ghost.As i was about to warn joe,the car lost control and was about to hit a tree.I jumped out and saw the car colliding with the tree and was sure all my friends were dead.
    I began getting scared as i was stranded all alone.As i was thinking of what to do,i felt a tap on my shoulder.I turned back expecting to see a ghost but i was relieved to see jack.I told him”Thank god you survived.”I told him to give me his mobile so that i could inform the cops.He told “I’ve already informed them about the crash and four bodies.I didn’t know why but i felt uneasy on hearing this.I looked at the car and saw the lifeless body of my friends and that of the hitchhiker.I realized that the ghost wasn’t pointing at the girl.It was pointing behind her.I was abut to run away when i felt joe holding my hand hand tightly.He gave a devilish grin and said”Where are you going.You haven’t met my mother yet,”

    I hope this story was good and that it will get published.You are welcome to make any improvements on this.

  • I am sorry for the delay in continuing it.heres th contd…

    When i stopped i saw that i was completely surrounded by trees ad there was only a trace of light.I saw a shotgun on a tree branch but as i was about to go pick it,i sensed something behind me.I turned to see the creature behind me looking at me with it’s pearly white eyes and gnashing its rotten teeth.I tried to make a quick dash for the gun but the creature caught hold of me.I tried to wriggle away from it’s grasp and i almost got away but i caught hold of my leg.As the creature proceeded to rip me apart all i could do was shout NOOOOOOO as it became black.

    “Aw man….”I groaned as i kicked my PC. “…I am never gonna finish this damn game.”

    I hope it was good and you can modify it if u want to.

  • All right,here’s one:
    (i don’t know a title for this)

    I was scared to my death as i began running away from it.I was just walking towards my home when i first laid my eyes on it .It did not look like a human nor did it look like an animal.In fact i could not even see how it looked clearly.All i know is it is chasing me and i do not know where to find refuge in.It led me to a dark forest and i had only my flashlight for protection.I felt like i could see it’s eyes behind every tree and hear it’s groan breaking the eerie silence of the forest.I was running for my life when i saw light at a distance.I thought i was safe,but when i reached near the source i realized that it was the body of a previous unfortunate victim.Out of the corner of my eye i saw the thing glaring at me.
    Frightened i ran away from the place till i reached a graveyard.I felt like running,but my legs wouldn’t budge.Terrified i stood there as i saw the creature coming closer towards me.
    Gathering all my courage,i ran.I simply ran without caring where i would reach.When i finally stopped i

  • This story is called “The Happenings”.

    My house is haunted, I just know it. Even my kids know it. I have had T.V’s randomly turning on, Lights turning on and off, And Blankets getting ripped off of my bed. But, One night something way worse happened. I woke up to hear glass shattering. Thinking it was my cat, I went back to sleep. A few minutes later I heard glass shattering again. Then, I went to investigate. I saw a black shadow in the kitchen. Once it spotted me, It started throwing knives at me. I ran out of the kitchen, Grabbed my kids and ran out of the house. I drove to my landlords house and told him everything. He admitted the house was haunted. He told me that “Years ago, There was a women who was murdered in that house. The murderer attacked her in her sleep. She now haunts this house.” I was shocked. Oh god… Shes behind me… Goodbye…

  • Hey sfk I’m here whit the story I promised (from dating profile). OK I know it’s not that good but I trued. If you see any things you can change it to make the story better feel free too do so. OK this is kinda a riddle but its pretty easy so not really,but hey if you think it’s enough to make people’s head scratching, it can be a riddle . Well here it goes I hope I see it in the website
    Hate:Once there was a boy named David.he was 13 and lived in the city.David hated his parent.
    Why you say? His parents hit him all the time,they bearly feed him enough to live. They would tourter him.he rally hated his parents
    One day in the night he went to his bed too catch some the middle of his bed he saw a letter .he opened it up and it claimed to be from the devil.
    In the letter it offered him a deal.he would kill anyone who angered the boy ,but in exchange the devil kept the souls of those killed.there was two boxes at the bottom one for accept one for deny.
    the boy dint think much of it and thought it was a joke or something. He still checked the accept box anyways and left it there.
    The next day the letter wasn’t there.not only that but when he walked in his parents room there throat. The boy smiled “it worked!”
    He called the police and told them he woke up to find his parents like that.all while sounding sad and sheding fake tears
    Years passed and the boy was now 16.he had a bully in school that would always harass him. He went missing and was found three months later .he was found in a garbage can decapitated.
    When he was 25 his boss fired him for sleeping on the job.that night his boss died in a car accident.
    When he was 35 hid wife caught him cheating and wanted a divore. She took every thing from him. She died of a hard attack the next day.
    The police started getting getting suspicious about all the deafs related too him.they filed and investigation but found nothing,so they couldn’t pin the deafs on him.
    David started feeling guilty.his parents did a really bad thing and deserved it,but not the bully,his boss ,or former wife deserved to die.that night we went to a bar too try and forget but it did no use.
    He got to his house around 11 and went too bed.
    He suddenly woke up. He wasn’t at hid house, he dint know where they were. It was extremely hot and the ground was rock and he heard screams in the back ground.he thout for a little and then gasped,knowing were he was

  • This is a short story called “Tip Tap, Lights out”

    A young boy lie in bed, unable to sleep. He felt feverish and flicked on the light. Shadows retreated to the corners of the room. As he lay sweating, and tired, a tappity tap started on the window. Tip tap tip tap tip tap. He turned to gaze out the window, captivated by the hypnotic and mesmerizing noise. Tip tap tip tap. The boy stared in shock unable to move. Tip tap tip tap. The noise gradually became more louder. A deformed creature was banging on of it’s long, greasy claws on the glass. The boy retreated to the blankets and the noise became louder and louder and louder. And then it stopped. A silence set over the room. A blanket of darkness was thrown over the room when small flick of the light switch was heard. The boy felt the presence of another being in the room. And then in that moment daring to peek out from his fortress of blankets. The creature was there and it saw him. After that there was no pain, no more hurt, no more fear. Only the utter silence of a room once filled with laughter.

  • This is a collection of short scary stories

    There was a brick wall that seems to move away. I walked up to that wall one day then it fell and crushed me as it will for all eternity.

    One dark night I tried to fall asleep. She appeared then, but I know she won’t hurt me. Why? She already killed me.

    I love my stuffed animal. He is big and long with skin too. Love him very much, but my mommy doesn’t approve. She misses daddy so I will kill her too,stuff her. Then I will have two.

    My family just died. I cry all the time, I am the only one alive. they cry too, howling about how they miss me. It’s nice to hear, it takes away from the silence of the tomb.

    The little girl in my class plays piano. She plays it all the time in class. She is about 5 or 6 years old. I am terrified of her. Why? The class has no piano and we are all in the sixth grade.

    I cry all night. My parents ask me what’s wrong. That makes me cry harder. I don’t like to be around my parents anymore. The other kids in the orphanage stare at me. Why am I an orphan when I have parents? My parents died last week.

    My brother picks on me. He says I’m not even part of the family. I cry about that. But then I realize that that’s true. I hear my family howling at the moon and snarling. But I don’t have to worry. I will change soon.

    I stare at them. They are frozen in fear. They call for their parents. The parents always come, that’s when I have to disappear. But I wait for the night when their parents don’t come, that’s when I can pull them under the bed.

    I am the butcher’s daughter. My dad severs the best meat in town. Where does he get this great meat? You can thank my mother and brother for that. Human meat is better than cow, for one it’s so much cleaner than cow meat. I love it when dad comes home. He always has a little piece of meat for me. I know I’m safe. he won’t hurt me, I’m his little princess.

    I used to love to tan, that was until my dad did this to me. He told me it was a family tradition that has been going on for thousands of years. Yeah a family tradition I don’t want to be part of! I can’t eat garlic. Or even go to the church I used to go to when I was little. The worst part is drinking blood even though it has a nice taste to it…

    The road was claimed lives for as long as it’s been there. I can’t avoid it; it’s right by the school. The teachers tell us to be careful around it. If only they knew that the road has taken them too.

    After the woman committed the crime, she cleaned the knife. She wasn’t evil though. She didn’t kill anybody, but herself. Her lifeless body lie in bed as she stalked around the house.

    The tall stick like figure walks around the house. When I describe him to my brother he says I’m describing slender man. Oh if only my brother knew that the figure lives inside of him, coming out of my brother’s mouth when the night strikes.

    I hide her in my backpack. My parents and the police don’t know. I can’t help it, love my baby sister very much. It started when I wanted to take her to school. I opened my backpack around lunch time, and her lifeless eyes stared back at mine.

    My family sheirked in terror. The poltergeist threw the lamp and anything else he could find in the large house. I dashed into the closet and a cold voice whispered into my ear. “This job gets hard you know” and pain stabbed into my lower back. “So you will do it for me!” The voice cheerfully said.

    I waited for my older brother in the school hall. He said he bring me a bagel from the cafe he worked at. Just then my brother bolted into the hallway. “Here” he said shoving the oily bag at me. “You owe me” he said as he ran for the exit. After I ate the bagel,my mom called me. She spoke solemnly and told me that my brother was in a car crash on his way to work. He didn’t survive. The bagel started to feel heavy in my stomach.

    The little boy loves me. I’m his best friend in the whole wide world. His parents don’t like me. They don’t like how I never go home. “Don’t you want Fangy to go home?” They ask. Fangy that’s my name. “No” the little boy would reply. “Imaginary friends have to go home sometime.” They say. But me and the boy have a plan. Tonight we kill his parents.

    I hide in the tree. That’s where they can’t see you.

    My dog licked my hand in the darkness. I turned to pet him,but then out of the corner of my eye I saw my dog eating out of his food bowl. Then a human arm wrapped around me.

    I went camping with my friends. A figure walked around our campsite. He was tall, gray and skinny. Every night one of us goes missing. We all want to get out of there. But we can never find a way out. I am the last one.

    I nibbled on a piece of meat. After I ate the little chunk I went to get more. I opened the fridge.Taking a knife I sliced a little piece of meat of my brother’s arm.

    My shadow was long and thin. It was night and there was no moon.

    “Taxi!” I hoisted my bag higher up on my shoulder. The taxi pulled over to me. “Thank you” the man just grunted. My ride home takes 39 minutes, we’ve been driving for hours.

    “It’s scary!” My little sister insisted. I looked at the stuffed bear with the big eyes and soft fluffy fur. “It’s not scary.” “It is.” She whimpered. “Fine if you’re so scared i’ll keep it in my room.” That night the last thing I saw was fake fur.
    The little girl’s parents went to check on her. They smiled when they saw their little girl hugging her teddy bear softly humming. “It was scary, but you got rid of it. Thank you beary.”

    The gravedigger hummed on his way to work. An old woman named Mary just died and he was hired to bury her. When Mary was in the hole when her withered hand shot up and pulled the gravedigger six feet down. Mary got up and hummed while she worked.

    I want you to be mine. On Valentine’s Day you shall be mine. You are so handsome, I love to watch you though your window at night. Like I said on Valentine’s Day you shall be mine.

    I was at home finally after a day at work. but some reason my husband screamed when I turned on the tv. I was confused until I saw a plaque on the wall that read my death date.

    I always hear the sound of a kid singing. it makes me tremble at the fact I don’t have a child.

    The kids at my school are extremely beautiful. They all have lively glowing faces and long full hair. Maybe I’m just ugly. Rotting flesh and only having a few hairs on my head don’t sell too hot you know.

    At my sleepover my friend Belle got a text from some random guy. It read “hey babe you and ur friends are looking nice tonight” We were all like you have a boyfriend!? She just turned her head and looked out my window. She screamed and turned a deathly shade of white. Outside the window was a 40 year old obese bald guy checking us out.

    I went to comic con all fresh faced and extremely excited. I had 500 dollars of my parents money and I was ready to spend it all. Something wasn’t right. I felt sickly and not very well. Dashing to a mirror I saw I was zombie.

    She locks the door every night to keep them out. She forgets the door can be unlocked from the other side.

    The thing stalked around my room, hiding from light sources and dashing in the closet often. But when all is still and we know they are asleep the thing comes up to me and strokes my hair. I smile at my father.

    In the roof, in the walls I crawl all over peeking through my little holes.

    Today at school a girl in a blue jacket tripped and fell. The next day the same. As the next. She will never come to class again. But now she has a plan. Tomorrow the blue jacket will go to you.

    In my backpack the creature hides. With a rotting face and no hair it can be truly feared. I stick my hand in and a warm tongue licks it then the teeth start to tear.

    If you see the eyes, the eyes of insanity during the night, put your face against your pillowcase.

    I sat down to eat my lunch in the school hallway. Kids ran all around and a girl sat down next to me. “Hi.” I said to her smiling. I turned my head and looked at all the crazy kids. She was gone when I looked back. So we’re all the kids. Confused I suddenly remembered that I wasn’t at school, that I was at the abandoned school where my father and his co workers were reconstructing it.

    Not too long ago a murder happened in our small town. I told my daughter to be careful and be sure to lock the doors when I went out. Another murder occurred. I was frantic now. One night as I tried to settle down in my bed my daughter came into my room telling me she was scared of the murderer. I told her I was too. I Let her settle into my bed with me. During the night a knife stabbed into my side. My daughter crawled on top of me and stabbed the knife at me again.

    In the windows of her house she could see the reflection of light made it so that she could see the upstairs of the house in the windows. She saw a dark shadow in one of the open doors. She was very frightened and immediately went upstairs to check it out. She looked into the room and then laughed at her silly fear. Then a shadowy figure came out and took her away. She will probably be gone for years.

    A woman opened her closet to get her coat. Much to her surprise a dead body fell her when she opened the closet door. She propped it back in there. “You won’t be falling out again.” She said to the lifeless body.

    There is a dark room with a mirror in my house. One night a creepy effect was made where it looked like a tall figure with glowing yellow eyes was standing in the room. I knew what made this illusion and I went to fix it. I thought the mirror was reflecting a small box that sat on a shelf and the light from the other rooms were making it look like eyes. I simply put the box on the floor and walked out. When I looked back the eyes were still there.

  • My comment is awaiting moderation, whatever that is🙄
    I’m posting my poem again, hoping it’ll not be ‘awaiting moderation’ like last time.

    I wrote a poem about something scary that lurks in the dark. Hope you like it. It’s called- Bloody Bones

    Bloody bones lay scattered on the moonlight night,
    The roads deserted, not a soul in sight.
    Blood on the sidewalk, everything painted red,
    A blood-curdling scream and the little girl was dead.
    It sniffed at her and nibbled her ear,
    Gobbled her up and nobody did hear.

    The girl was walking along the road,
    Startled by the croak of a toad.
    Wrapped her coat tightly around herself,
    You would’ve been scared yourself.
    If you saw the shadowed lurking past,
    The shadows that the eerie glow had cast.

    Her cheek stung as the cold wind blew,
    Paranoia crept over but she had no clue.
    Of what was waiting at the crossroads,
    About which the wind blew silent little codes.
    But she brushed it off, how stupid was she,
    Unaware that being paranoid was the key.

    The little reached the crossroad,
    Thinking that there was no code.
    But her instinct told her otherwise,
    “Turn back little one! Be a little wise,”
    The wind said to her, told her to back-off.
    She was about to leave, when she herd a scoff.

    She turned around, Oh! What a silly mistake,
    She knew not that she couldn’t outrun fate.
    She tried to run past, but it followed her,
    Running for her life, she cried her very last tears.
    It could outrun her soon, but it didn’t do so.
    It wanted her to suffer, so it let her go.

    She didn’t have to run very far,
    ‘Cause it zoomed up to her like a car.
    She could’ve lived a little longer,
    But she tripped and fell, so it got her.
    It was already way past midnight,
    So there was nobody that heard it bite.

    It sunk it’s long, sharp teeth into her skin,
    It tore we flesh, pricking a lot more than a pin.
    It ate away her limbs, then waited a bit,
    Saliva drained down its mouth, covering her in spit.
    She was alive still, but she couldn’t struggle,
    She was paralysed, all she could do was gurgle.

    Slowly and painfully, her life ebbed away,
    A scary night, that kept cowards at bay.
    It pulled out her heart, straight from her chest,
    She still had a little bit of life, but it soon left.
    It are her little heart, oh so carelessly,
    It tore out her head, being so very messy.
    It consumed her brain, up to the bone,
    Oh how brightly the moon had shone.

    It soon had devoured her petite little figure,
    How many more lives would it trigger?
    It still lives by, at the crossroads,
    But the wind ain’t there to blow the codes.
    It still lurks silently in the corner,
    Waiting for an unlucky soul like the former.
    They all suffer the same old fate,
    Like the little girl who stayed out late.
    It is one of a kind, it has no clones,
    It eats away everything, leaving a pile of BLOODY BONES!

    I worked really hard on it. Hope you like it. Actually, scary poems are not really my thing. I think I should stick to short verses about lost love and such. Or should I try out more with the horror genre? What do you think?

  • This story is called “Crazy Clown Lockdown”

    Arnold’s alarm set off frantically, beeping rapidly. In dazed mindset he threw his hand out to hit it, hit the table a few times finally hitting the snooze button. He rolled over in bed, and got up and got ready to begin the new week at school.

    When Arnold arrived at school, he went to his classes as normal. While the teacher was dragging on about multiplying and dividing fractions, Arnold raised his hand to ask to use the restroom. She motioned for him to go and he gratefully nodded back and hurried out of the room. Arnold was doing his business when a loudspeaker announcement came though. It said “We are on lockdown, turn off all the lights, and devices. The suspect is believed to have hacked our data system and they are believed to be armed and in the school.” Now Arnold was freaking out because he wasn’t done yet, and he heard footsteps coming closer. Static music seemed to be playing, and getting gradually louder. It sounded like the music that played from the ice cream man’s truck. Laughter that sounded like that of a madman’s ringed though the hallways. Arnold was literally crying as silently as he could, for he could not control his tears from coming out. He instantly felt relieved when the music drowned out from his earshot. Then shots of a gun could be heard and a scream rang out. He could the thunder of children’s footsteps stomping past the bathroom in a hurry to get out. Arnold, then pulled up his pants and ran out of the bathroom. He tripped on someone’s foot, and what he saw next left him frozen in fear on the floor, unable to move. There was a clown with a dirty white face, and a baggy clown outfit, that looked like it was rotting away. The clown was holding two balloons and gun and one hand, and on his shoulder there was the body of Arnold’s friend, Clara with several bullets holes in her head, slumped over the clown’s shoulder limply. Arnold felt his hand be grabbed and he was pulled up by a student with wide eyes and a knowing look, and she pulled him through the crowd. police sirens surrounded the school. Many parents were outside praying for their child’s life, crying and choking on their own tears. Arnold spotted his mother right away, and he ran towards her. She covered him in her arms and there they stood for what seemed like hours, just hugging each other. Arnold cried from fear and loss of his friend.. Around him he could hear police shouting to each other “He’s on the run!” But Arnold didn’t care, he thought it was all over now.

    Arnold’s mother took him home. Covered him a blanket and gave him cup of hot chocolate, but he was shaking so much he couldn’t drink it without spilling or choking on and coughing it back out. The school called all the parents and left a voicemail, saying that there systems were hacked and that your child’s information could be the hands of the gunman, and that 3 students were pronounced dead, 50 injured. And that 1 student had a mental breakdown and was sent to a mental hospital. They told the parents to keep their children at home, and that they were working on recovering their data, and that parents should try to remain calm. They were told that the gunman lost most of their data, when the police hacked into his computer storage, but they couldn’t find all of it, your child’s info may be floating around in cyberspace. Arnold was crying really loudly now, and his mother assured him that his info, such as their phone number and email were recovered by the police. “They got most of the data, don’t worry.” She said. But Arnold had the sneaking suspicion that his was in the greasy hands of the clown he saw. His mother got a phone call from an unknown caller. It was just heavy breathing coming though the other end. Arnold spent most the night in his parent’s bed, and then he had to use the restroom, when he was done, out of habit he half-sleeped walked to his bedroom, pulled the covers over his body and settled in for the rest of the night. His parents went to check where he was, and just found him sleeping peacefully. “It’s late Suzie, just leave him here.” Arnold’s dad yawned talked. Around 3:00 am, Arnold had a strange dream that someone with a cold face was biting his toes, and whispered in his ear, “I know you….” Arnold awoke with a start, when the licking began. He woke up to see the clown licking his feet, and next to him was the body of Clara, she looked like her corpse had been dragged though bushes, there were twigs in her hair and skid marks on her face. Arnold you can’t blame him for what he did next, for you couldn’t blame him, as he didn’t really know what he was doing. He beat that clown, and he beat it hard. All during that he was screaming “WHERE IS YOUR SANITY!? YOU MONSTER!” Arnold was choking up tears and he threw up on the clown’s suit a little. His parents who were sleeping peacefully in bed, were suddenly awoken by the sounds of their screaming son, and the maniacal laughter of clown, as if even if he tried he could not stop laughing. The police were called and arrived as quick as they could. The neighbors had gathered around the house filled with fear. The police came in to Arnold’s room to find him beating the clown half to death. They had to pull him away and hold him back, while the other officers put the clown in cuffs. The clown was coughing up blood and looked angry at Arnold. Then in a high pitched voice the clown squealed “I’m coming for you!” And laughed like a chipmunk would. Arnold was shaking, crying, and bleeding.

    Years later, Arnold had done years of psychological help, and taken lots of therapy courses. But now he was a grown man with a family. And throughout the past few weeks, he had the feeling he was being watched. He had his children stay in his room for the time being, for the feeling that something bad was going to happen was just too much.

  • This story is called “Text Messages”.
    A girl named Victoria got a text from her “BFF”.
    Natalie: “Hey Victoria!” “Whats Up?”
    Victoria: “Hey!” “I’m Watching “Fuller House”. “What Are You Doing?”
    Natalie: “Finishing A Project”. “It Looks Fabulous!”
    Victoria: “Yeah, I Bet It Does!” “LOL!”
    Natalie: “Yeah.” “I Love It!”
    Natalie: *2 Hours Later*. “Victoria, Are You Okay?”
    Natalie: *1 Hour Later*. “Victoria PLEASE Answer Me!
    Victoria: “Natalie, Someone Is In The House!” I’m Behind Everything In My Closet With A Knife!”
    Natalie: “Victoria, Are You Okay!?”
    Victoria: “Yes Natalie, I’m Fine, But I’m Terrified!”
    Natalie: “I Love You Victoria.” “You Will Always Be My Best Friend.”
    Victoria: “I Love You Too Natalie.” “You Will Always Be My Best Friend Too.”
    Victoria: “Oh My God Natalie, Hes Coming To The Closet!”
    Victoria: “Goodbye Natalie.”
    Natalie: “Bye…”
    *Victoria Went Offline*

  • This story is called “Text Messages”.
    A girl named Victoria got a text from her “BFF”.
    Natalie: “Hey Victoria!” “Whats Up?”
    Victoria: “Hey!” “I’m Watching “Fuller House”. “What Are You Doing?”
    Natalie: “Finishing A Project”. “It Looks Fabulous!”
    Victoria: “Yeah, I Bet It Does!” “LOL!”
    Natalie: “Yeah.” “I Love It!”
    Natalie: *2 Hours Later*. “Victoria, Are You Okay?”
    Natalie: *1 Hour Later*. “Victoria PLEASE Answer Me!
    Victoria: “Natalie, Someone Is In The House!” I’m Behind Everything In My Closet With A Knife!”
    Natalie: “Victoria, Are You Okay!?”
    Victoria: “Yes Natalie, I’m Fine, But I’m Terrified!”
    Natalie: “I Love You Victoria.” “You Will Always Be My Best Friend.”
    Victoria: “I Love You Too Natalie.” “You Will Always Be My Best Friend Too.”
    Victoria: “Oh My God Natalie, Hes Coming To The Closet!”
    Victoria: “Goodbye Natalie.” “I Love You.”
    Natalie: ” I Love You Too…”
    *Victoria Went Offline*

  • this is called “Luna”
    My name is Melanie. My best friends are Emma and Chloe. Every weekend I walk over to Emma’s house. I hate it. love hanging out with my friends, don’t get me wrong, I hate the walk. I have to turn the corner. The house around the corner is creepy and abandoned. One day, when I was walking to Emma’s place, I saw them crossing the street and giving me a flashlight. “What’s this for?” I asked, fearing the answer. “WE’RE GOING INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!” Chloe yelled. I refused. “AWWWW C’MON!” Emma whined. My phone rang. My mom texted me
    Mom: Mel, you have to come home.
    Me: Why?
    Mom: I need your help baking the cake for your sister’s birthday, remember?
    Me: Ok fine, i’ll be there in a bit.
    “Sorry guys, I have to go home. Sis’s birthday. Maybe another time?” Saved by the bell. I ran home. I helped with the cake and the party. When all of the five year old maniacs were gathered in the living room, the doorbell rang. I answered it. “Hi, are you here for the party?” I said nicely. “yeah, I’m Luna. Is this the right address?” she said in the cutest voice ever. Just her voice made me want to hug her. She had blue eyes and brown hair, with light skin. She was also wearing a white dress with a red spot near her heart.. “Yes! The guests gather in the living room and gifts go on the kitchen table.” I answered. But, when I held her hand to show her where the kitchen was, she was cold. Her hand was freezing, despite it being a hot summer day. I didn’t think much of it. When it was time to eat cake, Luna kept on looking at the knives. She went so far as to take the biggest knife out of its holder. I sat her back down, furious at her.
    After the party was over, the maniacs left and I got a text from Chloe.
    Chloe: so… u ready 4 tomorrow?
    Me: Wats 4 tmmrw??
    Chloe: O yes u r!
    Me: waaaa. Fine, i’ll go, but on one condition >:) …
    Chloe: what’s that?
    Me: you will have to tell Jake you like him >:)
    Chloe: SCREW YOU!!!!!
    Me: then i won’t do it.
    Chloe: >:( fine….
    Me: jk. Youll have to get ice-cream for us
    Chloe: granted. Meet you there with flashlights.
    Me: BAIZ!
    The next morning, I told my mom that I was going to Chloe’s house, so she didn’t have to worry about me. I stood in front of the house waiting for Emma and my doom. When she finally came, we stepped in. “OOOOOOOO, SPOOKY!” Emma screamed into my ear. “Jesus, Emma, calm down!” I yelled back. We went our separate ways. Chloe went upstairs into the bedrooms. Emma stayed downstairs and went into the kitchen. I went into the basement. Of course i had to go into the basement. As I continued down the old wooden steps, the one i stepped on caved in. “Old house, confirmed.” I noted. I continued, unaware of the sight that would be burned into my brain forever. The awful smell should have warned me. When I reached the bottom of the steps, I saw 3 body bags. And one of them was small. About the size of a five year old. Tears were in my eyes as I reluctantly opened the smallest bag. There was a girl, about five years old, and had brown hair. She had a stab wound in her heart. I screamed as I ran out of the house, and threw up on the lawn. I went home and rested. Chloe called the police to see if i was ok. I told an officer that I saw a girl at my sister’s party that looked like the girl in the bag.”Describe her.” he asked. “She had Brown hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a white dress with a red spot near her heart!!!” I said frantically. “Wait! What was her name?!?” He asked rather loudly. “L-Luna….” I whispered. “Luna! That was the girl who committed suicide ten years ago by stabbing herself in the heart!”

  • this story is named: good night brother
    it’s my first, so feel free to critique

    it was late…2:38 am if i remember correctly

    i had gone downstairs for a drink, it was winter so the heaters had been on full blast all month, which meant dry air, which meant dry throats.

    my house has two set of stairs. some old wooden ones, and one that was covered in carpet. i prefer those ones, because the wooden ones always creak and crack. the carpeted ones don’t.

    i went downstairs, and i saw my brother. he was just standing there, looking at a dark corner by the fridge. i was going to ask what he was doing, but you know that feeling how when you just wake up, you don’t really feel like talking. well i felt that…but it was also something more.

    it was just then that noticed that through the reflection on the fridge that his face was held in complete terror!

    that dark corner, was the silhouette of man.
    i had no time to waste! i climbed back up the stairs, and grabbed a BB-gun. a lot of people think they’re harmless, but the top of the line ones can fire up to 341 ft. per second. and if anything goes that fast it’ll do some damage!

    i ran back down stairs! no time to lose! i din’t worry about which stairs to take, the gun-shot would wake everyone up anyways!

    i took aim, my brother still standing paralyzed with fear! i shot right past his head! and into the intruder’s shoulder!
    he bent over in pain! i small bit of satisfaction rising over me.
    and then, he pulled out his own firearms.

    he started shooting like crazy! he was crippled with pain, so he just shot at whatever he though would die.
    plants, cup boards, windows, doors, tables, chairs,

    …my brother…

    it was 6:00 am if i remember correctly. the police had come and found me under my father desk, in his study. i told them what happened. but with the dead body…i could tell they already knew. my parents hugged me so hard i almost broke a rib. they were grieving over the son they lost, but they wanted to focus on the one they still had. to relieve some of the pain. it didn’t work.

    i gave my description of the man, and he was caught three months later. it was hard! that scumbag proclaimed his innocence, all the way to the chair. it was hard, hard to see him, hard hear him try everything save himself, hard to tell this story, hard to go on with my life with the knowledge that someone like that could exist.

    but hardest of all, would be that i couldn’t come up with a more convincing story. you could probably tell by now, i mean, reflection on the fridge? things don’t normally reflect in the dark. and even if so how could i perfectly tell his expression? and shoot right past his head and into the intruder’s shoulder? i was a child not a marksman.

    no. that’s just a story i’ve been telling people
    my brother was shot though! but by me.
    you see there was no home invader just my brother, with a sore throat.
    and a scared 9 year old, who thought they were protecting there older brother. the truth is i did think that shadow was a person, at the time so shot! but i had just shot a wall, a wall which rebounded the lead right into my brother! he was dead on the spot. but i didn’t want to go to jail or prison. so i shot the gun a few more times. making more bullet holes, that would look like an attack. probably the quickest i’ve ever though to do something, it was life or death after all.

    “lame!” i can almost here you say “this just another writer on the internet, trying to make their fiction seem real”

    but isn’t it obvious? that’s why i’m putting this on a small website in corners of the internet. i feel immense guilt for murdering my own brother in cold blood, and having an innocent sent to death. i want to confess! but i don’t wish to go to prison!

    so this is perfect. no one will ever believe me. but i still confessed my sins and am now pure! so thank you. thank you for being a skeptic!

    hope you liked it that was my first horror story:)

  • This story is called Movie Night Massacre.
    Six friends Vanessa, Veronica, Eva, Jacob, Collins, and Mason were having a movie night in Eva’s house. “Any suggestions?” Asked Eva. “Nightmare On Elm Street!” Vanessa exclaimed. Eva went on Netflix and turned on “Nightmare On Elm Street.” About halfway through the movie, They all heard a knock at the door. “Who could that be” Asked Collins as he answered the door. Standing at the door was a guy with a ax and rope. He ran inside the house chasing the teenagers. He swung the ax at the teenagers, then he hit Jacob across the head and left him unconscious. He chopped Eva’s arm off. He hit Mason across the face. He Chopped Vanessa, Veronica, and, Collins leg off. Then he left leaving all of the dead bodies across the floor. The parents have security cameras in the house. When the parents got home, They checked the cameras and watched the horrifying scene. They went to the police Station and told the officer the mans name because they knew him. The police said “He died of a heart attack 10 years ago!”

  • This story is called The Murders On Elm Street
    I was sitting on the couch watching T.V and all of the sudden I heard A high pitched scream. It was coming from my street, Elm Street. Then A news bulletin popped up and it said:”There is a crazed murderer on the loose, Make sure to lock all doors and windows”. I heard another scream. I grabbed my shotgun and went over to the window. I looked out and saw two dead bodies of two women in my front yard. I was Horrified. I picked up my phone and called 911. An officer named James picked up and told me there were multiple phone calls about the same screams. The officer James told me he will call me back when he finds a suspect. It was about A week later when he called me and told me he found A suspect. It was about 9:45 pm so I decided to go to bed. As I was about to fall asleep, I heard glass break. I grabbed my shotgun from my bedside table and walked into the living room with trembling hands and saw A broken window, A masked gunman, and my cousins dead body. I broke down into tears. All of the sudden, The gunman came running at me with A large butchers knife. Still in tears, I shot the gunman in the head. He dropped dead immediately after I shot him. Right after that I went to check on my parents and my two children, Jessica and Gracie. Thank God they were okay. Then I began experiencing nightmares. When I woke up in the middle of night, I saw A man next to my bed. I closed my eyes and tried to make myself think it was A dream. Then I opened my eyes again and saw the same man. Right before I blacked out, I heard a deep voice say: “Goodbye Jason”. I woke up in the hospital. I saw my children and my parents sobbing next to the hospital bed. I discovered 17 stitches across my neck. When I got out later that day, I stayed up all night with my children. A few months later when I got the stitches out, My children, My parents and I went on a vacation to Disney World for three weeks. Before we got in the car, I set up Security cameras in all of the rooms in the house. When we got back, I checked the cameras. As I was checking the last camera, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. Again and again until the last one, when I died…

  • There was a girl named Shanna who was very vain and very competitive. She would spend hours putting on makeup and putting on clothes. Her mother had OCD and always was organizing things and never paid any attention to her daughter. Her father was a very rich man, who allowed his daughter to do anything she pleased. Although Shanna’s life at home sounds great enough, her life at school was pure agony. She was always late and delayed in school because she was so vain. She was also known as a bully to anyone and everyone who thought she was below perfect looking. She was always complaining about everyone and everything who didn’t do exactly what she wanted them to do. She always thought that no one dated her because they didn’t want others to get jealous of them and beat them up or she just thought no one was worthy enough to be with her. She had no friends because of how vain she was and sweared everyone’s name to fall asleep. Her prom was coming up and she had no date. She leaned on her desk angrily and yelled, “WHY ISN’T ANYONE WORTHY ENOUGH TO BE WITH ME???!!!” A new boy joined her school the next day. He was so kind and sweet and also good looking that he quickly became popular and got a great reputation. Shanna thought he was at least worthy to be with her and she asked him to go to prom with her. He smiled awkwardly and said, “You’re the 8th person to ask me that today,” He continued. “Everyone is so beautiful I don’t know who to choose. I’m sorry.” Shanna was angry at this and rolled her eyes and stomped away. The boy leaned over to his friend and asked, “Did I hurt her feelings? I didn’t want to.” His friend patted him on the back and told him everything about her. The boy took out a notepad and wrote: “Do not take Shanna to prom!!” The boy was bisexual so he chose a boy to go out with him to prom and they danced the night away. Shanna looked for him and when she saw him with another boy it enraged her. She had put on a $20,000 big poofy princess looking dress with purple stripes and gold around the waist. It kinda looked like a weird untraditional wedding dress. She began crying and unsurprisingly, no one comforted her. When she heard the principal was gonna say who had won prom king and queen, she smiled waiting to hear her name. But she was hit with a big sense of reality when the principal said that the new boy and his boyfriend had won. she ran all the way up on stage pushing and shoving everyone in her way. She grabbed the microphone and yelled, “A BOY CANNOT WIN PROM QUEEN!!!” A teacher came up to calm her down but she killed him with the microphone. Everyone’s dream night turned into a nightmare as she killed every single one of the people who had been there. Only five people survived the attack. The principal, the new boy, his date, a mother who had been there, and a teacher. Shanna went home acting weird. She said everything was fine and that someone had spilled some punch on her dress and that it would come out easy. While her mother was washing the dress, Shanna told her father everything. She felt no guilt and even tried to kill her father. But he was a very strong man, and pinned his daughter down. He told his wife to call the police and she did. Shanna was arrested for the murders of 86 people and sentenced to death row. Legend has it if you go to the exact area where the prom was held and shout Shanna’s name 5 times, she will appear and kill you and everyone you know with a microphone. The same weapon she used to kill them all.

  • Tick- Tock
    There was once an old eerie town called Psycho City, it was known for the giant clock that sat on top of the mayor’s home, shadowing the whole city. In this town there was a mad man named Igor, everybody in town feared him. Whenever he was out he was always muttering about clocks, and whispering
    “Tick- tock, tick- tock”
    One day in his dark home, at his dark dest he was thinking about how everybody else wasn’t crazy, and he wanted to make them crazy, he wanted to have… friends, that we just like him. So, one stormy night when everybody was asleep he slithered to there bedside, and watched them sleep
    “How peaceful” he muttered while giggling to himself
    But at exactly midnight he crawled to all of the clocks and set them to 3:00PM the next day, first Igor went to the grandfather clock in the middle of the mayor’s home, and moved the hands until it had rung three times, and on the third chime, he snuck away.
    When the villagers woke up the next day it was 9:00PM the next night. The villagers all wondered how they could’ve slept in that much. But they weren’t tired enough to go back to sleep, so they got out of bed, and went about their days as normal, but wondered how at 9:00 at night, it was still bright outside. They ended up going to sleep at 3:00AM the next morning. But when they were all asleep Igor snuck into their houses, and changed the clock to 8:00 AM two days later. He started with the grandfather clock in the middle of the mayor’s house, he moved the hands until the clock had rung three times, and then on the third chime he snuck away.
    When the villagers woke up it was 5:00 PM the next day. The villagers were confused and were starting to wonder if they had gone crazy! Soon people actually started believing they were insane! Running around mumbling about clocks and chanting
    “Tick- tock, tick tock”
    And Igor just sat on top of the giant clock above the mayor’s home watching it all happen below. That night the villagers went to sleep at 1:00 in the afternoon- tick- or was it morning- tock- maybe it was night- tick tock- I don’t know anymore…

  • The story begins with a man named “Coachman Ali” who is walking towards a post office as usual in the cold morning bearing tittered clothes. A deathly silence prevails all around.
    On reaching the post office, he seems to be as happy as a pilgrimage would be on reaching his destination. He enters the office and sits at the corner where he was accustomed to sit for the last five years.
    The clerk begins sorting out the letters in his speed, flinging the letters to the corresponding peons.
    Ali was a clever hunter and derived pleasure from the bewildered terror of the dying birds. As his skill increased, so did his hunting. But this was probably disliked by his daughter.
    The day his daughter leaved him after marrying with a soldier, his regiment in Punjab, he stopped hunting. He could no longer enjoy the screams of dying birds. He had understood the meaning of love and separation.
    Since then, he had been regularly visiting post office in early morning expecting a letter from his daughter Miriam, but it doesn’t come and returns home empty handed.
    The post office staff often laughs at him when they see his habits. The clerk even calls out his name; jokingly even there was no letter on his name. Also there were often discussions on his lunacy.
    For several days, Ali did not come to the post office. Everyone was curious to know the reason behind this. At last, he comes again, but, now it was difficult for him even to breathe and there were clear signs of his approaching end.
    Finally, he meets the post master and asks him for Miriam’s letter. As the post master was in hurry and was about to leave the country, he scolded him by saying that he would not eat his letter, if it would come.
    Then Ali called a clerk and gave him five golden guineas and asked him to deliver his letter, if it would come, to his grave. He slowly left him and was not seen by any one after that.
    One day, the post master’s daughter fell ill and he was anxious to hear from her. He searched for the letter from his daughter from the pile of letters and picked up a letter of the name he expected. It was addressed to “Coachman Ali”.
    Now he realized about his haughty temper towards Ali. He called Lakshmi Das, a clerk and asked him to find out Ali. That day he did not receive his letter and decided that he would hand over Ali’s letter to him, himself.
    Next morning, he opened the door and saw Ali leaning on a stick with tears in his eves. His eyes had a light so unearthly that the post master was scared. But, suddenly he disappeared.
    Then Lakshmi Das came and told him that Ali had died three months back.
    Now the post master was bewildered and confused. He still had Miriam’s letter in his hand. That evening he himself went to Ali’s grave to place the letter.

  • Chalayna

    Long ago, in the Suburbs of Mexico, there lived a 12 year old girl named Chalayna and her father, Miguel. They lived in a small hut away from the city, so there wasn’t much work, leaving them poor. As well as that, the father was sick and old, he had arthritis and brain cancer making it hard for him to move so he was fragile and there was no treatment as they were too poor, so he was unable to work leaving the young Chalayna having to sell dresses she’d learnt to make from her mother before she died. Yet business was low as well as income so they were low on food supplies. The special thing about Chalayna was that her dresses and garments made were the best known in the village, they were absolutely beautiful, she’d wash the old cloths, hang them up and again wash them with a very special solution to make them silky and smooth, then she’d use all kinds of colours like green, red and yellow then sew on laces and, buttons or small sequels or plastic pearls to complete something that looked like what a goddess could wear, her father was very proud of her, but as they were living in an almost deserted area and not being able to find transportation to move to more urban area, not many would buy, so the prices were pretty low.

    Months passed, and poor old Miguel passed away, Chalayna was left to fend for herself. She was absolutely frustrated and upset by the tragedy that she spent a few weeks weeping in her broken bed.

    As more months passed, Chalayna decided it was time to move on, as she couldn’t afford to get her father a legal funeral, she decided to wrap his rotting corpse in her best garments and bury him by the hill. As night came, she packed her bag with cloths and accessories for the dresses and headed off to the city where she could hopefully make a living off her pieces. When she finally arrived to Los Morales, she decided to straight up start her own small business and within months, thousands of rich people were buying her beautiful garment masterpieces and soon enough, her business became the biggest in the city leaving her tons of money. Even the King of Sweden proposed her to make the best dress for his Daughters wedding who was soon to be a bride, it would be sent off all the way to Sweden.

    Years passed and by the time she was 24, many people started getting curious as to how her dresses felt so silky like no other and what the ingredients were in the secret solution, even the best manufacturers were baffled since they tried numerous times with different ingredients, yet the silkiness of the dresses containing the solution weren’t even close to Chalaynas, not even her workers has seen what the solution looked like or what colour it was let alone know the ingredients, nor did her father, she was the only one who knew.

    One day, as Chalayna was working on a garment for a rich dead woman, a mysterious looking man wearing a long black robe approached her asking if he could talk, the fact that Chalayna was so rich by then gave her arrogance and selfishness so she yelled at him to leave her work and not disturb again. As night approached, Chalayna was the only one left in her business building, all her workers had left for the night and she was exhausted so she decided her shift was over. She headed downstairs, grabbed her keys to lock the building but just as she was about to turn the key she heard something smash within the building, she hurried back to the second floor and found that the glass containing her most expensive dress laced with golden sequels had been stolen. Chalayna fumed with rage and grabbed an ice pick near the sewing machine, although she was scared, she was determined to fight the robber off, but just before she could do any further, someone leaped behind her, forcibly holding her arms and her mouth shut so she wouldn’t scream. Looking up, she noticed it was the same mysterious man who’d asked if he could talk earlier, she tried to free herself but he was far too strong for her match.

    ‘Whats the ingredients?’ he whispered’

    ‘Please just let me go!’She tried to speak, so he removed his hand

    ‘Tell me or i’ll slice your head off with that sewing machine’ He yelled as he slowly turned it on

    ‘OK fine, please don’t hurt me’ She hesitated to tell him at first, but then suddenly came with a plan.

    She struggeled herself free from his grip and yelled ‘IT’S HUMAN BLOOD YOU LITTLE SHIT!!’ Realising that her secret ingredient was now in his ear, she stuck her fingers in his eyes and stabbed him in the hand with the ice pick, grabbed him by the hair and sliced his neck off with the sewing machine that was still on going.

    As morning arose, one of her workers came in early to see Chalayna dipping a white cloth into something that looked like a red, dark liquid.
    Note: I hope you guys liked it, did you find the secret at the end? Sorry for my terrible grammar but it’s my first time writing a story, thanks for reading!

  • Scary Past

    Based on a true story. It was just another day in school. It was History after lunch time so most students were sleepy. I found myself drifting to sleep when we heard screams coming from the classroom a floor beneath us. They had no other classrooms near them. It was just basically them on the 2nd floor with the different labs. Immediately all of us went outside to see why they were screaming. I asked all my friends from that class but none of them would tell me what happened since they were still scared. Until the end of the day, we gathered together and they told me this:

    Ms. Eva was sitting on the teacher’s table. Scolding us on what we have done. When Tracy, the one who can see ghosts, became pale and looked at the blackboard behind Ms. Eva. She screamed and covered her ears and closed her eyes. We were all scared and kept quiet when we all heard a child’s laughter.

    The laughter sounded like the child was playing and it didn’t stop for 15 seconds until it became quite again. We kept darting our eyes back and forth to see if it came from a phone or not. Mark then noticed footprints of children all over the ceiling. Some are barefooted, some aren’t. We also noticed an adult’s footprints just being stationary in the corner, but we didn’t really mind it. Then Yassi heard somebody calling for help so she stood up and walked around the room. Since she can’t find where it’s coming from, she came back to her chair scared. It wouldn’t stop bothering her. Tracy looked at the blackboard again and screamed. We all darted our eyes to the blackboard to see a child’s hand prints as well as an adult’s. There were also writings around the walls ‘HELP ME’ written in blood. By that time Tracy had began crying and began mumbling words.

    We heard another giggle and this time our teacher said ‘ENOUGH!’ Whoever is doing it stop it! Stop scaring each other. Look, Tracy is scared! So whoever is doing it stop it or I’ll give you detention’

    Just then we heard children’s screams of terror. We couldn’t really do anything. We didn’t dare move. We just let the screaming pass by together with an adult’s maniac like laughter. Almost all of us were crying including the teacher. We snapped out of the trance of what seemed like 5 minutes of hearing the laughter and cries, we all screamed and ran out the room.

    As soon as a nun in our school heard about the story, she grabbed a rosary, a bible and Holy Water and began blessing the room.

    Since our school is over a hundred years old, we investigated it’s history. It turns out, it’s a cemetery for those who have died in the war, those who died during a major flash flood in our city and it was also a house with a single father and his three children which he murdered in their room while they were playing with each other.

    Because of the incident, we started having altars in each classroom and started praying for all lost souls. So far, nothing has happened. It’s been 3 years since that incident happened and to this day, it still scares me. Even though we were just a floor above them, with the door and windows open, we never heard the children’s laughter and cries and the adult’s maniac laughter.

  • (No offense to the other stories but this is different than all those same old tales)


    “Truth Doll”

    Bella was a spoiled little girl and she was going to start preschool after her current summer break. She couldn’t wait to start it so that she could make her first friends! There were only a few houses near hers, but the children there didn’t like Bella because she would often start fights and constantly complain. She wanted to have a new beginning in school.

    One morning, Bella was complaining to her mom that she wanted a new doll. After half an hour of arguing, Bella lost the argument and was told she couldn’t buy anything until school started. Bella ran to her room very upset. As she slumped onto her bed, she turned to her nightstand.
    She happened to notice a small piggy bank behind her lamp.

    She decided to use her own savings to sneak out and buy a new toy. After emptying the piggy bank, Bella ended up with 30 dollars. She went downstairs and called to her mother.
    “Mom, I’m going to go play in the front yard!”
    Her mother replied from the kitchen, “Ok, but be back for lunch! I’m making your favorite noodle soup!”

    Bella went outside and pretended to play for a while. After making sure her mother wasn’t looking through the window near the door, she went around the house to their garage and took her bicycle out. She rode it down their hill to the nearest shops.

    After 10 minutes, she found an old toy shop. She entered and smelled a musty scent that made her sneeze. An old man was sitting at the front counter.
    “Welcome” he said.

    Bella walked through the small shops and checked the rows of shelves and boxes for any toys. All she found were dusty clothes, a few pairs of adult shoes, and action figures until she got to the back of the shop.

    The back of the shop has three shelves filled with dolls. Bella noticed every single doll was tattered and very old looking. She didn’t want to buy any of them. She went back to the front counter and was about to leave when she happened to noticed a beautiful doll behind the old man. It was prettier than all her dolls and she instantly loved it.

    “How much for the doll?”

    The old man replied, “Sorry, pumpkin, but it’s not for sale”.

    Bella began to cry. She wailed in front of the old man until he couldn’t take take it anymore.

    “Ok, ok, ok! Just stop crying.”
    He didn’t want any visitors to think he was making children cry..

    Bella began to quiet down until she was only sniffing.

    “But listen to me… I found it outside the house of someone who was murdered.. It’s rumored that it’s cursed!”

    The old man decided not to mention what the curse was so he didn’t completely spoil it for the little girl.

    “Just be careful around it… Don’t play with it too much.”

    The girl was overjoyed. The man offered the doll for free but she gave him the $30.

    She biked all the way back home with the doll then hid it behind a plant. She decided to pretend to climb trees, just in case. Just as she was up the first tree, her mother called outside.

    “Come on! The soup’s almost cold!”

    Bella ran inside and into the kitchen. She finished as fast as she could then reminded herself to get her doll. She snuck the doll upstairs to her room. She played with it until bedtime. Her mother told her to turn out the lights from downstairs.

    There was only one problem:
    Bella was afraid of the dark. Well, not necessarily of the dark, but whatever
    could be hiding in it. She turned off the lights and hid herself under her covers with the doll.

    “What if there’s a monster under my bed. A monster that would grab my feet when I try to get out.” She told her doll.

    It felt better to have something she could talk to her fears about.

    “Sometimes, I see faces in the tree branches through my window. I always feel like they could come to life and climb in.. It’s silly, isn’t it?”

    She moved the dolls head into a nod.

    ” My brother told me about a guy called Jeff the Killer. He has a really scary face. No eyelids and a torn mouth with bleached white skin. He writes “Go to sleep” and when you do, he murders you.”

    She felt better to get her fears out.

    “But they aren’t real. Anyways, you can protect me.”

    With that, she fell asleep.

    The next morning, It was Thursday,
    May 12th. School would start at the end of July! Bella couldn’t wait. She basically spent the entire day with her doll. She went outside with it and pretended to dance with her. She put her up in the trees and climbed next to her. She even played hide and go seek… It was pretty difficult. After lunch, she went upstairs and played tea party with her new doll and her other dolls. Bella was having the time of her life.

    By the time it was night, Bella was exhausted. It was 8:30 PM. After climbing into bed with her doll, she was about to fall asleep when she remembered something that kept her up. She had completely forgotten about the curse. She started to feel a bit scared when she remembered the old man’s warnings… Bella had to know what it was. She had to sneak out.

    At 11:30 PM, Bella’s parents were asleep. As quiet as a mouse, Bella took the doll and snuck out. She decided to run to the shop since the bicycle would be too noisy. She reached it at 11:45.

    The man was about to close up wen Bella came in, but she stopped him.

    “Excuse me sir, but could you please tell me what the curse is? I need to know, I came all this way late at night!”

    The old man looked at her sadly and sighed.

    “Very well. The curse of the doll is called the Reality Curse. Whoever owns the doll must be very careful not to mention any bad things to the doll. Otherwise, the doll will make the fears into a reality on the upcoming Friday the 13th. The last owner of the doll died after he told it about his fear of murderers. The curse is unavoidable. ”

    Bella dropped the doll right there. She cried all the way home and didn’t stop running till she reached her front door. There she stopped to think.

    “It can’t be real. Mama knows that too! He only told me its cursed because he wants to mess with me. He’s a real meanie!”

    Instead of being scared, Bella was rather upset. Why did he want to scare her. She decided to go to bed and think of it tomorrow. She snuck upstairs into her bedroom as quiet as possible. Her parents where still asleep. She climbed into bed.

    “Even if it was real, nothing can happen. I left the doll with the man!”

    Bella felt a lot better. She began to think of lots of her favorite things. She was dreaming of her stuffed unicorns and how the doll was gone. She was dreaming of all her good dolls and how pretty they were and how much fun they would have.

    Dreamt even as the clock struck 12:00. Dreamt even as the wind began to shape the trees. Dreamt even as a shadowy figure wrote “Go to Sleep” in blood on her bedroom window.

  • There was a girl named Janet that work at the local grocery store. She lived by herself in an apartment building. She had just graduated college and she was working to become the manager of the store.

    She came home one day and noticed that something was missing. She could figure out what was missing. She called her friend Carol to help her find what was missing. Carol had been to her house hundreds of times so she knew where everything was located.

    Carol couldn’t figure it out either, and it was getting dark. They decided to go to bed and search again tomorrow.

    That night Janet sat in bed thinking about what it was and where it was now.

    The next day Janet called in sick for work so they could search the whole day. Janet was a doll collector so she went to go look at her collection to see if any were gone.

    It was a good thing she did because all of her dolls were gone. She immediately called the cops.

    When they got there she told them what had happened. She told them exactly how many dolls were missing and she showed them a picture of all the dolls in one spot.

    The police decided to search the neighborhood for the thief. While they were searching they found an old cabin that was really broken down. They decided to search it. When they went in the was nobody there but they heard something weird.

    It was an old woman’s voice saying “Mmm yummy dolls”!

    It just kept repeating over and over again. They said they would search the basement. When they went down there they found an old woman in a rocking chair with the head of one of Janet’s dolls in her mouth.

    She was arrested and all of Janet’s dolls were replaced. But there was one that still had teeth marks on it

  • Hello sfk! I wrote this story.hope you’ll like it.


    Jennifer was at a birthday party of her friend and it was getting late at night.she wanted to leave and told the host that she was leaving.hearing this her friend asked her ” Jenny, are you sure you want to leave from here now? It’s late at night and you are alone can sleep over here tonight and leave tomorrow morning.that’s better, right?.but Jennifer was not in a mood to listen.she told her friend that she had to go home and finish some pending work.she assured her friend that she would be safe and left the party.Her home was just a few blocks away and she decided to walk.she knew that it was a safe was a moonlit night and all the shops were closed.the street was deserted and she almost thought for a moment that she could’ve stayed back.still she walked and she felt a strange presence, she looked back and caught a figure following her.she could make out that it was a man.she felt uneasy and walked fast.when she glanced back she saw the man running towards her.she got frightened out of her wits and she started running screaming for help.she knew that there were no houses nearby and all the shops were closed.she hoped that someone would hear her and she screamed for help.the man was a lot behind her and she heard him shout something.she continued to run frantically in hope to save her life.she was running through the road and suddenly a car screeched infront of her, hitting her.she fell to the road and got a head injury bleeding all over.the car driver stepped out of the car .she also saw the man nearing her and she was losing her consciousness.he reached over to her and said, ma’am what did you do? You forgot your cellphone at the party and I was send by your friend to give it back to you.why did you run like that?.Jennifer stammered between hard breathes “please…. take me to hospital.”he helped the driver to take her to the car, and she was later recovered in the hospital.days later as she was recovering in hospital, her friend came to visit she was narrating the incident, her friend said.. “but Jenny….I didn’t send anyone to return you’re phone.I thought I could keep it and give it to you the next day morning.” Jennifer stared at her in disbelief.she then understood that the man was trying to convince the driver that he was not chasing her and was trying to return her phone.if the accident haven’t happened,that man would’ve caught her.when Jennifer got her phone back from her friend, she went through all her selfies at the birthday party and in one picture she saw the man in the background.he was grinning and holding up a butcher knife.

  • “Sarah”

    Carli Smith, a 27 year Brazilian old journalist, lives with her 3 year old daughter Cassie and her sister Sarah Evans in a small apartment in Pennsylvania.
    One day, Sarah texted Carli, saying she would be home late.
    When Carli got home at 8:00 pm with Cassie, Sarah still wasn’t there.
    She waited a little longer after putting Cassie to bed. Sarah still didn’t come home. She started to get worried.
    -a few hours later-
    12;00 AM.
    It started.
    Carli started to hear static, which was impossible since the TV was off.
    She started trembling, and started listening to music through her headphones.
    A few minutes later, Carli started hearing tapping sounds even through her headphones, which disturbed her.
    She walked over to Cassie, holding her tightly. Cassie woke up, startled.
    Carli cuddled her, sitting on the sofa.
    An hour later, she started hearing clicking sounds. Sound that sounded like heels.
    S – Sarah? Is that you? She asked, walking towards the door.
    She then heard moaning and groaning, which both disturbed her and disgusted her.
    If you’re gonna do it, do it quietly. She said, rolling her eyes.
    She then realized that the sounds were continuous.…
    This went on for an hour or so.
    Carli couldn’t take it anymore, so she went towards the door, with Cassie in her arms.
    She looked through the peephole, and saw something she couldn’t ever erase from her memory.
    Her sister.
    Bloody eyes.
    Pale skin.
    Ripped clothes.
    Wounded body.
    S – Sarah? She asked, crying in fear. Sarah said.
    SARAH! She shouted, frightened and sad.
    Sarah suddenly faded away, leaving small streaks of blood.
    S – said, tears streaming down her face like a waterfall.
    She eventually fell asleep.
    The next day, she found a few newspapers at the foot of her bed..along with a letter that said: CARLI..I LIVED WITH YOU FOR TWO YEARS..THAT WAS ME THE OTHER NIGHT..THE GIRL YOU SAW THOSE DAYS WAS NOT ME..IT WAS…
    “HER”. Written in blood.
    (Or maybe red ink)
    [Shut up Kim]
    She turned pale as a ghost when she read the headline;
    Carli looked at the date.
    It said: July 11, 2014..
    Wha..? She said, shaking in terror.
    She had been living there..
    Since 2012..
    And it’s 2016…

  • The Signs

    *This story is also on written on Wattpad, in “Curiously Creepy Tales”. I am A. M. W. @Emma_Luna.*

    One night Aubrey White was at the residence of Julia Pen. They were talking and having a grand time. After a while they were telling stories.

    “I know a story,” Aubrey said. “Of a boy named Noah and his friend Brandon. They were at Noah’s house, one dark and stormy night, when his parents weren’t home.

    “But the boys weren’t afraid. Well, they weren’t until they started noticing the – ” She lowered her voice to a whisper. “The signs.”

    “What signs?” Julia interrupted.

    Irritated, Aubrey rolled her eyes. “Shh! I’m telling a story.”

    “Well, duh.”

    Aubrey ignored this. “Now you ruined the mood.”

    “Sorry. Go on.”

    “Fine. The signs of; Bloody Rose, they call her.”

    “Like Bloody Mary?”

    “No. Quite different. Now, if you don’t stop talking, I’ll summon Bloody Mary to you, and you’ll never hear the end of my story.”

    Julia crossed her arms and scoffed huffily, but kept silent.

    “Thank you. Now, where were we? Oh, yes. Bloody Rose. It was said she was in your house if you experience any of the following without logical reason;

    “One, lights flickering.

    Two, tapping at your walls.

    Three, ominous phone calls, voicemails, notes, or texts.

    Four, voices whispering threats.

    Five, footsteps in the attic basement, or an upper floor.

    Six, disembodied laughter or shrieks, usually a child’s.

    Finally, Seven, a cool breeze inside or a presence of some sort.”

    She took a deep breath and continued.

    “It is said that these would grow so persistent and frightening that you would either go mad or drop dead on the spot. If the signs didn’t kill you, she would. You see, there’s a reason she’s called Bloody Rose. She would take the most beautiful, reddest, thorniest rose, and shove it down your throat, suffocating you. She will put your blood in a chalice, and drink from it. This is said to keep her spirit alive and youthful, so her only victims are children. She only comes if you know of her, know of someone who knows of her, or know of someone who has had an encounter with her.

    “So anyway, the Noah told the story I have told to you now, which is entitled, “The Signs”, by the way. Suddenly, the boys heard a strange tapping.

    “Tap, Tap, Tap.

    “And the lights flickered above their heads. They strained their ears to hear the soft pitter-patter of footsteps above them. While listening, they noticed something else. Cries and screams of children, while other voices laughed hysterically. They found a note. It read,

    “Scared Yet?”

    As they read it, a voice whispered the words aloud. Noah screamed as he felt a cold presence behind him, and keeled over, dead. Brandon, however, overcome with grief, waited for his fate. It did not come. Because, you know, if you offer yourself to her, she won’t take your blood.”

    When Aubrey stopped, Julia raised her hand.

    “What? You can talk now, the story’s over.”

    “How do you know about her?”

    Aubrey smirked. “My uncle was Brandon.”

    But suddenly, Julia wasn’t listening to her, but to something else. “Do you hear that?”













  • The Diary of a Bloodthirsty Ghost
    Day One,
    I wake up and see my mom crying and my dad’s arm wrapped around her. Our house was on fire. I ran up to my parents
    “don’t cry” I told my mom “if we can buy one house we can buy another, I don’t care that all my toys are gone, don’t cry”
    But they didn’t respond
    “mom” I said “dad?”
    I tried to tap my dad’s shoulder, but my hand whooshed through him.
    “What’s happening? What?” I slashed my hand through my dad’s back, then fell to my my knees and cried, I was a ghost.
    Day Two,
    My parents left, I started walking to the forest that used to be behind my house. On my way I saw something, sort of a black, charred lump, I walked towards it. As I got closer, I noticed it looked like a person, I ran to it. It was me, my charred body lifelessly laying on the ground, then it started to come back. It was midnight, I had pulled myself out of bed to get some water, and my dad was there, he had a can of gasoline and a lighter, he was pouring the gas on the counters, and the fridge, then when he turned around to put it on the kitchen table he saw me. His hand zipped after, just narrowly missing my shirt, I darted up to my mom, trying to shake her awake, she started to stir as my dad walked in pouring gas on the ground below us.
    “Hey buddy what’s wrong? This is how you clean the house”
    I slowly backed away, my mom’s eyes opened and as she looked up, she started wide eyed at daddy as he through the lighter on the ground, it exploded knocking us all back. My dad put a cloth over my mom’s mouth, then sped out of the house with mommy in his arms. I bounded after them struggling to see through the smoke, flames biting at my arms and legs. I couldn’t catch up, the smoke alarm blared as I tried to jump over the flames, resulting in a burn on my leg. I fell clutching my leg and my vision blurred, sirens wailing in the distance, I tried to shout for help
    “mommy! I whispered as everything turned black.
    Day Three,
    now that I knew the truth I needed my revenge, daddy had wronged me, and mommy didn’t remember. I was blood thirsty. Okay, so ghosts can’t really use computers so I had to track him down myself. I walked around, trying to hear anything, see anything about what had happened with my parents. Finally I saw in a newspaper that Frank and Susan (Dad and Mom) had gone to Mexico trying to take their minds off their recent tragedy. Daddy had told the press that the fire began because mommy left the oven on, and I was asleep. This just made me angrier.
    Day four,
    I began my walk to Mexico today, ghost time is a lot faster than human time, so I was there in 3 hours tops! I just recently tracked down daddy, and I decided it wasn’t enough just to kill him, I felt like I had to have a little fun. I found out ghosts could sip through walls so I did that and found myself in a bedroom, a kid’s bedroom! Then I heard a little boy’s voice
    “I’ll be in my room MOM!!!!!” She could only be my mom! I had to get rid of this kid!
    As far as I know my parents found his body hung in his room with his intestines hanging out, and his body charred, and black. They moved after that. I followed them to New York City.
    Day five,
    I messed with my dad today, he was cooking steak and I smashed his face onto the grill, he screamed and as soon as my mom came out he was rushed to the hospital. I made sure all of the doctors had… other things to work on. My dad had a scar on his face now.
    Day six,
    Today my dad was wacking away at the weeds and since I found out most things went through me I found that I could move material objects with my mind (that’s what I did with the grill) so today I floated the weed wacker upward until it was inches from his face, he was well you know BAFFLED because most people don’t see a flying weed wacker every day. He was just stunned, glued to his spot. I slammed the weed wacker down, figuring I’d done enough damage to his face, it sliced a chunk of his foot away. He screamed in pain clutching his foot to his chest, once again he was rushed to the emergency room, but the hospital had a unfortunate disaster. My mom and dad wrapped my dad’s foot in tissue paper, and I guess just tried to wait it out, but every day for some reason his foot tissue kept coming off no matter how much they duck taped it. So soon enough it got infected and mom had to amputate my dad’s leg, but all of the anesthetics in the stores and mysteriously disappeared, and all of the saws and knifes had burnt somehow. So my dad was in excruciating pain while my mom chewed his leg off.
    Day seven,
    After all of the “clumsy accidents” my dad had made, my mom decided she couldn’t handle it anymore, and she dumped daddy. He lives on the streets holding a sign that says
    “please help, I’ll take anything, please help me”
    I giggled at the sight of this, I was about to put him out of his misery when I realized how funny he looked, sobbing, leg pussy, lying in the streets. I decided this was so fun, I had to do it some more. But I only tortured parents who neglected their children. Often I murder the parents, they don’t deserve life. Sometimes I murder children to show the parents that they don’t understand what they have is great until they lose it.

    My parents neglected me, I am dead now, I am a ghost.

    How was it? Sorry if it sucks, first story, got this idea from the story Imaginary Friends. I’ve been reading on this website forever, and just recently got an account. Hop you guys like it!

  • Paranoia
    Lately I haven’t felt safe in my apartment. Or anywhere really. You see, last week when I was exiting my apartment building I saw a tall and skinny man dressed in a black overcoat with a black hat that covered his face staring at me. It wasn’t an who are you stare, it was a death stare that sent ice throughout my veins. I moved away, and he swayed with me, matching my steps. I turned around and walked back into my apartment. I haven’t been outside since. It’s been six days… I haven’t stopped coming to work and I haven’t bought groceries for a whole week. I just can’t go outside though. I am afraid that he is watching me and my every move. He is copying my breaths and heartbeats. I actually am not lonely, the TV provides great comfort. The voices soothing me that everything is going to be alright. It is the seventh day and I hear a knock on the door. I look in the peephole and my heart starts to pound loudly. It is him. The man. I fall back onto the floor and knock over a chair, I send it flying into the dinner table. I pick up the phone and dial 911. They ask me my emergency and I am nearly hysterical. I cry that a man is outside my door and he is going to kill me. They assure me they will get him taken care of. I need to stay calm they say, but I can’t be calm, tears falling over my face rapidly. I wait. 5 minutes… 10 minutes… They knock on my door. They tell me that no one was there, and there was nothing they could do, sorry. I go to my bedroom and lock myself in the closet, crying and shaking. I wish they understood. He is going to come for me… I don’t know how I fell asleep, but I wake up on my closet floor. Day seven. I remember what had happened last night and start to shake. My phone rings, and I check the caller ID. It’s Lana, a good friend of mine. I ask her why she was calling and she told me that she hadn’t seen me in a while and was worried about me. I tell her that I’m not okay, someone is out to hurt me and potentially kill me. She sighs over the phone and tells me that MAYBE I should see someone about this, it’s not healthy to be inside for a week. I tell her I will think about it and hang up. I am sitting and reading an old book about a scandalous marriage when I hear a knock on the door, two times. My blood freezes, ice cubes forming in my blood. It’s him, oh god it’s him. I run into my bedroom and lock my closet and dial 911 again. They have to help me. They have to…
    It’s day eight and the police didn’t help me. They hung up when I called, saying that this was getting old, no one was there last time, it’s hard to believe someone who cried wolf.
    I woke up in my closet… Again… The knocking stopped last night around ten. I hope he doesn’t come back today. I hope he stays out of my life forever. I hope… God I hope.
    Her: Maybe you should see someone.
    Me: I don’t need anyone to tell me I’m crazy.
    Her: You’re not crazy, you just are stressed out. Talking to someone may help.
    Me: But he’s there. He’s out there, mimicking my breaths and heartbeats.
    Her: Oh Kay…
    Me: I need to go.
    Her: Call 473-9383 if you want help.
    I slam my phone angrily on the table. I don’t need help. I need him to be gone. I am angry at Lana for telling me I need help. I eat a piece of toast and feel awful. Today sucks.
    Day nine started today and surprisingly the sun is shining through my dark curtains. I peek out through the curtains and the sun is high in the sky. I look out into the woods that surround the apartment building and I feel peace. For a second. I see him. He is standing behind a tree and his face to me. I can almost feel the eyes of him on me. I cry out in fear as he comes closer. I run to my bathroom and hide in the shower. I hear a knock at my door, louder and louder each time. All I can do is scream, and scream and scream…
    I am in a place of white. The walls are padded and the door is locked tightly. An asylum. That’s where I am. I look at my hands and bloody scratches are up my hands and arms. I don’t feel the pain as I examine them. A nurse walks in, her blonde hair pinned back tightly. She says that I was found in my apartment screaming about a man trying to murder me and I was having a seizure and scratching myself until I was bloody and sore. I look at her, confused. She says the doctor will be right in. She leaves.
    I wait for an hour… I think… When the doctor comes in. He is tall and skinny, almost stretched. He says hello. I nod, and so does he. I look at him, eyes wide. He does the same. It’s him. He smiles at me with a deadly smile. I back away. He tells me it won’t hurt, he has been looking for me and has finally got me. I try to run, but there is no where to go. He stabs me with a needle and the world goes black.


    There’s this girl that goes to my school named Anna… poor, poor soul. She’s in the fourth grade, just one below me. I appear to be her only friend. She seems to only give me details.
    I ask her what the purple and black bruises on her arms are from. She says her mother wrangles them too much.
    I ask her what the crimson scars on her legs are from. She says her cat scratches her too much.
    I ask her what the black swelling on her eyes are from. She says her brother beats her too much.
    I ask her what happened to the missing clumps of her long, straight, dark brunette hair. She says her father likes to tear her hair too much.
    I ask her what the red, puffy lumps on her feet are from. She says her sister stomps on her feet too much.
    But today, Anna was missing from school. From all the stories of her whole family constantly beating her, I fear that she must’ve died from too much. I should’ve told the teacher. For God’s sake, I should’ve told the authorities!
    But every time she told what the bruises were from, she made me promise not to tell anyone.
    And I always promised.
    After the bell rings, I rush on home. Anna and I are neighbors, but I see a “FOR SALE” sign in front of her house.
    I dash up to my porch where my grandma is always rocking in her rocking chair when I get home. I sit beside her and gaze upon my missing friend’s house.
    “Grandma,” I give her a longing look. “Do you know what happened to Anna Whiting?”
    “Ah, little Annalise Whiting? Your friend?” My grandma frowns. “Child authorities had audacity to take little Anna away!”
    “Why?” I burst as my eyes widen.
    “Well, they had a complete right to,” my Grandma shakes her head. “Little Anna has been living on her own for six years! Can you believe it? A nine-year-old has been living by herself since she was three!”

  • (DESCRIPTION FOR THIS STORY: Vickie is an average girl who is home alone. When she leaves to use the bathroom, she sees a monster in the mirror. When Vickie starts experiencing paranormal/supernatural wonders, she feels as if there is no hope left.)

    “Vickie, you know that we won’t be back for a couple hours,” my mother says as she and my father stand beside the front door in their best of clothing.
    “Yes, probably not till 10:30pm!” Father chuckles.
    “Guys, I’ll be alright!” I sigh with a joking smile. “I’m fourteen and three quarters! I can take care of myself for three hours.”
    “How did we deserve you?” Mother blows me a cheesy kiss. “Have fun!”
    “You too!” I call, but my parents have already exited the door and slammed it shut. I dash over to the door and lock it, then bite my bottom lip and smirk.
    An hour later, I groan and mumble with my hand pressed against my full stomach. I binged on sweets and soda the whole time. Twix, Circus Peanuts, Lays Chips, Chex Mix, Rootbeer and etc. I feel like I need to lay down and rest for a moment, but I also feel a gut feeling I need to use the restroom.
    After doing my “business” in the toilet, I head over to my sink and turn the faucet on. As I proceed to wash my hands, I look up into the mirror. I see me, the sink, my shower and the shower curtains that cover up half of the bath.
    Then, I see a long, thin, hand slowly reach out from behind the curtain and grasp it with its outstretched pale fingers.
    Of course I quickly turn around… but I see nothing in my curtains. I look down at the sink and splash water on to my face. I feel half asleep, so I might just be seeing things.
    I look up into the mirror again and I see the hand holding onto the curtains, but this time I see a motionless bald head peeking out. It has huge, deep, dark eye sockets but tiny white eyes with a small pupil. I once again turn around, but it isn’t there.
    I look at the mirror again and I see the outstretched human figure standing next to the curtain. It’s mouth is bigger than its huge eye sockets and it’s wide open. It’s just staring at me through the mirror. I turn around and it isn’t really behind me, but when I look at the mirror again it’s already out of the shower in the same position! I know I should just rush out of the bathroom and shut the door, but I’m not thinking straight because their is a freaking monster in my mirror! So I just take the candle next to the faucet and smash the mirror. Some of the glass shards must have breeched near my eyes because before I know it I am passed out in-
    I wake up on the bathroom floor. I feel water dripping on me one by one as I gain consciousness. I look up and see I left the faucet running as it overflows.
    “Crap,” I mutter as I stand and turn off the sink and let the sound of the water draining continue.
    Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle…
    I look up in the mirror and there is no monster anymore, nor is it smashed. Thank god. It was like something out of Silent Hill! I smile as I turn around and oh god… there’s the monster again! I scream and finally do what I should’ve done in the first place… run.
    I dash out of the bathroom and slam the door shut. I quickly get out my key and lock it tight. Then, I hear scratching on the door and all the other doors surrounding me burst open. In each cabinet and door is a duplicate of the pale outstretched monster. They wait a second before all jumping at me to eat, tear me up, twist me like a licorice or worse! I quickly duck and rush into my room and lock it.
    “Soon Mom and Dad will be home,” I cry. “They’ll save me.”
    I don’t know what to think. I mean, is this a dream? First, I saw a monster in my mirror that wasn’t really there. Then I fainted. Then when I woke up, the monster wasn’t in my mirror, but was really there. And there are more of them! In every single door! Thank god the one in my bedroom door ran out and thank god I escaped! My parents should be home any moment now.
    Then, I head over to the long mirror in my room to see if I have any fatal scratches and scars on me. I seem perfectly fine, so now I just have to wait.
    Then, I see something odd in my mirror. I don’t see myself, but I see my parents.
    They seem worried as they look around in my room.
    “Mom! Dad!” I cry as I turn around. But they’re not there.
    They’re in my mirror.
    “Vickie?” My mom weeps. “Where are you?”
    “Did she run off?” Father looks like he’s going to burst into tears.
    “Was she… no,” Mother doesn’t even want to think about me being dead. “I’ll call 911.”
    Then I come to the realization… when I fainted, I must have traveled into the world in my mirror. The world with the monsters.
    “I’m in here!” I bawl. “Please let me out! Let me out! I want out!”
    I try and push myself through the mirror as tears stream down my cheeks, but it’s no use. I lay down on the ground as I cry like a baby and try to fall asleep because when I wake up, I might wake up in my real home!
    Then I hear the sickening sound of my closet door opening. I open one eye to see one of the mirror monsters on my top shelf in my closet staring down at me in the most ghoulish and sickening grin. I can’t do a thing as he pounces down on me and

  • (please read the previous comment, “THE MAN WITH LITTLE EYES.” Thank you!) IMAGINARY BOY
    I have a secret to tell you. My imaginary friend, Claude, is in fact not imaginary. He is a ghost. Same with his family.
    He has no siblings, a mother named Mildred and a father named Charles. They can’t see me, though, for some reason. They can’t see my whole family. Must be a ghost thing. Only Claude can see me.
    My mother always tells me to stay away from Claude if he’s causing me trouble. She speaks of him as if she knows he’s not imaginary. But I always inform her that he is indeed imaginary.
    Although there are three gravestones outside. One for Claude, one for Mildred and one for Charles. So it’s hard having to explain that.
    Claude and I often hang out in my room where we play with dolls. He is my age, yet less mature.
    “Dolls are for sissies,” Claude always complains. “If you make me play with dolls, I’ll tell my Mummy and Daddy about you!”
    “You’re a ghost, Silly,” I giggle. “You can’t do squat about me.”
    Then, one day, I hear Claude tattling about me to his family of ghosts.
    “Mummy! Daddy!” Claude whines. “There’s something I need to tell you. There’s a girl who lives here named Victoria! She has a twin brother named Vincent and a mother named Beatrice! Victoria always makes me play with her and I want her out!”
    “You can’t frighten me away, you stupid ghost!” I call from upstairs.
    “What-What was that?” Mildred whispers in fear.
    “That’s the girl I was telling you about!” Claude complains.
    “What did you say her name was again?” Charles strictly questions.
    “Victoria! Victoria Maè!” Claude humphs.
    “Victoria?” Charles’s eyes widen. “How? She died years ago!”
    “What?” I gawk. “I never died! You guys are the ghost!”
    “Honey, I’m scared!” Mildred whimpers. “What happened the the previous family?”
    “The Maès were a delightful family,” Charles groans. “Always smiling. Always happy. Until the father, Manning, shot their two children, Victoria and Vincent in their sleep. Then smothered their mother in her slumber with her pillow. After killing them, he ran off. Never to be seen again.”
    “What?” I scream in frustration and tears. “I’m not dead! You guys are dead!”
    But I slowly come to the realization, Father did run away one night like that. But not because he killed us or anything! Claude and HIS family are dead, not mine! I’m not a ghost! I’m not a ghost!
    I run downstairs to the family as if I’m going to ram into them, but instead, I fly right through them.
    “Did you feel that?” Charles hugs Claude and Mildred.
    “It’s Victoria!” Tears are streaming down Mildred’s cheeks. “She’s come for revenge! I just know it!”
    “No, no,” I softly say as tears began to stream down my cheeks, too.
    “What’s it like being the one whose called a ghost, now?” Claude raises an eyebrow at me and smirks a ghoulish grin.
    “I’m not a ghost!” I pull my hair and scream so loudly the house begins to shake. Claude and his family begin to cry in fear. I am just a danger. I am just a creature. I am just a ghost.
    Those three gravestones outside aren’t for Claude, Mildred and Charles. They’re for Mother, Vincent and me. Turns out Claude isn’t my imaginary friend, I’m his.

    I will let you in on something. Something that is currently being researched on and kept a secret for fear sake.
    I should know.
    People have been having… strange nightmares lately. They wake up in a golden tunnel that leads down a hallway.
    Of course, they ponder down the hall noticing the fine detail in the walls. Then, they come to a room. The first thing people often notice is the large pile of shoes.
    Yes, shoes.
    Thousands of thousands of shoes. Each one a different size and style.
    A sign above the shoes says, “PLEASE TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES BEFORE DINING.”
    They slip off their shoes, which are always the ones they’ve worn before the dream, and plop them in the pile. Then they look beyond.
    It’s a large table fit for a king! Full of tropical foods, BBQ foods, fast foods, all your favorite foods and more!
    It makes their mouths water as they lick their lips and slowly take in everything as they make their way to the end of the table.
    Then they stop and gasp. At the end of the table sits a man pale as ever. His long, thin, tall skin is wrinkly. He has two small holes next to each other in the middle of his head and a long, ghoulish mouth. It’s pitch black inside his mouth with no teeth at all.
    And before him is a plate with eyes.
    They (they as in the victim of the dream) want to scream, but the foods beg them to eat and dine. They can’t resist no matter how hard they try.
    They munch on their favorite pick and forget all about the man with little eye holes.
    But the food is a trap, you see, because he cannot see without his eyes as he sits motionless in his chair. He hears their munching and crunching and lifts his long hands. He grabs the eyes on his plate and squishes them into his tiny eye holes.
    Then, he gobbles the person up and takes a look at his growing pile of shoes before baking more scrumptious meals for the next unlucky person.
    Me and other people of the FBI are currently investigating this topic, but we cannot tell a living soul about it. The dream kills people in their sleep and nobody can stop it.
    The man is real. We call him the Man with Small Eyes. It’s hard watching people pass in their sleep knowing the horrors their last minutes must have been; for their uneaten skin is used for the Man with Small Eye’s next victim’s meal.
    I can’t bare the fact people are suffering all because of a secret. That is why I’m telling you. If you ever have this dream, try as you must to last the night, but your attempts will never work.

  • The old man in the Desert

    I was wandering around one day when i came across an old man. He said he had been travelling in a desert but had gotten lost. He hadn’t eaten anything for weeks. I decide to help him by lending him a place to stay. I told him he could stay in my basement until he got his life settled again. I showed him my basement and went back upstairs and went to sleep. Weeks later, i unlocked the basement door to check on him. I called out his name but he didn’t answer. I walked further in and saw him lying on the floor, completely unresponsive..Maybe I should have given him something to eat………

    \ ( > o < ) / …oops….

  • Beneath Me:
    The following diary entries are taken directly from the laptop of a young college student. The laptop was found open next to her mutilated body on June 2nd, 2016.

    Day 1, 2:31 A.M.
    The scariest thing just happened. I was awoken by a sudden “Thump” in my room. I live alone, so it couldn’t have been a housemate. Maybe I’m imagining things, I should probably go back to sleep.

    4:13 A.M.
    Ok, now I DEFINITELY know I heard something in here. There was a rustling sound, then a sudden BANG! I can’t get back to sleep now, I might as well just stay here, safe in my bed, until it’s light outside. I’m so glad I have the internet to keep me company, LOL!

    Day 2, 3:57 A.M.
    I can’t sleep. I keep hearing noises I can’t explain. There is moaning, grunting, thumping, pounding… they are louder than last night. Maybe I should go sleep on the couch.

    Day 3, 2:37 A.M.
    I am getting really scared. The noises are louder than ever. I am going to call my best friend to see if I can spend the night at her house.

    6:14 A.M.
    I am at my best friend’s apartment, but I still can’t get to sleep. My friend suggested I set up a camera tonight to see if anyone is really in my house. I think I will do that tonight.

    Day 4, 7:31 A.M.
    Oh my god oh my god oh my god! I am watching the footage my camera picked up last night and THERE WAS SOMETHING IN MY ROOM! I don’t even know what it was. It dragged itself out from under my bed, across the floor and CLIMBED INTO MY BED WITH ME! It stayed there all night, but then at 6:00 it climbed back under my bed. I am still watching. Oh look, I’m getting out of bed and turning off the camera.

    That’s the end of the tape.

    Something isn’t right here.

    It climbed under my bed.

    It didn’t come out.

    Oh my god. It is still under my bed. I’m sitting on my bed.

    It is right beneath me.

  • Boy with an axe:

    In Richmond, Virginia there lived a 14 year old named Aaron. Aaron wasn’t a normal child; in fact he had various problems, and one of them was that he carried a cardboard axe with him wherever he went.

    When he went to school the axe went with him, and everybody thought he was a very strange kid. He had no friends and was constantly picked on. Even the nerds were bullied less than him

    At the end of the year, a popular boy named Hugh very rudely signed his yearbook “Hope you kill yourself you worthless little freak.” Aaron brushed it off.

    That night Hugh went missing. Police found his body hanging by the feet off of a bridge. They never found his head, but everybody assumed that the head had fell into the lake.

    On the first day of summer vacation Aaron showed up at the local park. He was holding a halloween prop severed head. A young child in the sand box started laughing at him. Aaron brushed it off again.

    That night a little boy was found dead. His body was hanging in a similar fashion that Hughs body was hanging in. Aarons parents were very concerned, so they sent him to day camp. When he arrived at camp he was carrying his axe again.

    Jared, who was a counselor told Aaron to put his axe down. Aaron did, but everybody noticed that there was tension in his eyes. When they had there lunch break, Aaron followed another child to the bathroom. Aaron took his axe with him. Nobody returned from the bathroom.

    Jared went into the bathroom to check on the kids. What he found was a very traumatizing sight. There was the decapitated body of a student stuffed neck first into the toilet. Suddenly Jared felt a tap on his shoulder. When he turned around he found Aaron holding an axe.

    Aaron lunged at Jared but Jared sidestepped it. Jared then ran out of the bathroom and called the police. When the police arrived they were confronted with a grisly sight.

    The boy in the toilets head was in the sink, but his face had been skinned off. A manhunt for Aaron soon followed and they found his body.

    Aaron had an axe sticking through his chest, and was wearing the face of his last victim.

  • New room bad text

    There were boxes all over the house. My parents and I had just moved into this new three story house with an attic since we had previously owned a room in an apartment. I was home alone at the moment waiting for my parents to get back from work. I started unpacking again but received a text message from my friend, Sarah.
    Sarah: Hey Alice, whatcha upto?
    Alice: Hey Sarah, nothing much. I’m just unpacking for now, waiting for my parents to get home from work. I started searching for my video game box while waiting for Sarah to respond when I received another text. I looked at my phone to see what Sarah had said, but it wasn’t Sarah.
    Xx65A09BxX: Hello Alice.
    The person who sent me the message didn’t have a regular name. It was just a whole bunch of random numbers and letters.
    Alice: Who are you??
    Sarah: Oh ok, mind if I come over?
    Alice: Of course not, you can totally come. But, I gotta ask you something. Have any of our friends thought about pranking me? Or did any of them send me a message right now? If you know anything about that…?
    Sarah: Awesome! I’ll be there in five minutes cuz I’m crazy bored ughhh. And no, I don’t know sorry. But why?
    I shook with fright thinking of who could have sent me that text, and how they knew my name.
    Alice: Oh man, because I received a text from a stranger… And they know my name.
    I stopped searching for my video game box and focused on the sounds of the house really quickly. I thought I had heard a noise like nails against a chalkboard but I guess I was just hearing things.
    Xx65A9BxX: I know your there, I can see you.
    When I read the message, a chill went down my spine.
    Watching me??? I thought creeped out. From where?
    Alice: What?! Where are you??! And how are you watching me? Show yourself! Prove to me that your watching me! Please.
    Sarah: What? Are your serious? Dang girl, that’s creepy as hell. Well, anyways I’m here. I just parked the car.
    I ran downstairs and opened the front door.
    “Hey Sarah! So glad your here. I’m scared…” She said sweating.
    “Hey Alice! Omg when you sent me that text I freaked out for a second but then I calmed down cuz I was thinking for a second that you had a stalker or something. Dude that would be so creepy, but don’t worry gurl, I’m here for ya.” She said winking and stepping in the house.”
    “Right back at ya girlfriend. I can’t wait to-” I paused as I was closing the door. I felt cold sweat
    going down my back. Sarah had seen it too because she was staring outside in horror as well. All I had seen was a dead and pale body hanging from the light in front of the door. It looked like a man’s body and he had long burgundy hair that was sticking up like if there was statick.
    We both screamed and raced up the stairs.
    “Omg, what on earth was that?!” I cried.
    “I don’t know.” Sarah responded calmly like if she wasn’t really paying attention to anything.
    I became suspicious of my friend. She had been acting very strangely lately which worried me because it made me lose some of my trust in her. After all, I had only met her a month ago.
    Xx65A9BxX: I’m right here.
    When I read the message I felt like a train had ran over me. I slowly turned around feeling the presence of somebody in the room besides Sarah and I.
    I turned around and looked but there was nothing there. I guess I wasn’t looking right because right at the corner of my eye, I saw a pale skeleton-like ghostly creature with black holes for eyes and very sharp claws wearing a black torn night gown that was covered in blood spots staring at me. I couldn’t really tell because it didn’t have eyes but it was facing me and I felt a surge of fear as I realized that this unidentified creature was in my room.
    “See me now?” It asked with a low raspy dry voice. It almost sounded like it had something stuck in its throat. I nearly passed out and my friend was staring at it in horror and shock.
    I ran to the window and opened it just in case we had to jump out. Suddenly, I heard a pound and Sarah started screaming.
    I turned to look at her and saw that the ghost had her gripped tightly in his sharp teeth.
    “Sarah!” I screamed running towards her trying to free her from the evil thing. But it was too late, the ghost had already shredded her into pieces. That thing was freakishly rapid and angry for some sort of reason.
    I screamed as I ran towards the window. I felt cold hands with sharp claws scratch my back, but I managed to jump out the window just in time when there was car passing by. I was in mid air when I started falling and I fell right onto a the top of a Kia Suv. I weakly turned to look at the window I had jumped out of and saw two ghost like figures staring at me through the window. One of them was the murder of Sarah; the same one that tried to get me. He started to turn more human like, until he finally looked like a regular guy. I blinked and looked at them again but they were gone. I noticed that the car I had landed on was my mom’s. She had come back from work but she looked different. I looked closely and noticed that she looked like… A zombie…
    “Mom??” I asked confused.
    She had a look of defeat and still didn’t talk. She WAS a zombie after all.
    “Oh no!!” I cried loudly.
    I looked around and saw that the sky was dark orange to grey and cloudy and that everyone that was around me was a zombie themselves too. I was the only surviver in this city. I might have been one of the only survivors in the world right now…
    But this story was supposed to be paranormal not apocalyptic. It’s because I messed up. I’m sorry and plz enjoy the story anyways. Thanks for reading. :D
    And I’ll make better stories if I get good ratings. 😄


    When Katie saw her first body she could not help but cry her eyes out. She had to hold back
    the tears that were pouring out of her eyes.
    “You’ll never forget your first body” said Mrs. Parton, the owner of the morgue where Katie
    worked at.
    She chuckled when she told the poor girl that not only she had to put makeup on the
    deceased, but also bathe and put clothes on them.
    “You’ll get used to it eventually, my dear” she grinned at her annoyingly.
    Katie had to fight back the urge to jump her and punch her ugly face.
    “Gotta go. I have two more bodies to take care of” said Mrs. Parton, motioning Katie to the
    “Terrible… terrible accident… skulls crunched to pieces” she continued, as if reporting how
    the weather that day was.
    But the old cow was wrong. Katie will never get used to seeing dead bodies, let alone touching them.
    She could not sleep that night.
    She could not shake the cold tingling sensation off her hands.
    The cold you feel when you touch a dead body.
    No matter how many times she washed her hands with warm water, she still felt it. The smell
    of death was following her everywhere.
    Most people like sweet Mrs. Parton thought that she would eventually get used to it after a
    few months, that she would overcome her fear.
    But they were all wrong. Her fear was getting the best of her. And it got even worse one
    night when Mrs. Parton assigned her to take care of a dead old man named Mr. Wilson.
    It was her second month working at the morgue. She had finally been able to pull herself
    together and found the courage to do all the usual rituals when something unexpected
    She was rinsing water off the poor old man when she heard a sound that startled her. Like twigs cracking underfoot.
    She retreated to the walls behind her in horror, realizing what was going on.
    There was no doubt that the sound was coming from the dead body in front of her. She pressed herself hard onto the wall, her eyes never left Mr. Wilson.
    Another crack.
    Even when her whole body was trembling with fear she knew what the sound was. The dead old man was letting out a cough.
    But how come? He is already dead.
    She then found herself running away out of the room in terror, screaming all the way to Mrs. Parton’s office.
    “What the fuck is going on with you?” exclaimed the woman when Katie stormed in and collapsed on the floor.
    “Tt-the body….. he….. i….. I can’t do this” she sobbed frantically, hugging both her feet, looking completely shaken and pale.
    A small crowd now began to form in the hallway as people rubbernecked into the room trying to find out what was going on.
    Mrs. Parton took a glass of water and gave it to Katie.
    She was still shaking and her face was wet with tears and sweat.
    “Pull yourself together!” she said.
    She lifted her off the floor and set her on a chair next to her.
    “What happened to you?’ she asked again.
    Katie sobbed her story out while Mrs. Parton listened to her.
    “My dear poor girl” she said shaking her head, and to Katie’s disbelief, she started to chuckle. She looked up and now everybody else was giggling as well.
    “What? Do dead people cough like that around here?’ she asked, completely offended.
    Mrs. Parton then told her that the ‘cough’ she just heard was coming from gases trapped in a dead body when someone dies. Very soon after someone dies the decomposition process begins. Sometimes when air gets trapped in the lungs, the gases from the decomposition will push it out of the body by force and the result is the ‘cough’ that she heard when air passes through the respiratory tract.
    Because dead people can no longer control their muscles, the pressure can be so great it produces ugly sounds when it finds a way out.
    It makes sense. But still shaking all over it took her a couple of minutes to pull herself together again.
    She wiped her tears, completely embarrassed for the stir she had just caused.
    How could she possibly believe that a dead person can come back to life?
    She shook her head and took a deep breath. Those stupid horror movies are to blame.
    “You OK now?’ asked Mrs. Parton.
    She avoided her eyes, nodding tentatively.
    “Okay now go back to work” said Mrs. Parton now in a strict tone, motioning her to the door.
    Katie walked out of the room very slowly but she could hear Mrs. Parton chuckling again behind her,
    “Please do tell Mr. Wilson I said hi” she said.
    You fucking ugly old cow, Katie whispered to herself.

    Fucking gases getting trapped or not, she had decided that she would be more careful this time. She did not like surprises, let alone surprises from dead people. She walked in and Mr. Wilson was sprawled lifeless as she had left him. He looked very dead to her.
    She walked closer and took another deep breath.
    I can do this, she told herself.
    I can do this.
    I can do this.
    She put her mask back on and started to work on him again when she heard Mr. Wilson letting out a wail, followed by a bone-rattling growl that made all the hairs on her body stand on end.
    She recoiled in horror reflexively and again she found herself running screaming all the way to Mrs. Parton’s office.
    “I can’t do this” she shrieked.
    Mrs. Parton looked at her incredulously, a tired look on her face.
    “Katie, use your common sense!’ she exclaimed.
    “Do you really believe that Mr. Wilson has returned from the dead only to tease you? The old man left his family with great debts. If he had one reason to return it would be to finish his debts” she continued half amused and half impatient.
    Katie was too shaken to get the sarcasm in her joke right now.
    She was still overwhelmed by fear and embarrassment. She knew perfectly well that nobody had
    ever returned from the dead. But what she had just experienced was too much to bear. She could not rationalize any of it.
    Mrs. Parton rose from her seat and motioned Katie to follow her.
    They walked in silence. Katie knew that she had messed up pretty bad this time.
    Mrs. Parton put her mask on and started to examine Mr. Wilson very carefully. Katie watched her, feeling like a complete idiot.
    “He’s already begun to decompose pretty rapidly” said Mrs. Parton throwing a nasty glance at Katie.
    She walked across the room and grabbed a clip note on a small desk and started to make some notes.
    “Probably the hot weather’ she mumbled to herself while Katie slowly and hesitantly walked a little closer to the body.
    Then Mr. Wilson let out another sickly guttural growl.
    Katie retreated to the door, ready to run. But Mrs. Parton put her clip note back on the desk and bent over to have a closer look at the body.
    “See?” she spoke softly.
    “It’d been trapped here” she pat the old man’s chest “and was pushed out through here” her hands moved across his throat.
    She threw another nasty glance at Katie.
    “The heat is accelerating the decomposition. Take him to the embalming room now” she made a tsk tsk sound while making some more notes on her clip note.
    Having already found her courage while watching Mrs. Parton examining the body as if doing a cooking demo, Katie walked closer.
    “C’mon no time to waste now. It’s being discolored pretty quick”.
    They pushed the trolley carrying Mr. Wilson down the hall and at the elevator ran into Mr. Gregory who was pushing another trolley on which the pale dead body of a woman was laid down ready to be returned to her family, all dressed up but looking a bit too slutty for a corpse.
    “My dear God, Ron! You’ve made her look like a hooker! Wipe that lipstick off her lips a bit” complained Mrs. Parton.
    Katie had to stop herself from laughing.
    “I…i… tt-think she looks ppp-peaceful” stuttered Mr. Gregory.
    Mr. Gregory was a clumsy middle-aged man who always looked as if he would drop and break something when he moved. He had been working for quite a long time at the morgue and Mrs. Parton always treated him like a child.
    “Yes! As peaceful as a hooker in a rich man’s bed” Mrs. Parton shook her head in disbelief.
    “Katie please take Mr. Wilson upstairs to the embalming room, I’ll be right up in a minute” and with that she and Mr. Gregory left her in the cold hallway with the dead body of Mr. Wilson.
    The embalming room was on the third floor so she had to take an elevator specially designed to accommodate the moving.
    She proceeded to push the trolley into the elevator and pressed the button. She could still hear Mrs. Parton in the hallway nagging at poor Mr. Gregory for his masterpiece.
    The doors closed with a metallic screech and started to move, creaking and banging as it very slowly made its way up.
    She glanced at her watch. 09.15 PM. One hour to go and she could go home.
    A glass of hot tea and a warm shower would revive her completely after this exhausting day at work.
    She heaved a sigh when suddenly the lights went out and she found herself in complete darkness.
    The elevator shook and came to an abrupt halt
    She was now stuck in it with the dead body of old Mr. Wilson right next to her.
    Never had she imagined that something this nightmarish would ever happen to her.
    She leaned hard against the cold wall of the elevator, as far as possible from the decomposing body.
    This cannot be happening, she thought.
    Then panic attack starts kicking in.
    “HELP!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!” she screamt, attacking the wall in frustration until her hands start to feel numb from the pain. These walls were thick and solid. Maybe nobody would hear her.
    She shook her head in extreme terror.
    No! I will get out of here, she told herself.
    She took a deep breath and she heard a low heavy sigh in the dark next to her.
    She hit the buttons repeatedly but nothing happened and scream even louder.
    “Mrs. Parton? Somebody? Please! Please help me!”
    Another sigh.
    “Somebody please get me out of here!”
    This is a very natural process, she tried to calm herself down.
    The air gets trapped and that’s what makes the sound when it tries to find its way out.
    But in the dark with a dead body she could not help it.
    “Help! Please!….. Please…!”
    She heard a guttural growl.
    Remember, it’s the gases, it’s the stupid gases.
    She kept telling herself.
    The gases. It’s the gases.
    She took a deep breath and tried to control her rapid breathing when she heard another sound.
    It was different.
    Her blood froze.
    This time she was convinced that no fucking gas could ever produce such a sound.
    She started to kick and hit the wall frantically, screaming at the top of her lungs begging someone to help her.
    She heard that sound again in the dark
    Not a sigh. Not a growl.
    It was a giggle.

  • 2 sentence scary stories:

    1. The grinning face stared at me from the darkness beyond my bedroom window. I live on the 14th floor.

    2. There was a picture in my phone of me sleeping. I live alone

    3. I just saw my reflection blink.

    4. Working the night shift alone tonight. There is a face in the cellar staring at the security camera

    5. They delivered the mannequins in bubble wrap. From the main room I begin to hear popping.

    6. She asked why I was breathing so heavily. I wasn’t.

    7. You get home, tired after a long day’s work and ready for a relaxing night alone. You reach for the light switch, but another hand is already there.

    8. My daughter won’t stop crying and screaming in the middle of the night. I visit her grave and ask her to stop, but it doesn’t help.

    9. My wife woke me up last night to tell me there was an intruder in our house. She was murdered by an intruder 2 years ago

    10. The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock at the door.

    Last one to make you laugh,
    11. I was stoned. And Taco Bell was closed.

  • My favourite stories on here are Red Hair, Looking For A Friend, The Hacker, Letterhead, Revenge Is Sweet, Kindness and How To Win A Girl’s Heart :p And pretty much every other story :-)

  • The Last Missed Call

    When I was 8 years old, my friends and I had gotten Iphones for Christmas. Our parents taught us not to answer numbers we didn’t know, but we soon regretted it years later.

    When my friends Jaycee, Allie, Alana, Brittany, and I were 15, we were giving a lot of people our number. When a new boy came to the school, my friends immediately gave him their number. ” I don’t think that was a good idea to give him ur number,” I said. “Relax Jessica, every thing will be OK,” said my friend Jaycee. A week later, Jaycee go a call from a blocked number while I was at her house. “Don’t answer it,” I thought, but Jaycee, the one that thinks every thing is OK because were older now, answers it.

    Jaycee: Hello

    Blocked: January 5, death comes upon you

    Jaycee: What?! Who is this.

    Blocked: 3:55, Steak knifes will repeatedly stab you to.

    Jaycee: What are you talking about? Are you a stalker.

    Blocked: You mother will find u dead, layed out upon her bed.

    Jaycee: You just some rymeing freak. I’m hanging up on you.

    “What did it say” I asked. ” Oh it was just some freak” said Jaycee.
    Then her phone began to ring again. It was the blocked number. “Don’t answer it Jaycee” I said. Then the ringing stopped and her phone vibrated.

    Blocked: You’ll regret giving me your number and you’ll regret not answering my call.

    Jaycee: Just leave me alone. I don’t know who you are. Leave me alone u stupid little freak.

    Blocked: You’ll regret it.

    ” Jessica I think you should leave. Like now. On January 5 Jaycee didn’t come to school. She might be sick and its Friday, she has cheer anyway. When the bell rang I got with my friends and then the same blocked number called Brittany.

    Brittany: Hhhheeeeeeelllllllloooo This is Brittany

    Blocked: Brittany, February 5 you’ll be just like your friend

    Brittany: I’m so sorry who is this

    Blocked: Blood curling screams with no one to defend

    Brittany: I think you have the wrong number bye.


    Brittany: Leave me alone


    Then the line cut off. Brittany is crying in tears. “Will y’all walk me home? Asked Brittany. Allie replied” of course what kinds of friends would we be if we didn’t. While Allie, Alana and I were at Brittany’s house trying to calm her down, I got a message from my mom to come home, so did Allie and Alana.

    A month later Jaycee still hasn’t come to school. I decided to skip class and go to her house and find out what was wrong. When I got to her house the front door was opened and there were red foot prints. I was already freaked out by just that but I don’t think any thing would scare me more than what I saw in her mothers bed room. I walked in the room and then I screamed. It was Jaycee, tied to her mothers bed and stabbed repeatedly in the heart and her stomach ripped open. I slammed against the wall crying and call in the cops. I told them what happens and what saw. After talking to the cops I call her mom and tell her to come home quick. I also called Allie, Brittany and Alana. I crawled over to Jaycees lifeless bloody body and hold her hand and cry while I’m waiting on the cops to get there. When the cops get there they ask me kindly to leave so they help me and take me out side. As soon as I get out side I see the other girls. Still crying I run to them and they ask what happened and I tell them. With us all crying we all went home. The next day we had a closed casket funeral. The girls and I sit there crying on her casket and saying this shouldn’t have happened. The next month we put all that behind us and countenued on with our life. When I got to school I find that Brittany was not there and neither was Allie. Me and Alana were paranoied. I went to Allie and Alana’s house and Alana went to Brittany’s house. What I saw was something worse than what happened to Jaycee. Allie was in the tub with her head cut off and it hanging above her body. I called Alana and we were both crying. She told me that Brittany was dead. She was hung. I was crying harder than Alana because I had to tell her what happened to her sister. I told her and she stared screaming and crying then we met at her house. We called the cops to tell them. And I called Brittany’s mom and Alana caller her mom. As soon as we were off the phone Alana’s phone vibrated with a message

    Blocked: First Jaycee, then Brittany then Allie.

    Blocked: Look out the window

    When we looked out the window we saw the murderer. We went and locked all the windows and doors. We called the cops and they hand cuffed him. They said he has been killing anyone that go his number. Then I looked at him and it was the new boy.
    You’ll pay he said.
    Me, Jessica, and Allie are now in a mental hospital for life. Still having horrible memories of what happened.

  • The Larson House

    There is a house, way on the top of a hill, called the Larson House. Nobody lives there, no one has lived there, and no one will go in there. Most people believe it is haunted. Haunted by ghosts that once lived there when it was an insane asylum. Ghosts that died there, and that haunt those that enter it. The legend goes that a man named Edward Larson once owned the house, and his great great grandson inherited it. He turned it into a house for troubled children. That’s right. Only children. One night, all of the children were inside, and a fire started. All of the children inside perished. Along with Edward Larson’s Great Great Grandson. They never moved on, so they stayed to haunt the living. Anyone to come to know of this story will be haunted in their dreams, and in their homes, until the story is passed on to someone else. Only then will they be free. My great aunt told me this story. Then the terror began. I was blasted into sleepless nights, and terrifying dreams. I woke up screaming one morning. I couldn’t take it anymore. So, that’s why you are hearing this. I will now be able to sleep peacefully for I have told you this story. Pleasant dreams.

  • Night time murder.

    My name is Mackenna. I was murdered one night, and had my toes, fingers, and head cut off. If you do not tell 25 people of this story, in the next 2 hours, I will be at your bed tonight, and I will kill you the way I was killed that terrible night. I will cut off your toes, fingers, and head, then I will hang your decapitated body in your doorway. Hurry. Your time starts now. Sweet dreams.

  • Dear, SFK, I think you’ll like this one.

    “I’m sorry.”

    Do you hear it to?
    Well? Do you?
    that humming sound when your hard at work in your office, or when your working on your algebra quiz?
    You hear it don’t you?
    Its quiet but I know you hear it. If you don’t I know you will. It always starts quiet.
    Do you hear?
    Here they come.
    I know you hear it.
    They want you.
    Just like they wanted me.
    but I’m here now. Forced to help.
    I remember you, you were my best friend, remember? we used to play with Barbie’s together. when we were tikes? remember?
    I remember that time you killed your cat. they want you to pay.
    I remember that time, you “accidentally” strangled your little sibling. They want you to pay.
    I remember the time you stabbed your mommy to death with your scissors when you were making snowflakes. oh they just cant wait for you to pay.
    I’m sorry, they made me tell them!
    They forced me to. BFF’s remember?
    Just don’t look behind you.

  • Killer Game

    My friends and I have a game we like to play. We call it the Killer Game. It’s like the Hunger Games, just we don’t really kill people. At least, they don’t. My name is Lacey, and I play this game way different then everyone else. I have long black hair, usually tied in a pony tail. No one suspects me. They are stupid enough to keep playing the game. My friends just asked if I want to play. Okay then. Lets do it. We have a little area in the middle of the yard. That is where we get the “Weapons” I don’t need those. I have one of my own. One person was getting suspicious of me, and how I never “Died” But never grabbed a weapon. Now it’s his turn. I creep up quietly to him. A twig snaps. He spins around. “Who’s there?” He asked, holding out his “Weapon” A pool noodle. I step out, laughing, and pull out my knife. “Like that little noodle is gonna stop me!” He steps back. I lunge, and start stabbing him. When i’m sure he’s dead, I chuck my knife into the woods, mentally remembering where it is, and scream. Everyone else come running. I am covered in blood, but they think it’s just because i’m holding him in my arms. Some one stumbled out of the woods, holding my knife. Everyone rushed to her. I walked over too. I knew they were about to discover my name carved on it, so I tripped, and flung my arm up, knocking it into the woods. She looked at me, angry. “There was a name carved in it. We were about to find out who it is!” “Sorry! I tripped,” I said, holding my arm, pretending it hurt. We all left. Like always, the police came, and left. That night, I went outside, and grabbed my knife. I went to the girl who found my knifes house. I crept in the window, and tapped her shoulder. She woke up, and before she screamed, I covered her mouth, and stabbed her. After, I smiled. I screamed, then ran to the window, jumped out, and shut it. I walked off. Another victim. Another good day.

  • Ok this a short story but scary pls put it on the website it’s also my birthday I love SFK

    “Was it just a dream”

    One day I woke up to see my self in a different world. I walked down to eat breakfast just to see my parents but I had a felling was it my parents? I wonder. So I just thought I was imagining things so then I went to school but when I got there The building was abanded I still walked in the door shut BEHING me by that point I was getting freaked out I walked in what was supposed to be my classroom there were cobwebs all over I got out and went to the bathroom I screamed there was a severed head on all the toilets I puked all over I tured to see a killer with a butcher knife about to kill me.then I woke up “was It just a dream

  • Bloody Mary

    She lived deep in the forest in a tiny cottage and sold herbal remedies for a living. Folks living in the town nearby called her Bloody Mary, and said she was a witch. None dared cross the old crone for fear that their cows would go dry, their food-stores rot away before winter, their children take sick of fever, or any number of terrible things that an angry witch could do to her neighbors.
    Then the little girls in the village began to disappear, one by one. No one could find out where they had gone. Grief-stricken families searched the woods, the local buildings, and all the houses and barns, but there was no sign of the missing girls. A few brave souls even went to Bloody Mary’s home in the woods to see if the witch had taken the girls, but she denied any knowledge of the disappearances. Still, it was noted that her haggard appearance had changed. She looked younger, more attractive. The neighbors were suspicious, but they could find no proof that the witch had taken their young ones.
    Then came the night when the daughter of the miller rose from her bed and walked outside, following an enchanted sound no one else could hear. The miller’s wife had a toothache and was sitting up in the kitchen treating the tooth with an herbal remedy when her daughter left the house. She screamed for her husband and followed the girl out of the door. The miller came running in his nightshirt. Together, they tried to restrain the girl, but she kept breaking away from them and heading out of town.
    The desperate cries of the miller and his wife woke the neighbors. They came to assist the frantic couple. Suddenly, a sharp-eyed farmer gave a shout and pointed towards a strange light at the edge of the woods. A few townsmen followed him out into the field and saw Bloody Mary standing beside a large oak tree, holding a magic wand that was pointed towards the miller’s house. She was glowing with an unearthly light as she set her evil spell upon the miller’s daughter.
    The townsmen grabbed their guns and their pitchforks and ran toward the witch. When she heard the commotion, Bloody Mary broke off her spell and fled back into the woods. The far-sighted farmer had loaded his gun with silver bullets in case the witch ever came after his daughter. Now he took aim and shot at her. The bullet hit Bloody Mary in the hip and she fell to the ground. The angry townsmen leapt upon her and carried her back into the field, where they built a huge bonfire and burned her at the stake.
    As she burned, Bloody Mary screamed a curse at the villagers. If anyone mentioned her name aloud before a mirror, she would send her spirit to revenge herself upon them for her terrible death. When she was dead, the villagers went to the house in the wood and found the unmarked graves of the little girls the evil witch had murdered. She had used their blood to make her young again.
    From that day to this, anyone foolish enough to chant Bloody Mary’s name three times before a darkened mirror will summon the vengeful spirit of the witch. It is said that she will tear their bodies to pieces and rip their souls from their mutilated bodies. The souls of these unfortunate ones will burn in torment as Bloody Mary once was burned, and they will be trapped forever in the mirror.

    By SexyUnicorn

  • Hi there! feels good to be here.. I have got a new story after a long time….It is called:-


    You may think you are alone…very alone….sitting quietly with your computer in your lap or at the desk. But, did you ever spend a moment of your life thinking about all the things happening in the whole world? Did you? 90% of all the people in the world will say NO.

    If you are among the 90% then please look back in the path of your life and see the horrors which you left alone. The extreme fear which you felt during sleepless nights and now you became blind to those fears that creep and crawl through the darkness…because you have grown up a lot…how did you feel during your sleepless nights…burrowing under your covers, shaking and shivering in the darkness, afraid to move, afraid to make a sound, afraid to breathe?

    Sometimes do you feel your hair standing at the edge and get to know that something is not right? Hey, did you got lost in your dreams? No no, those are not dreams….those are reality which you left behind and you think they are far away. Unfortunately, you didn’t face the reality and think you are safe…. Now, you have read all this…so let me come to the conclusion that LOOK AROUND! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

    I hope you all like this..Probably, it is my best story…(according to me)
    I apologize if there are any grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes…
    And SFK, please read my story and publish it(if it is worthy). And love you all…

    — Veasna Matthels

  • This story took me AGES! Hope u guys like it :p

    “Fear Of Closets”

    I’ve always had an intense fear of closets. Not like a small fear of spiders or something, but a proper fear, a petrifying phobia. It all started one day, when I spotted something weird in my Mom and Dad’s closet. I still have nightmares about it 4 years later…….

    The day began like any normal day. I got up, had breakfast, got ready, and went to school. It was a really stressful and boring day. I had to sit loads of exams , and to top it all off I had tons of homework to do. After what seemed like an age, the school bell FINALLY rang. Grabbing my bag and textbooks, I sprinted out of there as fast as lightning.

    As soon as I arrived home, I quickly greeted my parents and bolted upstairs. My tennis club was on that day, and I was getting a lift from my friend’s mom. Slumping down at my dressing table, I brushed out my hair, brushing out the day’s stress and pinning it up carefully. I rummaged in my desk for some hairspray, but soon realized I must have run out. I knocked on my sister Laura’s bedroom door to borrow some, and that’s when I happened to glance into my Mom and Dad’s room. That’s when I saw it. There was a small pitch-black space
    in-between the sliding doors, which was probably about 3 inches wide.
    In this space I could see a dark figure rustling about. Suddenly I spotted a cold, dead eye staring at me, and a slither of rope.

    I was rooted to the spot. I couldn’t move, or scream either. “Petrified” couldn’t even begin to explain how scared I was. After a few minutes of standing there I finally summoned up enough courage to move. I rushed downstairs as if my life depended on it, which, at that moment, it probably did. Tears flowing down my cheeks, I explained to my parents what happened. Their faces grew pale, and my father grabbed his shotgun, and together we crept up the stairs silently. He rushed into the room, thrust the sliding doors open, and managed to catch a brief glimpse of the hideous apparition, before it disappeared into thin air, as if it hadn’t been there at all.

    A week later, I asked my parents why they had believed me. I mean, I could have been making that up, and I’m not exactly well known for being honest. They told me that the day after it happened, they had asked a neighbor about the history of our house, and apparently a teenage boy had hung himself in the closet 17 years ago after getting continuously beaten black and blue by bullies at his school. According to Mrs Chang, (our neighbor), he comes back each year, searching for the bullies, and, of course, anyone who knows his sad story. After learning this, they decided to move house. My parents told the police, but of course, they didn’t believe them. So we’ve just kept this horrible secret to ourselves.
    Well, not quite. Now that you know, they’re probably coming for you right this very moment…………………..

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee read this SFK, this is probably the best story I’ve ever written ! BTW when do you check this page ? Thanks! :-)

  • The Ice Machine (Don’t think it’s not scary just because of the name!)
    I looked around. I just couldn’t find the refrigerator. I just moved, and I’m trying to get use to the place. We moved into an old Victorian house. I poked my head into a doorway. “Ah ha!” I said. I walked over to the fridge, and grabbed a cup. This fridge had an ice and water machine installed in it. I pushed the ice button. Nothing came out. I looked at it puzzled. “Mom!” I yelled. “What?” She asked, coming down the stairs. “The ice machine is on the fritz.” I said, stepping aside for her to fix it. She pushed it, and ice came out. She let go, and the ice still came out. “You’re right! The ice machine is broken.”
    The machine wouldn’t stop shooting ice. Then the cupboard doors started swinging open. The floorboards lifted, and settled. The curtains billowed open. Me and my mom crouched on the ground, covering our heads. “Help! What’s going on?” I said, my heart beating a million miles an hour. The rugs floated up, revealing the words “GET OUT!” written in blood, with an arrow of blood pointing up the stairs. I ran after it, and my mom followed. It lead us to my sisters room. I screamed, and my mom did too. My sister was laying on the bed, and she had been decapitated. Her head was hanging in the doorway, and on her dead corpse, read the words, “YOU’RE NEXT!” I ran screaming down the stairs, and tripped, falling down the whole way. When I got to the bottom, I ran to the kitchen, and picked up the phone. I dialed 911. I put the phone up to my ear. I looked down. The line had been cut. I realized that it was a little too quiet in here. I looked around, looking for my mom. She came in, her eyes black as cole, and said in a raspy: “GET OUT!” I screamed, and ran out the door. I never once looked back. The house was investigated, but my sister and mom couldn’t be found. I went back a few years later, for I was lonely, and was looking for something to do. The moment I walked into the house, The air went icy cold. The curtains billowed, the cupboards swung open, and the ice machine, it shot ice out, forming the words, “THIS IS A HOLY HOUSE, WE WON’T ALLOW CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL ONTO THIS PREMISES, LEAVE NOW!” A dark figure appeared, and the hood dropped. The devil stepped forward. “Welcome home, my child!” I suddenly stepped forward and embraced him. I was home at last. Home with the devil.

    Thanks for reading! If you want to change it a bit, you may! Thanks! Also, if you could respond and tell me if mine was excepted, that would be great. Please consider mine. It would make the devil happy! Or else, he’ll GET YOU! Just kidding. But don’t forget to check under your bed tonight! And fix the ice machine…


    This is a true story.
    A few months ago I bought a Tudor Rose Roundlette (which is basically a stained glass image set in a circle, hung on a chain which you can use a sucker pad to stick on a window) and put it in the spare room. All was well and good, until a few weeks later I went to Hampton Court and bought one of Anne Boleyn, and put it on the window next to the Tudor Rose (for those that don’t know who she is, Hampton Court is one of the palaces she used to live in before her husband, Henry VIII, had her executed on trumped up charges of incest, adultery and witchcraft).

    A few hours later I came upstairs to find the Anne Boleyn one lying on the floor. Now, there is no way that it could have gotten there by itself unless someone physically took it down, or threw it down. To reach where it was on the floor, it would have to have propelled itself over a pile of books which are piled on top of the chest of drawers, behind a water fountain, which are all in front of a radiator (which is never turned on in that room). In short, it had to have been physically taken down. Had it dropped it would have become wedged. I put it back.

    This was to go on for a few days, I would find either Anne on the floor, or the Tudor Rose on the floor. One time I even found them both on the floor neatly placed side by side with the sucker pads arranged inside the chains. As I have said, unless someone physically did it (and it wasn’t me or my boyfriend), there is no way it could have happened.

    Soon after this, my boyfriend sent me a link for a concert called “Anne Boleyn’s songbook”, which is basically music she put together and was even believed to have composed some of. I booked my ticket, and am going. Since then there have been no further disturbances in that room, and just to be sure I have added to the pile of books and pinned Anne to the window.

    My boyfriend once asked me if I had noticed “any strange occurrences in this house” (I have), and he said that he was in the spare room (long before either of the roundlettes was in there), and he had something thrown at him from the top of the wardrobe; yes we have a cat, but it would be impossible for her to get up there. We have also heard the sound of things falling down in there and on investigation nothing is ever found out of place. The cat has no fear of it, so its not a bad room; but it does make me wonder who or what either followed me home that day at Hampton Court or who or what is it in that room to begin with, who so disliked Anne Boleyn being next to the Tudor Rose?


    This is a true story that happened to me a few years ago. My boyfriend and I had moved from Essex, England to be closer to London where he was working. The house was set right at the top of a hill, and reminded me of another house where I had lived as a child that had terrified me, when I was alone at night I would sleep with the TV on, and we had trouble getting the heating to work although no fault could ever be found.

    Now, I don’t usually watch slasher films (supernatural horror is more my thing), but for some reason I bought a second hand copy of a film called “Hoboken Hollow” (in short its based on a true story of the Texas Slave Ranch); watched it, and have never watched it again. The reasons will become clear. That night I dreamt I was a girl called Caroline, I lived in Texas and was born to a really sadistic family. I had an older twin brother called “Junior” (the same as the character in the film), who was overprotective and somewhat obsessed with me, and may have beat up a boy at the dance for some reason. Anyway, during the dream I saw Caroline lying on a table surrounded by people as she was sick. She grabbed my arm, and said “let me show you what happens when I don’t want to eat”. I felt a searing pain on my arm.

    The next morning I woke up as usual, put on a jumper to go and use the computer before I had to go to work. My arm itched, I mean really itched, but it wasn’t until I was getting dressed that I noticed I had three claw marks down my arm. Those where the days before we had a cat, and I don’t have any nails that can scratch like that (and it wasn’t my boyfriend either because his nails are stumps).

    Things got weirder at work. I had just started a new job for an occupational health company, and one of the nurses said about me, “What’s her name? Caroline?”

    A few weeks later I had another dream about Caroline. This one was messed up. Her father had discovered that her mother had been having an affair, and he took her out to the woods where he carved something like “slut” into her back, stuffed cotton in her mouth, taped it shut, put a white sheet over her, and left her in the sun.
    At work the next day, someone I had spoken to the day before, called and said, “I spoke to someone yesterday, I think her name was Caroline…”

    We didn’t stay for long in the house as we had to move for various reasons, but I had the dream one more time in the new house. I don’t remember it, or if anyone called me Caroline after it (although I have a feeling that they probably did). I haven’t had the dream since (we have since moved again), but I still have the DVD in my collection, not that I will ever watch it again.

  • Ok so this is a story I heard at a camp I went to.

    There once was two brothers. The older brothers nickname was Scar because of the scar on his face. Anyways Scar and his brother always got along. They would get jobs and at the end of the year they would quit and go partying. When they would run out of money they would go back to get a new job.

    This went on for years. Until one year Scar and his brother started hunting. They would sell the furs that they got and use the money to party more. They enjoyed hunting together very much. They had built a cabin in a forest. There was a lake there.

    They agreed that they would hunt together for as long as they could. But one year they met a young teacher. They both fell in love with the her. She was one of their recent customers. Soon all three of them were the best of friend.

    Years later Scars brother made the hot chocolate for his brother and him.

    ‘We had a good hunting season this year.’ Scar said.

    ‘Yeah.’ Was his brothers reply. ‘To bad this is my last year hunting.’

    ‘What are you talking about?’ Scar was surprised.

    ‘I’m engaged to Sally. I meant to tell you before but you were so happy that we were hunting again.’

    Scar jumped and attacked his brother. They got into a huge fist fight. That is when the power went out. Scar took a two headed axe thinking that it was a broom and swung it at his head. He heard a thump. A while later the power turned back on. He saw his brother’s decapitated body and freaked out. He quickly sunk the body. Except he could not find the head.

    Sally put in a missing persons report for the husband to be. The police searched for the brother but couldn’t find him. They questioned Scar and he lied to them saying that he was so happy for his brother when he found out that he was engaged.

    The next time he went hunting he heard a loon call. But what surprised him the most was that he heard his brothers voice calling out to the loon. He looked over towards the lake. He saw a boat going towards the loon. In the boat he swore that he saw the ghost of his brother. He died of a heart attack not long after.

    On the day that the wedding was supposed to be Sally went to the cabin. In her wedding dress. She sat there for hours, just staring at the lake. She went to go get a blanket cause it started getting late. That’s when she tripped. She looked down and saw her husband to be’s head. She couldn’t take it. She stabbed herself in the heart.

    It is said that at the camp if you hear a loon call the dead couple will come and kill the youngest person in each cabin.

  • Don’t befriend the new girl

    I’m Sarah, and here’s my story.

    It’s 3:49am at the moment. I haven’t slept because I’ve been waiting to write this. To tell everyone to stay away. To tell everyone what actually happened to me before I die. I’ll tell my story from the start, about how I got here. Trapped in this dark room.

    At the beginning of this year I had this friend named Belina, the “new girl” that came from another town. No one really knew her. There was something so weird about her. I never thought anything of it at first, but I just noticed strange little things she always did. At lunch she never ate. She was sickly thin, and she always had bags under her eyes. She never talked about her parents or her family, and weirdest of all was her hair. It was just so long and black and she looked like a ghost. Not literally, but she was very pale. Her fingers were long and frail and she didn’t talk much. She told me she never had many friends back in her small town. We never really hung out outside of school, she came to my house sometimes with other friends and she ended up being really quiet and just staring into space and playing with her bracelet. After a while of this she would just say she felt sick and go home. We didn’t know where she lived, and she never invited us over. We just thought she was a little weird, nothing too bad though. Someone always has to give the new girl a chance, right? Well one night she invited me over to her house, but just me. Which I thought was kinda weird. You know, since she was equally as friends with we as she was with all the other girls I hung out with. Maybe she just preferred me, or her parents only wanted one person over, I thought. I went home and skyped my friends to ask them if I should go. They said it was a little weird but I should go for fun, so I could tell them how her house was and what we did and such. So the next day at school I told Belina my answer, “yeah, my mom said I could stay tonight” I said. That was a mistake.

    That night I went home and packed all my overnight essentials, pajamas, toothbrush, makeup. Etc. and I drove to the address written on the tiny piece of paper she had given me. It took about half an hour to get there. I drove down the long twisted driveway in the dark and finally showed up. Yeah, it looked like somewhere she would live. Surprisingly, the house was comfortable and cute. It was really small too. When Belina greeted me at the door she didn’t even talk. She just gave me this weird smile, and it was very off. She never smiled. She took me down the hallway to this dark staircase. We went down and down for what seemed like forever, and finally we got to the bottom. It creeped me out how we were going to the basement. “What are we doing? Watching a movie?” I said. There were about 3 tvs in the room. She didn’t say anything. She grabbed my wrist, surprisingly strongly hence her frail structure. “What are you doing. Can you let go?” I asked, and she didn’t say anything. She looked into my eyes. That’s when I realized whatever that was wasn’t human. Her eyes were deeply black, and purple underneath. Her face was boney, her arms were as thin as sticks. And there were scars all over her. She smiled and her teeth were dull and yellow. They started to fall out and she laughed. at this point I was scared. She screamed at me to get into the closet and I did. She has me locked in here with no food, no water, nothing.

    It’s now been 3 days. I’m sure I’m going to die this morning. Oh shit, it’s 4. She’s going to wake up soon. What do I do? Last night she slipped a note under the door that said “I’ll explain. It all started 10 years ago when a girl named Jenny was held captive in this basement by her mother because she wasn’t the daughter she had wanted. She was beat and starved until she died. As a ghost, she haunted her mother. After her mother had died, Jenny didn’t have anyone to haunt, so she started to get revenge on perfect teen girls like you. The chain kept going on and on for ten years, and now it’s my turn to kill you. I’ve been in your shoes.. Last year I was a normal preppy girl like you with a perfect life until a new girl came to my school. I befriended her and she brought me down here and beat and staved me. The chain has to go on Sarah. You’re going to be a ghost like me. And you’re going to take revenge on teen girls like yourself. Got it, Sarah? Don’t forget your explanation note. I’m sorry”

    My hair has grow long and dark. I’m so frail and skinny. I feel so sick. And I now have about 30 minutes until my death, there’s no escape. She sleeps outside the door. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to be a ghost, and I don’t want to have to do this to someone else to end my misery. If a new girl comes to your school. Even if she’s a little off, don’t befriend her.

  • The Doll

    Mary was 8 years old when she moved into a new mansion with her mom and dad. Mary loved the mansion. It was gigantic, and she had her own room with everything she wanted. Mary’s grandmother gave her a precious doll last month on her birthday. She named the doll, Sally, and cared it with all her heart. Mary kept Sally by her everyday, unless she went out, like to church. When she came back she would always play and care for it.

    Two years passed and Mary turned 10 years old. She forgot about Sally and left her on a table in a room that was 13 rooms away from Mary’s bedroom. The next day after Mary ate her breakfast she scrambled to her room to play on her phone. As she was walking she looked to one room and saw Sally with a menacing look on her face. The doll was in the room next to the original one. Mary shrugged it off and went to her bedroom. She did the same routine the day after and realized Sally was in the 3rd room! Mary asked her parents and forgot about it.

    The next day Mary was eating her breakfast and she had a conversation with her parents before she went to her room to play. She asked her parents about giving the doll back to Grandma. her parents hesitated and insisted she kept it because her Grandma was so special to her. Mary went to the 3rd room and secretly took Sally outside and threw it in the dumpster. Mary walked back to her room and carried on with the day. She slept peacefully that night without thinking of Sally.

    The next day Mary skipped breakfast and looked in the 3rd room. Sally wasn’t there and Mary searched in the 4th room. There she was. Sally was sitting on the floor next to the wall with a sinister look on her face. Mary angrily took Sally and threw her outside from the window. Mary’s mother was outside gardening and scold her. Her mom kept Sally in the 4th room and told Mary to forget about her. Mary was obedient and listened to her mother.

    After Mary woke up she forgot about sally and carried on with her day. She walked her dogs and helped her mom garden. She never glanced in the either of the seven rooms next to hers. Mary kept this one for 3 days and then finally looked in the 7th room. As Mary slept she thought something would happen to her with Sally being in the last room. Mary then thought of just relaxing. She imagined nice sceneries in her mind and then peacefully drifted to a slumber.

    The next day Mary felt stiff and then opened her eyes. The sun was shining and there was a quiet breeze. Mary looked up and saw Sally looking at her with big blue eyes. Mary screamed and kicked but couldn’t get up. sally picked up her knife and crashed it down on Mary’s face. That was the last thing Mary saw.

  • Amusement Park

    I jogged to the “House of Mirrors” in the amusement Park with Brian behind me. The sun was about to set and we didn’t want to miss it. I picked up the pace and ran inside. “I go right you go left!” I said. Brian jolted left and I sprinted right. I looked at all the mirrors and I was puzzled. I didn’t know which one I was and I was almost lost. I walked deeper right and the mirrors got more confusing. All of a sudden I heard a faint scream. It must be Brian! I sprinted wherever there was an opening and hoped to reach him. I turned left and saw him sitting on the floor crying. “What’s wrong?” I said. “C-c-clown!” he said. “What clown?” I asked. He pointed in front of him by a separation of two large mirrors. I grabbed Brian by the shoulder and led him outside. We walked home and forgot about what happened in the “House of Mirrors.” The next day I wanted to explore at the same time the incident happened. It was almost sunset and the amusement park had less and less people. I managed to be the only one in the House of Mirrors. I went around the place where Brian cried yesterday. I looked around and a chill went up my spine. I felt like I was being watched. On spur of moment I heard a silent laugh. It was almost like the laugh of a clown’s. The laugh came closer and closer. I had no idea what to do but just run. I ran deeper left but the laughing just came closer faster and faster. “Help!! HELP!!” I screamed. I passed the front door and surprisingly saw Brian. “What are you doing here?” I said quickly. “I didn’t want you to get lost with the clown.” he said. I grabbed him and we turned and turned until we both got lost. I looked around and saw the mirrors shine in the moonlight. The clown’s laugh came everywhere and I was shaking constantly. I hugged Brian close to me. Then I turned around and saw the clown. It was disgusting with cheap paint and close but very sinister. The mirror shined on him and he brought up a knife from behind him. Brian screamed and cried. I hugged him closer and we just hoped to live. I blanked out and the last thing I saw was the clown’s knife crashing down on me.

  • The channel.

    There once a girl named Amanda, she wanted to see her grandma really badly. She asked her mom if she could go see her. Every time she said no. One day the mom was getting annoyed of her daughter that she just decided to let her go by herself. The mother said “FINE!! THEN WHY DONT YOU GO THERE YOU YOUR SELF?!?! I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY YOU WOULD WANT TO SEE HER! YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HER!!” The girl was happy she got to see her grandmother her self. She didn’t even want to see her mother after that.
    The day then came that she decided to sneak out of her house to go see her grandmother. She came to the apartments that her grandmother lived at and knocked at her door. There was no answer. She checked to see if the door was opened and it was.
    She got in and she saw her grandmother in a chair watching the tv but all there was on the tv was static. Amanda said ” grandma, what are you watching???” She replied “my favorite show! It’s called the dog and the bagel”
    There was no such show called “the dog and the bagel” she went outside the door and searched up this “show” and found out that it was a show that was made in the time her grandmother was a child and that it was hosted by a guy that went on a killing spree. This guy spent his whole life in an insane asylum and shot the show at the asylum. “But how could the show be static?” She found out after, that the show was cursed and who ever watched it would watch for the rest of the persons life.

  • (I posted this awhile back, in the wrong section under the name Shadow-of- Darkness, it was also named “Hunger games, however, I have decided to rename it “Run as fast as you can.” Anyway. here’s the story, while it isn’t a true story, I would appreciate you putting in under there anyway.”

    “Run as fast as you can”

    It was a hot summer night six years ago, me an my friends were playing a game we called “Hunger games” The rules were pretty simple, relatively. You tagged someone to kill them, though you needed a fake weapon to do so. Weapons were located in the middle of the yard, we called this area “The Cornucopia.” Once you died, you had to sit on the front porch, waiting for a new round to start. I ran, panicking, I never fought, I always ran, which was easy, since I was such a quick runner. My best friend, ‘Lindsay’ was right on my heels, with a huge pool noodle. It was inches away from getting me, so I dove into some bushes to get away. In these bushes, I hid away, until he lost interest.
    My body ached, in the last around I escaped from my friend Elliot, by climbing in a tree, which I fell from. I got a huge cut (To this day, I still have the scar) Looking around, I noticed no-one was near me, so I listen quietly, just in case, and ran for an alley way. I went near one of the garages in the alley way, holding my Dumbbell in hand. I had earned the weapon, I got it from a younger girl named Chloe, she was younger, but man, she was NOT an easy kill. (I ended up dating, and am still dating her.)

    Leaving the alley-way I went into a house where no one lived. Kids in my town said it was haunted, I honestly didn’t believe a word of it. Then I went into the garage, it was a small ugly room. It had a scent of must in the air. The ugly green wall pain was cracked, and faded, revealing a sickly shade of grey paint. No wonder no-one lived there, I thought, after stepping into the main-room. The red brick walls were covered in vines, and Ivy. A few were sticking out, they looked sharp, and jagged. I heard a rustle. I decided to be safe, and check it out. “Hey, is anyone there?” No answer, strange. I went over to where I hear the noise from, and pulled back a sheet. No one, but I heard a chuckle from behind me. “Who’s there? I won’t hurt you” I said. Suddenly, a deep voice started speaking “I agree, but I might hurt you!” I turned around to face him. He was a tall gentlemen, looking about 40. He was dressed nicely. “Stay away from me!” I said, browsing through my pocket, until I found my knife. “Or I’ll cut you up badly.” He laughed, and started towards me. Beetles, Toads, Bats. Suddenly, I lurched towards him, and cut him right in the face. He screamed, and fell towards the floor, he called me some names, but I can’t remember them. I started out the door, the last thing I heard before I got out was, “You wait someday, I’ll come back, and gut you!” I don’t know why I din’t finish him off.
    I still can’t go to sleep at night. I throw up from anxiety. I know, that someday, he WILL find me, and he WILL kill me.

  • Help

    Hi, my name is Bethany and today Mr. Banuler is going over oceans in science class. He was my favorite teacher. He was old short but walked really fast. He also had slick gray hair and laughed at alk the jokes and was never mean. He basically let us do anything. Today was a special day. He was in charge of the whole school for today because all the other classes except 7th grade want to a museum, including the principal and staff. Mr. Banuler finished discussing about deep ocean fish for once. “Can I use the bathroom?” I asked. “Sure!” He replyed. I walked to the bathroom on the end of the hall by 5th grade. I looked in the classrooms I passed and they were all dark and gloomy inside. When I passed 5th grade’s classroom an eerie presence stopped my feet. I could of sworn I saw a silhouette of a man dash into 5th grade. My mind was playing tricks on me. I finished doing my business in the bathroom and washed my hands. I was fixing my hair when I saw the silhouette in a stall right behind me. I quickly turned around and looked in the stall. There was nothing. All of a sudden my stomach started churning and I felt like someone punched me in the gut. I walked as fast as I can to my classroom and fell inside. I caught myself up and stood next to Mr. Banuler. I managed to say “I feel….” Then fell down. He caught me and I passed out. I could hear screams in my head and I got the goosebumps. “Bethany! Bethany can you hear me?” I hopped down from the desk I lay on and felt energized. “You should lay back down.” He said. “No. I am…fine. I just need help. Help” I said. He looked puzzled and so did the class. I knew something was inside of me. I felt possessed but I couldn’t talk. I was being extremely controlled. I sat down and stared at Mr. Banuler. He slowly got up and took his eyes away from me. “Okay class, take out your religion books.” He said. I didnt obey. I stood up and walked to the front of the class. I picked up a piece of chalk and drew satanic symbols. I was being possessed by a demon. How didnt I know? “We will be learning about Lucifer our lord.” I said. The class just watched and Mr. Banuler just stared. I drew great drawings of Satan and all different symbols. Then I felt a huge gust of reality blow into me. It was actually me. I was freeing myself from the demon possessing me. I managed to write out the word “help” on the board and scream it. Then I lost control. The demon was stronger than me. My eyes were black now, full of evil. Mr. Banuler was a smart man and he knew exactly what to do. He grabbed me by my arm and led me to a nearby church. Boy, he can run fast! We were in the church and I started saying curse words. I felt it control me even more. The last thing I said was “help me, hurry!” Mr. Banuler chanted things in a different language. There wasn’t much time let till the demon got full control over me. In about a minute I predicted. I grasped his hand tightly and then let go. I am gone. Mr. Banuler wept in the middle of church and the demon returned itself to a silhouette and ran off to an empty room.

  • The Library

    After math class our home room went to the library. It’s an everyday thing. The library was located above a hill by our middle school. My friend Amelia and I were searching for mystery books. Once we got ours we took our seats in the “quiet room.” No one really goes in there because the room next to it says to be haunted. I tried opening it but it was locked. Amelia told me about the Virgin Mary statue in the room with red eyes. She said she once went in there and looked in the statue’s eyes and began to feel dizzy and fell down. She was in the nurse’s room afterwords. It gave me the chills. We decided to sneak in right bafore dusk. After school and basketball practice the time has came. We quietly opened the library entrance door and sit behind the librarian’s desk. We never really knew his name. We saw him putting books away by the art room. We crept behind an elevated shelf right next to the quiet room. I whispered to Amelia “is he gone yet?” She nodded her head and we tiptoed silently to the quiet room and saw that the mysterious room was opened. “You first!” I said. Amelia bravely walked in and I trailed her. It was pitch black and I felt the fuzzy carpet beneath my sneakers. All of a sudden the door slammed close. There was an eerie silence in the room. Amelia and I knew to be quiet for we dont know what else lurked in the room. All of a sudden red eyes flashed from the statue and it screamed and mourned. She had the most horrifying face that left us frozen in our spots. Amelia and I jolted to the door and pushed it but it wouldn’t budge. I looked behind me and I saw the devilish face of the statue right by Amelia’s face. I pushed Amelia away and kicked the door as hard as I can. I had to save my own life. The statue was on my heels as I ran through the library. Amelia screamed my name but I couldn’t stop, even for my friend. Then as I passed the librarian’s desk a flimsy but steady hand grabbed my upper shoulder and dragged me behind the desk. I looked up and saw the librarian with a lantern under his head. He kept his arm wrapped around me. The statue kept running and then the librarian repeated words in a different language very strongly and the Virgin Mary statue stopped and cringed. The librarian kept going and the statue walked backwards to the mysterious room by the quiet room. “Thank you!” I said managing to make my voice above a whisper. “You are very lucky . That was not really a holy Virgin Mary statue it was all fake. A dark sinister spirit possessed the statue and only these words can stop it. I am sorry about your friend. She is in doom now with the spirit. You can never imagine what horrifying things is happening to her. I must leave now,” he said. I will never know what is happening to Amelia now or where the librarian is and who he is. The library was burnt and the school was shut down due to it’s dark histories.

  • Just a Dream…
    “Dude, calm down. It was just a dream.” My friend Justin just started freaking out because he had a dream. It was pretty dang bad though…
    Basically, he murdered his whole family. He said in the dream, he woke up in the middle of the night. He went downstairs for no reason and got a cleaver. Let’s just say things got a little messy.
    He walked upstairs again, not caring about the noise he made, and gave each family member a certain amount of whacks. He gave his mom forty. He gave his dad forty-one. He figured it would take less whacks for his sister, so he settled on twenty-five.
    After that he walked into his room and fell back asleep. That’s the main reason he thinks it’s real. He fell back asleep. Immediately after his nightmare, he video called me. “If you’re so scared, check on your parents!”
    “That’s exactly what I don’t want to do.” I was starting to get annoyed. “Just do it!” He finally agreed. “Okay, run back to me if you see anything.”
    I obviously knew there would be nothing there. Oh boy was I wrong.
    He came back with a grin on his face. “I’ll meet you at your place in five minutes.” Something about that seemed off. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.
    Five minutes later he was at my front door. He was acting kind of strange though. He seemed nervous and fidgety. “Dude, are you okay. You seem nervous. And why’d you bring a backpack? “Oh, I’m fine. But shouldn’t I be asking you that question?”
    Suddenly, he lunged. “What the heck, dude! What are you doing!”
    “All the stuff I said was a dream, wasn’t. And your next!”
    Suddenly, with his other hand, he grabbed butcher knife out of his backpack. I’m sorry bro, it just had to end this way. He mercilessly stabbed me, with the knife piercing my heart. I died instantly.
    I woke up in a cold sweat. I was shivering, yet I wasn’t scared. It was just a dream after all.

  • My dad was lying in bed with my mom when he woke up. He saw a shadowy figure standing on the balcony staring at him with white eyes. It just stood there…. Staring at him. He lay in his bed terrified. Joon, our black dog, was right next to the door asleep as the thing put a hand on the window. Joon woke up and started barking at the figure. Benny, our white dog, woke up to the noise and started barking as well. My dad started yelling as my mom woke up and saw the figure on the balcony as she screamed as loud as she could..I woke up from the commotion and walked into the room. My parents stopped yelling and screaming as I looked at the window and said “Natalie?” My parents were freaked out because Natalie was an imaginary friend of mine. My dad immediately grabbed the dogs as he held them in the bed and stared at me. “Natalie, what do you mean?” My dad said nervously. I just stared at my dad and said “She’s standing on the balcony, don’t you see her?” My dad froze with fear as the dogs stopped barking and began whining. “What are you doing up so late Natalie?” I said as my mom stared at my dad with fear. I began to walk up to the balcony door as my mom screamed and grabbed my shirt. I felt my arms jolt in front of me as she pulled me in the bed with her. My brother was asleep the whole time as the shadowy figure made a loud angry groan then the second I blinked it was gone. My mom began crying thinking that if she hadn’t moved, she would have lost me. My dogs stopped whining and didn’t bark for the rest of the night. I slept between my mom and dad for the rest of the night. My parents put white curtains up so that if the creature comes back, they won’t seen it and so I won’t walk up to it.

  • The Myrtles Plantation Mirror Contains the Spirits of a Woman and Her Children
    This story is true it’s in St Francisville,La you can stay there for nights,but let’s go to the story.Myrtles Plantation is an allegedly haunted bed and breakfast that is largely considered to be the most haunted home in the United States,as well as the top most haunted houses in the world. The plantation dates back to 1796, and it was built on a Native American burial ground. Additionally,it is rumored to be the location of at least ten murders, and paranormal events are an almost daily occurrence. Perhaps the most haunted item on the premises is a mirror that was added to the home in 1980. Guests of the plantation have reported seeing figures lurking in the mirror, as well as child-sized handprints on the glass. Legend claims that the mirror contains the spirits of Sara Woodruff and her children.The Woodruffs were poisoned to death,and through custom dictates that the mirrors should be covered after death to prevent spirits from getting trapped,this mirror is not covered, so the belief is that the Woodruffs souls are very much present and active within the mirror.

  • Well it is 2016 already and SFK still hasn’t gave me any feedback so SFK has inspired me to stop writing stories and to move on to a different scary website i may still comment on stories but i will never write another story here again i showed my friends my story and they said that SFK must hate my story since i didn’t get a word of feedback so they said that since SFK didn’t like it then they don’t like it and lets just say im lonley and friendless> thanks a lot NOT

  • red bear

    A girl got a white teddy bear for her birthday from her friend. She left it beside her beside table. She woke up and her teddy bear was stained red with blood and hold a knife. To remove the evidence of the horror so her friend wouldn’t see her disapointment, she put it on her highest shelf. The next morning her heart was filled with dread of what would happen the next morning. She woke up. Her white (now red) bear was on her beside table with a bloody knife in her hand and a alarm clock beside red bear,written in blood on the mirror was tick tock goes the clock. She again removed the evidence of red bear and worried of what would happen next morning…she didn’t have to worry for she was found dead that morning. Her red bear beside her. Her parents punched and kicked the red bear for they thought that there daughter had commited suicide and were ashamed of her choice. While they were kicking and punching the bear a note popped out saying: ” i never wanted to be your friend i hope the bear gave you grief…”
    plz post this sfk plz plz plz

  • this is a story my friend told me , it is called “counting sheep”

    There were 2 girls named Kara and Daisy . the 2 girls were best friends . they were in girl scouts together . one day they went camping with their girl scout group . they had to stay in cabins and there was 1 set of bunk beds in each cabin . daisy said “i call top bunk!!!” …… leaving Kara with the bottom bunk . they did lots of camp games, played truth or dare and told scary stories . at 10:00 they decided to go to bed . not even 10 minutes after they decided to go to bed , daisy heard kara counting . 1…2….3…4….5……6…….7……8…….. Daisy thought she was just counting sheep . so she just went to sleep . then , 1 hour later she woke up to hear Kara still counting . 1278…..1279….1280……. geez! by now Daisy was concerned . she was just about to look down when the counting stopped . then after a couple of seconds she looked down . what she saw , scarred her for life . there was a pale girl with black hair and no eyes looking up at her , sitting on the bed . she was plucking Kara’s hairs out of her severed head !!!!! then the creepy little girl opened her mouth and said “YOUR NEXT”!!!!!!!!! the next morning no one found the girls . no one ever did …………………



    The news came like a bomb. Claire was dead. She was a pretty, smart and talented girl, that lived in a nice house with loving parents and a big garden to play with all her friends.
    Poor girl. She was only 11. She spent the afternoon at Diana’s house, but never came back at 8. It was not like Claire. Her parents eventually found her dead body. They say she was stabbed by a homeless man or an alcoholic on her way home.
    “Such horrible people among us!” the old lady says.
    “Who would do such a thing?!” the barman says.
    “Someone just insane!” the teacher says.
    “Maybe.. someone was jealous of her. She had it all, you know?” Diana’s mother implies.
    “What do you mean?” the business man asks.
    “Well, maybe a parent tought all the attention Claire was having was unfair. The other kids couldn’t shine.”
    “That’s outrageous!” the lonely man cries.”A parent should understand the pain of losing a child! I do… uhh…”
    “You’re right.” Diana’s father agrees. “It obviously isn’t possible. Jealousy is a bad thing, but it can be resolved with dialogue!”
    “How silly of me to say something so evil yet ignorant.” Diana’s mother sighs, with a shy smile.”But, have you seen our girl Diana? I think she is even better than Claire!”
    “She is.” her husband says, smiling too.”Maybe it’s her turn to shine.”

  • Hospital Deaths

    When you are admitted to a hospital, they place on your wrist a white wristband with your name on it. But there are other different colored wristbands which symbolize other things. The red wristbands are placed on dead people.

    There was one surgeon who worked on night shift in a school hospital. He had just finished an operation and was on his way down to the basement. He entered the elevator and there was just one other person there. He casually chatted with the woman while the elevator descended. When the elevator door opened, another woman was about to enter when the doctor slammed the close button and punched the button to the highest floor. Surprised, the woman reprimanded the doctor for being rude and asked why he did not let the other woman in.

    The doctor said, “That was the woman I just operated on. She died while I was doing the operation. Didn’t you see the red wristband she was wearing?”

    The woman smiled, raised her arm, and said, “Something like this?”

  • my story is called force.

    43857 Elmer Street was robbed yesterday. The house was cleaned of all its leather items. They have not been found. The cameras inside the house did not catch anything in the house. The items were not caught moving around. But, in the morning, they were gone. What could have happened?
    That was the news broadcast that came in between Kyle’s TV show. Naturally, he was very upset. He had been in his bed with a bowl of popcorn in his college apartment at Harvard. Yet, Kyle wasn’t surprised about that. In his opinion, leather was as precious as diamond. He turned off the TV and went to his computer. He saw that houses all over the world had been cleansed of all their leather items. Nothing had been caught on camera.
    Weird, he thought.
    He walked out of the apartment and out onto the streets. He went to the house that had been recently robbed. Police and paranormal investigators were walking around the house.
    He began to walk back to his apartment when he saw a huge banner in the distance. LEATHER SHOW TODAY! it read in big, bold letters.
    Leather, sure! thought Kyle.
    He walked to the place. It was packed with people enjoying themselves and looking at the leather.
    Before he stepped in, he noticed a small stall set up outside the leather convention. The people there were handing out papers to everybody. There were also a few signs on the stall that read: NO LEATHER. Although he didn’t want to, Kyle took one. It read in big, bold letters:
    Join the anti-leather society!
    Call: 857-4837
    Why leather isn’t good:
    To make leather we have to kill and skin animals.
    Leather needs to be dyed so they have to go through a process. This makes the leather indecomposable. That is bad for the environment!
    To make fancy leather, we have to kill animals that are almost extinct!
    To make leather, factories let out loads of toxic gas into the environment.
    One king of leather is made from the skin of unborn calves!
    Leather is also made out of the skin of DOGS AND CATS!
    Again, Call: 857-4837 NOW!
    Kyle threw the paper away.
    “Useless stuff,” he muttered. “Leather is not bad.”
    Kyle walked into the convention. He looked around. There was no convention. Instead, there was just an open space filled with snow. The wind was blowing hard. Kyle looked around. At his feet, there were some words written in the snow.
    Please let go of your liking for leather. You have already read what you people have to do to make it.
    Kyle’s face grew purple with rage.
    He stomped on the note until it was gone. The wind howled in rage. Then, Kyle heard a voice cutting through the wind. The voice was so cold, frost began to form on Kyle’s hands.
    “I am The Force and I shall say your last chance is gone and now you will pay.”
    Kyle turned to run but instead he hit a wall.
    “What in the world?” Kyle turned around and saw a long hallway. It seemed to go on forever. Then, he heard a noise that chilled him.
    Breathing heavily, Kyle senselessly moved down the hallway He walked down the hall for hours.
    The moaning was louder now. The hallway ended abruptly. Kyle was horrified about what he saw. There were animals skinning human beings. Kyle tried to run, but a crocodile got him and took out a huge knife and chopped Kyle up into pieces.

  • Ok here’s an easy riddle:
    My brother was heart-broken.
    My sister never died.
    My mother floated in air.
    My father climbs up, but goes down.

    Can you guess their deaths?

  • The Creepy One:
    Anne was a strange girl, or according to most people she was. She wore gothic make-up, she didn’t believe in God, and she always avoided talking to people. Many people teased her about it, and constantly called her names. However, no matter what they did, Anne never cried or got angry. It was nearing graduation, and the populars didn’t want to end the year without seeing the goth go “out of it.”
    So then, the leader, Samantha, asked Anne if they could have a sleepover at her house on Saturday. If they were gonna torture the girl, they might as well try to know her more as well. As usual, Anne didn’t really care and accepted it anyways. It was something new, and she had nothing better to do. With that, Samantha gathered up her friends and planned what to do next.
    On Saturday morning, Anne heard the doorbell ring. She opened it, and surprise surprise, it was Samantha and her little minions. As the girls hurried in, they grabbed Anne to her bedroom. They then dumped their make-up all over her room, and then proceeded to strap Anne to her bed.
    Anne screamed and screamed, but to no avail. After what seemed to be an hour, Samantha finally changed the gothic look into the popular look. After allowing Anne to be free, she blinked. And then laughed. And then laughed again. The girls watched with anticipation. Anne then stood up then flipped her hair and walked out the room. It was finally complete. Anne was a popular-she was now one of them. And now Samantha had one more follower.
    As she walked outside in pride, she spotted a girl in a hoodie. A devilish gleam flashed in her eyes. Now she had another subject…….

    (Btw, I know this was sooooooo bad. Originally, it was supposed to be scary, then it was supposed to be just creepy. After I failed a lot, I just wanted a good plot twist. Looks like that one failed, too XD I will still keep writing, so hopefully there will be better ones in the future.)

  • Hi SFK, Sorry I haven’t submitted anything in a while, but took a break from horror to explore other genres of writing. Meant to leave some Christmas stories but didn’t get to it. Hope the holidays went great, and Happy New Year!!! I don’t log in as much, but do check for new stories when I get to it.

  • Sorry for the last one
    (Based on a true story)
    Home Alone

    When I was little I used to be scared of being alone. One day my family decided to go out, my sister went with her friends, and my brother went to work, so did my parents, I wasn’t really social so I stayed by myself while I finished the ton of hw I had. Since I was really scared I decided to turn on all the lights in my house so I could feel safe. Then I noticed I needed something to finish my art project. Since I was at Mexico at the time I could come and go to the market. To make myself less scared when I came back I decided to leave the lights on (all of them). When I got to the market I found my brother there working, I told him what I needed and was soon ready to go home. “Hey I’ll be home soon, I just have to pick something up.” He called out as he ran past me. I nodded and quickly walked back home. When I got there a chill ran down my spine, every single light in my house had been turned off. I slowly walked inside and turned them back on. I sat down on the couch and tried to calm down. Just then I felt a disturbing coldness surround me. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to find to perfectly little hands marked on the couh besides me, I couldn’t move. I tried to run but I was caught in the cold. Then there was a knock on the front door. The door opened and my brother peeked inside. I burst into tears and almost slapped him, “Why did you turn of all the light, you know I get scared.” He looked at me weirdly, “What I havn’t been home all night.” He exclaimed. I told him what had happened but he simply dismmised the subject. To this day I still don’t know what happened that night but it sends a chill down my spine to think about it.

    Thanks for reading, this actually happened to my aunt when she was little
    I thought it was creepy. I hope you do too!

  • Cookies (narrated by a seven year old girl)

    Mommy and Daddy were very happy today. They told me that soon I would be big sister. I asked them what that meant, and Daddy said that Mommy was going to have a little girl. A little baby sister, who I could play with all I wanted! Now, this got me excited. I jumped up and down with excitement and so did Daddy. I’m glad that Mommy has this thing. They call it pregnant. Mommy is pregnant! I was wondering why she kept getting fatter. It’s like her tummy was a big balloon!

    Little sister arrived today. I was really happy, but the people dressed in white wouldn’t let me go in. I was very sad. I had to stay in the waiting room for hours. But finally Daddy snuck me in. Mommy was smiling and rocking a white bundle in her arms. Her cheeks looked like they had tears on them and I asked what was wrong. She said that sometimes, when people are really happy, they cry. They called it Tears Of Joy. Finally I noticed a tiny hand reach up and stretch its fingers with a short whimper. I tilted my head and looked up at Mommy. Slowly she tilted the bundle so that it was facing me. “Meet Emily. She’s your new little sister.” Mommy smiled down at me as the little fingers clamped around my hand. I grinned and kissed Emily’s small hands. Me and Daddy went home a little while after. Mommy said she and Emily would come back home in a few days.

    Once they came home, I was very happy. I asked to play with Emily, but Mommy and Daddy said she was too little for that right now. They told me I had to be very careful when I did anything around her. I couldn’t run in the house, or play with balls, or move around with any food or hot things. This made me sad. But I could live with it, as long as Emily was happy.

    Grammy and Grumpy came over today. Usually they can’t wait to get me toys and play and make me cookies. I missed Grammy baking cookies with me. I had already gotten dough and flower and chocolate chips, like usual. But they only came to see Emily. They said she was little and needed more cuddles than I did. That’s not fair at all! But I didn’t tell them, because I wanted Emily to be happy.

    Mommy caught me feeding Emily my famous cookie recipe. She yelled at me and put me in the corner. She said that I could never do that ever again. When I asked why, she said that Emily’s tummy was too soft for cookies. That seemed like a lie to me.

    Today the whole family came over. I had already made cookies for everyone. There was one heart shaped one, and one big one that covered up the whole plate. No one asked me why they were red. Soon, they started to look for Emily. After about a half an hour of them looking, I told Daddy that we were all playing hide and seek, and I had hidden Emily well. He held my shoulders still and asked me where she was. I giggled and told him that I couldn’t tell him. It would ruin the game. He shook my shoulders and yelled at me to tell him where she is. I giggled again and told him the truth. She was in my toy box. He ran away and I walked behind him. As he got into my room and opened my toy chest, he screamed. “EMILY!” It was funny, so I laughed again. “That won’t wake her up, Daddy. Nothing will.” He ignored me and lifted her up and out of the toy chest. The big cookie was easy to make, I thought as he stared at the knife sticking in his youngest daughter’s side, right next to a large hole. Looking up slightly in horror, he noticed the second wound. The heart was a little harder, I remembered as he pulled the heart shaped cookie cutter out of Emily’s chest. I knew she wasn’t breathing anyway, even though he checked multiple times. Just then, I felt a shove behind me and fell to the ground. Turning so I was laying on my back, I saw that it was Mommy. She looked angry. There were tears going down her face. How I loved her Tears Of Joy. “I told you Emily’s tummy was soft enough for cookies. “

  • I call this one “Story of a Girl”
    Paige loved to write stories, starring herself and her friends. One day, she wrote a story that went, “One day, Paige was hanging out with her friends out at the park, in Paragould, AR, where she lived, when one of her friends, Riley, got the bright idea to have a camp out in her backyard.
    All of the friends were immediately on board with the idea. They all quickly got permission and began planning. At the camp out, they all decided to tell stories. Riley told one of a girl who lived in the woods they were all in that kidnapped people and ate them, Maggie told of a young couple who drowned in a lake nearby, Angelina told one of two girls who were best friends that ran away and were later eaten by cannibals, and Paige told one of a young girl who wandered and got lost in the woods that went crazy and killed herself in her home when she returned. They all were so terrified they couldn’t sleep. All Paige could think about was that girl… She wondered if it was true. Eventually, Paige drifted off to sleep and dreamed of death. Paige died in her sleep.” The REAL Paige, however, did not. She was, however, found, in her bathroom, her wrists slit, and that story written on the walls in her own blood. It is said whoever reads this will eventually face the same fate-completely losing your mind and slitting your wrists, painting the story on the wall, your story.

  • red bear.

    A girl got a white teddy bear for her birthday from her friend.
    She put it on her dressing table with care. She fell asleep the next morning she woke up and felt scared…

    On the mirror above her dressing table her teddy bear was stained red with blood.

    Written on the mirror with blood was ‘ i’m watching you ‘
    Fearing the white (now red bear) bear she put it on the highest shelf not having the heart to get rid of it.

    She washed the mirror to scared to tell her parents about what had happened.

    The next night she slept in fear of what would happen next.
    She was too scared to open her eyes.

    The red bear had moved once again on her dressing table.
    a note scared in blood ‘tick tock goes the clock now its time to say goodbye…”

    She noticed a bloody knife dropped beside her bed.
    She decided to tell her parents…they were gone.

  • Hi SFK!
    I made a story, i hope you enjoy it!

    Its named The Forest’s End.

    A few months ago, pretty recent, there was a group of friends on vacation close to the sea. This was the first time they went on vacation together, and they had great plans for it.

    The group of friends had seven members. Three girls, and four boys. The girls were named Alicia, Sam and Jaynee. The boys were named Jack, Kostas, Albert and Mike. They met eachother at the primary school, and didn’t lose contact because they were great friends.

    This vacation was great fun already. They went swimming in the ocean, riding around with the bikes they hired and played games when the weather wasn’t so good for once. Early in the morning, Kostas decided it would be cool to do something fun today. His idea was to go to the woods and play some fun games when there.

    Everybody agreed with the idea and they decided to just go have some fun. They walked through the forest with all seven, and made some jokes and basically talked with eachother. When they came in a more open spot in the forest, they put down a carpet, and made a picknick ready, because it was already afternoon, and they were getting a little hungry. The lunch was delicious, with lots of different sorts of bread, and stuff to put on it.

    After they finished the lunch, and packed their bags again, they went doing a game. The game was chair dance, but in place of chairs, you use trees. They played the game for about a quarter, and after that Jack seemed to have wandered off… He was nowhere to be found, and everybody was screaming his name after he went lost. It was a nice try, but it didn’t help a single bit. That was, when they decided to go look after him. They went in pairs of two, and went searching around the forest. When they came back on the location which was the place they were going to after an hour, they saw there was just four of them… Three of the people seemed to be lost now…

    Only Kostas, Albert, Jaynee and Alicia were left now. They started to get creeped out, and felt afraid, since they had no actual idea where the rest could be. Kostas decided to go search one more time. He went to the place they played the ‘Tree dance’ game. He walked further in the forest on that spot, and saw a little ven a couple ten meters in front of him. He ran to it and saw there was something weird in the water. He thought he saw a glimpse of somekind of green thing.

    He took a peak in the ven, but all he saw was himself. Thats weird, Kostas thought. After searching some more, Kostas gave up and headed back to the location they chose to come back. Nobody was there, except Alicia. ‘Where is the rest?’ Kostas asked. ‘I dont know!’ Alicia screamed, ‘They just dissapeared when i was tieing my shoelaces!’ Alicia sounded really feared right now, and Kostas was feeling really worried as well.

    ‘We should get out now!’ Kostas said. And as soon as he said that, they left the forest and went for their vacation house. When they arrived there, it was all silent and they went to bed immediatly. Later that night, they heard the door being opened. Kostas got out of bed and heard a super loud scream. ‘AAAHHHH!’ He ran downstairs and there were five people, Sam. Jaynee. Jack. Albert and Mike. Being scared for their lives, while Jaynee was pointing at Kostas and Alicia, sputtering: ‘M-m-mon-MONSTER!

    That was the last thing Kostas heard, when he felt a harsh pain at the back of his head. He fell on the ground, and his vision slowely turned black…

    A few days later, the rest of the group returned home and told the story to everyone they met. But nobody believed them… Their parents sent them to a Psycologic, but the boy and the girl named Kostas and Alicia were never to be seen again.

  • The Chip: Sherri was 23 and lived in an apartment with her friend, Catherine. They didn’t live in the best neighborhood and for a while now they had been talking about moving. One night Sherri and Catherine went to dinner at a fancy restaurant downtown for Catherine’s birthday, when, out of the blue, Sherri fell to the ground and was rushed to the hospital immediately. The doctors held Sherri overnight at the hospital to look at her and they found traces of chloroform in her system along with foreign objects put inside her skull like skewers and weapons. When closer analyzed, each one of the foreign objects inside of her had traces of blood, and DNA tests showed that the blood was from victims of serial murders made by a crazed murderer who was on the run. The most frightening thing rhe doctors founs though, was a tracking chip implanted in her neck. The scientists decided to keep the chip for further research. The day after the doctors sent Sherri home, the police were told that there were gunshots coming from the hospital. All of the scientists were found knocked out with chloroform but survived. What the police didn’t see however, were the stiches in their head and and marks on their neck… They say the man who did this still roams around the USA waiting for his next victim…

  • Eyes

    In september of 2007 I had just started working at mcdonalds on the night shift from 10 to 2. I worked the drive through and loved my job, being able to converse with people every night, learning about them. After about a year i noticed more creepy people coming by. People who i dont trust. It accually got to the point where i was talking to my parents about changing my name tag so that they couldn’t track me down. One night we were having kind of a slow time until one car came up. It was a rundown 96 ford with tinted windows and 4 bulky doors that were painted black. The man ordered 1 whopper and a diet coke. While he was digging around for change in his floorboard, the back seat window rolled down to reveal a girl, probably around 8 or 9. The first thing i noticed was her eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen, hazel with a tint of green in the middle, but then i noticed something much more sinister…. She had duct tape across her mouth. She then held her hands up to reveal her hands tied at the wrists. She somehow managed to pick up a flashlight with her free fingers and clicked it on and off in a certain order. It was morse code. Dot dot dot… Dash dash dash… Dot dot dot.. It was SOS. Before i could do anything, the man in the front turned around and did something to the girl. All i could hear was muffled screaming and scolding from the back of the car. All i could do was stand there and hope for the best. The man turned back around, blood on his shirt, and apologized for taking a long time. He gave me the money and drove off, stopping to throw something out of his window. I immediately rushed to the back of the restaurant and called the police. While i was waiting for then to arrive, i went outside to see what he threw out the window. When i found what he threw, i almost threw up. It was two hazel eyes, with just a tint of green in the middle.

  • This is a true story that happened to my older brother (who will be referred to as B to keep it anonymous) when he was around my age.
    A few years ago, when my brother was in the ninth grade, he had to walk back and forth to and from school every day. We lived in a pretty neutral part of Oklahoma at the time, so he didn’t have to suffer through intense, below-zero temperatures during the winter time. Everyday after school he would walk home with some of his friends, and they took their time getting home every day, either by getting distracted by catching frogs or having mud fights, just normal teenage boy stuff like that.
    One day, while he was on his way home, his friends decided to go a different way, or a ”shortcut” as they called it. Looking back on it, he remembers getting a bad feeling, but he says at the time he just thought it would be a more efficient way to get home. So, he happily agreed and they took a shortcut behind the school and behind a few neighborhoods. As they were on their way back, they came across an open entrance to a sewer, and, since they were idiot teenagers, they decided to go and check the place out to see if they could find some hairy tarantulas or scaly snakes to freak out their moms and some girls at school with. They ditched their backpacks at the entrance and ran into the tunnel, whooping and hollering and just doing normal-guy stuff, I guess. B decided before he went in that he would time how long they were in the tunnel so that they wouldn’t be late for dinner. After a few moments, the brightness of the entrance of the tunnel faded out and they were left in pitch black dark. He remembers waving his hand in front of his face and not seeing a thing (but I personally think he said that because I’m a HUGE fan of the Hobbit). His friend Mikey, luckily, had brought his small pocket flashlight so they could continue their journey. The light was dim and not very helpful, but it was better than nothing, I guess.
    They walked for about twenty minutes when they heard something that made them stop in their tracks. A faint voice whispered “turn around while you still can….” along with a faint sound that sounded like someone scraping their fingernails along the wall. The three boys stopped in their tracks immediantly and shone the flashlight to the source of the voice. In the distance was a dim, eerie shadow that stopped mysteriously when the light was shone on it. B swears that he heard a hissing sound so loud that it hurt his ears, and before they knew what had happened, the shadow was gone. B and his friends were terrified, so they picked up their flashlight and ran the whole way back. They didn’t even know they were out of the sewer until they were outside with the stars twinkling up high above their heads. Freaked out, his friends both started yelling at B for not keeping track of time. They couldn’t figure out how to get home from there in the dark, and they figured their parents were worried sick. That’s when B really got scared. His watch said they had only been in there for fifteen minutes, but when he changed it to the time, it was 1:27 in the morning.

  • Salon 85

    My favorite hair salon was going out of business. When I found this out, I was extremely disappointed. They were just so friendly and welcoming. Every time I left that place, my hair looked like it came off of the page of a celebrity’s head.

    I looked on the internet and searched for good hair salons in my area. All of them were either extremely expensive and swanky, or required a hour-long drive. I was about to give up hope when I saw it. Salon 85.

    I clicked on the link and it took me to their website. The website looked pretty professional. They had pictures of their employees standing in black in front of their stations. Underneath each picture it had the employee’s full name and level of schooling. I noticed that a majority of the employee’s had only a high school level of education. I didn’t think much of it, after all most of them seemed at least 25.

    One thing struck me as odd, though. Even though there was a place for comments and reviews on the website, there were none. The place had been open since 2009, so it wasn’t as if it was new and undiscovered.

    I hadn’t gotten my hair cut since February, and it was November. I decided to try it out, after all it was at most fifteen minutes from my house. Maybe I would be the first to give them a good review.

    As soon as I opened the door, I was attacked with the smells of hair products and perfume. The woman at the front desk gave me a big, toothy, smile.

    “Hello and welcome to Salon 85! Would you like anything to drink?”

    I said sure, and she lead to me to the waiting area. I took a seat and she poured me a cup of herbal tea.

    “Your stylist will be with you shortly, is there anything else I can get you?”

    “No, thank you.” There were two other people in the room with me. A middle aged woman and a girl who couldn’t have been older than 19. The walls were decorated with peaceful pictures of forests and oceans. Songs that I never heard of played through the speakers.

    The tea she gave me was strong, but it tasted alright. After about 5 minutes a woman dressed in a black dress and leggings came into the waiting area.


    “That’s me,” I said standing up.

    She smiled at me and held out her hand.

    “I’m Sandy, if you’ll follow me we’ll get started.”

    I shook her hand and followed her. We stepped into a big room with at least 15 chairs and mirrors set up. I sat down and she started asking me questions. Just normal things that you get asked every time you get your hair cut by someone new. What you do for a living, what you did over the holidays, where you were from. She started rubbing some products in my hair. She actually started giving me a massage on my head, neck, and shoulders. It surprised me, but it was a pleasant surprise. In fact, I almost started falling asleep when she said we were going to go wash my hair.

    I got up and followed her into a room with four sinks and chairs. The room was dimly lit and it smelled even more like hair product. She washed my hair and rubbed even more product. She wrapped a towel around my hair, but before I could get up, she put a rag over my nose. To my horror, I realized that the rag was soaked in chloroform. The last thing I heard before I blacked out was her telling me that this was their special smelling salt therapy.

    I woke up bound to a chair and my hair was pulled back tightly. The room was freezing and there weren’t any windows. Everything was covered in plastic, including me. There was one other girl with me. I recognized her as the young girl from the waiting area. She was screaming and crying. She was bound as well. I was about to say something to her, but then I noticed what her hair was trapped in.

    There was a machine sitting behind her where her hair was. Her hair was wrapped around a bar. I was confused at first, but as soon as I saw the gears and lever; I realized what was going on. They were going to scalp her. No, even worse, they were going to scalp here alive.

    “Your hair!” she said to me in a terrified voice.

    “What’s wrong?” I asked. I was getting more terrified by the second and I wished I never asked that question. I was pretty sure I already knew.

    “It’s all tangled up in this weird machine!” She said. She was talking so fast I could barley understand her. Tears were streaming down her face. Soon I started tearing up too. All I could think about was the tremendous amount of pain I was going to go through. I knew I could never brace myself for it. Would I even survive it? Maybe I would. I remembered reading about scalping in school. In my textbook there was a picture of a survivor. The top of his head was bald and scarred, but other than that he looked okay.

    “Oh my God! My hair is in the machine too! Why didn’t you tell me!” The young girl screamed. I was so deep in though I completely forgot she was there.

    “I-I-I’m sorry,” I stammered, “I didn’t want to scare you”

    “You didn’t want to scare me?! Well I would have been pretty scared when I felt my head being ripped off!”

    I tried to apologize, but she wouldn’t listen. She kept screaming and crying. Tears were streaming down my face. I was scared and angry. I wished she would just shut up. After all, I was here too, and I was screaming and being obnoxious.

    A door opened behind me. One of the hair stylists came up in front of us.

    “Now ladies, you are making a lot of noise down here, it could disturb other customers,” she smiled to herself and turned on a radio. The other girl started screaming and cussing the hair stylist out.

    “I think I’ll start with you first” said the hair stylist. The young girl fell silent for a moment, and then screamed louder than I though was physically possible.

    As she pleaded and begged for her to be spared, the hair stylist jut turned on the radio louder and walked over the level.

    I could only watch for a bit before I closed my eyes. The process was excruciatingly slow. Her screamed echoed in the room, in my ears, in my brain, and in my soul.

    Suddenly, it was silent. That silence chilled me to the bone. I opened my eyes and glanced over the girl. When I saw her I nearly threw up. Her head was bloody and mangled. It looked like she was still breathing though, she must of just passed out from the pain. The woman operating the level came from behind the young girl with her scalp in her hand. It was absolutely disgusting. Her scalp was bloody and was seeping onto the floor.

    “And then there were two” said the woman in a playful tone. She cackled and layed the scalp on the floor in full view of me.

    She stepped behind me and I knew this was it. I bit my lip and the lever started turning.

    It wasn’t horrible for the first couple of turns of the lever. What was horrible was when it first started ripping out the scalp. It was like you could feel each part of you scalp being ripped off. I remember screaming and screaming until it felt like my lungs were going to burst. The last thing I remember was walking with my hair stylist to the hair washing room. I remember passing a display case.

    A display case filled with wigs. Wigs that looked unbelievably real.

  • Look Beyond
    It all started when Liliana moved in to her new house with her daughter,Allison.On the outside,it was a very beautiful house,with salmon paint and flowerboxes in the windows.On the inside it was not great at all,but they had yet to know that….and why that house had been extrordinarily cheap.As they started to unpack everything,Allison,who was only 9 asked if she could go to her room and play.”Why,of course honey!”her mother replied,and Alli dashed off,while her mother was given the task to unpack everything.She suddenly heard a scream,and a voice shouting,”Help!”Thinking it was Alli,she ran up the stairs of their new home and ran as fast as she could to Alli’s room.Inside,she saw the closet’s door knob twisting and turning,and she knew the door was locked.”I am coming,dear,”Liliana screamed as she grabbed the door knob,but to her surprise it was not locked…..and inside…….there was NOTHING!!!!Her eyes widened with fright,but then she thought that she was probably going crazy and her imagination was running wild.”What are you doing,Mommy?”a voice behind her said,and Liliana turned around to see Alli there.”Where have you been????Mommy was really worried…””I was playing with Sarah!She told me she lives here!Liliana frowned.”There is no Sarah living here….”But to sum all of the crazziness going on,Alli started to act weird.She loved to wear dreses,but she started to have an attitude with them and instead now wore jeans with a shirt.When she was tucked in,she would point to the closet and say,”Sarah is watching me!”Liliana wondered what the heck was going on,and she wondered if she and Alli were going insane.”No,it cannot be!SOMETHING is going on,but I don’t know what it is….”Weird things kept on happening;whenever Alli was asleep her laptop discharged even though she was asleep,and weird noises went through the house.The final straw was when Alli told her mom that Sarah was getting angry at her for not playing with her,and right then Liliana decided she would go to those”people who do fortunetelling and stuff like that”She immideately set up an appointment with Daniela,”the physic”When they arrived at her home Daniela asked,”What’s wrong??”Liliana told her everything,then Daniela told her something so horrible,she almost sobbed with fright.”Your house was where an unhappy family lived.There was a girl,Sarah,her mom,Azalea,and her dad,Karl.Karl,however was always drunk and always hit Azalea.They also had many arguments,which did not end well.This all was heard by their young daughter,who always sobbed and hid beneath the covers of her bed,wishing for a better life.One day,Azalea and Karl had an argument,the worst of them all.It was over all the beer Azalea had thrown out,which Karl had brought home & he had wasted all the family’s money on.He was in such a horrible rage,and in his fury,he stabbed his wife.Sarah had seen everything,and ran off to her closet,locking the door to not allow her father in, since at the last moment,her father had seen her and was chasing her with a knife.She hid in the closet,but somehow,her father broke in and he killed her,too.Finally,he comitted suicide and he killed himself with the knife he had used to kill his family.That is why your daughter has been acting weird;Sarah’s spirit is inside HER!Do not worry,though,I will cleanse her and all will be well.”Daniela did fix her daughter and brought peace to them,but they soon moved away,since they could not bear the fact that a horrible murder had happened there.(PLEASE comment on my story,and SFK,please post it)

  • Hey friends, I got a new story. Please comment, suggest ideas, and review it out of 5 drops of blood. and dear SFK, can you please post my story if you feel it’s worthy? You can change the title if you feel its necessary.

    HuMaN MaSsAcRe:-

    “Mom, I can’t bear the cold anymore! I am going to freeze”, complained Rachel.

    “I am so sorry dear, but we all have to freeze. For that purpose, we are kept in here”, replied her mother. “Look Rachel, we all are helpless and we all will die here by tomorrow” “Just try to sleep, this will be your last siesta”

    “Why? Will I never wake up anymore?” asked Rachel.

    “Please Rachel, don’t question me anymore, already many question are swirling around my brain”

    “I will miss you all, especially you, Julie, Eva and my brother, Jade”, sighed Rachel.

    “Oh! I forgot to ask you, where are Julie, Eva and Jade?” asked her mother.

    “They are outside and I don’t know what would happen to them, those creatures took them outside,” cried Rachel.

    “Those are Ice-creams,” exclaimed her mother. “There was once a time, when we used to buy ice-creams to get relief from the scorching sun and quench our thirst, at that time we didn’t know that what fate had in store for us”

    “We didn’t know that we would come to such gruesome end”, sighed a teary Rachel. Those tears of her also froze in there.

    “I wish if everything would return to its normal place, there would be then happiness, joy and fun”, cried Rachel.

    “But, how did those ice-creams come to life?” asked Rachel.

    “There is a lot of confusion, Rachel. I would not be able to answer this question, but, this much I say that we all will meet our death by tonight,” replied her mother.

    “That day, I was just preparing something for dinner when, suddenly I felt terribly cold. I also heard our doorbell ringing; I just opened the door and saw a giant cone full of whipped cream screaming to come outside. I instantly ran towards our innermost room and tried to hide in my wardrobe. But they immediately found me and put me down here. That’s when I saw that all of you are being captivated in here.”

    Mother, now where we are?” asked Rachel.

    “We are inside a giant refrigerator in the freezer section”

    “Can’t we do anything to escape out alive?” asked Rachel.

    “I have already told you that we are helpless,” replied her furious mother.

    “Then, what will happen to us tomorrow?” asked her daughter.

    “Actually, I don’t know,” replied her mother.

    “Mother, I am suddenly feeling very sleepy,” exclaimed Rachel.

    “I too, let us sleep till tomorrow, and then we will see what happens to us,” replied her mother.

    Soon, all of them were asleep in the icy floor.

    Next day, the giant ice-creams took out Rachel, her mother, and few others from inside the freezer. But still they were asleep. Then they took some human blood cream and poured on Rachel and others. Then they started licking them and they finished them in no time.

  • Hey, This is my story. It actually got published in a book this year (not to brag, but actually to brag) so um yeah, I hope you like it xx GG

    Theres Something Living In The Basement

    No one ever believed me when I said something was living in the basement. It had been practically my first words. There’s something living in the basement. Yelling them at anyone would listen, when I didn’t even understand half the words I spoke. I just knew I had to get the message across. There’s something living in the basement.

    My mum thought it was cute, until I kept repeating it for two years straight and refusing to walk down the hall, in pure fear of the basement door that lurked ominously at the other end. My dad had a simple solution to ‘give his little girl some guts.’ He picked me up, dragged me kicking and screaming into the basement that haunted my nightmares, and locked me in.

    He said he’d unlock the door in the morning, when I had spent the night and realised there was nothing living in the basement. I banged, kicked and screamed, knowing if I made enough commotion, either the neighbours would phone the police, or my mum would let me out.

    After a while of banging and screaming I could hear something shuffle behind me, causing my heart to race. I screamed louder and louder. Banging so hard I’d thought I’d break my hand. Begging with anyone, mum, dad, God, Lucifer, just to let me out.

    Something wooden covered my mouth suddenly and drew me to the ground. I looked up, daring not to blink, to see a wooden jester marionette staring back at me with unblinking, painted eyes. It placed one wooden finger over its unnaturally large grin, causing me to be quiet. Then it reached one hand to open the door. Freeing me and it. As I left it followed me, fiddling occasionally with things mum had told me never to touch.

    Then the marionette grasped my hand and ran out front, jumping on the tree swing my dad had made for me. It gestured for me to push it and fearing what this thing might do if refused, I obeyed. I should have noticed as I pushed the marionette higher the flames on my house grew larger.

    I couldn’t remember how the fire started that night. I feel as if it was the marionette’s doing. It fled into the night before the authorities could arrive. Psychologists told me that the marionette was my way of coping with the loss of my parents, but I never really believed them.

    Now I’m older. I have my own house, my own husband, and my own daughter. Now the strange thing is tonight, as I tucked in my daughter who was sound asleep, I thought I could hear her mumble. ‘There’s something living in the attic.’

  • oh mariah vansyoc is smiley BTW so don’t think this is a work of plagerism did this for a school project

  • In Philadelphia in 1976 a small but sturdy house sat on a large hill. Evan Christianson and his family had just moved there after his father, George Christianson, married his stepmother, Evilyn Christianson. Evan is 15 years old, tall, and strong. He gets good grades and is very smart. He’s very attractive and he loves his loyal dog Whiplash, a collie who he has had since he was only a toddler. Back then, Whiplash was just a small puppy.
    Evan’s father, George, expects a lot out of Evan because he is Evan’s role model. George loves his wife, Evilyn, but he starts to notice her strange behavior. He doesn’t think anything of it until he noticed Evilyn staying up late and whispering in the middle of the night. Once he overheard her and he realized that she was worshiping the devil. He started walking away because he thought she was just trying to trick him, but as he turned away he heard his wife mumble, “I can see you.” with her back to him. He realized that she was not joking he ran to his bedroom and locked the door.
    Evan heard the door slam and he slightly opened his door to see if anyone was there.
    “Hello? Is that you father?” he whispered as his voice cracked.
    He opened the door a little bit more until he heard footsteps. He quickly shut his door and went back into his room. Suddenly heard a knock at his door, he was silent for a couple of seconds until he heard the sound of his father’s voice.
    “Evan? Are you in there?” he whispered.
    Evan slowly walked to the door and opened it, his father then hugged him. Breathing very heavily, he said “Are you okay? Have you seen anything?”
    Evan was very confused but all he did was reply, “No.”
    “What’s going on?” Evan asked his father, very confused.
    “Nothing, we just have to leave, right now.” his father said in a stern voice. Then he grabbed Evan’s arm and pulled him out his door. They walked down the steps quietly, his father kept looking back and forth to make sure everything was safe. When it was his father darted for the door.
    They got in the car and Even asked “Where’s mom?”.
    “I don’t exactly know.” Suddenly Evilyn came running out of the house. “How could you do this to me? You scared me to death! I couldn’t find you! Why did you try to leave without me?” she said with tears rolling down her cheeks.
    “You scared me in the living room, I heard you whispering!” George said.
    “What are you talking about? I was sleeping!”
    “No you weren’t, you were talking to someone and even if you were sleeping, why were you sleeping in the living room?”
    “I told you that I was sleeping in there because you snore loudly and you keep me up all night!”
    “Oh, maybe it was just a nightmare.”, George said.
    The next morning, Evan woke up and heard barking. When he looked outside he saw a horrible sight. Whiplash was hanging on the fence by his collar. He saw Evilyn try to stab him with a knife, but he bit down hard on the buckle and broke free. He ran across the yard, but Evilyn didn’t chase him. Evan was surprised by this, for he yelled “Mom! Stop trying to kill Whiplash! What the heck is wrong with you? Dad help Whiplash!”
    George came running out of the house and yelled “Run Whiplash! Run boy!”
    Evilyn stopped and dropped the knife. She gave her husband an innocent look and sarcastically said
    “Oh no the doggy is gone! Come back dummy, I mean doggy.”
    Evilyn hated dogs because she was bitten by one when she was a little girl. She claimed that she was only petting it.
    “Evilyn why don’t you leave us alone for a while. Evan and I are going to the store.” George said.
    The next day Evan woke up with bruises on his arms and legs. He felt weak, and he didn’t go to school. He fell into a deep sleep. When he woke up, he was in the hospital. His dad told him that he was okay but he was not to go to school for the rest of the week. The doctors gave some tylenol and told him to take some twice a day. Evan went home and walked up to his room and went to his bed then once again fell into a deep sleep.
    The next morning Evan woke up. But there was one problem, Evan wasn’t really Evan anymore. His eyes glowed red and his clothes were ripped to shreds. He ripped everything to shreds, laughing in a maniacal, raspy voice. Evilyn was down in the living room looking very happy. She was having a very good morning. She didn’t notice Evan creeping toward her. Suddenly he pounced on her and tried to rip out her eyes she slapped him, but only in defense. Evan surrendered, and ran outside. The first thing he saw was Whiplash. He chased the dog around the yard, and picked up the knife that his father had forgotten to pick up. In a violent rage he stabbed the dog, leaving poor Whiplash to die a slow and painful death. George watched the whole thing from his window, shocked by his son’s behavior. He decided what had to be done.
    George tip-toed down the stairs and went into the kitchen. He grabbed something out of the silverware drawer and put it in the bathroom. “Evilyn!” he yelled. “Come here! I found something in the bathroom!” Evilyn walked up the stairs and stepped into the bathroom. She had fallen right into George’s trap. He stabbed her, crying. Her last words were “ Thank you George.”
    Evan came inside crying, “Whiplash is dead!” George had worse news for him, but he had enough for one night, so he waited till morning to tell him.
    When Evan fell asleep he had a strange dream. Whiplash was there. He licked Evan on his cheek as if he had forgiven him. Evan could almost feel it on his cheek. He woke up, but his dream didn’t disappear. It was real. Whiplash was floating above Evan’s bed. Evan cried for him, and Whiplash disappeared. Evan went back to sleep.
    George shook Evan and told him that he had killed Evilyn. Evan wasn’t surprised, for it was his dad’s job.

  • Edgar lived a perfect life, he had all he wanted. He had three siblings, two older sisters, and one younger brother. His oldest sister was Elsa, then the next sister was Anne, and his younger brother was Julian. It was one day where Edgar’s parents announced that they were getting a divorce. His dad just packed up and left, to never be seen again. Edgar’s mom fell in love with another guy, less than a year later. Edgar noticed that something about this new guy was off. He had dull, lifeless eyes, his teeth were jagged, and his hair was matted and tangled. This new guy had anger issues and a horrible temper. But Edgar’s mom married him anyway. Edgar’s new stepdad would wait until Edgar’s mother was at work before he would let the evil side out. He broke Julian’s arm one day, just barely touching him at all, his arm snapped in two places. Edgar wondered how he had so much strength. The stepdads favorite kid was Elsa. He was too friendly with her, and she just went depressed. It was one night, Edgar dreamed that he went into the bathroom and realized that there was a pale demon staring at him in his reflection. Edgar backed up and started falling into an endless plunge. He passed a hallway filled with woman that were hanging, they all had red eyes. He then woke up in darkness. He was laying on wood. He was in a casket. He banged on the door and cried out, someone must have heard him, since he was lifted back up. He lifted the lid and everyone stared at him with horror. His stepdad had a look of pure disappointment on his face. They went home, still deep in shock about Edgar’s return from the dead. Edgar had a feeling that his stepdad had something to do with his temporary death. It was the next morning when Edgar woke up to a horrible odor. He walked around his room sniffing. It came strongly from his closet. He opened the door and saw with pure horror, his sister, Anne, was hanging by her neck, that was slit from ear to ear, and blood was all over the place. The family mourned over Anne, but the stepdad always had his ominous smile on his face. A few months later, Edgar got a phone call. He answered it and heard fire roaring, and low whispers in the background. He focused on the whispering, hoping to make out voices. When he heard the conversation as clear as day. One voice said, “Someone will die tonight.” The other voice said, “Who will it be this time?” The first voice replied, “The foolish one who is listening to this conversation.” The phone went dead. Edgar went pale, and shut himself in his room for the rest of the night. He eventually fell asleep, and woke up the next morning with a pool of blood around him, it was all over him, and he felt it continue to drip on him. He looked up and saw his brother, Julian, hanging by his neck, which was also slit, and Edgar was covered in his brothers blood. When they buried Julian, stepdad wore a face of satisfaction. Else committed suicide shortly after, with her being depressed about losing her brother and sister, and how the stepdad would be a little too friendly with her. The stepdad blames Edgar for Elsa’s death and takes a butcher knife and slits open his abdomen and head. He removed all of Edgar’s organs, and brain. “I’m going to make sure you stay dead this time!” Edgar felt the life drain out of him, the last thing he saw was his stepdads jagged teeth grin, and his hand lifting to his mouth with Edgar’s stomach organ, and taking a bite out of it. Edgar slipped away into darkness.

  • The Perfect One

    “She hates me doesn’t she?!” Madison screamed, slamming her hand on her desk in frustration. “I mean what have I done to her?! Why is she out to get me? To ruin my life? She just wants me out.” Madison ranted tearing up, “As if I’m a mistake… A copy… I’m just a copy… A copy of a copy… Not as good as the original… but still not as good as her… but now it can be me!”

    Madison got up and placed the 6 inch knife on her dresser next to the rope and handkerchief. Yes, you should know tomorrow will be her day.

    Hope you like it! 😁
    Also you can change the title of you want

  • The Doll

    A young girl, named Danni, got a doll from her father one year for Christmas. She fell in love with it instantly. It had flowing red hair and green eyes like emeralds. It wore a powder blue dress and shoes with white stockings. It had a porcelain face that always felt smooth and cool.

    She took special care of her doll, which she named Laura. They played together all the time and constantly had tea parties. But Danni was growing up. She began to have fewer tea parties and let Laura stay in her room alone most days.

    One day, Danni and Laura were out in the woods behind her house. They didn’t return home. Danni’s parents searched the woods for weeks, they found nothing. They gave up and had another child a year later.

    Their second child was named Marci. She wasn’t aloud to go to a room in the house. She would look at the room, curious, reading the “Please Knock” sign on the door. She often knocked on the door, but it never opened.

    She went out to play in the sandbox one day. She looked up and saw a little figure at the edge of the forest. It looked like a doll with red in a powder blue dress. She went to go see it when her mother called her in for lunch, Marci told her about the strange thing she saw. The mother gasped and went to see the doll, but never saw a thing. With Marci’s father at work, she didn’t feel safe leaving Marci in the yard to go look.

    She told Marci, “Never go into the woods alone! Promise!”

    “Okay, mommy,” Marci said.

    For a week straight, Marci saw the doll. She would run inside and tell her mother, who continued to miss it. Finally, Marci played outside and her mother watched her. Marci looked up and gasped. The doll was back, and this time, her mother saw it too. Marci and her mother held hands and went up to the doll.

    “Laura?” the mother gasped under breath.

    Suddenly, the doll got up and walked away. Marci and her mother ran after the little porcelain doll. It then stopped on a little mound of dirt covered in daisies. Laura looked at the mother.

    “We played here,” said that doll. “Danni was growing up. I knew it would stop eventually, but this was too soon. She never saw him coming.”

    “What?” asked the mother.

    “Her murderer,” said Laura. “He came home early. He followed us. You were inside, cleaning. You didn’t hear the scream. He then put us in a shallow dip in the earth and covered us in dirt.”

    “You don’t mean…?”

    “Yes. Her father did it. Danni was beautiful and growing up. He couldn’t stand the thought of some boy hurting her. He said, ‘I only want to protect you.’ He killed her to protect her.”

    “But… It can’t be…”

    “He is planning to do the same for Marci. She is already pretty. We must stop him and get justice for my kid. I have tried to get help, but it has been hard.”

    The mother cried and finally decided to help Laura. They took the doll with them and waited for the father to come home. Marci played with Laura when he walked in.

    “Where did she get that?” asked the father.

    “She found it,” said the mother, her voice thin.

    “But where?”

    “The woods.”

    “W-what?” The father was now pale.

    Marci looked up and said, “I found Laura in the woods.”


    By now, the father was scared. He was backed up against the door.

    “Yes,” Laura said, jumping out of Marci’s hands. “I pick her as my new kid. I will protect her.” Laura pulled out a knife, much to the horror of Marci and her mother. “You will pay.”

    Laura then jumped on the father and slit his throat. The doll wasn’t done yet. She carved him up and carried him out to the woods. Marci was now catatonic and her mother sat in horrified shock, glued to her chair. Both soon passed out.

    The next day, Laura was gone. Marci and her motherwoke up in their beds. The mother decided to call the police. Marci was beside herself and the mother was sure the whole thing was a bad dream. When the police arrived, they found nothing of the missing father inside. They searched the woods. Under the mound of daisies lay the pieces of the body of the father.

    The police told the mother the news. She threw up. She asked if there were any other bodies, but they found only the dad. The mother was scared. She shook. She couldn’t hold it in.

    She said, “My first daughter had a doll, officer. The doll went missing with her. But then Marci and I followed the doll and found the mound of daisies. She said my husband killed Danni and planned to do the same to Marci. We only wanted to scare him but the doll killed him, chopped him up, and took him out to the woods. I swear, that’s the truth!”

    For a while, there was silence. The mother was sure that the officer didn’t believe her. Then, he surprised her.

    “Was here hair red?” he asked. “Her dress powder blue? Green eyes and white stockings? Named Laura?”

    “Yes!” said the mother, shocked. “How did you know?!”

    “Because that was my great grandmother’s doll,” said the officer. “I remember that we sold it to your husband. My mother then told me the story behind that doll.

    “Laura loved watching kids grow up. She didn’t mind them not playing with her. My grandmother had an older sister who picked on her for having the old doll. When her sister went missing, so did Laura. Years later, Laura killed my great-grandfather, saying that grandma’s sister only meant to play a prank but her father killed her. The doll killed him and hid him in the woods. The same thing happened to my mother and aunt, except it was their brother missing. Always, the father gets killed.”

    “Why?” asked the mother.

    “I traced back the story,” said the officer. “It turned out that the first owner of the doll was indeed killed by her father. She possessed Laura. She would actually talk to the girls. At night, she would plague the fathers with sleepless nights. The fathers, convinced it’s his girl doing it, go mad from lack of sleep and kill the girls. Laura is always with the girls, taunting the fathers. Years later, she kills the dads because she couldn’t do so to her own father. He took his life soon after he killed his daughter.”

    “But Danni didn’t have a sibling at the time of her death.”

    “Yes. It is different. Why?”

    “Mama, Danni’s room is open.”

    Both the mother and the officer ran to the room. Inside sat Laura. She held a knife. The officer took out his gun and fired. Laura laugh and disappeared. At the same moment, the floor caved in. Out cam a hand.

    “Mom?” a girl asked, climbing out from a cellar like room.

    She was pale, dirty, and thin. It was Danni. Danni then told her story.

    She said, “Dad tried to kill me in the woods. I passed out. I woke up in the room under my floor. Laura told me everything. I couldn’t get any help. She left me alive because she couldn’t actually do anything to me. I was supposed to find her.”

    “Why wait so long and when you didnt have a sibling?” asked the officer.

    “Because I kept dad safe by burying Laura in the woods often. She always came back. As I grew up, she would be gone longer. I guess she knew this would happen. She kept me fed and watered at least. She could only wait so long for Marci to be born.”

    “But why?”

    “She was never found until I found her a week ago. She is under our house. I think we should give her a proper burial.”


    With that, the case was closed. Laura was gone, Danni back home, and justice served. That is, until Danni was found dead in her bed. Written on the wall were two words. Marci would be the only one who knew what it meant. “The doll.”

    Marci went back to their old home. She went to the secret room. She looked around and dug around. She called the officer, now in his eighties. They found the bodies of every person Laura had held captive over the years, as well as the doll. They excavated the body of the “owner”.

    Through facial reconstruction and missing persons reports, they found out who everyone was and buried them. One was buried with the doll. But the deaths didn’t end. Marci concluded that the body had decomposed so much that it was now part of the earth and the spirit would never be appeased.

    Laura is still looking for some poor girl to find her body. She continues to taunt the fathers into a failed murder attempt, kidnap the girls, and dispose of both when her game is over. So, watch out for the doll.

  • My story goes like this………….
    The Girl
    Serene Parker opened her eyes. She was feeling so cold and thirsty. She thought that probably she came too drunk from the dance club. Serene shoved the blanket away and stared into the portrait right across her bed. It was of a girl. A gorgeous yet cruel and blood-thirsty one. The name of the painting itself was “The Girl”. Whatever, Serene thought she was way more beautiful than The Girl. Smiling to herself she thought about how the artist of this painting had told her not to compare herself to the painting as it was cursed. He had told that whoever had compared themselves had ended up looking deformed and horrific. But Serene being vain & spoilt had compared herself a hundred times; yet nothing had happened. Serene knew that it was a myth. But something about the painting didn’t seem quite right today. It was like those cold eyes were looking directly at her.
    Serene shoved the painting out of her mind. She was feeling a hell lot thirsty. Reluctantly, Serene went down the stairs and tried to wet her throat. But the water didn’t simply go down her throat. The more she tried the thirstier she got. Just then the lights flickered and went off stranding Serene in the huge house.
    Serene was now really scared. She tried to make her way down the stairs but instead she slipped and fell rolling down the stair, landing with a thud. Her head throbbed with pain. Serene looked around and tried to hand her way to find a candle and a matchstick. And thank the gods she found one. Trembling all over, she lit the matchstick and the candle, and stood up facing the mirror. There the reflection wasn’t her’s but instead it was of a girl. A gorgeous yet cruel looking and blood thirsty one. The Girl. Horrified, Serene let out a scream. But no sound came out of her voice. Serene tried to move but found herself pinned to the wall. Suddenly she heard a clatter of cold and cruel laughter. The house’s light again started to flicker. There was The Girl standing a little distance away. With every blink, she came closer and closer. And then there was sheering pain across her face. She could feel her face being deformed and The Girl was back in the mirror. She smiled cruelly at her. ”You were too pretty”. Then slowly she faded from the mirror and all that Serene could see was a horrific and deformed face. Her face was deformed. She tried to scream but all came out was a gurgle of blood. Now she felt her body being entangled. And then Serene saw The Girl in front with a large knife in her hand. “Die” she told and raised her knife. That was the last thing Serene ever saw.

  • There once was a little girl a hundred or so years ago named Isabel.  She was very popular and had lots of friends.  One of them was named Sady.  She was not the best friend you could have,  I’ll tell you right now.  She yelled at her every day,  but Isabel was too scared to tell her that.  She thought that she would beat her up.  She thought she would be bullied until she died,  so she dealed with it. One day she got tired of it.  She walked up to her and yelled furious lay at her face.”WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU,  HUH.  YOU THOUGHT I DIDN’T NOTICE,  BUT NOOO,  I NOTICED ALL RIGHT AND NOW YOUR GONNA GET IT!”  Now she started punching her,  and in not talking about a little playful punch on the arm.  I’m talking about a large blow on the face.  Not to mention she started working out

       There was blood everywhere.  Sady’s mom came outside a couple seconds later and started screaming her head off.  “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING,  NOW SHE’S GONNA DIE AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT.  I’M CALLING THE COPS!”  I quickly reacted and said”no your not.”very calmly.  “Pardon me,”  she said with a sniffle

    “Your not calling the cops!”  I said a little louder.  “Too late.”  she said as she dialed the number.  I ran and tackled her before she pressed the last one.

    By then she was about to explode with guilt.  She smashed the phone and choked Sady’s mom.  Then she realized what she did.

         A few weeks later there were news reports (on the paper of course.  Duh,  what did you think I was talking about)  that there were two dead bodies found on a sidewalk.  They also found one at the bottom of a cliff.  They say that Isabel committed suicide after what she did.  The officials don’t know exactly what happened,  but they think that’s the basic gist of it. 

    They do know that she died that day,  so they know she’s out there looking for people who yell at their friends.  She knows your out there

  • Someone pls tel me how i can post my story?????? (step-by-step)

    Scaryforkids says: Think of a good story idea. Open Textpad. Write your story. Make sure it’s good. Rewrite it until it is good. Copy and paste it. Make sure your story is good. Post it here as a comment.


    actually, he was helped by someone to write this story.
    and thank you again for your wonderful feedback! really, I got a lot of encouragement from your advices and feedbacks. THANK YOU AGAIN!


    your story was superb! Now i am afraid from bathroom… I need my parents to help me do my pee and poo LOL!

  • @Sticking knife welcum.
    And the story ‘ ROMA’ was awesome! You are very talented… You won’t believe I almost was gonna fall by laughing at your story… I am sure that your story would be posted… HA…HA…HA… Still can’t control my emotions… But a silly doubt…if the author was blind how did she wrote this story?

  • Thank you FAN OF SCARY FOR KIDS for your inspirational advice. I will use your suggestion as a guidance for my later stories.
    Anyway, i have a story now.


    I am an early teenager living with my parents. We live in an old two storeyed bungalow. I often feel that something is not right in the bungalow. But, I never got a proof to explain my parents that we have to leave this house.

    Once, i was studying in my room. Suddenly, my sister Roma busted in my room and surprised me. i was so scared to see her that fell unconscious. When I woke up, I felt that I am in my bed and my parents and doctor were talking to each other. The doctor questioned me few things and the reason why I fainted but I was not able to remember. After the doctor went, suddenly I remembered Roma and told my parents about the matter.

    Next day, we left the house and the city.


  • Hello everyone I’m new here so I hope you enjoy my story it’s a real one by the way :)

    The Painting

    Before my dad met my mother he had a girlfriend.I can’t remember her name thoughBut anyways she was a normal girl not too rich and not too poor.

    One day,she decided to buy a painting from an artist nearby.All the paintings looked beautiful and detailed but one painting caught her eye.It was a painting with three girls in it.They all had long hair covering their faces.

    My dad’s girlfriend decided to ask the artist about it.The artist said he had a dream of them begging him to paint them or else.He agreed.So the next day,he painted them.

    My dad’s girlfriend was fascinated with the story so she decided to buy it.My dad had a bad feeling about it though but he didn’t say anything.

    When they were at home,my dad drilled it to the wall beside the window but it didn’t hang intead it kept on falling off the nail will bounce out for no reason.

    So my dad drilled it facing the window and it hung there without falling off…..creepy

    The next day my dad’s girlfriend went out to buy some stuff so my dad was left alone at home.He went to check on the painting but somehow the three girls were not there.My dad thought his girlfriend must have changed it so he ignored it.

    He then went upstairs to watch TV but what he saw gave him the fright of his life.There on the sofa were the three girls sitting there like they were waiting for him.At first he thought they didn’t see him but suddenly all three of them slowly turned towards him……and showed their faces it was an old woman’s face grinning at him.

    That’s when he ran down got the keys to the house and locked the front door and waited on the streets for his girlfriend to come back.Finally her car showed up and he told her what he saw at first she didn’t believe him but when she saw the look of terror on his face she believed him.

    He begged her to bring the painting back she agreed because she too was scared.They wrapped the painting in newspaper and tied it with a string.

    As they were about to reach their destination they heard the painting crying and begging to go back the house.

    They went to the shop and returned it.The cashier said she couldn’t take it back but my dad said he didn’t want a refund.Finally she agreed.

    To this day the painting might be here and someone must have bought it but who knows maybe it’s in your country,town or maybe even in your house……….

  • I have 1 more story… This ones called: In Your Bathroom

    I was walking to the restroom to do my AHEM, business. I heard a creepy noise. At the time I didn’t,t think much of it.
    I walked in to the restroom. It looked like it had been abandoned for many years, with a old fashioned mirror, urinals.not there. Stuff like that.
    I walked into the stall and AHEM,did my buesiness. As soon as I was done, I washed my hands. I opened the door and there.was a person standing over me, looking at me with his cold, beady eyes. He grabbed me by my hands, covered my mouth, and said”I got you now little kid, and don’t even try to get away, cause it ain’t happenin’ .”
    I was so scared, I was puke on his jacket. He dragged me in to the cold winter’s night. He shoved me in to the back of his van.
    He drove me to what seemed like a abandoned house. He carried me inside and set me on a stool and tied me up. He put a piece of Duct tape over my mouth.
    He beat me every day, and every day it got worse. That was until one day I couldn’t take it no more.

    He did his usual and then gave me a slender.piece of bread for lunch, and with that bread, I beat myself repeatedly until I could barely breathe. Then I called the cops on him, and beat myself.even more.
    The cops came, but I was already dead. I kept beating myself till’ I couldn’t breathe, and I let myself die. The police arrived, and arrested the man and put him in jail for two years, but he escaped and is now free. Be careful,cause’ right now, he is in your bathroom.

    Guys I revised this one, so I hope you liked it!!!

    He’s watching you with that camera. In not kidding. He is. STOP IM NOT JOKING


    No seriously though. He’s right behind you.

  • @Sticking knife your story was awesome! I thought the burning sensation was due to the pink chocolates and candies but it was due to ice cream. Wow! but i think this story is almost similar to the story in this website named ‘Candy from strangers’ In children stories section. I hope you have read it. Now a days many stories are based on this. Your story is nice but next time write something unique.

  • Hello my dear friends, I have made a story called Pink splash candies. please read it and give it your compliments and feedback and if you know that how can i improve it, then please suggest!

    Pink Splash Candies

    There was a girl named Cyril who was very shy. She was of something like fifteen or sixteen but she had childlike favorites. She loved playing with kids, watching cartoons, and of course! HAVING A FULL BAG OF CHOCOLATES AND CANDIES! She also had some friends in her class. She always made friends with small kids.

    One day, she went for shopping while having her favorite chocolate ice-cream saw a billboard where it was written “PINK SPLASH CANDY, BUY ONE PACK AND GET ANOTHER FOR FREE!” Cyril was very delighted and hurriedly noted down the address of the shop. Then, she rushed towards the shop. When she reached, she saw that it was an old, dilapidated building with a foul stench. The stench was unbearable, but she didn’t mind it. She rushed through the doors and finally she met a person.

    “I…I…I…..I came to buy a bag full of candies”, she said

    “Oh! You came here at right time, you’re our first customer and as a present we will give you THREE BAGS!”

    “Oh! THANKS A LOT”
    Then, the man went inside through a wooden door and came with three bags of candies. She was delighted and hurriedly paid him the money. Then, she rushed out of that building and took a cab to home. At least, she got rid from that horrible stench!

    When she reached home, she took out a pink candy and topped it in her mouth and cracked it with her sharp teeth and thus, munching it. Then, she changed her clothes and fell into her bed.

    During the night, she again smelled that horrible stench. Cyril woke up but found no smell and went back to sleep. Suddenly, she felt a burning sensation in her mouth and got that pungent smell again.
    She woke up with a start. The burning sensation was increasing. She hurriedly rushed towards her refrigerator and took out a bottle of cold water and gulped it down whole. But, it was of no use. Then, she took out some ice-cubes and dropped in her mouth. But still, it took no effect on her mouth.

    On the other hand, the foul stench has increased so much that felt almost breathless. She suddenly fell to the floor and was dying. The burning sensation has spread all over body. She thought that the burning sensation was eating her alive. Suddenly, she saw a shadow in the corner. Frightened, she climbed with a lot of struggle and saw the ice-cream seller! The ice-cream man removed his mask and she was horrified to see Ryla! Ryla was her oldest enemy and they hate each other with their mind and soul. Ryla was mean so much that she poisoned the ice-cream as she knew Cyril loved ice-creams. She was laughing as Cyril fell down to the floor gasping for breath. Before closing her eyes, she saw that the foul stench was coming from her mouth.

  • So this is a true story I’m in the process of living.

    I’m a normal 11 year old 6th grader I like to read scary stories and they don’t scare me. I watch scary movies and tv shows behinds my parents’ backs. I accept any dare and I love to Finn dong ditch. Nothing scares me long term but 1 thing. I all started when I was a 4th grader. I was 9 at the time and i loved dolls. I still do. So one day I got a package my mom opened it and there was a creepy as ever porcelain doll in it. “Your aunt Machelle decided to collect porcelain dolls but after buying this one she changed her mind and sent it to you” my mom explained. My mom orderd a case for it. When the case came she put it on my shelf and I soon got scared of it. I thought it was just me but its eyes seemed to follow me around my tiny room. I began to go outside more and more to keep away from it. One day when I was walking my dog my neighbor katliyn and her babysitter were outside. It was close to Halloween so there was a mood in the air. Somehow we began to talk about haunted dolls. Katlyn’s babysitter told me when she was a little girl she had one and it was very creepy and when she stood on the other side of the room the doll’s head would move to face her but she was never allowed to throw it away. Then when she was finally allowed without a second thought she threw it away as she told me more and more scary things my little 9 year old self got scared and I made an excuse to leave the conversation. I ran all the way home my dog right behind me. That night I was terrified I became more and more shure it’s eyes move his went on for a long time. Eventually I got a new doll set. It was the Polly pocket treehouse set I loved I played and played with it the next morning it was torn to shreds. My parents thought my dog did it but I wasn’t so sure I begged them to take it out of my room. No such luck. That was the first time she smiled. If you looked closely at her you could just barley see her smirking. Her head moves and arms shake. Now as a 6th grader this past summer I had my aunt hammer her stand in place so she can’t get me I am affraid to grab clothes from my dresser it is right under her shelf. I never bring my American girl dolls up here anymore she seems to glare at them. I am certain of she had no case and just stood on my shelf I would be dead by now. This is a true story and now I wonder if this is why my aunt Michelle gave her away to me. I wonder if this creepy doll on my shelf is out to get me. Kids please don’t leave creepy porcelain dolls in your room if they don’t have a secure case I am warning you please just heed my advice.

  • Hey SFK! Thank god you’re back! We missed you! Heres a story. You can edit!


    Everybody thought that the school was haunted. Rumors spread quickly and everybody believed. Mitchell, Avery, Jan, Dave and Theo were four best friends, and also went to the same school. They heard about the rumors and didn’t believe them at all. The school called them the Seven Wonders of the School. “A bunch of BS” said Theo. “We should check them out one night.”
    Everyone agreed, except Jan, who was a bit of a coward. The rest persuaded until she agreed. Jan was the only one who somewhat believed it. As she was teased a lot for being a coward, she decided to do it.
    The next night, Dave, Theo, Jan and Mitchell were waiting by the school gate. It was very old and rusty, and the school didn’t even bother to change it. “Where’s Avery?!” said Dave, impatiently.
    “How do we know?!” exclaimed Mitchell.
    “Shut up! I wasn’t asking you.” replied Dave.
    “Oh yeah?! You shut that bloody mouth of yours before…”
    Mitchell couldn’t finish her sentence they all say Avery running towards them. She apologized and they got in through the gate. Jan trotted behind everyone, afraid if the rumors were true. Something felt wrong. Avery kept looking around as if she has a plan with a weird smile on her face. But that may be natural, because Jan thought she always looked like a psycho.
    “First rumor!” yelled Theo suddenly, making everyone jump.
    They were in front of a big lake, and the rumor was that if they said “Moon Lady” 3 times you would see a figure of a woman turning her back to you. If she turns to you, you will have bad luck for a year.
    They all chanted. Nothing happened. “Told ya.” Said Theo, disappointed
    “There’s more, though.” Said Avery.
    “That’s what I’m scared of.” Said Jan to herself.
    They tested out 4 more rumors, but they didn’t work. “Two to go.” Said Mitchell.
    During the whole thing, Jan felt that something was wrong. Every time they tested a rumor and left, she saw Avery looking back and grinning weirdly. She would also hear some muffled noise.
    The 6th was the 13 step rumor. Everybody says that the stair usually has 12 steps, but at night, it has 13. And again, it didn’t work. But Jan saw something different. There was a huge mirror in top of the stairs. When they all got up, she wouldn’t see Avery’s reflection. She wanted to scream, but thought that she was imagining things. They all got out of the school.
    “I am highly disappointed.” Said Dave.
    “You thought you would see something? You’re an idiot.” Said Mitchell.
    Dave rolled his eyes and took out his mini camera and set it up on a trash can. “Picture, everybody.” He yelled.
    After the pic, Avery said, “I have to go. Bye.”
    They waved bye. Avery ran and disappeared around the corner. “Whoa, that was fast.” Said Theo.
    “Can we just go home now?” said Jan.
    They all laughed and teased her. Then they walked home. While walking, Mitchell suddenly remembered. They forgot to see the 7th wonder. Since they’ve walked a long way, they decided to skip it.
    The next morning, at school, Dave approached Mitchell, Jan and Theo with terror. Without even saying a word, he handed them some photos. They were the ones they took yesterday, and they all noticed that Avery was missing. “Nice photoshopping skills.” Said Theo, smiling.
    “I didn’t Photoshop! I got it like this!” Said Dave.
    Theo’s smile faded. Just then they saw Avery approaching them. “Avery! You won’t believe what happened…” Said Mitchell.
    “OH!” Said Avery. “I’m sorry I couldn’t come yesterday.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “I had high fever, for no reason. I’m okay now. Now, tell me what you saw…”
    “But you were there!”
    “Um, no?”
    Jan looked over at Theo. He was pale. “I remember.” Said Theo. “The 7th rumor. It says that a spirit will come in a form of a friend…”
    The story spread quickly among the school. The school was shut down soon.

  • Twisted

    While I’m typing this, I’m being hunted.
    No, really, I am.
    It all started when I moved into this new house. And my parents took my little brother out for lunch and a shopping trip. So I had the house to myself, and it was really cool – for a while.
    For the while before I heard the scratching.
    It was coming from the basement, which was locked and my parents looked nervous when I asked them about it. They told me to never, ever, ever go down there, no matter what I hear, because the floor was covered in rusty nails. But I saw their faces, and they looked like they were lying.
    So I went down the basement stairs, leaving the warm upstairs, two steps at a time. When I reached the locked door, I listened. And I heard scratching, this time accompanied by meowing. I gulped and ignored my parents’ warnings. I was going to save that kitten, no matter what!
    I got a bobby pin from my suitcase and picked the lock. But no cat came rushing out when I opened the door. Instead, I saw a child huddled under a blanket. It was crying, and crying, and sobbing. So I cautiously stepped over to it, and lifted the blanket up…
    The child spun around to face me, and I screamed. Its face was deformed – where eyes were supposed to be, jagged stitches jutted out. Its nose was bumpy and small. Its mouth had lips replaced with scars, and needle-like fangs protruded from its yellowed gums. Its ears seemed to be only attached by a string of skin. Only a few strings of greasy black hair hung from its bony scalp. I realized that several milky white eyes – some of them red, most with no pupils – covered the top of its head. Its skin was very pale, so pale that I could see a skeleton under it.
    I kept on screaming.
    The thing seemed to grow thinner, and I realized that instead of hands, needles and knives were what its skinny arms ended in. Tears began streaming down my cheeks. I whirled around, but the basement door was magically closed. I was really shrieking, now, but then I remembered how hot it was upstairs. And I hadn’t seen any furnace up there, so one must be down here. I might still have a chance! So I quickly looked around, and when I saw a door, I knew it was my only chance. So I dove towards it and managed to lock the door before the thing started banging. The floor around the furnace was covered in bones with dried blood all over them.
    And that’s where I am right now – hiding under a pile of bloody bones, near the furnace. As I’m typing this sentence, I hear the furnace room door burst open. And I hear a voice that sounds choked with blood gurgling, “Ay-meee…. you can’t hide forever!”
    Help it’s really really close now I think it’s the end of my life goodbye wish me luck everyo

  • Anna

    Anna’s mom loved to sew. Her husband had taken their money and left a long time ago, so they lived in a cramped trailer. There was no room for Anna’s mom’s sewing equipment outside, so they had to be inside. Anna always volunteered for the mannequins to be kept in her own room.
    One night, when the clock struck twelve, Anna was awakened by a thump in her room. Her eyes opened and darted around, and she spotted a quick movement of one of the dummy’s arms. Brushing it off as a trick of her eyes, Anna fell back asleep. But she was awakened periodically by these thumps – one at 12:00, one at 1:00, one at 2:00, and so on. Finally, at 4:00, Anna turned her light on and screamed. The mannequins were surrounding her bed, each one holding a knife. Anna kept on screaming. One of the dummies reached out and knocked her unconscious with the handle of its knife.
    Anna’s mother came in the room a few minutes later, wondering what the commotion was. She arrived to find Anna propped up on her bed, knives sticking out at odd angles of her body, and a bloody hole in Anna’s window.

  • Needle And Thread

    Jamie Thread had been in my class since first grade. He was a nice enough boy, always smiling. But that was the weird thing about him – he was always smiling. His lips seemed scarred, and that wasn’t especially unusual considering how they were constantly stretched to the brink of ripping. Even when kids would brutally injure him, Jamie would be grinning.
    So one day I was curious, and I followed him home. He would turn at the oddest corners, and whenever I would think he would stop, he kept going. Finally he veered left into a dark alley. I would have stayed, but I remembered that curiosity killed the cat. So I turned back around and was about to step into the light when a cold hand grabbed my shoulder. I screamed, but no sound came out. I whirled around, and saw two big glowing white circles. I could also just make out the wide smile of Jamie Thread.
    A raspy laugh that was more of a croak came out of his mouth. It sounded like autumn leaves drifting in a breeze. Then he said something that really made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up: “I know who you are, Justin. I know how you been following me all this way. I know you’re wondering why I’m always smiling…” He paused to take a breath, and I could see his eyes glow brighter. “But there’s just one teensy little problem – I don’t wanna tell you about my life, Justin. Because it is none of your-” he twisted my shoulder and I cried out in pain. “Stinking…. business. So I thought maybe I’d teach you a little lesson…”
    I heard what sounded like the striking of a match, and suddenly our faces were illuminated by the light of a small red candle. The wild gleam in Jamie’s eyes made me uneasy. I saw the glint of a needle that had come out of nowhere, and he let go of my shoulder to retrieve a spool of black thread from his pocket. Then, he gave a twisted smile and threaded the needle before shoving it in my mouth. He kept on sewing until my lips were sewn in a sick smile like his, and then he laughed a laugh that made me almost vomit. Finally he set me free.
    That was three years ago. Now I am used to living the life of a sick freak. A freak that scares away his own family, and a freak that lives underneath a dock. So far, one kid has shown a kind of interest in why I am always smiling. I wait for the day that he follows me home. I already have the needle and thread…

    (By the way, my last comment is titled “Reflection”)

  • One day, Jane was looking in her mirror. She was about to go to a party and she was making sure she looked perfect. Her phone buzzed, signaling that the party was starting. So she whirled around to leave her room – but she noticed that her reflection was a split second behind in her action. Jane squinted, and quickly moved her hand. Again, her reflection was too slow. Jane gulped and with trembling hands took her mirror off the wall. Then, she left for the party and didn’t get back until midnight, when she fell sound asleep.
    When she woke up in the morning, however, the mirror was back on her wall. Jane approached it and stared deep into the eyes of her reflection. Despite the fact that Jane wasn’t breathing, the glass fogged up. Jane reached out to write something in it, but it was fogging up from the other side. While Jane stalled, not moving at all, her reflection quickly wrote something in the condensation. It looked like it said ‘Get Ready.’
    When she was getting ready for school the next morning, she noticed her reflection’s lips silently moving. Jane paused, and pressed her own lips together. Her reflection continued mouthing words, and this time it began smiling a sick grin as it slowly stopped copying Jane. Jane felt her blood run cold, and her reflection’s lips gradually started whispering the words.
    “I am the only person in the world that could flawlessly replace you, Jane,” It rasped, grinning that horrible grin. “If I took you, you would be me and I would be you.”
    Jane swallowed and gripped her doorknob, never taking her eyes off of her reflection, who seemed to be reaching out of the mirror. It silently stepped into Jane’s room. Jane was frozen with fear and couldn’t scream. Her reflection took the mirror off the wall and smacked Jane on the head.
    When Jane came to, she was standing in her room. Except everything was on the opposite side…
    A cold chill ran down Jane’s spine as, through her mirror, she saw her reflection. It was holding a bloody knife and the lifeless bodies of her parents were lying on the ground. Jane leapt through the mirror and the reflection handed her the knife. Then it stepped back into the mirror.
    Jane, in her rage, broke the mirror into lots of little pieces.
    When the sirens came later, they tested the knife and found Jane’s fingerprints all over it. No one else’s fingerprints were anywhere in the room. Jane tried to tell them that it was her reflection, but they just threw her in a mental hospital.
    One night, Jane woke up to an eerie thumping sound. She got out of her small bed and saw a strange figure creeping towards her. The last thing Jane ever saw was a person, completely identical to her except for the fact that it looked like it was made out of little broken pieces.

  • Hello scary for kids. I’m smiley and I have the story you’ve been waiting for(hopefully you will like it) Even if you don’t believe it is true at least think how scary it would be if it was true.

    The Fortune Teller
    Once upon a time their was a small town that was atop a very large hill. There was a nice couple that had just moved into their new house. The couple had just adopted a little girl. They called her Crystal. They made a lovely family and their lives were just perfect. Every day Crystal, nine years old, milked their old cow named Buttercup. Her mother always cooked breakfast every morning and her father, a pilot, would board an airplane and fly out of state. It always felt like the perfect day to go to town and walk around the market by the sword swallowers, drummers, and fortune tellers. But Crystal’s mother said that it would be dangerous to go to the market alone. But one afternoon when her mother was at her friends house Crystal unlocked the door and snuck out to the market. She then came across a strange fortune teller and put a dollar in her hat. The fortune teller told her to gaze into her crystal ball and tell her what she saw. When Crystal saw her future, she refused to believe it. So she went home mumbling how she wasted her money to hear a stupid lie. She watch some T.V. and went to bed. SHE NEVER SAW THE LIGHT OF DAY AGAIN When her mother came home she was shocked to see Crystal hanging from her ceiling fan. Seeing her daughter like this she committed suicide and hung herself from the same ceiling fan. When the father headed home and saw the two dead family members he also committed suicide. When the mailman came the next day he rang the doorbell so many times that Crystal’s father stood in the door as pale as flour and said “WE ARE DEAD WE DON”T NEED YOUR STUPID MAIL!” Then he saw the name on the envelope. “The Fortune Teller” it read. The letter said “Told you so”
    The End
    (in case you didn’t already know, the crystal ball showed Crystal and her family committing suicide.)
    SFK please tell me if it needed work, how i can improve it,e.c.t.
    I will not be angry if you didn’t like it i just want to know how i can improve it and how you felt about it.

  • This is a true story that happened to my grandpa, when he was a teenager.

    My grandpa used to live in a small community in Bakersfield, CA. There wasn’t much there, only a couple of houses, a few resturants, and a small school. And as you would probably guess, crime usually didn’t happen in this kind of nieghborhood.

    But my grandpa said as soon as he moved in strange things started happening.

    Let’s call him Tom for now…

    Tom used to ride a motorcycle, sometimes after school, him and his friend would drive to another neighborhood and hang out at the drive-in. One night, his parents were gone on a trip, and his siblings were all away at friend’s houses.

    Since he was sixteen at the time, he was allowed to stay home alone for the weekend. So that friday, after riding around on their motorcycles, him and his friend decided to come back to his house.

    As they pulled up in the driveway, they were both surprised to see a face staring out the window at them. Their first instinct was that i was an intruder.

    So Tom decided to go inside through the backdoor, turn on the light to scare the intruder, and if the intruder ran outside, Tom’s friend would be there to stop him.

    So Tom opened the backdoor and turned on the light, but was surprised to see that no one was there. Confused, he went outside to see his friend sitting down and staring at the window.

    The man was still there.

    “Didn’t you go in?” His friend asked.

    “Oh course, I thought you already caught him. When I went inside no one was there.”

    Puzzled the two boys stood outside watching the man for several minutes. Tom said his face looked un-real, almost as if he were wearing a mask.

    Soon enough the man disapeared into thin air.

    Tom decided not to tell his parents about this incident, that is until these small antics lead up to something terrifying.

    For days in a row, Tom and his family noticed strange things, such as cupboard doors flying open, doors opening and slaming, voices, but none were as bad as the last antic.

    About a week later his family awoke to the ringing of a doorbell in the middle of the night, Tom’s father was away, so Tom and his mother went to see what was going on. It was around two in the morning, so Tom’s mother was a little bit worried, fearing that someone in the nieghborhood was hurt.

    Well they opened the door, and were frightened to see a large man standing there dripping blood on the front porch. The man was wearing a black suit with a black fadora on. His face was bloody and he looked frightened.

    Toms moter asked what was wrong.

    “I had an accident…” Said the man. “Please call 911.”

    Tom’s mother told him to stay there and be patient, help was on its way.

    They called 911, and minutes later the ambudlance and the cops showed up. No trace of the man.

    The blood that was dripping onto there porch by the man, gone. Tom and his mother explained and the cops left.

    The family moved weeks later.

    Their new home was quiet, and there were no weird occurences. But one night his family was watching the news and their was a story about a man who showed up around two in the morning, wearing all black, dripping blood onto the porch and pleading for help. When the authorities arrived, no trace of the man.

    It was the same house that my grandfather (tom) lived in. And not only that, but it was the same day and month, that it happened to my grandpas family.

    Apperantly the new family living in the house tracked down a team of ghost hunters, and were startled to hear that in the early 1900s a man was violently killed on the porch of that home, and it was on the same month, and day, that my grandpa witnessed the man on the porch.

  • @TamasakiLion
    Thank you for bothering to type out your views on my story. I’m always up for feedback, and I’ll see if I can improve Invisibility Spell with your suggestion in mind!
    Really though, I’m just waiting for SFK to get back. He’s been away so long now.

  • @raven overall it was good, it reminded me of another story where a girl switches bodies with a ghost. However, i felt that you could’ve done something with the mistranslation like personally id have a girl go to this eerie shop and learn about these books and whatnot, and then come across the book of spells. This can lead to the shop owner translating the spell for her and tricking her, but considering you’re story is more modern its your choice on how your character gets the translations from.
    I don’t know if you were trying to make it scary, because personally it was really interesting, but definitely not terrifying.

  • Here is my story. I would REALLY appreciate feedback from other members on here, I’m serious, I want your responses, and if the story isn’t posted, I will use it elsewhere.

    I’ve always had this fascination with the occult. Nuts to the “seeing is believing” propaganda. I’d rather invest my whole time to practicing spells and witchcraft.
    For a while, now I’d been searching for an Invisibility spell, ‘cause, wouldn’t that be the coolest?
    I’d come across this site that had directed me to a Book of Spells and whatnot.
    Anyway, I went through the trouble of looking up the book, searching for it on Amazon and such, and when I finally got it, I realized it was in another language. I was SO not gonna try to decipher the thing.
    I flipped through the pages for an Invisibility spell and ultimately came across one that looked something like what I’d wanted.
    The title was gibberish, something like:
    מתנת הנשמה שלךלהשתקפות שלך

    However, the diagram was of dotted lines showing the shape of a human being. It looked close enough to an Invisibility spell so I began the ritual. I closed my eyes, chanted whatever mantras I could translate in the presence of candles and holy water etcetera, etcetera. Soon enough, I began to feel… different. It was like a huge chunk had been taken out of me. I opened my eyes and quickly walked towards the nearest mirror. On standing before it, I gasped with delight. i couldn’t see my reflection or, to put it simply, I. WAS. INVISIBLE.
    Fast forward to a few hours later, where I was for some reason extremely tired, I was still getting used to Invisible me. Suddenly, my mom called me from the kitchen.
    “Coming!” I replied. I ran downstairs and said, strangely breathless, “What’s up?”
    My mom looked up from cutting some fruits and said, “Hey hon, I just wondered if you’d done your homework for Monday.”
    “Oh yeah,” I began, when something dawned on me. I was invisible. As in, I couldn’t be SEEN. Then who was my mother talking to?
    “I just finished it.” I heard a voice just like mine say. I whipped around. There, right behind me, stood… me? Before I could think further, I fell to the ground. I was beyond weak. Somehow I managed to get up and stagger back to my room. I collapsed onto the bed… and fell right through. I yelled.
    My mind was a storm of thought. I wasn’t supposed to be able to pass through things! Who was the kid below? What was happening? Thankfully, I didn’t drop through the floor or anything. I got back up, opened up Google Translate on my phone, (I was still able to press keys. Somehow.) and brought out the book. Something was very wrong.
    I managed to take a shot of the title of that spell from the book, and search for its English translation. As I waited for it to load, the door opened. It was the other me.
    “It” (She?) had a patronising look on its face. I didn’t like it.
    “Thank you,” it said, somehow able to see me.
    “What do you mean? Who… What are you?” I shouted.
    “I’m you,” it said, “Well… almost.” Right when she said “almost”, I began to feel sick to my toes. I sunk to the floor and felt like I was going to pass out. I was still invisible.
    I felt weightless. The phone slid right through my palm onto the floor. I couldn’t feel my feet and hands. I couldn’t believe it. Was I going to die?
    “Worse.” said my doppelganger, as if it had just read my thoughts, “You’re going to be trapped. Forever. In a realm where everything is dark, where you’re all alone, and where…,” It took a sharp intake of breath, “… It is boring as heck.”
    I had no strength left to reply.
    As I took one last glance around me, I happened to look at my phone screen. My eyes caught onto the translation of the title.
    My eyes began to sting. What I had mistaken for “Invisibility Spell” was actually “Gift Your Soul To Your Reflection”.


    P.S. If you feel the literal translation of the title is too far-fetched from what the narrator thought it was, and how she could ever think it meant an invisibility spell, do remember that it was in a completely different language (I used Hebrew, I think) so, she assumed that this was the next best thing.
    Please comment!

  • This is just an extremely short story, one of those “two sentence horrors”


    Everyone has mysterious shadows on their wall, after a scary movie you start to notice them even more. But what you don’t notice is the shadow that creeps closer each time you close your eyes.

    (I haven’t seen this anywhere else so I don’t think it’s a copy, I thought of it)

  • Ok what I don’t understand is that how come so many lame stories got published and so many good ones didn’t. There are tons of fantastic stories here instead boring, uninteresting other stories get published. I love sfk and all but I think it might want to improve their tastes.

  • @matthewlan13, you should stop saying “damn” so much in your stories… Other than that, your story is really good.
    Also, @The_Ultimate_Horror_Girl, your story was long, but I liked it. It wasn’t predictable.
    @NoahtheDead I liked your story, is it true?

  • The Spine Splitter

    I was probably 10 years old the first year I attended this camp, back in ’95, and I had gone every year until I was 18. I had definitely heard my share of campfire stories. The one about the crying ghost in the woods no one can find, the one about the skeletal hog with the rotting head, “Raw Head” I think its name was. Probably every story ever told, at least twice.

    I work here now, as a counselor. Now whenever they tell stories at the campfire, I just sit back smirking, watching the older campers laugh and the younger ones jump at the ending. I know every story, and it’s almost psychic how I predict the formulation of every sentence as they tell it, every word that they speak as they speak it. It’s not psychic, just years of hearing it.

    But there’s a story I remember that I’ve only heard once, and it might be the most chilling one I’ve ever heard. The thing about it, it wasn’t even a story. It had no name or title, it was an experience shared at a campfire one night.

    It was told by one of the counselors, I think he was the oldest one. I was a camper at the time. I believe his name was Joe, or Jeb, I forget. He looked like he was in his late fifties or early sixties. His hair was all white, and he was on the heavier side. One of those tough, meaty old guys, but never threatening, more wise and experienced. He was a father figure of mine, and come to think of it, likely everyone else’s too.

    This story, or memory of his, rather, was about something on the news when he was a camper, a younger one, in fact. I remember jokingly pretending to be amazed that he was ever young. I remember the rest of it clearly though:

    “This was in 1952, I remember which year. I was just a boy like you campers when we were out hikin’ in the woods. I noticed a critter up the side of the trail, and I saw it was a chipmunk, sitting nonchalantly. No way in hell it didn’t notice any of us comin’. When the counselor leading in front walked past it, it didn’t move. ‘Brave little bastard,’ I thought.

    “When I walked past it, I noticed it wasn’t alive. In fact, the poor thing was bent backwards and snapped into an angle. I told my friend behind me, and we determined that this chipmunk hadn’t fallen prey, but was killed for the sake of killin’. ‘But what kind of animal does that?’ he says. I said maybe it’s a stupid joke, and someone’s watchin’ our reaction. But how sick. Someone would have to be deranged to do that to an animal for real reason. The counselor ended up seein’ it, and told us to just move on.

    “The next time we went hikin’, the chipmunk was decayed and covered in ants and larvae. But a few yards away from it, a squirrel and a woodchuck were dead and snapped into the same screwed up backwards degree. The woodchuck had a raw hind paw, like it had been in a cruel snare until it had this done to it. Then we knew this was definitely done by a person, and this was no joke.

    “The next year or so, more encounters with broken dead animals were bein’ shared. This was eventually on the news, and the cops were searchin’ the forest when they found this fallen tree with snapped animals littered around it. The tree roots stickin’ up sideways formed a cave, you know how they do that. So they just found where this guy’s been hidin’.

    “Some years later another camp at the other side of the forest says they’ve seen dead animals with their spines broken, torn open and eaten, too. This forest covers about 50 square miles, mind you. Now there’s this legend of ‘The Spine Splitter,’ but that was 48 years ago when all that started happening. There’s no such thing anymore.”

    Now, I’m only sharing this story because the other day, I found a small dog in the woods with its spine broken.

  • Jack is Back

    When I was younger, I used to have imaginary friends. I would talk to them at night, play games with them in the day time like Hide and Go Seek, and occasionally I’d speak to my parents about it.

    My parents never thought much about this, they figured that it was something almost all kids went through, and would eventually grow out of.

    And they were right… I started kindergarten later that year, I made some new friends, and soon enough my imaginary friends stopped visiting me as much.

    All except one, at the time I called him Jack. Jack often appeared when I was feeling sad, he was an old man who wore a cow boy hat and talked in an 1930’s Oklahoma accent. I liked Jack, so I didn’t mind his company, until he started acting strange.

    He told me to do certain things that I wasn’t comfortable with, thus I decided to ignore him from that day forward.

    A couple years later, my family decided to move. I was already uncomfortable being that I was soon going to start sixth grade, but it made matters worse that the house we were moving into was creepy.

    The house was built in the 1950’s and all the neighbors had a story to tell about it. All of which, included death. On top of all of that, sometimes pictures would fly off the walls, dolls would move by themselves in the middle of the night, and cupboards would open in the night.I guess you can say that is typical ghost activity, right?

    Well by the third month, nothing really bothered me about the house anymore.

    That’s where things get strange.

    Once I entered eighth grade I would wake up in the middle of the night and my blanket would be laying beside me, on the floor, perfectly straightened out.

    At first I though maybe my mom moved my blanket, but when I asked her the next day she was as confused as me.

    It kept on happening for a month, and I finally decided I’d stay up and see what was going on. I stayed up until one a clock in the morning, but I soon fell asleep, only to wake up in an hour.

    I woke up to find my sister climbing down from our top bunk. Usually I’d find this normal, since my sister almost always gets up in the night, but this time something was different… My sister didn’t seem right… Her short blonde hair was matted against her pale skin, and she didn’t bounce off my bed, like she usually did, instead she stepped lightly on my bed and onto the floor.

    “Molly?” I asked softly.

    No response. Instead she proceeded to pull my blanket off my bed and lay it neatly beside me. She kneeled beside my blanket, just wathcing it.

    Being confused, I sat up watching her. “Molly what are you doing?” I asked.

    She sat up and faced me, revealing her hidious eyes. They were no longer blue, instead they were an unearthly black. Who ever this was it was not my sister.

    She hissed at me. “SSSHHH! He’s sleeping!”

    “Who’s sleeping?” I ask trembling.


    Suddenly memories of my evil imaginary friend return.

    “Jack is here?” I ask.

    My sister stared back at the floor. “He’s talking to me, he’s mad at you…”


    There was a long pause. “You left him, now he wants you to know that you’re going where he is.”

    I sit up and run in my parents room to wake them up. My dad grabs a bat and my mother and I follow quietly behind.

    My sister was no longer in our room. My dad lead us into every room of the house, but no sign of her. That is until the phone rang.

    My dad sprinted into the living room, but my sister got there first. We stood and watched in terror. She picked up the phone and started talking.

    “Um, huh. Yeah, they’re all right here. Yes my sister is here too. I don’t think I want too-” I notice that her eyes slowly start returning to blue. “Ok, I’ll tell them…” She put her hand on the speaker of the phone. “Jack is back.”

    Suddenly the lightbulb popped and my dad rushed us outside. Including my sister, who was bawling. She claimed that Jack was trying to steal her body to hurt me.


    We moved out after that, and Jack hasn’t returned…

    But to this day the words, “Jack is back” still gives me the chills.

    (Hi SFK! This is my first scary story, I really hope you like it, sorry if it doesn’t make much sense. I’d love you hear some of your feedback.)

  • “When the Air goes Cold”

    Mary brought her legs up to her chest and hugged them tightly with her arms.
    “It wasn’t at the top of the hill, it was somewhere near the bottom,” she said to the other four who were sitting on their mattresses in a circle. “A rock. Right there. I didn’t even see it. Until I fell on top of it, of course. My skis flew off. To save my face from hitting the ground, I stuck out my arms, and the rocks below pretty much snapped my fingers right off.”
    “That sounds ridiculously painful,” said James, sitting across from Mary.
    “And not only physically painful,” she replied, “But mentally as well. Imagine looking up from the snow and seeing your bloody fingers lying in the snow, not attached to your hand. I thought, ‘Jesus, those are some fat worms there.’ And then I realized, ‘Oh, crap!’”
    “Jeez,” muttered Amy, next to Mary.
    “And, of course, as you all know, two weeks in the hospital led to a sort-of fix.”
    Mary held up her left hand, now with only a thumb and half of a little finger on it. A metal frame stood in place if her other fingers.
    “I had to switch to being left-handed, as well as having to switch the hands I use to play the violin. It’s awful.”
    I cringed. Mary’s story was definitely a cringe-worthy one to be told.
    The room was full of five of us; Myself, Mary, James, Savannah, and by best friend Amy. We were all gathered in the living room of my house in the living room. It was eight o’clock in the night, and we were all sitting around telling stories before went to sleep for the night.
    There was a long pause in the storytelling. We all sat silently for a moment. After about a minute, James broke the silence.
    “We should tell ghost stories,” he said.
    “Oh, for god’s sake,” said Amy, smiling. “Nobody calls them ‘ghost’ stories, they’re called ‘scary’ stories. There’s a big decrease in the horror factor of ghost stories, because everybody knows that ghosts aren’t real.”
    “What are you implying?” asked Savannah, skeptical and clearly confused by Amy’s remark. “That ‘scary’ stories are in fact real? Why must a story be real in order to be scary?”
    “Scary stories aren’t limited to ghosts,” replied Amy. “They can be about crazed murders. Those can be real. They can also be about demons, disturbed people. Anything that frightens people that has a possibility of being real.”
    “Demons ain’t real,” said James.
    “Some people believe they are,” replied Amy.
    “Yeah, but some people also believe that ghosts are real. A third of the population, I think. Where are you going with this?”
    Amy blushed. She seemed to let go of her topic at that point.
    “Any of you ever heard that story of the killer that hid up in the parent’s bedroom while the babysitter was over?” said Savannah. “And the babysitter saw him but didn’t realize it because he was disguised as a statue?”
    “Yes, we’ve all heard that one,” said Mary. “And even if we didn’t, you would have already spoiled the ending for us.”
    The rest of us nodded.
    “I used to convince my little brother that there was a graveyard that this house was built over,” I said. “And that a monster lived in the basement whose name was Mildred. He believed me.”
    “Why the name ‘Mildred?’” asked Amy, giggling slightly.
    “I don’t know,” I said. “It’s just one of those funny-sounding ones, you know? You don’t come across a lot of people in the day and age named ‘Mildred.’”
    “And what kind of monster was this ‘Mildred?’” asked Mary.
    “A big, red, furry one,” I said. “With big horns, too. It was funny, because my little brother would make claims of seeing Mildred in the basement. He’d say, “I saw her, I saw her! It was eating a person!”
    We all laughed.
    “Eating a person?” said Savannah. “Your little brother has a vivid imagination. That’s kind of screwed up, to say the least.”
    “I couldn’t agree more,” I said.
    Suddenly, a quiet creaking noise came from all around us. It lasted no more than a second. Everyone looked around.
    “It’s Mildred!” said Amy. “Ooooh!”
    “It’s just the stupid house,” I said. “The thing makes that noise all the time.”
    “Maybe ‘cause it was built on a graveyard,” added James.
    I laughed again. “You’re all a bunch of strange-oes,” I said. “Say that to my brother, though, and he’ll believe you. The kid’s so gullible it’s practically unbelieveable.”
    “Anyway,” said Mary, slapping down her hand and half-hand, “Scary stories. Who’s gonna tell the first one?”
    There was a pause.
    “Oh, for god’s sake, somebody’s got to have one!” she said.
    There was another pause.
    “I don’t think anybody does,” I said. “But I’ll tell you what. I’m gonna go get some ice cream. Everybody like that, eh?”
    “Sure,” said Amy.
    “Any specifications?” I asked, getting up.
    “Sprinkles,” said Savannah. “Bring ‘em all here.”
    “Indeed,” I said, turning around.
    “Let me come with you,” said Amy, getting up and following me.
    The two of us walked out of the living room and down the dark unlit hall. We progressed into the dark kitchen, where I pressed a switch on the wall and the room buzzed with life.
    I turned to the freezer, opened it, and pulled out two buckets of ice cream, one chocolate and one vanilla.
    “The sprinkles are in that cabinet up there,” I said to Amy, pointing up at a small door above the stove. She reached into them and pulled out several bottles ad I closed the door.
    Moving over to the drawer with the bowls in them, I was made to look out the window above it. When I looked out, however, I saw something that I did not expect to be there.
    The face of a small girl, probably about six or seven years old, was pressed up against the window. She was small and had blond hair.
    “Jesus Christ!” I yelled, dropping the ice cream on the floor.
    “What?” said Amy, becoming startled and rushing over to me.
    “What the hell is she doing here?” I said loudly, pointing to the window. When I looked back, however, I saw no little girl.
    Great, I thought. Just great. It was just like every horror situation ever. The protagonist sees something scary, then it disappears when anyone else looks at it.
    “What are you talking about?” said Amy, putting the sprinkles on the counter.
    “You aren’t going to believe me,” I said, “But there was a frickin’ girl looking in that window right there.”
    “A girl?” questioned Amy. “Like, how old?”
    “Like six or seven,” I replied.
    “There’s no one there now,” said Amy.
    “Of course there isn’t,” I said. “She would have ran away, wouldn’t she?”
    “I don’t know,” said Amy. “Let’s go back into the living room.”
    I slid open the drawer which I had failed to open earlier, pulled out five bowls, and closed it. The two of us then moved back into the hallway.
    “You believe me, don’t you?” I asked.
    “Yeah,” she replied. “But what I don’t understand is what a little girl like that would be doing out here in the middle of the night.”
    “Weird,” I said.
    We continued into the living room and served the ice cream. We then talked some more, discussed the strange girl I had seen in the kitchen window, and then, after another few hours, decided to go to bed.
    The five of us slipped into sleeping bags, all of which had previously been stacked against the wall next to the front door. It wasn’t until after about five minutes after lying in my sleeping bag that I noticed something was very off.
    “It is really cold in here,” I said.
    “I know,” said Savannah. “I’ve been thinking the same thing myself.”
    “I can’t get to sleep,” said James. “I’ve been shivering.”
    “Do you have the heat on?” asked Amy.
    “I have no idea,” I said. “I’ll go down into the basement and check it. I can get some blankets while I’m down there.”
    I slipped out of my sleeping bag and walked across the hardwood floor over to the door which led down to the basement. I turned the doorknob and opened the door, revealing the pitch-black stairwell that led down into the basement.
    A blast of especially-cold air flew onto me after I opened the door. I figured that because of the fact that the basement was down lower than the rest of the house without the heat on, it made sense that it was so cold.
    Before I stepped through the doorway, I flicked the switch on the inside of the hallway to turn on the light. The light, however, did not come on.
    “God damn,” I said louder than I wished.
    “What?” came James’ voice from in the living room.
    “Stupid light isn’t working,” I said. I heard multiple sleeping bags move in the living room. Within a few more seconds, Amy, James, and Savannah had arrived.
    “Try another switch,” I said. Amy quickly walked over to the switch for the light in the hallway and flicked it twice. The light came on and off.
    “Power isn’t off,” I said. “It’s probably this bulb that needs replacing. You guys go back; I’ll go get a candle. Get Mary up, too.”
    The others returned to the living room, while I traversed into the kitchen. I flicked the light switch in the kitchen; the light did not turn on.
    “Something’s wrong here,” I said to myself. “Maybe a fuse blew?”
    I used the kitchen counters to feel my way over to the drawer which contained the candles. I pulled the drawer open and pulled a candle out along with a box of matches. I took a match from the box and slid it across the side; a flame burst into existence. I moved the match over to the candle and held it for a second on the wick. The candle became lit. I moved through the kitchen, back towards the hallway. Suddenly, as I walked right in the middle of the kitchen, a face appeared by my candlelight. It was the same six-year-old girl with the yellow hair, and she was standing right in front of me.
    “Jesus Christ!” I yelled again, jumping back. The girl stood there, looking at me. She had a face which looked very innocent. Her expression was almost sad in a way.
    “Who the… Who are you?” I said.
    The girl made no reply.
    I bolted around the girl into the hallway. I did not stop running until I came back into the living room where the others were. They were all sitting next to one another, shivering.
    “That damn girl!” I said, panting. “She was in the kitchen, right in front of me!”
    “What?” asked Savannah, confused. “She was in the house?”
    “Yeah!” I said.
    “Are you sure it wasn’t Mary?” asked Savannah. “because she isn’t in her sleeping bag.”
    “Absolutely not,” I said. “And Mary’s not there?”
    “No,” said Savannah. “I don’t know where she is.”
    “That’s it,” I said. “I’m calling the damn police.”
    “I’ll do that,” said Amy. “Just go down into the basement and turn the freaking heat on so that it gets warm in here by the time this all gets sorted out.”
    I turned around, back towards the opposite hallway as Amy pulled her cellphone out. I walked very quickly down the hallway, afraid that I would find that damn girl again. I knew that she couldn’t teleport, but I wanted to be safe.
    I flicked the light switch on the hallway. It no longer turned on, as it had before.
    I approached the basement door and opened it. I walked down the cold staircase, turning left and then down into the large, pitch-black room.
    The house made that creaking noise again. It sounded undoubtedly louder this time, though, as thought it had originated from the basement.
    “Damn thermostat, where is it?” I said quietly, fumbling around the wall.
    Suddenly, I heard a loud scratch. It wounded like a hard object had been scraped against the opposite wall of the basement.
    I jumped around, holding the candle.
    The scratch happened again. Part of me felt that I needed to run up the basement stairs and get the hell out of my house that instant. Another part of me said to explore. Another part told me it was that girl.
    I held my arm out, extending the glow of the candle. I stepped one foot forwards, and then I saw what was making the noise.
    There was a hideous, red monster slumped in the corner of the basement. It was hunched over the body of a human; a human whose face was completely chewed away. The monster had large horns coming out of his head.
    I was completely frozen with fear. I had no idea what to do; surely, if I ran upstairs and told everyone, they wouldn’t believe me. Turning around, I saw that my path up the stairs was blocked. It was blocked by the girl.
    I screamed, something I shouldn’t have done. The hideous monster looked up from its meal, a human being which I happened to notice one interesting detail about – its hand had only two fingers on it.

  • Elanor
    I always hated it Elanor is what my dad called her. Elanor was a terrible creature sharp teeth with drool coming down her chin and awful dry scale skin. Worst of all her cage was in my room. Dad found her on a hunting trip he was in the woods with my mother she spotted Elanor, Dad never wants to admit it but Elanor ripped mom to pieces. I hated her she ruined my life and somehow dad couldn’t get rid of her. Every night Elanor would howl Dad would feed her gross awful meat. He wouldn’t even cook it just gave her raw meat, the smell of it would make you vomit. One day I heard something in the cellar of the house it was sobbing not like Elanor howls but sobbing. It was my father and a woman. The woman was sobbing trying to speak but was to frighted. My father was holding his hunting knife his hand was shaking, a smirk on his face.
    “Don’t worry darling”, he whispered in a sinister voice,”it will only hurt for a second.
    Slice. Blood spatted on the wall I couldn’t let a scream escape my voice. I ran upstairs to my room. Elanor was biting on her cage bars, she was hungry. My father entered our room he was carrying a sack full of that woman’s organs he was about to feed Elanor. Elanor was clicking her teeth drool oozed down her chin. My father dropped the meat her mouth a nearly puked. My father left our room. I stared at Elanor her awful face. I knew I had to get rid of her. I knew my father was going out on a hunting trip that weekend it was my chance to get rid of Elanor.
    My dad left for his hunting trip Saturday morning. He left quickly. I waited and finally I took Elanor out of her cage. She stared at me with her scary eyes I was food to her. I went to the swimming pool. I bent over and dunked Elanor’s head in the water she struggled at first but after a minute she was dead. I heard the door open.
    “Honey, can you believe it I left my wallet at home”, my dad laughed.
    “Where are you”? My dad asked.
    He opened the door and went outside he stared at me then saw Elanor, he rush over to her, tears ran down his face. He grabbed Elanor’s corpse.
    “I did everything for her, I killed all those people to keep her alive, even after your mother give birth to her and Elanor ripped her to shreds I still love her. My father cried.

    “Why did you do this to your sister”?

  • Hi guys, I’m new, and this is my first time posting a story. I have not heard on like it, and if it sounds like on you’ve heard, let me know. Here it is:
    The fog woman
    It was a sunny afternoon and I was baking cookies in my kitchen. Suddenly, a dark cloud appeared out of nowhere. That wasn’t unusual, because the weather in the summer was always so unpredictable. What was unusual, however, was the way the cloud kept growing and growing, until it covered the entire sky. I quickly called my young son in from the backyard. It was now so dark I could barely see my neighbors house. “Mommy, what’s going on?” My son asked me. “It looks like some fog has rolled in.” I replied. Just then, the phone rang. It was my husband, calling me to tell me he was going to stay at his office until the fog was gone. Outside, I could hear my neighbors talking about the strange fog. I tried turning on the tv, but all I got was static. “What are we going to do now?” My son asked me. “Read, play games, there’s got to be something to do,” I replied. By the time it was dinner time, the fog was still there, and my husband had called to tell me he would probably end up spending the night at his office. By that time, I was starting to get worried. What if the fog never went away? You’re being ridiculous, I told myself, it’ll probably be gone by the the you wake up tomorrow. After dinner I washed the dishes and sat down on the couch while my son did his chores. After he was done, I sent him to bed. “Good night, mommy,” he said. “Good night sweetie.” I replied. I went back downstairs and laid down on the couch. An hour later, my son came down with a scared look on his face. “What’s wrong?” I asked him. “I can’t sleep with all the people screaming outside,” he replied. Sure enough, I heard people screaming in the night. I looked outside, and immediately wished I hadn’t. The streets were filled with people. Corpses were littered on the ground, with their intestines ripped out and lying in pools of blood and guts. But that wasn’t the worst of it. In the middle of the road, was a woman, who seemed to be made of the fog itself. She had long flowing hair and a long gown of some sort. But the creepiest part were her eyes. They were glowing red, and they seemed to look into my soul. I grabbed my son and ran into the closet. I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew, the streets were silent again. I went over to the window and looked out. The fog woman was nowhere to be found. There were no other living people except me and my son. I went back to the closet and fell asleep. When I woke up again, my watch said it was eight am. It was still dark out, and I knew the fog woman had not left. My son and I ate breakfast, and then he asked to play outside. I said no. I didn’t want him to see the mangled corpses, the pools of blood, the remains of my last feast.

  • Pete’s and Hanako’s stories are the best!! then A again I only read two or three of theres :D

  • Insane house.
    Once there was a couple who was just married they were so happy with each other!! They bought a small house on sixth street there address was six/thirteen. on sixth street. We didn’t think too much about how it was six/thirteen (six devil number thirteen witch number) we didn’t mind anyways this house was perfect!! it was cheap! and had a great neighborhood!! perfect for a starting out family. one day my husband came home for work. we sat down for dinner and I told him, “Jason, I’m pregnant.” I smiled and said. “That’s great Jessica!! When is it due?” he asked smiling so wide. “In June.” she smiled before they knew it there baby girl. they loved her so much! Katrina had her mothers hair and eyes and her fathers nose and mouth. They had a perfect life. On night, I (Jessica) got up to check on Katrina and heard a whisper down the hall I just blew it off. later on that day when my husband came home for work and told me he lost job. “Oh, why?” I asked seriously. “I don’t know.” he said “Well,” I asked “Can you start supper? Katrina NEEDS a bath ” I asked hoping he’d agree and he did. So I started Katrina’s bath. not too hot not too cold. (it was only her fifth bath in her lifetime so if had to be just right) When I set her in the little sit up chair in the water she was fine so I went down the hall to grab her toy’s and saw a dark figure and she whispered chhheck theee babyyyy I ran into the steaming bathroom “JASON!!!” I screamed I couldn’t see In this fog, the bath wasn’t that hot!!! once the fog died down I could see right there my poor little Katrina scolded to death Jason ran up and saw her to. he left out a moan I turned around and there was the woman again she stabbed my husband in the back with an ice pick as he bleed out I fell to the floor and next thing I knew I was in a straight jacket! did they think I killed my family? hahaa who even cares! I was screaming crying and laughing…. who did care anyway?

  • Dead twin
    I’m Britney. I’m the most beautiful girl in school, the town, the state, seriously. I had rich parents, and a twin. (she is ugly) I’ve got silky black hair /she dirty, ratty black. I have ice blue eyes / she has dark blue eyes. I was only eighty -two pounds and She was hundred fifteen I was the smartest for a Middle School girl. she was dumbest you get the point right? Okay, well, as you know I’m popular so, I’ll tell you how it happened. it was two thirty and I was hanging out with my friends “so, when do you get to get a phone?” asked Jessica “Shut up bitch!!” I yelled back I was in the middle of posting something as my sister walked in I told everybody go home they left. “Hey, Britney.. I have this crush and.. promise you wont tell?” I crossed my fingers “sure” “Okay, I like Kyle.” she blurted “WHAT!? MY BOYFRIEND YOU DOUBLE CROSSING BITCH I HATE YOU GO TO HELL YOU FREAKING RETARD HOW WOULD A TUB OF LARD GET A HOT GUY? F** BITCH GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!” I yelled and she ran out crying I was soo mad!! later at school I seen her talking with him I followed them into the gymnasium behind the bleachers I seen them start kissing and whispering I was furious once they were done with whatever that was I followed whitney (my sister) into the bathroom and ambushed her (after making sure nobody was in there) I’d always been this way to whitney so I decided on beating her a little more but once I started I couldn’t stop … just listen , I told her he was just using her, and made her cry then I punched her face kicked her legs down she fell against the wall she busted her head open and was bleeding out I took out her pocket knife and jabbed out her eyeballs, teeth, all that and then pushed her into a stall, I was happy with myself. nobody ever knew who did it or what caused it :) will you keep my secret?

    Hope you guys like it!! comment on what you think please.

  • Cat got your tongue?
    One day I was reading the news paper for salt lake ** and it was notifying all pet owners (mostly cat owners) to lock all doors and be aware, for there was a pet thief on the loose but it normally struck on cat’s leaving foul things behind. For my birthday a month later I asked for a kitten black and orange. I got a boy named frenzy I loved him!! Mother warned me to keep an eye on him just in case I did so. I kept him on a leash with me pretty much 99 % of the time. but when school started I was forced to leave him inside at my locked house. One day I went straight to my friends house to study. my parents wouldn’t be home until nine tonight anyway. around six thirty my friend said she had to leave for supper so I decided I’d go to my home too. when I got home I went straight to my bedroom where my cat was I looked around On my wall there was blood streaked down the wall there was my cat slit apart bleed out only things were missing were it tongue, eye, ear. immediately I called the police and it happened to be my cat was indeed not the first or last… A few years later the guy was caught he’d eat the cats intestines, and eyes and all that and sometimes he’d freeze the cat half way and while the cat could feel everything he’d skin them and pull them apart.

  • Cheap store.
    One day I was walking down sixth street when I saw a new store. I had an extra ten dollar bile with me so I walked in. There were all sorts of things! A beautiful prom dress velvet red laced in black it was beautiful I just needed it for the up coming prom! Maybe then the next day I got ready curling my hair and applying makeup. I went downstairs and drove to prom. I was happy. I walked into the ladies room at prom and heard a screech somebody came out stabbed me in the gut pulled my intestines and strangled me with it.. my last breathe I said it was worth it… be popular. It only cost five dollars, so I got it. I also bought a black heeled shoe for two pennies. I came to checkout and bought the things some old lady smiled evil at me and turned away.

  • There was once a couple who were married for about 2 years. The wife’s name was Marie and the husbands name was Jonathan. Marie was the most beautiful woman Jonathan had ever seen. One day Marie had twins. Two girls. They named one Caitlin and one Samantha. The girls were always, well perfection. They were mommy and daddy’s little princesses. Until one day everything changed. It was their sweet 16. After their party the girls started screaming and sobbing uncontrollably and ran to their room locking the door. The parents tried everything to get the girls out of their room, even busting open the door (which didn’t work). It took them weeks to stop screaming and sobbing, and months later they came out of their room. They were in terrible shape. They were so thin, and their eyes were red and puffy. They were immediately taken to a hospital. The hospital declared them mentally challenged and they were sent to a mental institution. They were driven crazy. The parents were heartbroken. One day the parents got a phone call from the mental hospital.
    “Hello?” Said the mom
    “Hi, we would like to inform you that your daughters are very dangerous now and they have escaped. I’m sorry, but they are armed with a knife.” Said the front desk of the hospital.
    With a shaking voice the mother replied “O-okay. Th-thank you. G-ood b-bye.” And hung up.
    “Jonathan!!” Called Marie.
    “WHAT?!” Replied Jonathan.
    “Come here! ” said Marie.
    When Jonathan got there Marie recounted everything that the woman on the phone said. That night they locked everything. At midnight they heard a window smash. Shaking in fear the parents when downstairs. And their they saw their two princesses holding knives, laughing life a maniac.

    The next morning the mailman noticed that the window was smashed. He called the police and ran into the house. There, there were Marie and Jonathan laying in a pool of blood. They had been stabbed to death. And beside them were their daughters, who had killed themselves. The ghost of the once happy family still lives in that very house.

    The end!

  • Fourth Night

    A few years ago, a family went on a camping trip out in the woods. No civilization for miles other than the other campgrounds. This particular family went to campground number four. One by one, the cars entered the campsite and got directions from the ranger.

    “Campground number four,” the driver would say. The ranger got a weird look on his face, as if the driver had said something strange.

    “Uh, that way,” he said as he pointed to the left. “Just take the left hand side everytime there is a fork in the road.”

    And then, they drove off. They eventually all made it to the campsite and unpacked their belongings. There were three cabins. It was agreed the cabins would only be used in case of rain. There was one cabin for the kids, one for the adults, and one for food. There were two tents. The adults set up the tents while the kids went to explore.

    The kids found canoes and kayaks by the beach, and a swingset. But there was something suspicious. There was always either three of one thing, or in the case that there was more than three, they would be numbered 1 2 3 5 6, skipping four. It appeared that this place had something against the number four.

    The first three days went pretty well. People spent time together and on the beach, and doing other activities. But on the fourth day, nothing went right. It was raining all day and several people got injuries. When night fell, the kids stayed in the cabin and talked. Then, there was a knock at the door. They thought this was odd, because an hour before, the adults said that they were going to sleep. Emma, the oldest, asked who was there.

    “It’s Uncle John,” We all shuddered. None of us had an Uncle John. “Be a dear and let me in, would you? The other adults locked me out and went to bed. It’s pouring out here.”

    “You must have the wrong campground,” Emma replied.

    We heard footsteps squeaking and sloshing in the mud outside. The window on the side of the cabin took up most of the wall. From the side closest to the door appeared a man in a long black cape and tall black hat and black leather gloves. Emma made sure the doors and windows were locked.

    “See? It’s just your Uncle John.” He raised his gloved hand, which was clutching a knife, and began scraping on the glass, screaming, “It’s pouring down! Let me in! Let me in! It’s pouring down!”

    This frightened the little kids, so Emma shut the curtains, ushered the rest of them into the bedroom, and locked the bedroom door. She also made sure all of the windows were locked. The screaming and scraping went on all night.

    In the morning, it had all stopped. The rain, the scraping, and the screaming. They slowly crept out of the cabin. They vowed never to tell anyone, even their parents. The rest of the trip went pretty well, but when they got back, one by one, each of the children who went on the trip died. Within a month, there was only one left. He was the fourth. He didn’t die until he was very old, but, every once in a while, a long black cape, or a tall black hat, or a black leather glove appeared in his laundry.

    ( I hope you enjoyed it! I had fun writing it. The end is supposed to be free for different interpretations)

  • The babysitter
    One night my mommy and daddy had to leave for a week in New York. it was only three hours away from here so I felt fine. especially since jess was babysitting me. she was beautiful!! black hair blue eyes flawless skin when the teachers at first grade this year asked who I wanted to be when I grow up I immediately replied Jessica Blast. they just laughed. everybody laughs when I say that. nobody understands. one night when jess fell asleep I went into the guest bedroom sat on her bed and watched her… for hours I sat staring at her beautiful long hair .. her perfect face.. I wanted to be her!! she woke up startled that I’d been watching her. so I went to my bedroom and played dolls until seven o’clock she came into my room and told me She’d make me breakfast. “Okay, thanks jess” I said smiling she left I played carelessly for hours until I realized I should go see when it would be done I came downstairs to blood in front of the doorway “Oh no!!” I mumbled mom and dad would be home today!! they would hate this mess!! I went to the living room to see jess hanging lifelessly blood dripping in a pool of blood under her and intestines falling out of her stomach.. I smiled “now I can be like You” I whispered gently I grabbed a knife and carved out her toes… fingers and then last but not least her smile Once I was done I went into the basement hid her toes over the place then took a chainsaw went back up stairs (daddy had a workshop down there that’s why there was a chainsaw) I quick got a rope tied it next to hers and cut my toes fingers and stomach as quick as possible then left a note saying :Mommy, Daddy, I love you so much!! I want to be like her feel like her die like her.. I found her like this as you will find me, Bye mommy and daddy.
    she hung herself and on from then the house had been haunted people claimed to her chainsaw’s see people in the living room and often wake up to hear noise’s as if water was on in the living room.

  • Mud Monsters

    Old Man Mundy was a strange fellow, the kind kids tell all kinds of stories about. He was a hermit, a rich one too, and lived out in the country, isolated from all civilization. He owned plenty of land, and throughout his lifetime, there arose various disputes regarding who owned certain parts of the land, and the fate of the land once he died. Old Man Mundy had no relatives as far as knew, he’d long since isolated himself from his family, and he never married, spending his young life making a fortune for himself instead, and spent his entire life in his cabin, only going to town once a month for food, and any other basic necessities the old man needed. His appearances in town usually attracted attention due to his appearance. He’d walk in the streets in overalls, wearing only a plaid shirt underneath, barefoot, and leaning on his cane. He’d paid the city to build a path the woods so he could walk to town safely, as opposed to walking along the side of the road, when he first settled in the mountains outside of town. Due to him having no known family members to leave his property to, the city had no choice but to buy the land from him once he passed, even though he threatened them with “You set those fancy machines of yours on my land, and I’ll see it you get what’s coming to ye”.

    Most of the stories about the old man stated he knew all sorts of spells, and was skilled in witchcraft, hexes, voodoo, and every black magic practice imaginable. Of course the city didn’t believe the old man and thought it was some kind of crazy treat, as they believed his sanity to be quite dim, especially in his old age. One day a city employee found the Old Man Mundy, lying face down on the floor, unconscious with his arms stretched out. Seeing in point in calling a doctor for such an old man, as would probably die either way, he called his boss, who sent a second worker to dump the body, as the old man never paid for a burial plot in the town cemetery. They went up to a certain spot in the woods, where a deep hole, seemingly a bottomless pit, was mysteriously formed in the earth, seeing this as the perfect substitute for a grave, they tossed the body in. Unknown to them, this hole was actually man made, the city chemical plant, figuring that, with the old man’s health declining, as were his visits t town, he wouldn’t notice the hole, or live to do anything about it. They drilled a large hole in the earth, and dumped tons of mysterious waste into it’s muddy core. The waste caused the mud to permanetly fuse to Old Man Mundy’s body.

    Since the land the old man owned was huge, the city decided it was the perfect setting for a summer camp, with all the woods surrounding it and all. The construction crew demolished in the old man’s cabin the daytime, and by evening they were already setting up some of the wood for the buildings, mainly the cabins. They had driven up the gravel path and parked in the open field that was once Old Man Mundy’s property. Two of the construction workers, Ernie and Louie, started to haul a pile of wood back down the gravel path, when suddenly it the clouds got dark and it started raining. The foreman wasn’t pleased “Damn you Mother Nature! The weather was perfectly fine, until just now” He grabbed a blue tarp from his truck and tossed it at Louie and Ernie. They were walking past the giant sinkhole that unknown to them was grave of Old Man Mundy, when they heard a low moaning. a muddy hand reached out of the top, and clung to the surface, pulling up a giant muddy shape. Louie being the skinny way ran for it, leaving Ernie behind. “Where’s Ernie”? the foreman asked. Louie’s only was “M-m-m-m-mud monster”.

    Louie led the foreman and the rest to the sinkhole, the only sound was the hooting of an owl. They stopped when they got a look at ground around the sinkhole. “L-looks it got Ernie boss”. They were marks leading up the sinkhole that had the indication of someone being dragged. “Well something got him” the foreman answered but it certainly as hell wasn’t no mud monster”. the foreman replied. Right as he said it, Louie pointed toward the trees. “THERE IT IS” the thing was advancing at edge of the trees next to the sinkhole, they heard more movement behind them and a second one, much bulkier compared to skinny one Louie had encountered, appeared in the trees opposite the sinkhole. “E-Ernie?” Louie stammered. The crew tried to run for it but the creatures blocked their path on both sides, except Louie, who escaped through the trees.

    A year later the camp did open, but a different crew had to replace the one that went missing. Afraid to do it at night, due to the rumors and wild stories being passed around, they did everything in the day. The replacement foreman had decided to put one of the cabins on top of the sinkhole, which the camp gave to the male counselors. Despite all the stories about it, no one was scared. One night however one of them by loud SMASH and saw that someone or something had punched a hole in the floor, and was trying to climb out of it, he saw the face of a creature, he believed was one of the mud monsters the camp talked about, and ran out screaming, waking the other counselors in his cabin. The creature yet out a loud roar as they ran toward the front door. They pushed it open bt saw mud monsters lumbering toward them in all directions. The one who woke up first tried to escape and run away, but one of the creatures managed to stretch it’s arm and grabbed him. The camp closed the cabin down, but that wasn’t enough. Rumors spread and the boy campers wanted to check it out, and with the limit of counselors, no one could really stop them. Two of them a skinny one and a fat one went there on a dare, and managed to get in to the closed cabin, they went right where the monster tore up the floorboards, and heard a low groan, a muddy hand reached up, and grabbed the fat kid, then it raised him over his head, and swallowed him!!! The kid ran back and told the counselors, who decided to send all the kids home. The next night, the counselors along with the rest of the camp were trying to decide what to do. They were in the dining hall, when one a movement coming into the clearing. The counselors could make out a bunch of brown globs heading towards the cabin. They screamed and attempted to escape, but there was so big of a panic, that the one got outside trampled all over each other , and the mud monsters had made it to them by then. The creatures, then made their hands into hose like shapes as if they were pumping their victims full of mud. Then they advanced towards the ones inside that had huddled into the corner.

    No one could figure what happened to the missing campers. They found all the cabins battered, chairs thrown all over the place in the mess hall, it was as if some wild animal had torn through the camp and they’d run for it without any trace. When they removed the cabin that covered up the sinkhole, they finally got a good luck at was dumped down there, they didn’t find Old Man Mundy’s body, but did find the chemicals dumped into that sinkhole. An investigation revealed that if you whatever made the chemicals made contact with, you’d find yourself forever bonded with it. Believing that had in fact caused these “mud monsters” to exist, even though the chemicals didn’t turn people into zombies or anything, they hired a construction crew to demolish the entire forest, and those people were never heard from again…

    Hi, SFK. This is my latest story. Haven’t done any in a while because of other projects, and was going pretty well towards the end, but was getting to tired to make it any scarier. Feel free to add stuff. I considered to make the mud monsters attack the entire town actually but decided not to.

  • “Go to sleep” I told all of my victims… The End said Jessica my babysitter she was beautiful long black shiny hair slim body hazel/blue eyes soo beautiful I was seven and a half at the time. later that night I heard a scream come from the living room I reassured myself it was nothing until the next day my parents came home from her hanging ove rthe ceillling pools of blood dripping down her skull

  • The wicked marriage.

    A newly wedded couple just rented a apartment. They loved it!! Britney, could decorate, and josh could relax after work. they both agreed they loved there new home. One day when Britney got home she started to unpack box’s full of stuff into one she realized this must have been josh’s stuff, but she kept on because she wanted to surprise her lover. She started dinner pot-roast, and veggies. she went through another box as soon as she seen the first thing she kind of was shocked!! why was he buying rope? knife? and fire starters? whatever she decided to blow it off during dinner she realized josh had blood print’s on his face. “Hey honey I saw this box..” he cut her off saying “wow you did an amazing job with decorating this place!!” later that night she went to bed not knowing she wouldn’t awake. she was hung to death and sliced open to bleed out setting fire to intestines and brains, guts, and all that. the police arrived after a week of stench. the neighbors complained. the police shook down the door and found her hanging lifelessly THEY HAVE STILL NOT FOUND JOSH BUT THEY CLAIM HE HAS SOMTHING TO DO WITH ALL THE OTHER MURDERS IN TOWN BRUTALLY TOTURED AND BURNT, HUNG, AND SLICT OPEN…..

    if you do not share Britney will come as you sleep and slice your throat and hang you. you have exactly 24 hours from seeing this…

  • Hi, this story is supposed to scare the **** out of you. it’s about a demon who take’s control over many people’s bodies until……

    Me and a friend were texting each other out of boredom one night
    jess: Hey, brit what did you’re parents say about the mall tomorrow?
    me: ughh don’t remind me!! you know what they said and why they said it!!
    jess: No, why? :(
    Me : Really? you didn’t hear about the crazy “demon” on the loose?
    jess : No, stop it!! you know I’m alone tonight your just freaking me out!!
    me : whatever >.< Hey…
    no reply.
    Me : jess? are you still there?
    No reply.
    me : Got to go parents are home :p byeee
    No reply.
    the next day I didn't see jess at school, I figured she skipped again.
    but as I was walking home I seen a dark figure hanging from an alley. "Jess!! cut it out!!" I said peering into the darkness…"Jess?" I asked a little freaked out. "Ok, fine can you help me down?" she said. "O-okay." I started slowly realizing she was pale, purple and blue I ran home and my mother turned around slowly "Hey sweetie.."

  • Three year’s ago, me and a friend decided to walk into town. it wasn’t too far of a walk only three miles there and back so six miles would be fine we decided. I lived out on a farm of fifteen mile’s of pure land. not a person was to be seen from where I lived. My friend’s parents went out of town for the week so she was with me. We left around noon. we decided to go to the movies and see what was playing and maybe go somewhere for a snack. then if there was still daylight go window shopping downtown. there wasn’t much to do in the town but it was still an outing for me. once we got into town we watched the movie Halloween 6. it was terrifying!! after that it was around three o’clock we decided to head somewhere for a snack, downtown snack shop. but it was closed when we got there. “Okay, let’s just go to the library” said my friend Josie. “I guess” I replied kind of mad she would rather focus on homework. we got there she told me she had to use the restroom. I waited for almost ten minutes when I heard a scream I ran into the ladies restroom only to find she had been brutally slaughtered and hung, I shivered and called 911 right away but before I could hit the talk button something behind me grabbed my arm stuck a needle in it I felt everything he did, cutting me open slicing away flesh ripping intestines out I felt it all and everything went black. I never found out what became to me and Josie if we were ever found….

  • In June 2011, emergency services dispatched an ambulance to the home of 65-year-old Barrie Hepburn. Barrie was a retired sports car enthusiast and a paraplegic. He’d been left wheelchair-bound in 2000 after being shot by a neighbor in an argument. Barrie had told the emergency operator that he was bleeding heavily, and they feared the worst, as he had fallen silent during the call. They certainly weren’t expecting what they found, which was the shock of their lives, and the grisly stuff urban legends are made from.Barrie, who had lost all feeling in his legs, had made an enthusiastic attempt to remove one of them with a hacksaw. He had recently become despondent because he was having so much trouble getting into and out of his beloved sports cars, and his overtures to his doctors about amputation had thus far been rebuffed. Barrie had apparently decided that if he began the surgery himself, doctors wouldn’t have any choice but to continue. When the paramedics arrived his right leg was almost totally detached, the plastic sack he’d used for a tourniquet covered in massive amounts of blood, and his bag was sitting beside him, neatly packed for the hospital

  • A little boy by the name of Greg Garrett was playing in his backyard in Enfield, Illinois, when he was attacked. Not by a person, or any animal anyone had ever seen before—to this day nobody knows what it was—but it tore his shoes to pieces and left him in tears. Just minutes later, local resident Henry McDaniel opened his front door after hearing a light scratch, and got a good look at what would would come to be known as the Enfield Horror.Greg and Henry’s descriptions were pretty much exactly the same: The Horror was short, no more than 1.5 meters (five feet), and had three legs. Yes, three. It also possessed short, stubby arms ending in claws or talons that seemed to be placed in the center of its body rather than at its sides. It was hairy, yet slimy, and had reddish-pink eyes the size of flashlights. Just minutes earlier, Henry’s children had insisted that a monster of some kind had tried to break into the house while he and his wife had been out to dinner. He’d laughed it off at first, but upon seeing this thing on his porch, Henry slammed the door and went directly for his gun. Henry ripped open the door and fired four shots. He was sure he hit it on the first, and he said the thing “hissed like a wildcat” before bounding away, covering 25 meters (75 ft) in a few powerful leaps. He immediately called the police, and over the next few days, several more sightings were reported by searchers, sheriff’s deputies, even a radio station news director and his crew. Henry also saw it once more, a couple weeks later, out of his window as it wandered near some railroad tracks.And then it was gone. Whatever it was, it hasn’t been seen since. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  • Talking to spirits
    This incidence dates back to spring 2008 as it was soon after my brother was born.

    My grandma along with aunt (buaji) had come to visit our house in order to help my mother to look after my mother. In India, it is always said that old people are boon for a house. Whatever may be occasion without elder’s advice nothing is done.

    I still remember that day after bathing my brother and making him sleep we were all sitting in hall on deewan. It was around11:00 or 12:00 in morning we were all chatting casually. Suddenly my grandma started acting strange. Her eyeballs rolled inside. My aunt asked me to talk to her. At that time I did not know the exact matter but knew something was wrong, it was only after talking to her I realized I was talking to a spirit who visited my grandma’s body. Initially grandma refused to talk. Then I introduced myself in order to initiate a talk. She looked at me coldly, I asked her who was she. To my utter surprise she introduced herself as my uncle who died at an early age in his childhood. After that I didn’t dare to elongate the talk as at that I was just eleven. After that my aunt talked to her to keep her busy. My mother was not allowed in room as she had given birth to a child just few days before and letting her in front of a spirit would mean inviting danger. My grandma was back to her self only after she was given blessed water.

    I want to make it clear that I am sure I talked to a spirit because my grandma had no health problems, she was sane. Also I heard my family talk among themselves about a spirit visiting her.

  • This is my sad sad story.

    There once was a young girl who fell in love with a big nerd. she and him were really good friends then one day she found out he was dating her best friend. She cried and cried for days but then decided she was not a baby. She went up to her best friend and him and said ”I was in love with you for so long but you toke my best friend instead… Why?” they both just stared at her and then her crush spoke”I’m not in love with her I love you I just pretended to date her to get your attention”. ” Oh my goodness. Really?!”she said.Then her best friend spoke”But then that means…”she stammered out and then ran off crying. Then he asked her to be his girlfriend. As they grew up she and her best friend lost touch but one day her best friend called and asked her to come over. When they arrived they seen from the balcony her best friend hanging there and there was a not on the door that read: He broke my heart and now well I decided its time to show you what a broken heart can do… ”Well that’s just terable”she stammered.

    Well that’s the end people!

  • The house in the woods

    Once there was an oldman who lived in the woods nad one day his grandson came to stay in his house as midnight aproched someone knocked. It was a man. “its raining heavily why don’t you stay here for the night” The oldman suggested then his grandson came and started crying hysterically don’t let him in. “Don’t be so rude”the oldman told him off and then his dog camed and barked ferociusly as though threatened and the man said to the oldman “its fine, thankyou for the offer but I’m in a hurry could you tell me which way to the next city please”

    The oldman gave him the directions and he left. About an hour later some cops arrived and asked him if they seen a suspicious man it turned out a man murdered a lady.

    He told then about the man that he gave the directions to and the police thanked him and left.

    The man asked the child why he was panicking when he saw the man as they didn’t know he was probably a killer and the boy said “Didn’t you see the bloody lady following him. she was covered in blood and her eyes were frightening.”

  • cannibal

    I crave human flesh,ever since my fast taste.
    the thirst is in nearly all of us.
    you just don’t know it.
    you say you never ate human flesh thats a lie as you probably ate



  • I also have a ghost game that you don’t have yet called ushi no koku maeri or in english hour of the ox prayer

    step 1 : Dress in white (kimono if possible)
    step 2 :tie 4 candles around your head
    step 3: get a straw doll and write your victims name on it
    step: go to a shrine or temple and nail the doll on a tree there.

    if sucessful the victim will die but if anyone sees you doing the the ritual you will die.

  • this story is called “noroi no isho” or “The Cursed Suicide Note”. It is a story I read in Japan and it goes like this:

    I can’t believe it! He actually died. He actually commited suicide because of me! I went to the spot where he killed himself and inspected the note he left. It read: “I can’t live anymore. I will die now. Taijou bullied me and that’s why I will die. I will never forgive him.”

    I took the note, put it in my pocket and left the top floor of the school. Finally people noticed Ryosuke’s corpse broken from his jump off the school roof and screamed. I disposed of the evidence by burning it.

    No one suspected me as I pretended to be his friend in public even though I bullied him. As I arrived home I realised the note was on my desk. I thought I burned it. Creeped out, I ripped it apart. I took a bath, but when I looked down, I realized that there was something written on my arm. It was the suicide note.

    At school I was unable to concentrate as I could see him looking accusingly at the window. I will have to say a speech at the assembly as everyone still thinks I was his friend. I felt like killing myself just to get away from the torment. I went on the stage to say the speech I looked down at the speech I wrote and it said: “I can’t live anymore. I will die now. Taizou bullied me and that’s why I will die. I will never forgive him.”

    I screamed and ran out of the school. He was following me. I ran and ran some more. I ran across the road and all of a sudden, a car hit me. When they found my corpse, everyone noticed that, all over my body, was writing that said: “I can’t live anymore. I will die now. Taizou bullied me and that’s why I will die. I will never forgive him.”

  • Hi my name is Maggie:
    Hi my name is Maggie I’m 6 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. I always wear my favorite pink dress with a big white bow. My house is great! I live with my sisters and my best friends. But they never come out anymore. That is why I was so glad when I heard someone was moving in! I watched them come inside the house there was even a little girl! She would share a room with me! That night I watched her silently why she slept, I knew we were gonna be great friends! So I waited that night trying to be calm but I was so happy! I began to giggle, I tried to keep it in but I couldn’t help it.
    “Hello”? The little girl asked,” Is any one there”?
    I came out and showed my self.
    “Hello my name is Maggie want to be best friends”? I giggled.
    The girl gasped and started to laugh.
    “My name is Gracie”, I would love to be friends”, Gracie exclaimed.
    We sat and told stories exchanging information about each other. Gracie is 5 a year younger then me!
    That morning I came downstairs to have breakfast with Gracie and her mom. Her mom set up 2 plates.
    “Mommy”, Gracie said,”what about Maggie”.
    “Maggie who is Maggie”? Her mother asked.
    “She is my new best friend and she wants to eat breakfast with us”! Gracie shouted.
    ” Darling you’re to old for imaginary friends now help me set the table”, her mother growled.
    I wasn’t aloud to eat breakfast with them it made me furious I went upstairs to my room and waited for Gracie to come.
    Gracie walked into the room.

    “Hi Gracie”, I smiled

    “Maggie, mommy says I’m to old for imaginary friends we can’t play anymore”, Gracie cried.

    I was about to explode.

    ” We have to play we are best friends, and I’m not imaginary! YOU CAN SEE ME GRACIE! And that means I’m real!!” I shouted.

    “I can see you so I guess you are real I’ll go tell mommy”! She smiled.

    “No, your mom can’t see me and she thinks I’m not real but I am, if we are going to be best friends she can’t be here”. I shouted.

    “But she is my mommy”, Gracie cried.

    “So you don’t want to be best friends”, I said.
    “No I do”! She pleaded.

    “Then listen to me”, I giggled.

    The next I put our plan into action. At three am Gracie and I crept into her mother room. I handed Gracie the knife. Gracie raised it over her mother head.

    “I can’t do this”, she cried,” Its wrong”!!!

    “Do this or we won’t be best friends”, I growled.

    “I don’t want to be best friends, I want you to go away”, She screamed.

    “Oh I can’t go away but I know how we can be friends forever”, I said while raising the knife.

    The next morning Gracie’s mom woke up to a surprise. She moved out.
    And I waited in my house till a new family moved in they had a little boy.

    That night while he was sleeping I waked him up.

    “Hello my name is Maggie, want to be best friends”?

  • The Evil Double
    So mostly everyone believes that having a twin/ look alike is one of the awesome things in the world but in this case it is not…(Story is based on a true experience).
    There was a girl named Jenna who had just passed away last year due to unexplained causes. Jenna was a very social ,sweet and caring friend of mine. Till this very day I wonder if that evil double of hers was the cause of her death.
    It all started after 3 months after Jenna had moved in her neighborhood. Jenna had made a lot of friends by then. During lunch on a Friday Jenna began acting strangely. She became reserved. Jenna looked like as if she hasn’t sleep in weeks and she was hanging out by herself on an unused lunch table. I decided to be a good friend so I walked right toward her. As soon as I got near her she gave me the death stare and yelled at the top of her lungs to get away and to drop dead. I was shocked so I backed off and avoided her.

    3 hours later passed and it was after school. I didn’t have volleyball practiced so i waited for my cousin to pick me up. someone had sneaked behind and and gave me a big bear hug. I thought it was my boyfriend to give me a big kiss and to walk me home instead of me waiting for my cousin to my surprise it was Jenna (the normal Jenna. She was smiling at me and offered me a raisin cookie. I looked at her bewildered. What made me raise my hairs at the back of my neck was when she told me she was there to pick up the weekends homework.
    (wasn’t she at school that day?). I pretended that I knew she wasn’t at school to make her not freak out and asked “Where have you been?” She told me she didn’t feel really good and had a huge headache so she decided to stay home…. If the Jenna that had screamed at me wasn’t her then who was that?

    That night I couldn’t sleep. I kept on thinking who had screamed at me to drop dead earlier that day. I finally came to a conclusion that Jenna was messing with me. It was her and she was being nice to me as an apology for her behavior so I just forgave her and forget everything. ( I was wrong it wasn’t the real Jenna).

    3 weeks had passed and I was going to have a sleepover. I invited four friends (including Jenna). That night was the night I realized I had made a big mistake on inviting Jenna. Jenna talked about pretty gruesome things such as homicide killings and death…. The other girls and I became a little too scared. I guess she saw the fear in my eyes and suggested that we played hide and seek instead. It was childish for 15 and 16 year olds to play such a childish game but we agreed. Playing hide and seek was better than talking about grotesque things…

    I lived in a two story Victorian house. We had this big unused dumb waiter on the second floor so I hid there. I waited there for 10 whole ephing minutes but Jenna didn’t bother to go up and find me. I took out my phone and grouped messaged all my friends (including Jenna). All of them replied all at once and they have said Jenna left them hanging as well. Jenna’s reply shocked all of us though.
    Jenna: ” I’m running Late guys. I’m just a minute away! I had to go to my dads house. XoXo and save me some s’more!”
    I got out of my hiding spot and ran down the stairs, and right below the steps I saw Jenna. She just stood there giving me a sinister smile. I went down the steps and Jenna just turned around and walked towards the door to leave. “Where are you going?”, I asked. Jenna just kept on walking out the front porch towards her car…. right then I remembered the Text Message Jenna had sent me. Jenna had just arrived??!!! I saw two Jennas at that moment the one getting off the red car and the one walking toward the car…… as soon as i saw the Jenna getting off the look up the Jenna that was walking toward her vanished into thin air in a snap. (that was enough time to get the real Jenna to get a glimpse of her, but not notice it was her)… “Who was that?”, asked Jenna. I shrug it off happy that the weird Jenna was gone… (or was she?)

    A couple of months passed and Jenna became really ill. She was Home schooled the minute she couldn’t get up. I visited her almost every Fridays and weekends to keep her company. She told me the doctors didnt know the causes of her illnness and that it was unexplainable. They were giving her treatments but the medications wouldnt work.
    On January 4 2015 Jenna passed away with an unknown diagnosis.

    I know I might be insane but I think that the weird Jenna had something to do with this. I dont think it was my imagination that played tricks. I didnt see doubles and i had witnesses.

    I did further research and found information about doplegangers but still it is unexplainable. You can either believe this or not. Whatever but the most important thing is I believe on what I want to believe.

  • This incident really creeped me out, it happened when I was almost 9 and half.

    After I came from school, my mom and dad and my sis were packing their suitcases and we’re getting ready to go somewhere, I asked my dad where we were going and he said that we were going to visit my Grandma. I was overjoyed and went to pack my bag. We reached our hometown and went to our grandma’s house and kept our bags on the room and me and my sis we so tired that we went to our room and lay down on our bed. ( me and my sis grew up there, so we had our bunk beds and our room) it was dinner time, and I went to the dining hall and we ate a light meal, I asked my dad and mom several times where is grandma, but they didn’t say a word. This creeped me a little. At night after prayer, we went to sleep. I clearly don’t remeber the time, but at midnight, I heard a lullaby my grandma used to sing when I cried as a baby. I ignored it. After a few minutes, my sister woke me, and I freaked out like hell. There was a bright purple light that shone from our cupboard,my grandma s fav color was purple. I stood bravely as I was elder sis and went to face the situation… But as I got closer it vanished. I tried to fall asleep again. It was about 10:30 when I woke up, and there was a note lying on my study table. I read it and it said; “ Darling, me, your dad and sis went to a funeral of one of our dads friend, we know you won’t be able to take it so we went alone. Take care, and the food is ready in the dining table, take care honey, don’t open the door for any reason until we come.” I was home alone, and there was a knock, I peek through the lens and saw my grandma, I hugged her and welcomed her, me both played, and when I went to the kitchen to give her some juice, my mom and dad came, they asked me why I opened the door, I said that grandma came, but she said, darling, the funeral we went was our dear gradma’s funeral, she is in heaven now. I cried like anything and was really upset the whole day, my sis came to confront me. And my dad came and sat with me and said, “Darling, I know your feelings but we have to go through this”

  • 206

    Daniel and his girlfriend, Kaitlyn,were walking down the hall of their school. His girlfriend wasn’t the prettiest girl in school but he loved her anyways. “Kaitlyn, I truly love you from the bottom of my heart,” said Daniel, ” and I want to know if you will marry me!” Kaitlyn replies, ” Definitely!” With them on their happy walk after school, Daniel’s rival, David, shows up. “So there’s the ugliest girl I’ve ever seen. And the biggest dumbo ever born because he’s going out with her!” ” Don’t make fun,” yells Daniel, ” ’cause you might regret it in the future!” David replies,” I’m sure I will little one!” David busts out laughing and walks away.

    Daniel is furious and he goes home. Kaitlyn, terrified to talk to him for it may upset him more, goes home as well. Daniel complains to his dad and mom that David won’t give him a break. Daniel eats his dinner and goes to bed. He wakes up the next morning to a peculiar text. It was from Kaitlyn! He reads it, it says, “David is dead, every bone in his body is broken! Come to my house as soon as you get this!” Daniel quickly put his pants and jacket on and drove to Kaitlyn’s house. He got to her house but the door wouldn’t budge. He knocked a few times, but when nobody answered he kicked the door in and rushed in. He found his dad with a bloody butcher’s knife and the severed head of his girlfriend. Daniel throws up. Daniel’s dad turns to Daniel and whispers, “He wouldn’t give you a break so I gave him 206!”

  • Clarissa had just gotten her weekly allowance, so she decided to go shopping, and as she browsed the cosmetics section, she noticed a bright-colored rack in another aisle. She walked over, and realized they were stuffed animals, with those huge, but adorable glass eyes. She looked at her reflection in the eyes, and then decided to buy a hot pink elephant with the little money she had left.

    After she had bought the animal, she got a text from her mom as she was walking home from the store. The text read: Your cousin is staying with us for the weekend, mind sharing a bed with her?

    Clarissa sighed, but responded with a yes. Her cousin was only a year younger than her, but she was a huge pain. As soon as she got home, her cousin was already snatching a snack from the fridge. Clarissa went to her room and adjusted her new stuffed animal on he bed. It’s not like she played with toys anymore, she just wanted to have a new decoration for her room.

    A few hours after dinner, it was finally time for bed. Clarissa was exhausted, but her cousin complained as it was time for bed. Clarissa’s cousin got the side of the bed next to the stuffed animal.

    Everything was going fine until a little bit after midnight, when Clarissa’s cousin woke up in the middle of the night. Her cousin looked into the stuffed animal’s glassy eyes, and in the reflection she saw herself, the figure of Clarissa next to her, but she also saw a man brandishing A knife.

    Clarissa’s cousin began to sweat, but knowing that a murderer was so close to her, she tried to appear calm. She shook Clarissa’s shoulder. Clarissa awoke with a grunt. “Uh, Clarissa! What a beautiful stuffed animal! Look into it’s beautiful eyes”, her cousin stammered, hoping Clarissa would see the man.

    Apparently Clarissa did see, but strangely enough, Clarissa smiled. Her cousin nudged her elbow in panic. Clarissa lifted up her pillow, and pulled out a knife, then she stepped out of bed and stood beside the man.

    “Don’t worry my sweet little cousin. He’s just my sidekick”, Clarissa said. The last thing her cousin saw was Clarissa reaching for the stuffed animal. The next morning, Clarissa’s mother got suspicious when the two girls weren’t coming down for breakfast, so she peeked into Clarissa’s room.

    Clarissa’s cousin had two glass eyes replaced inside her eyes sockets, and her throat was stuffed with cotton of the stuffed animal. Clarissa and her “sidekick” are still wandering around, so I would reccomend not buying a a stuffed animal with glass eyes.

  • I would like to share a personal experience of mine after a few nights on SFK. For starters I am totally addicted I love this site. One night I was reading anything new I could find and I read a story about the girl with the stalker. In the story the girl is stalked no matter how much she changes her number. Strange things have happened since I read this story. The next morning after reading this story I woke to a phone full of messages and missed calls. NO KIDDING PEOPLE THIS REALLY HAPPENED. I immediately remembered the story and became very spooked. I had received messages and calls from 5 different numbers. I tryed reading the texts but they were all multimedia messages and I have a government phone which doesn’t allow picture messaging. I called one number back but just got the sound you here when amber alert takes over all cells notifications (even though everything is on silent… beside the point but admit it everyone hates that little annoying buzz that comes unexpected) I tried another number but did not get an answer, after what seemed like forever I hung up. I had school that morning so I gave up because I was already running late. when I got to school I told one of my friends and she says ” Oh sorry that was me sending messages to our group to meet for the project… You must have got all the messages separately. This was a huge relief for me because I was not being stalked or cursed or whatever I was thinking also I was happy because I would be able to continue my late night dates with SFK (get your mind out the gutter I’m talking about reading!) Everything was back to normal until the next morning I woke up with more missed calls and texts. I know your thinking its your friends…NO… I woke up to 8 different numbers in my phone! 5 text 3 calls all from different numbers that were not my friends because they would have displayed their names. Now I was really freaked out. They were not picture messages and when I checked again I noticed my friends names were not in my contacts anymore. They were their numbers,tho I know I locked them all in. I read one message it said “hey how are you” the next said ” I saw you…Did you see me at school?” Next said ” of course you didn’t you wouldn’t pass me like that would you?” …” Are you ignoring me or are you still sleep?… ” Im going to call you PICK UPPP or else lol” I don’t know why the person put lol but at that point I wasn’t laughing I was scared to death! I went to school told my friend again this time she just looked at me strangely like I had gone crazy or something. She told me she didn’t send any messages that morning . I showed her the numbers but she didn’t recognize any. I didn’t read SFK that night I was upset I thought I had read the wrong thing! The next morning I had no messages but that night I recieved so many calls from one of the numbers from one of the previous mornings I had to turn my phone off. When I turned it back on the calls started almost immediately I quickly answered and put it on mute and listened. It was silent for a sec then a familiar voice said “Hello is ***** there” I knew this voice very well it was my ex I had broken up with a month before . He explained how he’d been trying to reach me from different numbers just to TALK …I was once again relived… it’s crazy how this all happened around the the time I read that story I thought my life was over!! But I still don’t know how my friends numbers were erased out my phone!

  • Sally hated the dentist. There was not one thing about going to the dentist she liked. Sally hated how the dentists were stupid enough to put all those sharp tools on display, and you had to go through a bunch of boringness and pain, and your only reward was a dumb sticker and toothbrush, all with occasional pat on the back.

    Every year, she managed to avoid going to visit the dentist. Once, she even made herself throw up so she could be too sick to go. But when she was ten, her parents forced her. After waiting for a half an hour, the dentist called her name and she reluctantly stepped into the office.

    Her dentist was bald, with creepy light blue eyes, a crooked nose, and yellow rotten teeth. How ironic, her dentist had worse teeth than she did. The dentist instructed for her to sit in the chair, and above her there was a TV. As the dentist began to work on her teeth, she watched the news channel on the flat screen TV.

    For the first few minutes it was just the usual stuff: people were protesting for stupid stuff, the latest sports games, but then a red signal popped up, with a serious looking reporter.

    Sally began to watch intently as the reporter began to talk, “About ten minutes ago, a highly dangerous man escaped from a federal prison. He is known to carry around poison, and pose for various jobs, such doctors and dentists. Please stay tuned for more updates.”

    For a split second, a mugshot appeared on the screen, and Sally gasped as she realized it was her dentist. The dentist quickly grabbed the remote, and turned it into another channel, acting as if nothing had happened. Her so called dentist said that he was almost done, he just needed to add some teeth-whitening chemicals into her mouth.

    Sally screamed and jumped out of her chair, and threw several various objects at the “dentist” and ran into the waiting room, where she begged her dad to call the police and leave.

    Later that night, Sally and her dad were watching the news. The reporter she had seen early that day said, “Here is our next update about the escaped criminal. He has been caught faking as a dentist, and several bottles of deathly poison were found in his pockets and the cabinets in the office. He has been sent back to prison, and he is now under constant surveillance.”

  • Ever since I was a little kid, I had been paranoid. Well, I like to think of it as cautious. Because so much could happen. The person sitting next to you on the bus could be a drug dealer. Your own mom could be a murderer, and you just don’t know it.
    When I turned thirteen, my mom offered me a job to babysit my little brother. She said I would get paid about five dollars an hour. I was very nervous, because in all the stories I had read the babysitter always gets murdered or kidnapped. But stupidly enough, I agreed.
    Once she left, I took my dog, Max, and left him in the front yard. My mom didn’t like it when I left Max outside for a long time because his paws would be muddy, but my excuse would be we needed a guard dog.
    Me and my little brother snuggled together on the couch, and everything was fine for about forty-five minutes. My little bro was watching Thomas the Train while I was reading creepy stories on my iPad.
    Suddenly all the lights went out. There wasn’t a storm, and I hadn’t turned anything off. My little brother started crying, and I held him tighter. I kissed his cheek, and left him on the couch, while tears streamed down my face.
    The only way somebody had managed to turn off all the electricity, was the little electricity box. The box was in the room next to the one me and my little brother were in. I quietly crept into my dad’s room, and grabbed his gun out from under his pillow. Holding the trigger made me feel safe.
    I tiptoed into the kitchen, and when I saw who had turned off the lights, my mouth gaped wide open. It was my mom. She was holding a bloody axe, along with my little brother’s corpse. “Why would you do that?”, I sobbed, kneeling to my knees.
    My mom leaned over me, with the axe perfectly placed about 2 inches above my neck. I could feel my mom breathing over my shoulder. Sweat laced my forehead, can’t I slowly lifted the gun to my neck. I pulled the trigger, and bullet came blasting through my neck.
    But now, my mom chases me around the house with my little brother’s corpse slung over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Forever. I’m getting tired of e same old thing everyday: starts in the kitchen, O run around the living room, then up the stairs to my room, then her room, then my little brother’s room, and we start back at the bottom. For eternity, all I will ever see is her insane face chasing me with an axe.
    But, a new family has moved in. Perhaps it’s you. My mother always likes to play tag with another new player.

  • Hi, this is my first story and I hope you like it :)

    The Midnight Murderer

    “The Midnight Murderer has killed my son!” a young woman shrieked, clutching a bundle of red rags. Tears poured down her face as she looked up at the sky. The villagers all bowed their heads, except for Charlie Steele, who just looked at the woman. She used to babysit her son, until she was fired three weeks ago.

    “We must find the Midnight Murderer and kill them,” Mr Hall said, and a group of men pulled out there guns. “They cannot be allowed in this village any more. That’s the seventeenth victim this month. From now on, everyone, be careful. Lock your doors and close your windows. Stay indoors. And for Gods sake never be alone.” A chorus of “Yes sir” was heard before everyone went back inside their houses.

    Charlie laughed. Like she was going to lock her door. Or stay inside. Or be surrounded by people. She liked being on her own, anyway.

    Instead she walked to the graveyard. Her parents had been preyed on by the Midnight Murderer almost a year ago. Charlie still missed them, although she never showed it. Then her little brother, Sam, had died two months later. It was a shame, really. He died on Christmas.

    Suddenly, Charlie heard a twig snap behind her. She spun around, her eyes darting everywhere. “Hello?” she asked, trembling. Then she saw them. Their eyes looked blood shot and angry, and in their hands was a sharp knife. It gleamed in the moonlight, and it was then she realised how late it was. Had this person been behind her the whole time? She walked back, almost stumbling over the graves. The person advanced on her, holding up the weapon menacingly. “Who are you?” Charlie asked, her eyes watering.

    “That is not of any importance to you, Charlie Steele. All that matters is I know who you are.” Charlie, now sobbing, tried to run but found herself rooted to the ground in fear. The person was only five feet away from her- now four- three- two-

    “AAGH!” Charlie screamed as the knife was plunged deep into her heart, and then taken out, only to be put back in. With one swift slice her head was off, and returned to the village so they could see her.

    That night the people of the village could sleep once more without having to worry about the Midnight Murderer.

  • Thanks @FAN OF SCARY FOR KIDS all I did was take a section out of my romance novel that I’m writing… I just added the part where she is insane.


    thanks so much for saying my story was creepy that tells me im doing good :D

  • the shadows new friend

    After the murders at beach elem the school would be on total lock down,
    but the shadow had a new trick up his sleeve and he could use time to travel into somewhere or on something, or just time travel with his new friends he was more deadlier then ever. But the shadow had a new friend, a large block dog named was transformed into shadow rose she was no completely black and she had knew white eyes. This was the start of the most horrid killing in a school or in the US

  • There was a girl named Dominique who dated a very popular boy named Jake. Dominique moved to the same building where Jake lived. They dated when Dominique first came to his school she hanged out with her friends: Samantha and Morelia until one day. She caught Samantha making out with him. She was so heartbroken. She ran home and started cutting herself and listening to Evanescence. She started sleepwalking a few days later her parents would not let her get ut of her room because they thought that she might kill herself one day her parents left for the weekend. She got dressed in the nightgown she got at a Evanescence concert and went to sleep. Jake and Samantha were practicing for a duet they are gonna do at prom. They were gonna sing “Bring Me To Life” and they started singing
    Samantha: How can you see into my eyes like open doors
    leading you down into my core
    where I’ve become so numb without a soul my spirit sleeping somewhere cold
    until you find it there and lead it back home

    Jake: Wake me up
    Dominique heard Jake and sleepwalked to her window since they lived in the same building
    S & D: Wake me up inside
    Jake: I can’t wake up
    S & D Wake me up inside
    Jake: Save me
    S & D Call my name and save me from the dark
    Jake: Wake me up
    S & D bid my blood to run
    Jake: I can’t wake up
    S & D Before I come undone
    Jake: Save me
    S & D Save me from the nothing I’ve become
    Dominique got out of her apartment and stepped onto the ledge and started walking and climbing things

    S & D Now that I know what I’m without
    you can’t just leave me
    breathe into me and make me real
    Bring me to life

    Jake: Wake me up
    S & D Wake me up inside
    Jake: I can’t wake up
    S & D: Wake me up inside
    Jake: Save me
    S & D: Call my name and save me from the dark
    Jake: Wake me up
    S & D Bid my blood to run
    Jake: I can’t wake up
    S & D: before I come undone
    Jake: Save me
    S & D Save me from the nothing I’ve become

    S & D: Bring me to life
    Jake: I’ve been living a lie, there’s nothing inside
    S & D Bring me to life
    Dominique came to Jake’s window

    S & D Frozen inside without your touch without your love darling only you are the life among the dead
    Dominique fell of the ledge and started holding onto it and Jake came out of the room where Jake and Samantha were practicing and tried helping Dominique

    Jake: All this time I can’t believe I couldn’t see
    kept in the dark but you were there in front of me
    S & D: I’ve been sleeping a thousand years it seems
    got to open my eyes to everything
    Jake: Without a thought without a voice without a soul
    don’t let me die here
    there must be something more
    S & D Bring me to life

    Jake: Wake me up
    S & D: Wake me up inside
    Jake: I can’t wake up
    S & D: Wake me up inside
    Jake: Save me
    S & D: Call my name and save me from the dark
    Jake: Wake me up
    S & D Bid my blood to run
    Dominique puts her feet on the ledge
    Jake: I can’t wake up
    S & D: Before I come undone
    Jake: Save me
    S & D: Save me from the nothing I’ve become
    Jake lets go of Dominique by accident and Dominque was falling
    S & D: Bring me to life
    Jake: I’ve been living a lie, there’s nothing inside
    S & D: Bring me to life
    Dominique fell to her death. When Dominique’s parents came home she was nowhere to found so they asked Jake and he said: “She sleepwalked over to my apartment window while me and Samantha were singing and she was singing along and she fell off the ledge and started hanging onto it and i tried saving her by accident i let go of her and she fell to her death.” Her parents were sad so they held a funeral for her the night of the funeral she possessed Samantha and made her die the same way she did and the next night she appeared in his room in a black dress and black everything except her skin was pale and she stabbed him and said “You deserved to be stabbed”
    Morelia was so devastated about Dominique’s and Samantha’s death that she killed herself so she could be with her friends
    she left a note to her mom saying: “Mom i killed myself because i wanted to be with my friends and i just missed them so much i could not bear the loss of them”

    Evanescence’s “Bring Me To Life inspired me to make this story i hope you like it

  • The shadow

    One day at beech elem Nick had been doing a math game for past 45 minutes. His teacher walked up and forced him to correct the paper that he worked on an hour ago he didn’t say anything but fire raged in his eyes. He’d been planning to do the unthinkable one day and today
    was the day. He was a sneaky and tricky kid in school he wrote on walls and and made loud sound’s when teacher weren’t looking. He was also very friendly at times. Sometimes he would play with kids that didn’t have friends. BUT only about 3/10 was good the rest was a
    flaming rage that if he was pushed to much he would snap and maybe
    hurt or kill someone. The teacher started to yell and erase things that were correct Nick could feel the rage boiling inside him and then he did the most devilish smile the teacher had ever seen,He got up and went to the bathroom. The teacher yelling at him at the door just made him laugh softly under his breath. Then the teacher heard insane laughter mixed in with sobbing soon there was just laughter everyone was starting to freak out. When the teacher open to door she almost threw up the sink was cover in fresh blood, the floor was to, so as the walls, but this is what freaked the teacher out the most, spelled in blood the mirror said SMILE. In the corner the teacher saw Nick sitting with blood stained clothes ( a black hoodie with black sweat pants ) and a pocket knife in his hand a bloody pocket knife the teacher turned around and told the class to stay calm and leave the class room but just then everyone OH MY GOD LOOK OUT!! But it was to late the teacher was dead lying on the floor covered in blood and standing above the body was laughing Nick with a neat smile carved into his new face. Everyone scream and started to run but Nick had 3 more victims that day the names: Rayn,Avery and annie . total of 2 girls (the teacher was female ) and 2 boys everyone else escaped but not for long Nick was now no longer a human but one with all shadows that’s how he got the name The shadow. THREE MONTHS LATER… the class’s new teacher was teaching and barking orders like the last one but everything was different there were at least 10 cameras in 1 classroom. Normaly the door was locked but this time you had to have a key card to get in. But i mentioned the shadow was sneaky and tricky so he could easy be out of site little did they know the camera’s lins was painted black so no one could see through it anyway the lights went out suddenly and everyone knew who it was the shadow was searching for its next victim scanning the class for a new play mate
    Kyra someone who moved from there and back was the again and that
    would be a nice victim for the shadow. Whats goin on peoples? Kyra said everyone shushed her and remained still but not Kyra she was walking around seeing what was going on then AHHHHHHHHH! shlick! sssssssssss….. the shadow and slit Kyras neck blood splatted on the shadow and Kyra was in a pool of blood dead. Then the lights went on and the shadow wasen’t the all that was there was the body of his victim but they heard they horrid laugh the shadow had struck again ( HOPE YOU ENJOYED PART 1 )

  • hehehe here’s my first story…

    THE TALL MAN… ( i don’t know if anyone’s did this )

    One day ( a Friday ) Nick and his friends were on the playground at school. One of Nicks friends named: Jackson said have you ever heard off the myth of the tall man? Steven and Mike shook their heads but Nick just smiled and said don’t you mean the slender man? Jackson looked confused but Nick just smiled and said come over at 8:00 pm ill tell you about him. After about 6 hours Mike,Steven and Jackson were at Nick’s house they were on Nick’s laptop looking at slender man pictures and stories. While they were looking at stories and pictures a bad storm was on the way. Soon they could here thunder in the distance. Jackson asked what does the slender man do to you? Nicks reply was lets find out! They looked it up and what it said shocked the boys this is what it said: Some people don’t know but slender hunters have thoughts that the slender man takes its victims and kills,eats,or just plan makes them insane causing them to hide and say things like hes my friend or don’t you want a home? Other’s that have had sightings say he we follow you until you die or try to murder you. many people have gone missing and witness’s say the saw a tall man with NO FACE and a black suit and tie with several arms or snake like arms with no hands but sharp tips on the end extending out of its back. Others say that – just then a huge boom of thunder scared the kids half to death and causing the power to go out – Nick Mike Steven are you okay? Said Jackson yeah they all said at once. They grabbed flashlights and turned them on. WHATS THAT?! Said Mike the rest of the boys went to him to see what he was so freaked out about. what on earth? Said Nick is that a O with an X through it? Looks like it. Said Mike just then Nicks mom came and said is everyone okay? We heard you guys scream. All the boys said yes and then pointed to the blue painted wall. Did you boys draw that? Mom said no we didn’t said Jackson it just showed up when the power went out! Huh that’s weird said Nicks mom and she left into the kitchen little did they know the boys didn’t read the most important part about the slender man he will always watch you… ( thanks for reading this is only part one but if you guys don’t like it leave a comment telling me and i wont make part 2 if you want to see part 2 well… say you want part 2 BYE! shadow out… hehe..

  • Emily jolts awake, covered in cold sweat. She looks to her left. Nothing. She looks to her right. Nothing. She sighs a breath of relief. Her bloody slumps back on her bed. She thinks about the figure she saw. Was it just a dream? A flash of its face crossed her mind. The red eyes bulging. A shiver goes down her spine. She closes her eyes, falling asleep not to long after.

    Emily wakes up again, in cold sweat. She felt as if someone was watching her. She grabs her phone and turns it on. She looks at the time. It’s already five thirty. Her sister is supposed to wake her up for school soon. She looks up from her phone. The hall light isn’t on.

    She sits up in her bed. She slowly walks to the door, putting her back on the wall. She hears raspy breathing from the hallway. She leans her head against the door. “Found you”

    (Sorry it’s so short…. Hopefully it’s scary enough)

  • 5-4-3-2-1
    It was a warm sunny September day when jade canaan Chelsea charline and maddy went on a walk. It was getting dark so they started going back to maddy house. When they heard footsteps trailing behind them they hurried to maddys house very creeped out “it was probably just our footsteps echoing of the houses” spoke jade “or maybe it was a spooky murderer” laughed maddy “lets watch Friday the 13” said canaan
    They watched it and dosed of somewhere in the middle… The 5 girls were awoken by a loud banging sound “I’m scared” trembled charline and Chelsea “its probably just the branches against the windows guys” said maddy calmly “And ill be right back” “ill come with you” whimpered charline. upstairs the two girls split up trying to find the noise when charline turned around and a masked madman stood there grabbed her and stabbed her before she could scream. hours later the three remaining girls searched for there friends. When they found charline they screamed and hid in diffrent places “w-where’s maddy” whispered canaan to jade. Jade didn’t respond and to Canaans horror she was covered in blood AMD had been fatally stabbed. In horror canaan turned and saw the killer standing there she screamed and tried to run bust couldn’t escape the killer grabbed her and sliced her head off blood splattering everywhere in the small closet. Chelsea was crouched down by the closet she heard the screams and was silently sobbing… The next thing she knew the killer found her and she was screaming out maddys name in hopes of living then the madman swung and axe down on her head splitting it in two…… Maddy went into the bathroom and pulled off the the blood soaked mask and the clothes she breathed and said to herself “those girls are idiots they came looking for me they should have stayed put” and ran out and escaped into the night

    This was my first story I know its bad

  • Five Knocks

    One day, a young girl found herself with nothing to do so, she walked to the boardwalk fair, which was only a few miles away. The girl went on rides, got cotton candy, and then went to the arcade. Soon, she found herself with so many prizes she couldn’t hold them all. With a plan to go home she began to make her way out of the arcade tent. Something grabbed her arm. In shock, the girl spun. It was an employee from the fair.

    “Where are you going?” He asked politely. She explained that it was time for her to go. The employee took her wrist and pointed out four black dashes on her neon-orange admission bracelet. “You get one of those for each thing you do in the arcade. You should have five if you are leaving. Do one more thing. After all, you did pay.”

    “I think I’ve done everything.” She looked around inside the tent searching for something else.

    “Fortune teller?” He gestured to a purplish photo booth looking thing.

    “No actually. I thought it was a photo booth. “Thanks, I will do that.” As she began to turn the employee handed her a ticket with some numbers and hurried off, vanishing into the games.

    The girl shuffled over and set her prizes down next to the booth. She examined it for a second before sliding the curtain open and going inside. There was a bench sticking out of the wall and in front of it was a black curtain. I could see the silhouette of a person.

    “Slide your ticket under the curtain.” The woman’s voice, smooth and calm. The girl obliged. The curtain was slid open.

    A woman appeared decked out in typical fortune teller clothes. Without a sound, the lady grabbed the girl’s hand and placing her palm over the girl’s palm, she shut her eyes. The fortune teller’s other hand pounded the table five times then stopped, five times, and stopped again. It went on for almost a minute before the girl fled from the booth. She grabbed her things and looked back at the booth. A young man stepped in.

    A few days later, the creepy fortune teller had been forgotten. Her mother wished her goodbye and went to work. After the girl finished her homework she headed to the TV and became absorbed in or show.

    Only two minutes later someone heavily knocked at the door. The girl perched at the end of the couch, ready to get up when she realized someone was knocking in intervals of five. Horrified the girl fled to her room and hid under her covers. Hours passed and the girl remained to frightened to get the phone. Suddenly the knocking stopped. All seemed well so the girl went downstairs.

    She walked to the door. A scream got caught in her throat. Her mother lay on the floor torn apart some of her body parts missing. On the white door: EVERYONE NEEDS TO EAT! was written in blood.

  • My Fairy Godmother:
    For about two years my father would be mean my sister and me. My mom always would sit on her rocking chair with a cigarette and watch has he would slapped us. One day I was in my room crying after my father had slapped my sister very hard. Clink clink clink. Something was tapping on my window. I looked out my window to see a young woman throwing pebbles at my window she was waving at me to come down. I was first afraid to go outside. But she emptied all her pockets showing she had no gun or knives. I went outside to see she was a beautiful young women.
    “Hi Fiona how are you doing?”, the woman chirped.

    “How do you know my name”, I said with a flash of fear in my voice.

    “Oh darling don’t you know”, she giggled, ” I’m your Fairy Godmother I give you has many wishes as you want but if you are tried of wishing you go just tell me to fly away”.

    I was gasping so amazed that something good happened to me! I didn’t want to tell the strange woman about my dad and mother.

    “I wish for the best nicest most beautiful Teddy bear”, I smiled.
    She reached into a bag across her arm and pulled out a teddy bear!

    I ran inside forgetting to thank the strange fairy Godmother. I played with the bear for hours, then I came downstairs for dinner with my new bear.
    “Did you wash you hands Fiona”?, My mother asked in a harsh voice.
    “Yes ma’am”, I answered while reaching for a plate.
    “Where did you get that bear from”?, My father barked.

    “I went to the store and bought it with the money I bought from walking Mrs. Jeans dog”, I lied.

    “WHEN YOU GET MONEY YOU GIVE IT TO ME YOUNG LADY I PUT THIS FOOD ON YOUR PLATE!” He screamed while tearing up the teddy bear.

    I ran upstairs into my room crying skipping my dinner. Then I heard clink clink clink on my window. It was my fairy godmother. I ran downstairs running to her arms.

    “Daddy ripped up the bear”, I sobbed.

    “Oh Honey”, My fairy godmother whispered.

    “I wished they, I mean mother and Father would just stop hurting me”!, I cried.

    “Okay honey”, she smiled.
    I went upstairs to my room I had a hard time sleeping I was thinking about running away with my sister. I woke up at 6 am my fairy Godmother was standing in my down way.

    ” I have something to show you”, she laughed.
    I followed her to my parents room. I realized in horror that my father had stuffing coming out of her mouth and my mother had a wand lodge in her stomach.

    “What are you”, I cried.

    “I’m you Fairy godmother”

  • Sorry scary for kids I was wondering why I couldn’t see my story in the comments section when I was logged out so I decided to write the story again but make drastic improvements to the grammar and plot so I accidentally posted it twice sorry but my latest comment of my story which is called ‘Perfection’ is the improved version. Thank you

  • Hello scary for kids, this is my story…


    There was once a girl named stephanie but people called her steph for short. She was very intelligent and bright and also very quiet, she tried her hardest in everything, she never hurt a soul or judged anybody.
    But nobody knew about her condition and they just made her life more miserable and painful.

    Stephanie lived with her parents and her older sister kate. When she was fourteen years old she was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome a condition that made her gain weight and gave her other problems which made her lose self confidence and she was very shy.

    School for stephanie became more and more unbearable, everyday she would get bullied and even physically abused by girls in her year calling her horrible names and punching her until she could not even get up. Despite all of this she still carried on and worked hard to pass her exams and to make her parents proud and to be successful.
    The other girls could not understand how nothing affected her and how she still carried on passing her exams and getting good grades, but little did they know what she was feeling inside and how she cried everyday at home wanting to be perfect and harmed herself just to get the pain and anger out but no one knew her emotions were getting the better of her not even her parents.

    One friday after school stephanie went to the cemetery like always and sat next to her grandmothers grave “why grandma? Why is this world so cruel?” She cried silently. She sat there crying and talking to herself longer than she ever had before and it was getting dark but she did not move.
    The girls who bullied her knew that stephanie always went to the cemetery after school because they usually teased and bullied her while she was walking to it and they always saw her there. The jealousy they felt towards the innocent girl was getting strong they absolutely hated her soul so they plotted a plan to take her life and get rid of her. The girls walked down towards the cemetery and saw that stephanie was still there she was sitting with her head in her hands crying uncontrollably, the girls laughed when they saw her ” awww little fatty crying like a baby” shouted one of the girls, stephanie looked up wiping her tears she was scared ”n-n no” She said. ” get up when we’re talking to you, you stupid pig!” Ordered another girl, the others laughed. Stephanie stood up slowly looking towards the ground, ” look up!” Said a girl, stephanie looked up and the girl punched her in the face making stephanie fall towards the ground she tried to get up but she couldn’t the other girls held her down as one of them beat poor stephanie, blood was pouring down her face and she lay on the ground in pain. ”Let’s finish her off” the girl said and she grabbed the shovel she brought and whacked it over stephanie’s head multiple times then she grabbed the hammer and hit lucy in the stomach. The girls looked at stephanie’s lifeless, cold body and not even one of them felt any guilt for their iniquity.
    “come on let’s bury the pig and hide our tracks” said the girl whose name was lucy, ” but where shall we bury her if we bury her like that people will obviously know something is not right because her grave does not have a gravestone” Said another girl. “yeah, your right well let’s bury her in her grandmothers grave, her grandmother probably died because she couldn’t stand the sight of the fat ugly pig” Said lucy laughing, the other girls snickered and agreed with lucy to bury stephanie in her grandmothers grave.
    Lucy and the girls dug up the grave quickly and opened up the coffin
    ”ewww” said lucy looking at the bones of stephanie’s deceased grandmother inside, the girls then picked up stephanie and we’re about to chuck her inside but then lucy said “wait, wait I see something…”, lucy reached into the coffin and picked up a unusually shiny pendant and observed it then placed it in the pocket of her jacket. ” now chuck her in!” lucy demanded, the girls threw stephanie’s corpse in the coffin where her grandmother lay and closed the lid then covered the grave. As lucy walked out of the cemetery slowly the girls soon followed and asked her what she had found she showed them the pendant and one of the girls touched it, lucy closed her hand and quickly pulled it back ” its mine I did all the hard work of killing the grotesque beast!” she shouted. The girls moaned but gave up arguing with lucy knowing she would not hand it over.
    That night lucy could not sleep but it wasn’t the fact that she killed stephanie, she didn’t know what it was. Lucy got up and turned on her lamp, she went and grabbed her jacket and she pulled out the pendant from the pocket she observed it closely and she saw that it had some kind of words carved all the way around it but could not make out what they meant, she tried reading the the words but was unable to pronounce and read them. It was very late, Lucy put the pendant on her bedside table and went to bed.
    In the morning Lucy got up early, ate breakfast and got changed quickly, it was the weekend so she had the whole day to herself . Lucy grabbed the pendant and put it around her neck and set off, she decided to go to the antique shop near her house to ask about the pendant and what it means then she would go to her friends house. Lucy walked inside the shop and the strong smell of wood and metal hit her, she walked up to the man behind the till ” excuse me, I was just wondering if you could help me?” She asked, “yes of course” replied the man with smile. Lucy removed the shiny pendant from around her neck ” I got this pendant as a gift and I can tell it is quite old but I want to know what the writing on it means” she said as politely as she could, she handed the pendant to the man and he observed it for a while. The man looked at the pendant then at Lucy then back at the pendant again ” well the writing is in gaelic and has a very strong meaning…” he responded slowly, “well..” lucy said curiously, the man looked at the pendant and sighed he slowly explained to lucy that the writing on the pendant reads ‘if a person purloins it in malevolence then they must suffer the fate of the last owner’. Lucy picked up the pendant and grasped it firmly in her hand, “thankyou” she said to the man with a smile and walked out of the antique shop. What nonsense she thought to herself, the man must have been trying to scare me so that I would have handed over the pendant to him. Lucy walked down the street it was getting quite chilly so she thought of going straight home ditching the idea of going to her friends house. Lucy picked up her pace as she walked down to her house as it was starting to rain lightly but she knew it would get much heavier. Finally she got home and ran upstairs to get changed she put on her pajamas and grabbed a quick snack, she felt a little uneasy and could not stop thinking about what happened yesterday and about the pendant. Whenever she did something her mind always stayed on the same thing, she tried to distract herself from thinking about the events but it didn’t work. Even her dreams were becoming nightmares and the same visions kept occurring in them.
    Lucy woke up suddenly as if someone had jerked her awake she looked at the clock 17:43 it flashed, she got out of bed in a hurry and got out if her pajamas and put her clothes from before and looked out of the window, the weather seemed much better it was not raining but just in case Lucy still put on her coat. Lucy walked down the creaky staircase of her house and entered the living area “mom! I am going out with my friends okay?” She shouted, ” okay darling but come back at a reasonable time I don’t want you coming home late like you did on friday or else i’ll be mad” her mom responded back, just the thought of Friday made Lucy shiver as she walked out of her house. Lucy felt bad for lying to her mom telling her she was going out with her friends but she had to make an excuse and couldn’t tell her mom that she was going to cemetery. Lucy had to go to the cemetery something was driving her to go there, every nightmare and vision drove her to that very spot where she had killed stephanie that Friday night but not guilt. Lucy walked down towards her school and went round the corner and down the street she looked towards her left and saw her friends house but carried on going straight straight and then eventually arriving near the cemetery which was opposite her. Lucy hesitantly crossed the road and entered the cemetery she felt a little fearful as it seemed creepy and she was all alone without her friends. Lucy walked around looking for the spot where she had buried stephanie, she breathed in the murky air with every step she took and could almost taste the grass and dirt with every inhalation. Lucy soon spotted the grave where stephanie was buried as the grave was not covered neatly and the headstone was a little slanted. She stood in front of the grave and said in anger ” Stephanie! you ugly beast im glad your dead and I got to kill you, I rid this world of a monster and your stupid grandmothers pendant is mine now I officially own it now!”, lucy was laughing as she looked at the grave poor stephanie lay in she then knelt down and spat on the grave ” im glad your dead steph! ” she said smirking.
    A few minutes had passed since Lucy had been at the cemetery she started getting a feeling as if a presence was behind her, she turned around in a flash to see who was there but she saw nothing. Lucy was feeling uneasy she turned back round towards the grave and felt a sudden sharp agonising pain on her forhead and she fell hard on the ground and was unable to get back up something had its hand over her mouth strongly and choked and strangled lucy. Lucy had dug her fingernails into the grass and dirt scraping her fingers along the ground in desperation to move and escape, something was beating her and killing her. Her life was slowly being taken away from her. Lucy’s corpse lay on the cold, wet ground, her neck had been broken. Lucy’s facial expression showed fear and the tears from her eyes had dried down her deathly grey cheeks, just like stephanie’s face when she died.

  • Some flowers and a stranger

    Feeling very excited,Gina picked up her bag and got on the train.She was going to have her first trip by herself.It was a present from her parents for her 18th birthday.She was travelling round Switzerland by train.

    After entering the train she found her seat ,but on the seat she found a bouquet of flowers with a small card on them.”For my future wife she read.Gina just thought that it was another prank of her friends who brought her in the train station.

    When the evening arrived,Gina felt hungry and she went in the dining room .A waiter served her some food and then he left.Noone else was there apart from a strange man who was sitting alone.When she started eating the man approached her.She felt nervous and a bit frightened, but she tried to calm herself down .Eventually he sat on a chair of her table and he just staring at her.She was ready to scream ad run away,but she didn’t.The stranger actually talked to her and what he said made her feel a chill ran down her spine.
    “Hi Gina how are you”,he said.
    “Fine,but how do you know my name?”,she said.
    “Oh dear Gina I know everything for you. I’ve been watching you since you were 13.Since then I’ve been waiting for the time we would be alone.”
    “You have freaked me out!Please leave or I’ll scream.”
    “No you won’t,you can’t.You are my future wife,didn’t you see the card?”
    “So you are the one who left the flowers.Please leave and I’ll give you all the money I have.”
    The man started becoming aggressive and walked towards Gina.He grabbed her hair and tried to put her down.She started screaming,but he put his had over her mouth.When he tried to unbutton his pants,Gina grabbed a knife that had fallen down and stabbed him first on his leg and when he screamed in pain and touched his leg she stabbed him in the chest.
    “I LOVE YOU” were his last words.
    When the police came they didn’t arrest Gina,because she was on self-defense.When the policemen searched the man’s house,they found hundred photos of Gina and even some belongings of her.They found out that the man had been stalking her more years than he said to her.In some photos she was 4 years old…..Gina often visits the grave of her stalker…………

    (It’s the first story I write for the site.If you can please comment it.English is a foreign language for me and maybe there are some grammatical mistakes.)

  • Hay sfk this is my 2 story it is best friend forever
    There was a young girl Betty cooper and Veronica londge know one likes Ronnie is another name for Veronica
    But Betty likes her they did everything together one day after school Ronnie did’int mind her confused Betty asked Ronnie why did’int she mind her but no answer she cannot sleep that night and after midnight she got a phone call
    Ronnie:Betty come over my house now!
    Ronnie:just go
    Betty:kk coming be there in 4
    Betty grabbed her coat and her purse with her phone on it
    She went to her house and knocked just then it opened she ran to her room but she was too lat she was lying in the floor in the pool of blood ther was a stiky note it reads:best friend forever after the funereal she got a dreamshe was with Betty and says see you soon Betty Betty died the next day and thy lived happily ever after
    Ps. Pls. Post this it is my second please please 🙏

  • The bff’s
    There was a new girl in school she was always bullied so I always protect her she always have bruises in her skin becuse her family hated her soo she lived with me instead my mom is single and kind so my mom agreed but one day whe went to the park I was playing with my dog Jammie she said she was going to Thea sand box when I was bored I gave Jammie with mom and went to Thea sandbox but I could not find her it’s like she dissappered into thin air me and my mom searched for her but mom did not give up we went to the fortune teller but it was no use then we went psychosis she said she is still alive but she is in an new house where shi is safe my mother asks where is she?she said in heaven

  • A Haunting
    Easter Egg

    As you all know, Easter was yesterday. I’m young. I still go on Easter egg hunts. But once a couple years ago, when I was around 4-6, I found a peculiar egg. It wasn’t plastic. It was white and smelled horrible. It smelled rotten. It held a folded piece of paper. I unfolded it, and it looked like a map. I followed it because I noticed the location was in my backyard. When I got to the location I looked around and finally found it. To find it I had to look up to see a severed head with white and pink fur on it. I woke up and realized it was and dream. I also realized the egg was made of bones. The smell was from the body the bones had been in. I realized Easter was tomorrow. On the Easter egg hunt that Easter. I looked in that location on the map. I looked down in the grass to see white and pink fur covered in blood.

    The End

    (Hopefully you enjoyed the story!) (Obviously it’s fake.)

  • Here Comes T-Rex Cottontail

    Everyone has heard of the Easter Bunny, as well the song that goes with most famous name “Here Comes Peter Cottontal”, but the town of Cottontail, Pennysylvania, has a more sinister version of the children’s character. It all started one spring evening, Iin the beginning of March, when the town’s rabbit population(a rather large one hence it’s name) began mysteriously disappearing, as spring comes rather earky to this town for some strange season. Responding poice officer noticed a fire deep in the woods, after getting a call of a “disturbance” people screaming in the woods late at night. They found a horrifying scene, a group of people dressed in robes, had been viciously mauled and mutilated. They found remains of rabbits in a cicrle. The police assumed Satantists had sacrificed them to some sort of demon, but the ritual went horribly wrong, and whatever it was killed them. Some say the vengeful spirits of the bunnies took revenge on the Satanists. But that wasn the beginning of bizarre events that continue to plague the town to this day. Children who were outside playing would sudden;y saying “Give me candy or I’ll eat them instead”, or a variation thereof. Parents frantically flocked to drug stores trying to get everything from Peeps to jelly beans, to chocolate bunnies, and left them at their front overnight, only to find them gone and the children safely in ved. After it became a recurring problem at Easter season, parents started getting it asa soon as it shelves. Some parents who think it’s a sick joke, or just leave carrots, never see their children again. Eventually however chocalte and candy didn’t satisfy him, and he started eating human flesh, and eating kids mercilessly, A child named Krissy was playing in her backyard, when a man in Easter Bunny suit came out of the woods, and held out an Easter basket, her parents couldn’t stop her in time and they never saw her again. The most horrifying incident was at a family Easter celebration, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The parents decided to let their kids go for an Easter egg hunt in the woods at edge of their grandparents property, with the older kids upervising, All went well for the first half hour or so, then one of them came out of the woods crying, saying they saw a “bunny monster”. The two their fathers, plus their uncle, along with some neighbors, who supplied some shotguns, went in after it. They heard blood curling screams, and then one of the neighbors came out all bloody and traumitized. The police arrived and the neighbor told them a 6 foot rall bunny, brown with fangs and razor sharp claws, charged out of the bushes and ripped them limb from limb. The police went into the woods and found a trail of blood with no trace of the bodies. The police did a sketch which the neighbor identified as the “monster rabbit”, and the man was committed to an asylum. The plolice dubbed the creature “Tyrannosaurus Cottontail” or of course a shortened version, “T-rex Cottontail”. Ever since then the residents adopted a song for the creature set o tune of “Here Comes Peter Cottontail”.

    Here Comes T-Rex Cottontail

    Roaring down the bunny trail,

    Fe fi fo fum

    Bloodshed’s on it’s way

    You best lock up your house

    Put your kids somewhere safe

    Or you’ll wake up Easter Morning

    And you’ll find he ate them all
    Here Comes T-Rex Cottontail

    Roaring down the bunny trail

    Fe, fi fo fum

    Bloodshed’s on its way

    A bit late but here’s creepy story for Easter but. I couldn’t find it from before and wanted to share it with everyone here

  • Only One

    I had the best boyfriend ever. Every day he’d tell me
    I was the prettiest girl in the world.

    One day, just after he told me, I noticed an unpopular girl staring at me.

    The girl’s name was Luci. She had no friends and everyone ignored her. So did I; I thought it was best to just go with the flow. Why is she staring at me? I wondered. What did I do wrong.

    Those big, brown eyes staring at me….

    That night, I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking about her eyes, seeming to burn holes in my skull. At one point, I thought I actually saw them through the window.

    Eventually, I got out of bed to get a drink. Maybe that will help me calm down, I thought. As I passed the window, I thought I saw…no…there was nothing there.


    The door.


    I opened it. Nothing.

    But from somewhere outside, I heard the singing-

    “Only one, only one, only one…hehe…only one, only one, only one…”

    I heard a light giggle. Then everything stopped.

    Terrified, I went back inside and lay in my bed. I tried so hard to go to sleep, but it was no use. My parents were away and I had no form of protection.

    The next day, Luci stared at me once again as my boyfriend told me. I decided to confront her.

    “Why are you staring at me?” I asked.

    “Staring? I’d never do such a thing!” said Luci.

    “But you-” But by then she had walked away, humming. Suddenly, my blood ran cold. It was the same tune I had heard the night before. That night, I shut the windows tightly and locked the door. I armed myself with a knife.

    I crawled in bed, to unnerved to sleep.

    I had begun to drift of when I saw it.

    The figure.

    Long, scraggly hair…a knife in hand…

    It giggled.

    It walked to the side of my bed. It cocked its head slightly, raising the knife. Its mouth was full of blood and flesh. It smelled repulsive.

    “There can be only one prettiest girl in the world,” it said.

    “And she certainly won’t be you!!!” I screamed, snatching the knife out of its hand.

    “Ohh,” it said, its voice growing deeper. “That’s all you’ve got?” It let out a booming laugh. This thing was growing into a huge monster with bat wings, glowing, red eyes, and fangs with blood and guts in between them. Two long, red horns grew from its head.

    In the most horrifying voice I’d ever heard-deep, growly-it said, “My name isn’t really Luci, you know.. It’s Lucifer.”

    With that, it ripped my shoulder blades apart, blood spattering everywhere, my entrails glopping onto the floor.

    (Hope u liked it!!! feel free 2 comment!!!)

  • (I have no idea what to name it but I really want credit for something on this site so, :D)

    I have a friend
    They call her crazy
    She’s not crazy
    There was only a few accidents
    Only a few accidental murders
    That’s all

    I remember when she was giving her sister a great massage
    Her sister fell asleep
    And it was time for her neck
    But she accidentally choked her…
    Accidents happen!

    I remember when her dad was going swimming
    She wanted him to carry her out of the water on his shoulders
    But she was to heavy…
    And she guessed he drowned
    Accidents happen!

    I remember when she was cutting food for her mom
    She accidentally cut her mom’s finger off
    When she went to reach for the paper towels to dry the blood she swung her hand and slit her mother’s throat
    I guess she forgot to put down her knife…
    Accidents happen!

    I remember when she was playing with a dummy
    It was the size of a human
    She was playing with it pretending it was real
    She danced with it all the way to a bridge over some driving cars
    The girl pretended she feel in love with him and put him on the side of the brim of the bridge
    Whoops! It fell off the bridge
    Lots of cars crashed and many got killed
    Accidents happen!

    Have you been wondering…
    Who is this girl?
    Well she is my one and only friend
    The only one I care about
    And that accidental girl…
    She’s me.
    Let’s just keep this a secret…
    Or else she’ll make more mistakes–
    Starting with you.

  • Hello scary for kids i am new. This is my scary story it is true: “Burned faces”
    One day my family and I moved to a house where there had been a fire years ago but had been rebulit and brand new. We never new the history about it, but soon or later I was. So on the first week we moved everything to the house, when it was time to take my dogs in they wouldn’t budge to go inside. Neither did my cat, i found that strange but finally when i managed to get them inside my cat ran out of the house never to return. Thats strange i said as i cried. A few weeks passed and I went into my sisters room to get the hair straightener, when i felt someone poking my back. I turned around to see nothing, I quickly ran out with the hair straightener in my hands. That same night we heard people laughing and talking in my sisters room. My dad got mad and we went to see who she was talking to, but right when we went into the room the talking stopped and my sister was fast asleep so no one could have been there, I then felt my dad stroking and messing with my hair, but when i turned around i saw a little girl, her was was OMG horrible like of she had been burnt. She then said in devilish voice “I see you joined the fun!”. I quckly jumped onto my sister and she woke up, she also saw the little girl and we both scramed for help. My dad came into the room half asleep to see whta was wrong. He never believed when us, until one day when he came from work with mother he saw me my sister and my 2 brothers cowered in a corner. What we saw that night was so unexplained, everything had burned faces, glass was al over, and worst of all a fire had started. My dad quickly grabbed us before the house exploded into flames, and as we keft i noticed that our pets were still alive so i ran and saw my cat after weeks we was finally there i quckly grab him then i got my chihuahuas and them i noticed that something / someone was follwing me all the way. I quickly ran to the door in the back yard. my dad who had went in to grab food supplies since the fire wasnt too strong, and when we all were in the truck safe and sound, i looked up to the 2 story rooms an there they were again burned faces, glass stabbed in their faces, and again i blacked out. Since then i never even wanted to think about that house it was horrible and i never new who was the man that went with me to my sisters room i never new anything.
    Yes this story is true and it was in the streets named arizona next to the store home depot. You may visit it now but what ever you do DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT GO INTO THE ROOM THATS IN THE CORNER. i dont want anyone to go into that house, and see what i saw.

  • Chain Mail

    One day Lisa was in her room texting her boyfriend Mark. She said ” I wish could go to your house. I love you” he then responded with
    ” Yeah. Look at this chain mail.
    ‘ Annie woke up in the middle of the night. She had fury and rage in her heart. She killed her whole family that night and thought DO YOU LOVE ME NOW? so…Annie has one question left? Do you love her? Send this to 5 people in 1 hour or else’ ” Lisa smirked and responded with
    ” yeah right I would do that. Annie’s parents didn’t love her for a reason.”
    They then proceeded to fight over the matter and she ignored him. She went to bed that night to wake up to a horrifying message
    ” Hi. It is me Mark’s mom. He died today and I was wondering if you would like to say your prayers and go to his funeral.”
    Shocked and stunned at this message, her hands trembled as she replied with
    The following evening she awoke to a loud scream from her mother. She ran to get her mother and her mother said
    ” Annie ” as head fell to the pillow. She was at the hospital waiting for word from the doctor and said ” she is dead”
    Her father was sitting there idle for a long time and had no response to the doctors words. She looked at her father to see glassy eyes. Her eyes watered as the doctor said to go home and she drove herself home. She laid in bed and thought desperately when she saw her .
    “No family loves you!” We’re the last words she heard that night


    Once there was a little girl named Erika. She was six and had just moved into a new house. One day, her parents sent her to the river nearby to play. She left around noon. and returned a few hours later. She asked her parents if she could invite her new friend over for dinner. Her parents agreed since she had no friends. Around five they began dinner. Her mother asked where Erika’s friend was. Erika looked up and pointed to the empty chair that they had saved for her friend. Erika said she was sitting in the chair, playing with her doll. Her parents asked what she looked like. Erika was surprised they couldn’t see her. She said she has long hair that is scraggly and hung down her face. She wore a dirty white dress that was ripped and muddy. And that her face was pure white. Erika said her name was Emily. Her parents were shocked. They played along and pretended to send Emily home. After Emily “left” Erika’s parents asked her how she met her “friend”. She said she pulled her out of the river. After Erika went to bed, her parents looked up the history of the house. Turns out, 48 years ago a lilt girl named Emily drowned in the river near their house.

  • This my first time posting a story SFK hope you like it.

    Dark Night

    I was home alone the night the worst thing would have happened to me. My parents had left for there 10 year anniversary I was left alone taking care of my baby sister . I was watching tv it was around 10:20 pm when I went to check on my sister Leila. She was sleeping like an angel I assumed nothing bad was going to happen. I went to sleep later that night when I heard a loud CRASH downstairs I thought it was my parents so I kept sleeping. Then that’s when I realized it came from Lelia’s room I ran to her room and she had magicaly disappeared . I checked everywhere for her that’s when I heard her crying in the basement. I never had liked going to the basement but I grabbed a knife and whent down. That’s when I saw my sister . I rushed to her but immediately but I stopped dead in my tracks. A big black figure was standing behind her. With its big smile he said ” hello Arly I guess you joined into the fun” I ran fast as I can forgetting about my sister up into my room. My parents came a few minutes later. I told them everything they called the cops. As soon as they came they went to the basement to see the most disgusting thing they have witnessed there was blood everywhere my sister was nowhere to be found. We moved away from this house not soon. Who knows this may have happened in you’re house and the monster may be waiting for you.

  • It’s Called “I don’t like faces” (You can change it had no other good name(that is if u post it!))
    It all started when my family was on vacation. No big deal. We rented a hotel. It was either me, or everyone in that building was covering their faces. They wore hoodies, masks, and such, but if they didn’t have anything to cover themselves they either faced the wall or ran across the room with their hands on their faces. “Weirdos…” I said to myself. First, we took the stairs. They seemed to never end. They didn’t even stop at a new story! We decided to go back down and take the elevator. Now I knew something was wrong with me. The way down seemed to take less time then it took to go up! “Whatever…” I mumbled to myself again. This time no one was on the floor. Not one. “Stop it, stop it, stop it! Stop imagining things!” I told myself stubbornly. I wasn’t going to let my imagination tag along with me on this trip! I angrily stomped up to the elevator–alone? Suddenly all the lights turned off. “Probably technical difficulties. Don’t fret, my boy.” said a deep voice that had to be my dad. No, it couldn’t be! My dad didn’t come on this trip! Someone clicked the floor 50 button. I heard heavy breathing. I quietly slipped to the corner of the elevator and slid down to the floor. Someone was with me– but who? The lights turned on. No one was there! No one except me. I sighed of relief. I guess my imagination did get a hold of me. “Or not!” said someone mimicking my voice like they could read my thoughts. I blacked out. The last thing I saw was words scrapped on the elevator wall reading:

  • Madison was a lonely 14 year old girl she had no friends and the friends she did have would always leave her. One day at school the teacher, Mrs. Apple, said “class today we have a new student joining us today, her name is Audery.”

    “Hi..” Audery said shyly. Audery was very cute, she had black hair with bangs and she worn her hair loosely around her shoulders, she also looked a bit taller than Madison.

    “You may go have a seat… Umm.. Over there by Madison.” Mrs. Apple told her sweetly.

    Audery walked over to her seat, Madison rested her head on the desk and then buried her head in her arms.

    At Lunch Madison sat alone as usually, then Audery walked up to her, “hi, can I sit here?”

    “Sure!” Madison said.

    “Thanks, you’re in my class right?”

    “Yea, my name is-”

    “Madison correct?”

    “Uhh yes and you’re Audery.”

    “That’s me!” Audery hooted.

    The two girls talked and became friends, over time they became best friends and did everything together. One day Madison and Audery went to the mall together they had loads of fun when they were heading home together Audery stopped and handed something to Madison it was a small little box, “here I’m giving you this. Whatever you do never open it!! You will know the when’s the right time”

    “But what is it?” Madison asked looked at the box.

    Audery shook her bed, “I can’t tell you that. Just promise me don’t open it.”

    “Okay I promise! But I want to give you this.” Madison said handing over another little box to Audery, “you can open it when you want to just not here”


    That night Madison was getting ready for bed when her phone rang, it was a text from Audery:

    Audery: COME TO MY HOUSE NOW!!!

    Madison: why? Is something wrong?

    Audery: PLEASE I AM SCARED!!

    Madison: kk I will be there in 5

    Madison sighed, put on her coat and headed out the door in the direction of the her friends house. When she got there the door was open so she went in. It was deathly quiet inside, “hello…?” She said. No one replied. She went upstairs to Audrey’s room and stood in front of the room put on a mask and went inside.

    Audrey’s room stank with a weird smell, the smell of poison, Madison peered around and saw Audery on the ground drawing her last breathes. Madison walked over and held her friend “what happened?” She asked. Audery didn’t answer. Madison put Audery on the ground and stabbed her 5 times, wiping her knife clean she cut Audery’s head off and put it in her collection, “friends forever!” Madison cheered.

    Madison opened the little box Audery had given her inside was a small slip of paper it read:
    Die Murderer!
    Madison crumbled it up and tossed it away.

    The next day at school a new girl had arrived to school her name was Samantha she sat next to Madison.

    Madison glanced over at her and gave her a smile, “Hi my name is Madison. Let’s be friends.”

    My first story so give me feedback please!!

  • This is the first time I am writing a story Sfk

    A rainy night
    I never realised how much my mother loved me. I never bothered to take care of her. I never appreciated her sacrifices for me.She always loved me. After graduating from college I fell in love with a guy and moved to a new house with him. My mother and I still kept connection with each other. I didn’t even invite her for my wedding. Her own daughters wedding! Now I am at her funeral, she died a few days ago. I feel guilty that I never took care of her. I still cant forget the incident happened few days ago. My husband Joe was working up late and would not have come home until midnight. I put my kids to bed as they were very sleepy. I sat on the couch and started watching a horror movie. I just dozed off. A loud knock on the door woke me up. I opened the door to find my mother standing, drenched with water as it was raining heavily. I let the old lady come in. She had something in her hand. As I opened my mouth to scold her for being so stupid to come to my house in the late hour , my phone rang. I picked it up and there was a lady at the other end. “Hello, is this Helen?”she asked. “Yes it is , and who is this?”.” I am your neighbour, your mother died a few hours ago due to heart attack.” I dropped the phone and turned back there was no one there. My couch was wet and there was a letter on it. It read ‘How are you my child? I have been missing you lately. I know I wont live that long. It is my last wish that I want to see you and your family, dear. Can you come home? I hope you get this letter honey. Love-mom’.
    Tears trickled down my cheek. I wish I had taken care ofher……….
    (Hope you like this story can add a few changes if you want)

  • I know of a story my Dad tells me. Quite a few really, and they are real. My Dad’said what you call a ‘Necromancer’. Now, before you get your pants in a twist, understand that my Dad doesn’t employ them, he talks to them, or he can if he wants. I have grown up knowing of many things, but the biggest, scariest monster isn’t ‘Slenderman’, it’s the Woodboger. Go ahead, laugh, I know you want to, my Grandmother does, but he’s real, he’s in the Interlachin/Hollister woods, and he’s waiting for fools to come and eat. He is a half-man half-alligator, and my Dad had a run in with him. Her’sister the story.
    From what I gaver, it was a night, ever in the holiday dream s or weekend time, for him and his best friend, a man I know as Uncle, to find and capture the woodboger. They had gone far into the woods with a net and some swords or something and we’re playing around. Not uncommon for boys after all. All of a sudden, they hear wish and dam, the ground shook and then there was the sound of feet on leaves. My Dad and Uncle shared a look and turned towards the way they knew the dirt road would be. You’very got to understand, my Dad’s tall, my Uncle’s taller, even back then. My Uncle is said to run better, but in the story they tell, my Dad bets him to the road. From what they say, that thing knocked down trees trying to get them.
    This isn’t all that has been told to me, but the rest are of the ghosts. I my self have had a few encounters with each, both woodboger and ghost, so, please enjoy. Not all will be scary.
    In the house I live in, there is a male ghost, my Dads great Uncle or something. He likes to mess with my Mom a lot. The first night, there was a clock by the bed. It would go off and we Mom up. At first Mom just hit the off bitten then rolled over to sleep more. It happened two more times before Mom unplugged it. When it happened next, Mom found and yanked it’s batterys out. You’don’t thank it stopped then, right? Well go figer, that man was determined to get Mom up, it went off and then Mom sent it flying to a wall. RIP clook, right? STILL WRONG!!! Mom gave up. Damn clook just won. That wasn’t Mom’s last encounter with mister pain in the a××. The next would be when Dad went to work a few years later. Mom went back to bed after waking him up. From what I get, he made an end end in bed next to her and started talking to her, the womanizer.
    So there’s this little girl, Dad says, that run between our house, his mother’s and his grandmother’s, in the woods. Sometimes you can see her, sometimes you hear her. Dad says she is dangerous, but we don’t know the full story.
    There’s a graveyard near our house, an old one. It’s just past a creek. The woods from the other side to the graveyard are hunted by native American and, sometimes, the people barred in the graveyard. In the graveyard, there’s. ..a lot of spirits. There’s the weeping widow siting on a binch waiting for a soldier, her husband, to return from war. There’s the brothers who come out and party with you if you’re partying near there graves, the cross lovers, ‘Romeo and Juliette’ a white girl and black boy from the slaves time who fell in love and the father killed them. There’s a headstone that is always broken. These are the good and harmless ghost. There are the… natural ghost that, my Dad tells, chase you out and away to a sustain point. As I hear Dad describe them in my head, I shiver. It seems like they come down from the moon on a horse, five to seven of them. If you see them, leave. Dad says if you leave at that time, they will not fallow you. When they fallow you, well, I am unsure how far they can fallow people, with me it is to the creek, but if someone took the other way it might be further away. I have never heard of them hurting anyone, they just want peace. There is however a warlock who lays beneath two trees, beware of him. He mainly likes females, especially witches, Wiccanes and pagans. He haunts there dreams with pleas for a white rose, but it is unknown what he’ll do if he gets one. A lady I know touched a slither of his bone that was sticking up because he promised to give her power, what was left of his, but he started branding her power. His death is not completely known, there are two story’s that I know that tell of his demise. One says it was an accadent, two hunters shooting to kill dear, one missed the dear, but killed him. The other tells of a murder, a man, like others, feared the being and shoot him, killing him…ever way, he was shoot, killed and barred.

  • Here is my story

    Once when I was 10, I sprained my ankle. I had to go to the hospital for a few days. I saw a girl there who was very sick. She was very pale and all she ever did was lie in bed and refused to eat. The nurses try to feed her, but she attacks them like a wild animal. The nurses say they don’t know what’s wrong with her. I started to talk to her and her mom yelled at me. Her mom is the only one that can feed her. The girl cries when her mom feeds her, and the mom holds her down and forces her to eat the food. The only thing I dreamed about in that hospital was the girls screams. When the nurses said I was able to get out of the hospital, my mom signed me out straight away. I still wanted to see the girl, so a few weeks later my mom finally brings me back, I ask the doctor how the girl was. The doctor said the girl died. She didn’t sugarcoat it either, she just said she died. My mom drove me back home, and I went up to my room and locked myself in. I remembered the girl gave me a note when I was permitted out of the hospital. I read the note, and it said her mom was planning to kill her by putting poison in her veins. I am now in a mental hospital explaining the note, banging my head against the padded walls.

  • I have another one ☺️ I REALLY love this one. Can u please publish it??? Thank u if u do!

    Where did you go?

    One day, I was driving home from work at night, when I saw a hitchhiker standing across the street. She was only a little girl, so I wasn’t scared. I pulled my car up beside her but she didn’t get in. When I rolled down the window and told her I would give her a ride, she just vanished. I was curious, and the next day, decided to do some asking around. After a while, it seemed hopeless, until I talked to an old man. He greeted me. “Hey! Last name’s Belm. Nice to me you!” He told me that once there was a little girl waiting for her dad to give her a ride home after she had a lesson. The thumb sign was actually not for hitchhiking, but the father and daughter’s special signal. The daughter had to tell that to a lot of people who passed by. The man continued. It was eleven o’clock at night, and the father was supposed to pick his daughter up at eight. So the daughter just decided to take a really long walk home. As she was walking home, she screamed: “Where did you go?!” Right before she was hit by a car and killed on impact. Rumor has it that you can still hear her cries on the street that she died on. The reason her dad couldn’t pick her up was because he also died. He was murdered by a crazed killer.
    “That’s a very sad story,” I said. “Just wondering… What were the names of the dad and daughter?” ” Lilly Belm and Carson Belm.” I shuddered. “Oh, I love the name Lilly.” The old man said. In fact, I named my daughter Lilly after the Lilly trees…”

  • Hi I really like this story. Please put it on this website. Thanks.

    Because I’m Emma

    Hi. My name’s Amanda. Once, there was a girl named Emma who went to a very advanced high school. She was silent and very sweet when people talked to her. On the first day of school, I decided to befriend her. I walked up to her and asked how she was doing on her first day. She just smiled, shrugged, and said: “Fine.” I smiled back at her and, a bit awkwardly, asked to be her friend. She accepted. We talked a lot the next day, and the next. Eventually, we were really good friends. Everything was going great. I was doing really well in school and had a lot of friends. Then after hearing our town’s announcement, my life tipped upside down.
    There had been several murders. Four, to be exact. After hearing this, everyone in school was freaking out. Emma was, too. But she wasn’t scared for her safety, she was just scared of being a suspect. I laughed at that, and she got mad at me. When she asked why I thought that was so hilarious, I said: ” Because you’re Emma. You’re sweet and funny.” I kept having to tell her that, but she seemed sad, and turned her head away.
    In the next few days, Emma’s behavior was getting seriously dangerous. She always looked like she wanted to hit or punch someone. I was getting scared of her. Strangely enough, the next day she was being sweet and nice again. There were reports of more murders…
    She invited me over to her house for a sleepover. I nervously accepted. When I arrived, her parents weren’t home. I entered her living room and screamed like i have never screamed before. There were eight dead bodies slouched on the carpet dresses like Emma. I started to cry when Emma walked in. She saw my face filled with terror, and giggled. I sputtered: “Why… Why is this funny… And why would you DO this?!!!!” Her face twisted in rage and she said: “You idiot!!!!! Haven’t you said it a THOUSAND times?! It’s because I’m EMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m wicked and solemn and I just… Gosh, I snapped!!!! Amanda!!! I think I’m a’goin CRAZYYY!!!!!! Please stop me before I kill again!!!” She giggled and finally said: “By the way, Eight bodies for Emma!” With that, she threw me onto the ground before I could stop her. The last thing I remember hearing, was: “You made me so MAD when you said I was sweet. I shall kill them all because they all deserve to be Emma! Because I’m Emma! Thank you for inspiring me, Amanda.”

  • Once there was a girl named Jenna, one day when she was walking home from school she got a text from her friend Julia it read: Don’t turn around! Jenna was confused and just walked home without looking back. She finally opened the door and closed it, tightly locking it behind her, she walked straight ahead for the kitchen, then she got a text from her mom it said: DON’T LOOK BACK! Jenna was starting to freak out, but once she finished the snack she got she had to turn around to get her homework that she left on the table behind her. When she turned around she saw a man holing in one hand the severed heads of her mom and her friend, in the other hand he held a knife that was rusted with blood.

  • Hey SFK! I really like this story I wrote, and if you do too, please post it on here!


    I arrived at Becky’s house for her Sweet 16 birthday party. When we were smaller, we always thought it would be just me and her, maybe a couple of other friends, having a little get-together and just chilling out. The reality, however, was that half the school was at her mansion for the event. The garden was littered with paper cups, streamers, and the occasional passed-out jock.
    Leaning on the trunk of a tree some way ahead, I saw a girl checking her phone. She had long brown hair and was faced away from me. I thought it was Becky and proceeded towards her.
    Resting my hand on her shoulder, I said, “Hey, Becky?”
    She whipped around, and upon looking at her face, I immediately realized that this girl was NOT Becky.
    “Uh… sorry. I thought you were someone else”, I muttered.
    “I know,” the girl said, “Rebecca, right? I haven’t seen her all night. She must be partying somewhere inside.”
    I looked at her. Was she a friend of Becky’s? I had never seen her before.
    “Sybil,” she said, extending an outstretched hand towards me. “My name’s Sybil.”
    I shook her hand. “I’m Anna”
    Over the night, we got to know each other. I found out that she didn’t know Becky that well, and was invited by her friend’s friend. At about 2 AM, we found ourselves sitting in the courtyard sipping some drinks. People were passed out all around us. Some were chatting. The music had died down half an hour ago. I hadn’t seen Becky at all.
    “Okay then, Sybil,” I said, checking my watch, “I have to go. Curfew.” I got up to leave, but she grabbed my hand.
    “No! Don’t go yet!” she half-yelled. I sat back down. Suddenly, she leaned forward and looked very closely at my eyes. It was very unnerving. So much, in fact, that I became severely creeped out and got up again.
    “I… I really have to go. Goodnight.” I had only come to the “good” part of “goodnight” when Sybil tackled me to the ground. Then she punched me, and everything went black.

    I woke up after what felt like eternity to realize something very close was pressed to my face, to be specific, my eyes. It felt like ice, tied tight with a cloth. I couldn’t open my eyes in that confined space, so I loosened the cloth a little bit. When I opened my eye, I saw everything in red. I wasn’t anywhere I knew. At that moment something liquid fell into my eye. Pretty scared, I pushed the cloth back up, blocking my vision.
    I felt my pocket and realized I still had my phone. I took it out, used voice-dial and called 911.

    I was informed of everything at the hospital. After I was punched, I was drugged. So much that I had no feeling of what had happened next.
    I’d been transported somewhere else. While I was drugged, somebody, maybe Sybil, maybe her mates, had used hot, iron industrial pincers to literally tear or rip my eyelashes out my eyelids.
    It had been bleeding when I woke up over there. And it was blood that fell into my eye.
    I can’t believe what I’ve gone through. How could Becky not have been there for me? How could I have trusted Sybil? Just the thought of what happened sickens me. ‘Cause, imagine it happening to you. You’re asleep.
    Hot iron pincers. They grab onto one or two eyelashes at a time. The grip on the pincers tightens.


  • I can’t care too much about grammar or spelling, what the point anyway, it not like there are going to be Grammar Nazi out there looking for me. I am at my home some where in London, and again there is no point because it will be gone soon anyway. I had to type something down about what happens three months ago.
    It all began when I was walking home from school, I had gut feeling that something could happen at home. The slower I walk the more concern I became. So I ran home as fast as possible.
    Once I reach the front door, I knew something was up because it never left open before. Being curious teenager, I decided to enter the home. I found my mum sitting on the floor, she was not her normal self – she was shaking like person with fit and moaning too. I knelt down, trying to get her attention before calling 999 emergency services. You know the rules, check before call.
    Anyway I was trying to get her attention but she doesn’t seem to notice me there. At least that what I thought when she grabbed my arm. She made hoarse whisper noise
    Then she pull my arm to her chest. My mum is dying. I had no time to waste but pull my arm off from her grip and call 999. No one pick up the phone. Well that normal because phone signal never been well around here recently. But I can’t just leave my mum in state like that. I had to repeat to her twice to stay where she is before I knock on my neighbor house. Of course she would be screaming her head off and drag herself along the floor.
    I knock on the door to Mr Keller, who seem to be very nice man. But when the door was answer, instead of person with Hawaiian shirt and golf trouser, I was greet by grumpy old man. His skin was pale and his eyes was wild and crazy. I decided to not argue with him because at that point he was groaning and shouting nonsense at me.
    I had notice something strange, the air smell strong of gas. And that where I found the crash. Two or three cars was piling on top of each others. Gas leak was massive. It was surprised that no one called the police or ambulance. Why no one notice?
    And I heard it. Baby wailing. It was trapped in the car!
    My heart leap the beat.
    The door of car won’t budge. But I can see the baby, so small and delicate.
    I wasn’t going crazy, but wow the baby tastes so good.
    And now I realised that the wailing has stopped. The baby. Ah peace. Next time you see baby, you had to try it, forget the cooking. Just grab them and tear them apart..
    I had to stop right there because it making me sound mad.
    Beware of the walker.

  • Here is my attempt at a story. Is it O.K or too cliched?

    I came across a chilling question on Yahoo! Answers yesterday. At first, I didn’t notice anything out-of-place, and was about to exit when something caught my eye.
    Here is what was written on the page:

    Q. A loved one passed away recently, and I’d like to know the best place to hold the funeral of the 17-year old girl. She was a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky person.
    (R.I.P Gabby)
    Posted at 3:09 AM, Wednesday

    Answers (3)

    BEST ANSWER chosen by Asker

    I’m terribly sorry for your loss. May she R.I.P.
    I think that the church by the river would be the best place to host the funeral because it has a wide, lush green area all around it. During the day, it’s an amazing place to run around and have fun. Also the river itself is a beautiful thing to look at when the sun sets. If she was a picnic-y type of person, she would have loved to go there. I sincerely hope I helped!
    Abigail Nicholls … 10:03 AM, Wednesday

    :’( Aw, that’s too young! R.I.P Gabriella!
    PhoebeM … 4:53 PM, Thursday

    I wish I knew her! X( N e way, there’s this church near the graveyard. Not too shabby… Was she a goth? Coz goths can be fun-loving. I think. R.I.P
    AdamizEve… 6:49 PM, Thursday

    Update by Asker: Thank you so much Abigail! My funeral was a great success! (If you can call it that :P)
    Posted at 2:16 AM, Saturday

  • “Goodnight honey, would you like me to read you a bedtime story?” Asked Julia’s mother

    “Yes please.” Responded Julia

    “There once was a beautiful princess she lived in a tall castle, one day a prince was exploring when he found her, the girl had VERY long hair you see so the prince said Let down your hair and I’ll save you. She did he climbed up grabbed her and they slid down the very long hair then she yanked it back the prince took her to a barbers and got her hair cut to a regular height and after months and months of begging the Princess finally said yes to the prince and they got married and lived happily ever after The end.”

    “That was a great story mommy. Dodo liked it to.”

    “Who’s Dodo?” asked Julia’s mother

    “Him.” Julia pointed to the corner but the mother couldn’t see anything it was dark over there the only light in the room was the nightlight and a small flashlight the mother had for reading, figuring it was just an imaginary friend she kissed her daughter’s forehead and said “I think Dodo liked it also”

    “Goodnight mommy.” said Julia pleased but she was kinda scared and asked her mother to stay there with her until she fell asleep her mom said ok and stayed there. After a little bit her daughter fell asleep and the mother went to her own bed with her husband. she thought Why was julia so scared? it’s probably just a phase. As the mother wa drifting to sleep she heard shuffling she couldn’t tell where it was coming from and guessed it was just her husband. Then she heard something fall that came from her daughters room she woke up her husband and they both dashed into the room. “AHHHHH” Julia screamed as she saw “Dodo” emerge from the corner. The mother thought it was a imaginary friend but it was a man that got in earlier and was hiding in the corner until the mother left and saw that he was grabbing a knife and trying to kill the kid she stopped him grabbed Julia and they ran outside, called the police and they came just as the killer was coming downstairs.

  • My School

    This is a story about a school I used to go to. The legend was disturbing at the time. The legend is about the bathrooms.

    First off every bathroom in that school is haunted I swear. Except for one the kindergarten and 1st grade bathroom. Let’s with the locker rooms.
    The Legend of The Girl locker Room: One day there was little girl named Mary. She wanted to go into the locker room on day, so she got 2 of her friends (Mia and Melissa) and she went inside while her 2 friends stayed outside. Suddenly they heard a scream. They dared to go inside, but inside they Mary’s severed head. They screamed as they ran outside. That was a bad mistake. They were meet by Mary, she had no head, just blood pouring out of her neck. She lifted a finger and pointed behind them. They turned around, to their horror, standing behind them was the ghost that had killed Mary. They went out into the gym and ran at the door for their life. To their horror the door shut and locked. They ran for the bleachers that were high enough to reach the open windows. They did the only thing they could have done. They committed suicide by jumping. Now when a bird flies through the open window, just know that that is the soul of one of the girls. Now if you want see Mary, you have to go into the locker room alone. In the dark. Say into the mirror, “Blood Mary I Killed Your Baby.” twirl and kick the mirror. Do it 3 times and she will appear.
    2nd (this is just a little tale not very scary): My friend said that if you go into the locker room open a certain locker, there will be a set of stair that lead to a different world.

    Boys locker room (I don’t know a lot about this legend I’m not a boy. I have been in there because it was part of a play) In the boys locker room there is a door. Legend has it that a few years ago there was a boy. This boy loved to play pranks. One day before summer break he decided to hide behind the door. He climbed the door and went through the space between the door and the ceiling. No one ever came to find him. His ghost haunt those who play pranks on people. Be careful if you are a trickster.

    (the rest are just about girl’s bathrooms)

    2nd Grade Bathroom: Don’t go in there no matter what. There is a little vent. Someone hides in there. If you hear laughing, it’s too late. I don’t know much about this one either.

    3rd and 4th Grade Bathrooms (this happened to me): 1st chance: Clapping coming from the big vent. 2nd chance: footsteps 3rd chance: whistling you’d be lucky to get out.

    (@sfk: I hope you like. It may be a little bad. Sorry if it is. I tried to remember hard about what the legend were!)

  • To the nights end:
    My 8th birthday. The cheesy paper birthday hats, my little sister friends screaming around the house tripping and crying. All the parents in the corner of the room the smell of Baskin Robins melted ice cream cake in the air. We ate cake but the whole time I stared at my mother’s new boyfriend, Dave. It bugged me him and her together giggling even when Dad was coming back soon. After hours of pin the tail of the donkey gift openings and millions of pointless photos Dave and the others left.
    “How was the party”?, asked Mom.
    “Good”, I lied with a fake smile from ear to ear on my face.
    “Did you like Dave”? Mother said happily.
    “He was funny’, my little sister Clare giggled.
    “He was okay”, I mumbled.
    I walked up stairs I laid in my bed thinking about dad he should be here he shouldn’t have left. Then I thought of Dave stealing my mother away from me. He made me furious.
    I woke up the next morning my mother smiling.
    “Good morning”, I groaned.
    “Good morning sweetie I’m going out with Dave at 4:30 pm”, Mother smiled.
    I had waited for 4:30, at 4:00 the door bell rang. I ran to the door got on my tippy toes and looked through the peep hole. Dave.
    I opened the door Dave smiled down at me.
    “Your half hour early” I growled.
    “I just wanted to see you girls” he laughed.
    “Dave”! Clare cried has she saw him.
    Mom walked into the room. Dave left with her minutes later. I marched upstairs .
    “dumb Dave”, i growled with tears in my eyes. I didn’t like Dave. The phone rang Unknown number. I picked it up.
    “Jamie its Daddy I need your help your need your mother to dump Dave he is planning something.He did something along time ago he’s gonna do it again. Please stop him”. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee

    The line went dead.
    Dave and mom came home.
    “Of course you can stay her for the night Dave”, I over heard my mother say.
    “Why is he staying here “, I screamed.
    “His house is getting fumagated be nice to him he is my boyfriend”. Mother yelled.
    “You just trying to replace dad” ,I yelled back.
    “Your father is dead you know that I wanna be happy Jamie”!
    I ran to my room and went to sleep when I was awake by a strange noise. It was a song a soft hum.
    I heard shuffling I saw Dave smiling.
    “SShh listen to the bugs”, he sang,” listen to the wind they go on till the nights end”.
    He shuffled over to me shoving his knife into my stomach, putting his hand on my mouth.

    He sang on. ” There was a boy he lived with his pa his pa made him work all day the pa told his boy to listen to the wind and the bugs. The pa killed his Ma in front of his face and told him it was so her life would never end. The boy cried till the nights end. Found his pa inside the barn and made his night never end.

    I laid on my bed the lights going dark.

    “Why”?, I cried.
    “So your night will never end”.

  • @sfk let me know if it’s up for post. And my god i can’t believe the story above has a shiela as the character name is it just a conincidence, sfk u can rewrite mine as lacey, i’ve been up all night writing this.

    This is a story that happened to one of my mom’s friend back when she was not married yet and lived with her family

    Far out in the country b4 people were familiar with everyday electric everywhere and considered a luxurious thing only for in the big city when time where folks used to live afar between villages and candles and lamps were the only means to see at night when avenues and streets went blindingly dark once night fell. My mom’s friend shiela: their family lived closely knitted together it was three houses warmly built close to one another. Shiela was out of matches in the kitchen trying to start the fire for dinner Their kitchen was the room where the backdoor was at, which is common still today. It’s considered bad omen if a sick person or just in general sense to go out from the backdoor of a house at nights. She stepped her foot out of the door carefree to ask a matchbox from the next door relatives. As she was walking her steps up to their frontyard she saw a huge tall man all in black, couldnt see anything but just a figure, shrugged off side-stepped, she just thought it was weird and got in their relatives’ kitchen asked them for a match Got the couple of matchsticks in her hand jovially walking out. And then it started the struggling sounds acts. She saw the tall black man again and he told her to come with him someplace but: “no” and dragging and grumping. She was in the act/stance of trying to free herself with her other hand from the clutch of whatever was pulling by her hand.These similar words “let me go”, “what kind of a person are you”, “i said no i’m not”. Friends family people around started flogging in asking what was wrong but they couldn’t see it, only her struggling her faint shriek.
    She said the body made a big grin smile when only women were in the room, but didn’t smile when alot of men were in the room. A priestess was called and sorts of sacrifices or exorcism/cleansing were performed. She recovered after a few days or so the next morning. She had nail scratch marks on her hand, the mark left from a tight grip and the pull and struggle made her exhausted and in a trance like state with lethargy.

  • YinYang

    There were once two twins born in Japan. Their parents had a fascination with the YinYang, so they named the oldest Yin, and the youngest Yang. As the girls grew older, it was clear they each got the wrong names. Yin was mean and cruel to everyone, while her sister, Yang, was kind and honest. One day, the family was on a car trip to Tokyo. The family was involved in a gruesome car crash. Yang died along with her mother and father, but Yin survived. Yin found an old witch near Tokyo and asked for her sister back. The witch brewed something in a gigantic, worn pot. The witch gave Yin a potion, and instructed her to drink it. Yin obeyed and suddenly the room grew cold. Yin screamed as her sister’s spirit was sucked into her. Yin was now YinYang. One half of her body was pure white with a beautiful smile. The other side was jet black with a scary glare. Some say if you go to the remnants of the old witch’s house and chant YinYang, YinYang, YinYang,YinYang,YinYang… She will appear in front of you. The evil side will try to kill you while the pure side tries to hold back. The evil side always wins……….

  • Blink

    “Hey Mom! I’m leaving!”Sierra yells.
    “Ok, but be careful!”
    “Ok!” she says heading outside and stopping at my car.
    “Hey Siri.”
    “Hey Blink.” Yep that’s right my name is Blink.Not everyone knows my real name,but Sierra insisted I tell her,so I did.
    “So, what are we doing today?”
    “I was thinking about going to the mall.”
    “OK! Let’s go!” and I speed off.I’m going to get you caught up here. My name is Blink Storm,I’m 13,I live in Chicago,and I’m not…how should I say this…human (Shhh,that’s my little secret!). I’m not going to tell you what I am,so just hang on to the little suspense you have so far.”Hey,can we listen to music?”
    “Yea.” I turn on the radio and Sierra starts singing.
    “Blink, what’s wrong?” Apparently I was looking very worried.
    “Are you sure?”
    “Yes, I’m sure.”
    “Ok.” There is complete silence until we reach the mall.
    “Hey let’s go get something to eat inside. I’m starving.” I say to break the silence.
    “Me too!” We head to the closest restaurant inside and order our food.We start eating when I get nauseous, and suddenly the alarms go off,and everyone is running outside so Sierra says, “Let’s go”
    “You go, I’ll be right back.” look at my name
    “Just go!”
    “Fine!” She yells as she runs out the door. I run down to where I hear growling and gun shots. When I reach where the growling creature is, and I see it’s a Lycan getting shot by the police. I start to get a sharp pain in my back and I run to where the remaining police officers can no longer see me,because I know what is going to happen next.I was sent here to protect humanity against the evil that lurks around. I am a type of angel. I have black feathered wings that pop up when I want them to,black hair,oh and my special powers are I can disappear, spit acid, I’m really fast and strong,and I can make my enemies see what they fear most. Last year while I was in my human form,I was bitten by a vampire,so I’m part vampire sooooo yea. I am a fallen angel/vampire. I’m well known throughout the country as the “Angel in Black” but I’m not here to amuse the humans,I’m here to protect them. Besides,I haven’t been the same since the failure of my last mission where over 17,000 humans died of “EBOLA”, (and my best non-human friend Ashlynn was killed,I tried to save her using my blood,but it did not work), which was not the actually reason they died.Demons infected the water with their blood, causing humans to transform and pass on their “SICKNESS”.Well back to my fight.
    “Hey! Beasty! Look over here!” I yell at the Lycan.
    “GGGGGGRRRRRRRR!!!!!” was the only response I got.
    As I got closer to the Lycan, I could feel something slowing down time. I am afraid that I know who sent this beast. It was Asmodeus, Lord of the Underworld. He has hated me since he first met me. I don’t know why,I should be the closest one to him.I am his daughter. Apparently I was drawn into the good of the world, and he ;of course, is the evilest. You can tell I was supposed to be evil because of my dark apparel.I’ve told you to much already! No one is supposed to know! Back to my fight…
    “ARGHHHHHHH!”I yell as I slash the lycans throat,causing him to collapse,dead on the floor. “Yes!” I yell in triumph. As I turn, I see the remaining police staring at me. Uh Oh.Time to go! I run through the mall as my wings disappear,and out the front door to meet Sierra who is staring at me with shock.
    “OH MY GODDDDD!!!!YOU’RE ALIVE!!!!” She yells in my ear.I wipe my forehead to find my hand covered in blood.”Are you ok?!” she asks.
    “Yeah,I’m fine.Let’s just go.” I say as we walk to her car.
    -NEXT DAY-
    As I walk through school I see a very familiar face.
    “BLINK!!!!!” she says.
    “KANAYA!!!!!” I yell in reply.
    “I haven’t seen you since we were eight!.”
    “I know.”
    “Why did you leave?You left me alone to be hated!”
    “I know.I’m sorry.I was being tracked by the FBI because whats her face? Do you remember that girl Lizzy from school? Well she found out about me and I dropped her off a roof.So the FBI found out and tried to kill me.”
    “Oh,that’s why she wasn’t at school!”
    “Thanks for that.”
    “Your welcome.”I say. “So what are you doing here?”
    “Oh.My protector wanted me to come here.”
    “Who’s your protector?”
    “Oh his name is Piko.”
    “Oh.I don’t know him.”
    “Yea.”She says blushing.
    “Do you like him?”
    “NO! He is just really…nice.”
    “Yea.” We start to walk while everyone is looking at us.
    “So what has been going on the last few years?”
    “Nothing much.My guardians died so I’m on my own now.”
    “Well me too.”We continue to walk when I feel someone behind me.I turn so quickly I hit him in the face.
    “Scarlette!That hurt!”
    “Sorry Pheonix.I told you not to sneak up on me!”
    “I know I know.”
    “Apparently you don’t.”
    “I dooooooooooooooo!”
    “Shut up!Blink he obviously likes you!”Kanaya says.
    “Got to go!Kanaya let’s go!”We start to walk.”What’s the matter with you!No one knows my real name and now you just blurt it out!Be quiet!”
    “Ok Ok”
    “Sorry.I didn’t mean to yell at you.”
    “No,it’s really fine.”
    “No it’s not.”
    “Can we just go?”
    “Not until you accept my apology?”
    “Fine.I accept your apology.”
    “Thank you.Now let’s go!And… I would like to meet Piko.”
    “Oh yea.He’s doing somethi… oh here he comes!”
    “Hey Kanaya!”Piko says.
    “YOU!”Piko yells back.
    “Umm do you two know each other?”
    “Kanaya!He’s a VAMPIRE!!!!”
    “He bit me last year!Tried to make me his life long love or something like that!”
    “What!!!!PIKO!!!IS THIS TRUE!!!!”
    “Yes.She was alone and looked weak,so I bit her.”
    “I just came back from a mission!I was already suffering because my bes…..”I turn to see a face I thought I would never see again.”ASHLYNN!!!!”I say as I’m running up to her.
    “Shhh.Nobody knows my name.”I whisper.
    “How are you here?!I was holding you when you died!”
    “Your blood cured me.”
    “But it’s been a year.How come you just came here?”
    “I found my mother and asked some questions.It’s the prophecy. ‘One shall perish.One shall slay.But in a year the blood of thy sister shall retain.’ It made no sense then but now it does.Blink we are sisters.”
    “BUt how?”
    “Just think.I never knew my father and you never knew thy mother.They separated us because you’re the angel of darkness and I the light.But we found each other.We are twins.”
    “What!This can’t be happening!I thought I had everything figured out!You were dead!Because of me!!!And now you’re here.I been through so much!!!!!!”My eyes start to glow red.”NONONONONONONONONONONO!I… I… I HAVE TO GO!!!” I storm out of the school.
    “Blink!Wait!!!!”Kanaya and Ashlynn yell.
    “Arghhhhhh!” I lets my wings out and everyone sees what I am.”Welcome to the freak show!Get used to it!!!”I scream and my hands catch on fire.I start to fly as fast as I can,away from the school,away from the pain,away from it all.
    ~Back at the school~ Ashlynn’s POV
    “What are we going to do?!”
    “I’m going after her!”
    “You won’t be able to catch up
    “Yes I will.”My wings pop out.
    “Woahhhh.You’re an Angel tooo?”
    “Yes.Blink and I never knew we were sisters,for she is the angel of darkness and I the light.”
    “How’d you find out?Are those even your real names?”
    “I asked my mother and no.My name is Theodora and Blinks name is Arcadia.Ancient names,for we were dead for five years before we were awaken.We are both eighteen years old and you are…”
    “I’m 13.”
    “Yes I know.Now I must catch up to my sister.Goodbye.”I hurry off to find Blink…

    ~10 hours later~Blinks POV

    Why would he do this to me?What have I done?How is she my sister?
    “Hey are you alright?”says a voice from behind me.I turn to see a guy with short black hair,blue eyes,and tattoos on his collarbone.
    “Yea,I’m fine.”
    “What are you doing on our roof?”
    “Umm,sorry I just got mad.”
    “You wanna come inside?We have an extra room.”
    “Sure.”we start to go inside when a question pops into my my mind.”Umm.Who is “we” ?”
    “My family.”Ohh.I think.
    “My name is Blink.”
    “Ohh,where are my manners.My name is Alec.”
    “Nice to meet you.”
    “I noticed you flying around outside.”Uh oh.
    “You’re not gonna call the cops are you?”Only if you don’t call them on us.”
    “Why would I call them on you?”
    “We are werewolves.”
    “Alec why are you bringing mortals here?”a short girl with medium black hair asked.
    “Calypso ,why are you here?And she’s not mortal.”
    “I’m here because I smelt her.”she said which was a little weird “And what is she?”
    “She’s an angel.”
    “Angel of what?”
    “Ummm,I’m the angel of darkness.”I say.
    “Alec!She’s the daughter of Raziel.Her name is Arcadia.”
    “Oh great Angel.We are sorry for any disturbances.”
    “Ummm,I don’t know what you’re talking about.”I say.
    “You are the daughter of our creator?”
    “Ummmm I don’t know what you are talking about?”I say
    “You are the daughter of Raziel.The angel who created us downworlders”Calypso says.
    “Yes.Vampires,werewolves,warlocks,elves.It pretty much sums everything up.” Alec says. “It’s too much for most people,” he said. “Most mortals.And not easy on us, either.Knowing about our world.Most mortals would die if they knew about our world.” RRRRIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!! My phone rings.
    “Hello is this Scarlette Luna?”
    “Yes.Who is this?”
    “This is Sheriff O’hara.Your friend Sierra is in the hospital.”
    “What…what happened?”
    “We don’t know.It seems to be animal bites,but we need more clearence on that.”
    “Ok.I’ll be right there.”I turn to get my sword.
    “Where are you going?”asked Calypso.
    “My best friend friend was attacked,and is in the hospital.”
    “We should go with you.”
    “No it’s fine.”
    “Well we’re going either way.”
    ~At the hopital~

    “Ashlynn!What happened?!”
    “I… I… I don’t know.”I head to the secretary desk.
    “I’m looking for Sierra Gonzalez?”
    “Yes.She is in room 222.”the secretary replies.”
    “Thank you.” I head to her room,with Calypso and Ashlynn following. “Sierra!”I say when I see her but she is unresponsive.I see the bite. “WHAT????What is this?”I ask because I know it’s no animal bite.
    “It’s an elve bite.They bite in circle shapes but theres venom in their bites.”Calypso says.
    “What’s that mean?”
    “She’s turning into a changeling.She will not be able to control when she feeds or changes without the elve queen.We have to take her.”Ashlynn replies.
    “But the queen is evil.She likes to play with your mind.”
    “We have to take her.”Ashlynn and Calypso say in unison.And right then I faint.”

  • The Shadow
    Honestly I don’t care if anyone believes this or not . I don’t even want to tell my story but real evil is out there.
    I have had a shadow that takes the form of a huge black dog with eyes the color of a cigarette cherry stalk me for months now.
    The first time I encountered it I had taken my dog yerba out for a walk and as usual I just let him do his own thing because I live out in countryside of NC.
    I had heard a rustling sound coming from the field out to my left I thought my dog had just gotten but without me noticing but when I called him he came from the other direction. This freaked me out so I slowly turned around and to my dismay there was this big black dog with the most evil eyes I have ever seen. The thing seemed to be made up entirely of shadow. As I looked at it filled me with dread and pure terror. I had never seen the likes of what was staring me down waiting for me to make a move.I still don’t know why it didn’t attack me as I slowly moved to my front door. It watched every step I took and never took its evil gaze from me.
    The next time I encountered it iwas walking to a building we used for storage I forget what I was going after because I didn’t make it that far. As I have told you I let my dog run loose so I didn’t think anything about it when a large black dog was following. I was almost to the building when I decided to reach out and pet my dog since I had almost been terrifyed to go outside at night since had saw the shadow I thought it would comfort me. How wrong I was as I reached out and at the point where my hand would have touched his head it instead passed through. I ran all the way back into my house without ever looking back.
    There is only one more thing that has happened since. My friend and I were hanging out around my house we were just goofin off outside and he decided to snapchat a picture of us to one of our other friends and what I saw in the picture absoloutly freaked me out. I wish I had it to show but unfotunatley I don’t. In this photo my eyes glowed th same god awful color as the shadows.
    I am starting to truly worry for my safety. I am afraid it is trying to take me or at least my soul. I have never been one to let my imagination get the better of me.I honestly thought I was going crazy the first time I saw it but it keeps comeing back.
    As I said before I really don’t care if u think I’m telling the truth or not


    warning the following story is true:

    I had this doll. That doll was given to me on my 8th birthday by my mum. She had long red hair and vivid green eyes like a real human. I called her gemma it reminded me of my mum. I loved her very much until I found out the truth about her…

    When I got into UNI I didn’t play with her mostly because I was always so busy so when I go out for the day, I leave gemma on my bed.

    Every time when I come back, I always see her in another position. I always thought my sister did it but after a while I see her holding notes that say ” WhY DiD YoU lEavE Me” or DiD YoU miSs mE?

    I got freaked out when my sister died one night. The police said they found traces of strangulation on her neck and they said they found no traces of footprints or fingerprint but, Gemma. Gemma’s hands where full of blood and she was holding a rope despite she was with me the whole night… or was she?

    After the incident I never looked at Gemma or held her but I kept her in a glass cabinet. Everyday I see her hands pressing against the cabinet or at night I hear banging in the cabinet. The very next day I went to the 2 paranormal inspectors to come and take a look at gemma and they said that she is not possessed by something but infact she was a living human who is trapped inside this doll and they also said that I was lucky to be alive. They took her for further examinations but before they arrived they had a very bad car crash. Police came to investigate that the car crash didn’t kill them but, something did but the surprising thing was that gemma disappeared.

    After hearing the news I tried to live in an apartment with lodes of people around me to be on the safe side.

    She now wonders every night looking for her next victim because she doesn’t have a normal body and it might be you…..

    btw never leave the door or window open at night

    SWEET DREAMS……………………….

  • I felt bored so I wrote this

    Ali jolted up in her bed. She wiped the sweat off of her forehead. Ali had the same dream every night but she had more control of herself in her dream. Ali lay in her bed and stared at the ceiling. It was moving. What looked like a foot was hanging from the ceiling. Scared, she ran out of her room to her mom. She screamed. Her mom was on the floor dead. Her neck was bent and she had no arms or legs.

    Rushing to her phone, Ali tripped and busted her knee open. Looking for what she tripped on she noticed that her knee was in someone’s mouth. Screaming she got up and ran to the counter. She called 911. Several minutes later the cops came and she explained everything that happened.

    Ali was put on trial for murdering her mom and two other people. She had chopped her moms limbs off and ate them. One of the other people she had his between the walls but ate her liver. The last victim was stabbed multiple times in the chest.

    Ali was ruled out as insane and was sent to an asylum for the criminally insane. Whenever she goes to sleep she has the dream of the day she killed her mother. It always went like this: She wakes up, goes down the hall to the living room, finds her mom and calls 911. But this night she saw something hovering over her mother. Completely black and not see through at all.

    Ali jerks awake with a cold sweat.

    “I finally found you…and…you…will…”

    Ali had been missing from her sell so the news told the town that a sphycopathic killer is on the loose. One night one of the police officers found ali between the walls in her house. She had been dead for a couple days and was killed. Carved on her back was “Got you”

  • The Night Kitchen

    I used to stay away from here
    The place that brings the others fear.
    But now I feel it helps me sleep
    when the things from the Night Kitchen creep.

    In the day its where you eat
    eggs, apples, cookies, meat.
    But at night the things, they start to moan
    the screams will chill you to the bone.

    If your awake when the others asleep,
    make sure you don’t make a peep.
    as tiptoe out the door,
    you must be silent to the core.

    as you peek into the room,
    be prepared for darkness to loom,
    but you will see a daring sight,
    will you come to the Night Kitchen tonight?

  • Anonymous

    My whole life was ruined by this. My family, my life’s work and myself. It happened about 4 years ago, but I still remember it as if it happened yesterday.
    I was 14 back then. I had a forum, NightmareStories, which I made when I was 10, and it was very famous. People would come everyday to read the scary stories I wrote. I had thousands of friends and followers. My forum was one of the best known. It was basically my life’s work. I gained a lot of respect and fame.
    One day, I got home from school and got on my computer. I typed the address, and the page started loading. I smiled as I thought of all the fan mails I could get after the page loaded. Wrong. The chat box was totally empty. No fan mails. I was stupefied , as usually it was overloaded with mails of people sending their own stories, but anyways I opened the chat box and typed out “Hello anyone here?”
    Almost instantly, a message popped out. It was from a user named Anonymous and he said “Hello.”
    I wondered that how he could type so fast and why he didn’t give himself a name. I shrugged and started chatting with him. He was nice and polite and was curious about me. Where I lived and what was my hobby. However, he couldn’t tell me his real name.
    It was getting late so I said goodbye and logged out.
    Next day, after I had breakfast, I went to my room and logged on to the forum again. I went to the chatroom, hoping to find Anonymous there. I opened the chat box. Nobody was there, not even Anonymous. I sighed and began skimming through our old conversations. I clicked on Anonymous’s profile. It took a long time to load, but after it did, it said that the page did not exist. I refreshed, but got the same thing. Frustrated, I closed Google Chrome and opened it again. I typed in my address and it loaded for a while and then the screen started flickering. The sound was static and then it stopped. My forum was there, and everything was back. Many fan mails, messages in the chat box and some mails in my inbox. By eyes gleamed with happiness. But it didn’t last long. As I opened the fan mails, I figured out that they all were complaints. They said that I was spamming the site. I realized that the follower bar was down to zero. I was shocked. There was no way I was spamming the site. Then I opened the chat box. I scrolled up to my previous conversation with Anonymous. There was nobody named Anonymous there. People were there, saying, “Hey, who are you talking to?!” I did not know what was happening. I was talking to myself the whole time. But how? Anonymous was there, talking to me.
    I angrily closed the the chat box and headed to the inbox. There was 3 messages from the moderator, Sphynx1453, and the messages read:
    Message 1:
    Dear NightMareSpirits1232,
    Please stop spamming the forum. If you continue this, you will be permanently banned.
    Thank you,
    Message 2:
    Dear NightMareSpirits1232,
    Please stop spamming this site. If continued, you will be permanently banned.
    Thank you,
    Message 3:
    Dear NightMareSpirits1232,
    You have been warned twice. Now you have been permanently banned from this forum. I’m sorry.
    Thank you,
    I was on the verge of tears as my life’s work was gone. I smacked the nightstand hard. I wiped my eyes as the screen suddenly flickered. The same static sound came on and slowly it faded again. The flickering stopped and the chat box came up on its own. There was Anonymous, and he just said, “Hello.”
    I angrily wrote “Hello? Just hello? I lost my life’s work because of you. Don’t you have something to say for yourself?!”
    Then, instantly, it said, “DIE”
    A chill ran down my spine as the screen became black. In the middle, in red words, appeared the words, “DIE”
    My heart almost leaped out of my throat as I heard screaming outside my door. They were my family’s. Then they all died down. I clutched my pillow in one hand, tears streaming down my face, and turned the doorknob. I walked out to the hallway, where my brother lay in a pool of blood, his throat and wrists slit. He just looked up at me with cold dead eyes. I tried not to scream when I saw my baby sister, dead, lying on the floor, skinned. I sobbed and walked downstairs quietly. My dad was stabbed, and my mom’s head was severed and her body was nowhere. I collapsed, sick at my stomach. I got up, realizing that the killer must be searching for me. I trotted upstairs to the study. I locked the door and horror filled me when I looked behind. There was a figure there, holding a knife and smiling from ear to ear. I screamed at top of my lungs as he came near me. I slowly neared to a corner, crying my eyes out. “Who are you? What do you want from me?” I said shakily. “I am Anonymous.” He said with a huge evil grin. Terrified, I jumped out of the nearest window. I landed on my left arm and blacked out.
    When I woke up, I was lying on a long hospital bed. Nurses were standing around me. I remembered what happened to me and started panicking. My aunt was there and calmed me down, saying that everything was alright. To my disappointment, I heard that the killer was not caught.
    I was released after 2 months. My left arm is completely paralyzed and I sometimes have intense headaches.
    I am living with my aunt’s house. She is really nice to me and pays for everything.
    One day, I was on the computer, bored. Suddenly I remembered the forum I created years ago. I got on that forum, to see that it was gone. I decided to make another one. I created a new account with the same name. I again named my forum NightmareStories and soon posted a story. Hoping that someone will come on the chat box, I wrote, “Hello. Anyone there?”
    Immediately, I got a response. To my utter horror, it was written-
    Anonymous: FOUND YOU.
    Just then, I heard footsteps behind me in the closet. I turned around and…

    (SFK, I know it’s too long, and it took me a long time to write. I really hope you post it.)


    Title: Cupcakes; Scootaloo

    Early one mourning Scootaloo woke up to a crash. She walked to her closet to get a flash light realized all her clothes fell. Scootaloo walked over to her calendar which had he wrong date on it . She nothing to do today, or did she? She got to clean up closet. It took two hours to clean it up.
    Then Rainbow Dash walks in and says, “What are you still doing here? You are an hour late for your meeting!” Scootaloo says pointing to the calendar, “What do you mean? I have nothing to do.” Rainbow Dash flips the calendar. Then she walks out and Rarity walks in and puts a dress on Scootaloo. Right that second Spikes hand pulls Rarity out the door. Scootaloo says, “Why is my life so weird”. That is the last think she remembered after going to the meeting and eating a cupcake with a white base and purple and pink frosting, and blacking out.

    When she wakes up she is in the same room that Bonbon was in. She is on a metal table with holes for her wings. She is also strapped it so tight that she can barely breath. Suddenly she hears a squeaky giggle. The lights turn on, and Scootaloo looks up and sees a banner made out of pony hides that says, “LIFE IS A PARTY!” written in blood a spare cutie marks. Then she looks to the side and sees pony skulls. At the very end she sees a filly skull and realizes that it’s Sweetie Belle. Pinkie Pie with her hair straight walks out. She is wearing: 7-8 stacks of wings, a cloak made from cutie marks and a necklace made of unicorn horns and in the middle was Sweetie Belle’s horn. “I-I-I-is that Sweetie Belle’s horn?”, Scootaloo asked. “Yes and I put the skulls out just for you.”, said Pinkie.

    Pinkie rips off Sweetie Belle’s horn and sets it on the floor. Then she opens locker A2 and pulls out the box with the false teeth. Gummy smells the horn a kicks the trap door until it opens. He goes over and eats the horn. Scootaloo blacks out.

    When Scootaloo wakes up there is a knife on her nose. “Why is there a knife on my nose?”, say Scootaloo. Pinkie answers, “Because you fell asleep during a show. I have to punish you. You are a filly so I can’t cut your eye lids sooo.” Pinkie slides under the table and grabs
    Scootaloo’s wings. Pinkie says, “I can get this done in ten minutes.” One by one Pinkie starts to pull out the feathers on Scootaloo’s wings.
    Then after every feather was gone Pinkie went to locker A4 and pulled out an axe. Scootaloo said, “W-w-w-why are you doing this? I thought you liked me, as a best friend.” Pinkie said, “There has to be a time when every pony must die. I will be the one to kill them because their face was on the screen. I do like you as a best friend.” Then Pinkie cuts off Scootaloo’s wings. Scootaloo screamed and yelled. Pinkie walked over to locker A3. She grabs some water, tea bags, and a Sweetie Belle cupcake and puts them in a teapot and mixes it together. Then she put them in the locker to boil.

    Five minutes later Pinkie opens the locker and puts an oven mit on her hand and grabs the teapot and a long funnel. She walks over to Scootaloo and said while shoving the funnel down Scootaloo’s throat, “This should shut you up!” She pours the scolding hot cupcake tea down her throat. She tried to scream for help but the tea made her lose her voice. Pinkie said giggling, “No pony can if you scream so quietly. Epically if the room is sound proof!” “H-h-h-how could you?, said Scootaloo. Pinkie answered, “EASY! Your stupid face showed up on the screen. That means I get to kill you for revenge on being late for the cutie mark crusaders meeting.” Scootaloo said, “I didn’t mean to be late. My calendar was wrong.”

    Pinkie goes to locker A5 and gets some matches and gasoline. She walks over to Scootaloo and pour the gasoline on her tail. Pinkie lights a match and catches Scootaloo’s tail on fire. When Scootaloo’s tail was completely gone, Pinkie put out the fire. then she does the same thing to Scootaloo’s mane. Scootaloo trys to say, “You’re crazy I want you to stop.” Pinkie replies, “I know I’m crazy, it’s kinda what I’m known for. I’m never going to stop!” Then Pinkie races over to locker A5 and pulls out a metal bat. Pinkie sets the bat down and grabs contacts and scissors. She walks over to Scootaloo and puts the contacts in Scootaloo’s eyes and cuts off her eye lids. Scootaloo tried to scream and yell but, her voice was completely gone. Then Pinkie grabs the bat and hits Scootaloo over the head.

    “Wake up sleepy head!”, Pinkie says. Scootaloo says, “What happened, and I thought you said that you can’t cut filly’s eye lids!” Pinkie said, “I was kidding silly filly! Oh! it’s time to burn the hooves!” Pinkie walks over to locker A3 with a bucket and tongs. She opens the locker and uses the tongs to out four horse shoes. She walks over to Scootaloo with bucket and the tongs. Pinkie sits down beside Scootaloo and says, ” This is nothing compared to what’s after this.” Pinkie picks up Scootaloo’s left hoof and a horse shoe. She put the horse shoe on her hoof along with some eye lid blood to keep it place. Then she does that to the other hooves.

    Pinkie grabs a rusty nail and a hammer. She puts the nail in Scootaloo’s chest and uses the hammer to slam the nail in her chest. Pinkie said, “You won’t be able to feel anything below your chest. That will make it easier to kill you!”

    Pinkie grabs a knife off her supply table. She makes an I cut on her chest. Right before she could pull out Scootaloo’s stomach, Twilight Sparkle burst though a solid steel wall. Twilight says, “What are you doing?” Pinkie replies, “Why do you care? Do want to die too?” Twilight says, “Sure. Just stop killing fillies.” Pinkie says, “Never. And remember, LIFE IS A PARTY!” Pinkie pushed Twilight though the hole that she came in with. Then she patched up the hole and continued to work. Now Pinkie pulls out Scootaloo’s organs one by one. When she got to the heart, she stabbed it and Scootaloo’s slowly bled out.
    The next day Apple Bloom got a cupcake with pink frosting and a orange base. There was also a card that read, “Hello apple Bloom! Pinkie Pie here. Scootaloo went to visit Rainbow Dash at the Wonderbolt Academy. She won’t be back for a while so enjoy the cupcake!

  • @Cinnamon Songs “squeeapzing and twisting her broken arm.”
    Hey, SFK, If you do decide to post this, it’s supposed to say “Squeezing” c:

  • Forest Where The Roses Grow

    There once was a young girl named Violet. She was 10 years old, and she had green eyes and pretty straight brown hair. Violet had recently broken her arm, slightly annoyed at the prospect of having to wear a cast. On the bright side, all of her friends had signed it in rainbow colours, she enjoyed looking at them, she felt they symbolized good luck. Her parents were out, and Violet felt like taking a walk. She packed a small picnic for herself, and set off for the forest near her home. She soon found that in the forest, grew many beautiful wild roses. They all varied in colour, from red, to pink, to black, and even white! Violet was wearing a pretty light pink dress with a satin ribbon around the waist. She was also wearing small purple ballet shoes and a purple headband. She looked around, enjoying the sights and smells of nature. “It really is a beautiful day!” She stated, despite not being able to see the sun behind the trees, she could tell it was shining brightly. She was inspecting a flower, when a small vine tripped her. She scraped her arm, wincing as it bled a little. Soon, more vines appeared around her, and the sky began to darken. She was starting to find it hard to see. It couldn’t be that late at night… could it? She had left at 12:26 in the afternoon! She soon found she could barely see at all. More vines soon found their way around her legs and arms, she winced as thorns dug into her arms. There was suddenly a loud burst of thunder, as the sky suddenly lit up for a split second from the lightning. In the distance, she could barely make out the silhouette of a woman… her face… Violet let out a little shriek before more vines found their way to her mouth. She couldn’t move or talk. Slowly, she could make out the silhouette of the woman getting closer and closer. She could see the woman more clearly now. She was wearing a tattered red dress with what looked like a thorny vine that was choking her around her neck. Her skin was a pale grayish and she looked dead. Violet could make out streaks of blood running down from her neck, probably from the thorns that had strangled her. Violet started to struggle more frantically. “Mmph… HELP!!!” She bit through the vines, causing her mouth to bleed a little. Her cry for help was abruptantly cut off by more vines wrapping themselves around her and squeezing. She screamed as the vines suddenly tightened, squeeapzing and twisting her broken arm. “Awww… My poor little girl…” The woman croaked. Her voice sounded deathly and demonic, as well as cracky. She sounded almost like a broken record. “Who knew you were to die so soon…..?” That voice… That horrible voice… Violet started to cry. The woman raised a large knife above her head. “…..but everyone knows that Violets don’t belong in a field of roses….” With that, the ghost plunged the knife into Violet’s head. The vines released their grip and slid back into the ground. With that, the ghost did a strange thing… she smiled. “Sweet dreams, my lovely daughter…” And with that, she was gone. Violet’s corpse was never found.

    [hey, SFK! This is my first time writing a real horror story, I hope you like it! If anyone has any feedback, they can email me at :3 also, Diem is not my last name, in case you were suspicious. Thanks for reading!]

  • Scratch Scratch

    Sam was awaken rudely by the sound of glass scratching. She sat up in the bed, thinking that it might be some mice or something. Anyways, she decided to get up and drive away whatever is disturbing her sleep. She grumpily got up and trotted towards the window. Her opened her curtains slowly. Nothing. Sam mumbled angrily to herself and went back to her bed. Then, again she heard the scratching. She got up, cursing under her breath, and got to the window. Again there was nothing. She opened the window and looked around. The moon was shining brightly, and it was peaceful and quiet. She frowned and turned to go back. As she was turning, she happened to look at the mirror just beside the window. Through her blurry sleepy eyes, she would see herself, crouched against the mirror. However, something did not seem right. She shrugged and turned back to her bed. Just then, the scratching started again. This time, she was truly irritated. She was too sleepy to look, so she followed the scratching until it was close to her. She opened her eyes sleepily. To her utter horror, she realized that it was coming from the mirror.

    SFK, I really hope you post it. You can change anything. I hope you like it.
    Stay cool as ever.

  • Dark Hacker

    After working for a month, we decided to have a party at our office. Our office was REALLY old and it was redecorated and turned into an office. I don’t know what was it used for before. Maybe just a living space. Anyways, me and my friend, Matt, were tired of all this tiring job to do all the work from 9am to 10 pm, and then cleaning the office till 12 (He didn’t increase our salaries, though). Our boss was a tough one, but somehow decided to give us a break by having a party. We all decorated the office, brought some food, and when everyone arrived we had lots of fun. Suddenly the temperature dropped down and I started to feel cold. I sat down, thinking that I was probably sick. However, I looked up and saw that someone was staring at me. He was extremely pale and was wearing a black jacket with torn black pants, and black messy hair. I’ve never seen him in office, so I went to my boss and asked who that man is. “Stop joking around. There is no man there with a black jacket!”
    A chill ran down my spine. But then I thought that boss is an old man, and he can’t see without glasses. So I went back to partying.
    After the party, Matt and I had to clean again. It was difficult. There was trash here and there. I was cleaning near the boys washroom on the 5th floor, where nobody worked but was used for the party today, I heard a noise in the washroom. I went in to find nothing. Perfectly clear. I was about to turn around and leave when a man came out of the washroom stall. In the dim light, I saw that it was the same strange man. He was smirking weirdly and carrying something big, which I couldn’t see because of the light. What a weirdo, I thought. “Umm… Do you work here?” No answer. I smiled awkwardly and said that the party is over and everyone left.
    Suddenly, he mumbled,” Leave.”
    “Excuse me…” I
    Just then he picked up the thing he was dragging in his hands. It was an axe. I backed away. He was grinning mumbling something like,”You must die by 10… You must die by 10…”
    Then he kept coming towards me saying,”1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8…” I couldn’t scream, but terror filled me. Just then, the door behind me swung open behind me. It was Matt. I turned back to the man. He was gone. But I didn’t take any more chances. I jumped at Matt, pushing him to the ground, and closed the door.
    “Man! What was all that about?!” He said.
    “The… The… There is a maniac man in the wash…. washroom!!!” I stuttered, not being able to get off the ground.
    Matt laughed. “Very funny. There is no other man in here. We are the only one. And this area is too secure for any murderer to get in. Stop joking, Jacob”
    I flipped out. “But-but there is a man there, with black hair… A black jacket and torn pa-pants. I saw him!! He wanted to kill me with an axe!!” Suddenly, Matt’s face turned pale. He looked terrified. “Let’s go…” He said and grabbed my arm and ran into the nearest elevator. He then quickly pressed the ground floor button and stood back, shaking. “What-what’s wrong?” I asked. “Shut up and do what I do.” He mumbled. We got out and he led me outside the building. We got into his house, since mine was far away, and we sat down on the couch. “Ok, so what’s wrong?” I asked. He let out a huge sigh and started telling me everything.
    “You know how old our office building is.” He said,”In about 1915, it was used as an torture house for criminals. So, there was this man, who was nicknamed Dark Hacker, who used to chop people’s heads off and hacked their bones. He wore In 1950, he was caught and beheaded. His ghost haunted the building for many years, until 1980, when it closed down. The thing is, the bathroom you saw him in was the room he was executed in.”
    I sat there, gaping. Was it what I thought I heard. “Are-are you sure about that?”
    “Yes, I am.” He said. “Years ago someone else, we think, was the victim of Dark Hacker. That employee went into the bathroom but never returned. Just… Disappeared. We think it was the Dark Hacker.”
    We chatted for a few minutes, but neither of us were sleepy after that. The next day, Matt and I quitted our job and interviewed in another office. I still wonder what would have happened if Matt hadn’t opened the door in time.

    Note: SFK you can change anything. This is one of my stories, like The Movie and Jellybean (others are not mine). Hope you post it.
    Stay cool

  • Ouija Board

    When I was in high school, I had a best friend named Josh. When it came to personalities, we were complete opposites. While I was social and had tons of friends, Josh was a loner who kept to himself most of the time. Due to being labeled the school emo, Josh was a common target of bullying. We grew really close and did everything together.

    One night, I was busy doing homework when my cell phone rang. It was Josh, and he sounded really excited about something.

    “Dude, I just found the coolest thing!” Josh buzzed.

    “What is it?” I asked, my curiousity piqued.

    “I’ll send you a picture of it. You’re gonna love this!”

    I waited a few minutes, and then Josh texted me a picture. I gasped when I saw it. It was a picture of an Ouija board. The board was a dark black and the letters, numbers, and words written on it were in bright red. I immediately called Josh back. He answered before the first ring ended.

    “Well? Isn’t it the coolest?” Josh asked, his voice still filled with excitement.

    “I-I’m not so sure, Josh. I mean, I’ve always heard those things can be dangerous. We shouldn’t mess with it.” I replied. I had always read stories about all the terrible things that can happen when you try to communicate with the dead, and I didn’t want to be a part of that.

    “Oh, come on, Brandon!” Josh exclaimed. “You know all those stories aren’t real! Aren’t you even a little curious?”

    I had to admit, I was a little curious about what it might be like to talk to the dead. It seemed thrilling and dangerous, which was what made it more fun. I finally told Josh that I wanted to try the board out.

    “Great! I know the perfect place we can try it out: The old warehouse!” Josh replied. I instantly knew what he was talking about. Across the street from our school was an abandoned building. For as long as I could remember, the place stood empty. The warehouse was very dilapidated and covered in vines. Whenever I saw the warehouse, it sent chills down my spine. But I was so intrigued by the prospect of communicating with the dead that I agreed to Josh’s idea. We made a plan to meet at the warehouse on Saturday night and hung up.

    On Saturday night, I drove out to the warehouse and Josh was already there, waiting by his car. He was wearing his usual attire of all black clothing and a black knit cap. Underneath his arm was the Ouija board. “About time you showed up, man! Let’s go!” Josh shouted before sprinting toward the warehouse. I started running to catch up to him.

    Inside the warehouse, it was pitch dark. The only light in the building came from the flashlight Josh had brought with him. We went into the middle of the room, put the Ouija board on the ground, and we each sat down on either side of the board. Once we were seated, Josh pulled out the planchette and put it down in the middle of the board.

    “We each have to put a finger on the planchette.” Josh said as he put a finger on the planchette. I did the same thing. Josh took a deep breath before asking a question.

    “Is there anyone here?” We sat in the darkness, waiting for a response. None came.

    “Spirits, if you are here, can you give us a sign?” Josh asked. Again, the only response was silence.

    “This is stupid, Josh. Let’s just go.” I said. Not only was I feeling foolish because nothing was happening, but I was beginning to get scared being in the middle of the creepy, old warehouse. But Josh ignored me.

    “Can you give us a sign to your presence?” Josh asked again. All of a sudden, the planchette moved under my finger. It moved over to the H and then over to the I.

    “Josh, was that you?” I shouted, surprised. Before Josh could reply, the planchette moved again, going over the letters at fast speed. My eyes bulged as the planchette spelled out a message.


    “Seriously, Josh, stop it! You’re really freaking me out!” I screamed, angry at Josh.

    “Brandon, I’m not moving it! I swear!” Josh shouted back. Just then, the planchette moved again and spelled out another message. This one sent chills down my spine.


    All of a sudden, Josh was pulled into the shadows. It looked like something grabbed him by his long hair and pulled him into the darkness. Josh screamed out and I tried to run after him. But in the pitch dark, I couldn’t see where he had gone. I wandered through the dark warehouse, trying to find Josh.

    Just then, I saw a bright light at the other end of the building. I ran over to the light and saw that it was coming from an adjoining room. I flung open the door to the room and saw Josh standing in the room, his back to me.

    “Josh! Are you OK?” I shouted. But Josh didn’t move. It was like he didn’t know I was there.

    “Josh? Josh?” I asked as I slowly approached Josh. I placed a hand on his shoulder and Josh suddenly turned around. I screamed out in horror at the sight of my friend.

    His eyes were as black as coal. His face was frozen in an emotionless stare. His mouth came open and blood started pouring out, splashing onto the tiled floor. I was so repulsed that I vomited all over myself. Suddenly, the light went out and something grabbed me by the throat.

    When I woke up, I was lying in the main room of the warehouse. It was early in the morning, and light was pouring in through the windows. I turned around and screamed in horror. Josh’s body was lying on the floor. His throat was slit, his eyes were gouged out, and his stomach was sliced open. His intestines were poured out onto the floor. It was the most disturbing thing I’d ever seen. I threw up again, my stomach retching until it hurt. After I was done, I ran out of the warehouse in tears.

    I used a payphone to call the police and they came rushing over. They took me to the police station and asked me what happened. I told them everything that had happened and they looked at me like I was insane. After they finished questioning me, they sent me home with my parents.

    That night, I tossed and turned, struggling to fall asleep. But every time I closed my eyes, I saw Josh’s body. His slashed throat. His gouged eyes. His spilled entrails…

    Suddenly, I heard a loud creak. I looked up and saw my closet door slowly opening up. I wanted to scream, but it caught in my throat. Slowly, a figure stepped out of the closet. I gasped softly when I saw that it was Josh. His eyes were dark and his throat was still slit open. Blood was smeared on his face. He walked over to the bed and looked down at me.

    “I’ve got you know.” Josh said. But it wasn’t his voice. It was a deep, demonic voice. Before I could scream, Josh grabbed my throat and began to squeeze hard. I tried to break free of his grip, but he was too strong. As I began to black out, the last thing I saw was Josh’s emotionless, dark eyes.

    (I hope you like this, SFK!)

  • The Movie
    “We will be back soon.” said Alice’s mom as her parents left the home to visit her aunt. It was the first time she was staying alone. “Please do… W-what if an intruder attacks?”
    “Don’t be silly, Alice. I’ve secured everything.” said her mom. Her parents said goodbye to her and she locked the door securely. She sat on the couch and took out her laptop. She logged on to Facebook and chatted with her friend Lily. She then turned their new TV and saw a figure of a girl sitting on a couch and behind her was a figure of a man. The picture was awfully blurry and dark and she couldn’t see their faces. She thought that it is just a horror movie and the man behind the couch was a murderer. There was no sound except a slight shuffling sound. She saw the movie for a while and got bored, so she tried to change the channel of her TV. But it wouldn’t change. She got frustrated and checked the batteries. They weren’t there. She got horrified as she realized that the TV wasn’t turned on the whole time. She heard a raspy laughter behind her. She turned around and…
    That night, her parents got home and saw the horrific scene. Their daughter lay there and her throat was slit and her limbs were dismembered. In the wall there was written in blood,”How was the movie?”

    Ps: @SFK One of my first stories. If you wish to change anything, you’re welcome. Thanks and stay cool.

  • @sfk in my last story idk how that name got so big it was only supp to be Lamlana Harley maybe it was my stupid cousin lol sorry he plays pranks on me

  • I made this one up myself so definitely original :) hope you enjoy please comment on what you think :)


    A knock on the door became a thump on the door as Grace sat apprehensively against the dominant walls of her bedroom. A supposed ‘safe haven’ became a nightmare as the pounding became louder and louder. As she woke up a bird’s song fluttered it’s way into Grace’s ears and passed it’s way out of her mouth as a sigh. A nightmare, yes, just a nightmare.

    It had been 3 years since the passing of her menacing father, and Grace still occasionally heard him screaming at her through the wood of her door. He had been an alcoholic for 6 years before the ‘incident’, as she and her mother had always called it. They merely even spoke about the night her father stumbled into the road, drunk, of course. The strange thing of it all was that after he had been run down by the car, the driver nor it’s vehicle were ever found, although witnesses claim it was a Hearse carrying a coffin surrounded by white roses.

    There was no funeral, as Grace’s father wasn’t the social type and didn’t have many friends, and the only family he had were Grace and her mother. Grace had always felt the need for closure, and one typical rainy day in November, she decided to gain it.

    As she began the 2 mile journey to her father’s ‘grave’, which was really just a hole in a field, Grace felt an eerie vibe, as if someone was watching her. She quickened her pace, desperate to get somewhere where she felt completely isolated, but in vain, for as fast as she dared to run, she could still feel a sense of dark company.

    As she neared the field, she stumbled across a fallen tree blocking the pavement, and in her attempt of jumping it, she hit her shin and fell to the ground. Looking at the road ahead of her, she saw a Hearse carrying a coffin accelerating towards her. As the cold metal struck her ribs and two men picked up her hands and feet, she managed a subtle whisper.

    “Why?” She pleaded, looking up at the pale face of one of the men with a blurred vision.

    “Because otherwise we’d have no job.”

  • Annie was alone at her house her parents were gone for the weekend. She was a little mouse of a girl and was easily scared of anything. So staying alone in the house was a big job. She had all the lights of the house on but the trouble was the lights kept turning off and she heard footsteps all round the house. She was against coming there from the start but in the end her parents managed to talk her into it. So she gave it up and went into her room and turned on the T.V. John came into the room.” cant sleep, too?” she asked. “yep” he replied. “Are you turning the lights on and off.” ” No its not me.” “if u werent here i could never have survived this place” Dont very sis i will always be here.” Footsteps came up and they freaked out. ” I think its a burglar get in the closet and lock it from the inside I will go out and see” said john.” no johnny dont do it we can both fit in the closet” whispered annie.” ok Ok be quiet about it” . A boy walked in and said” I didnt turn the TV on, who did and mom said the lights and turning on by themselves, there must be ghosts in this house.” Annie said “we are not ghosts we live here he’s the ghost.” ” he must have meant other ghosts” replied John. This is creepy isnt it””yes, he is a ghost but he is talking like he owns the house.” The boy opened the closet and took out some clothes, both the people hiding in the closet gasped that they were invisible. Soon they found out that they were the ghosts in the house.
    My story is way too lame sfk i dont think you should bother reading it.

  • The Lizard Boy

    “Dead.” The doctor answered , as he checked the little boy’s pulse. Mr. Henson covered his face with his hands and broke down. He should’ve been careful. He walked home alone that night. I should’ve been more careful, he thought, wiping his tears.
    Two days earlier, Mr. Henson and his 10 year old son had been in a car accident. He was very drunk, and drove into a running truck. Both survived the impact, but the boy, Billy, died later on.
    Mr. Henson got into his house which was a little far away from the city and sat on the couch. If there was anything he could do to make Billy alive. Suddenly an idea flickered in his brain. Being an inventor he decided to make something nobody has made before. He wanted to resurrect a dead person, with which he can see Billy one more time. He went into his lab and formulated a plan. The next day, he was done. He called the hospital to bring little Billy’s body here.
    “Are you sure, sir?” asked the doctor.
    “I’m sure doc. It will work.” said Mr. Henson.
    In a matter of hours the body arrived. Mr. Henson opened the boy’s mouth and dropped a bit of the magic mixture. In seconds, the boy began to stir.
    “Billy?” Mr. Henson whispered.
    “Dad?” answered back the boy.
    Mr. Henson embraced the boy, and that’s when the trouble started. The mixture contained lizard DNA, and suddenly the boy began to grow into a giant gruesome green lizard. He had a deformed lizard-human face with a long scaly body. Mr. Henson backed away in fright, but the lizard trampled him to his death.
    The Lizard Boy is said to be seen in dark alleys every 27th May, the death day of the boy. He sometimes stands on the middle of roads at midnight, causing car accidents.
    One day, a pair of teenagers were driving at midnight when they saw a large deformed creature standing in the middle of the road. They quickly swerved the car and hit a lamppost. They both survived with serious injuries. They say that the Lizard boy was at least 10 ft tall with large beaming yellow eyes. Many had also been killed.

    @SFK If you’d like to change anything, you’re most welcome. Thanks

  • “Hello! I am Lamlana Turkhortz Zaemic Zergnet Harley!”
    While our new neighbor’s daughter introduced herself to me, I kept looking over the fence at Mr. Harley unpacking all the cartons, who seemed really grumpy and arrogant. I turned back to look at Lamlana, and said, “Yeah, you have a pretty big and unusual name. I like it.”
    Lamlana was the same age as me. She had big blue eyes and long hazel hair. She smiled at me and blushed lightly.
    “I know. My grandfather named me that. Dunno what it means though!” said Lamlana.
    “Oh come over to our house! I’ll introduce you to my parents!”
    I smiled and trotted over to her. We went inside her house and she introduced me to her mom, who wouldn’t have been kinder. She served us some rocky road ice cream and went back to unpacking things. I examined the house. They were a lot of guns, deer heads, skin and hunting trophies around the house. Lamlana said they are her dad’s. She hated killing animals and hunting, but her dad was the opposite. She said that she had protested him to stop hunting, but he was adamant. I guessed that he was indeed very grumpy, and from that day I was frightened of him. For many years, we were best friends.
    One fine day, I went over to her house. She told me that her little sister was not here, and her dad didn’t know where she was. “Mom has gone to Italy.” Lamlana said.
    “Marissa couldn’t disappear like this. Something is wrong, David.”
    I went a little insane inside. I was sure her father had killed Marissa. I mean, Lamlana is perfect, but her father looks insane. Just then, her father passed us, and he looked right into my eye and grinned evilly. I assumed that he is plotting to kill us. I tried to be casual, but I became pale and made retarded noises.
    “What’s wrong, Dave?” Lamlana asked me.
    “N-nothing” I replied, grinning stupidly. “Okay then. I’ll go home now. I’ll come back in evening.”
    I hurried out of the house and went inside the house. I felt sick in my stomach. Just then I received a call. It was Lamlana.
    Lamlana: Davie you there?
    Me: Yeah hello.
    Lamlana: You left so early. What’s wrong?
    Me: Uh, no. I just forgot some chores. I’ve finished them.
    Lamlana: So fast? They must be small.
    Me: Yeah they are.
    Lamlana: Oh my god. No! Got to go. Talk to you later.
    Me: Hello? Don’t leave! What’s wrong?!
    I was terrified. She sounded scared. Something was wrong. Was it… NO! I dashed out of my room and broke into the house. There was no Lamlana. Only a huge splash of crimson blood on the wooden floor, leading to the basement. I threw up and broke into tears.
    “Dave! What are you doing!” cried a voice behind me.
    I swung around to see Lamlana standing there, gaping. Behind her was her father. I sheepishly stood up and said, “Lamlana? I-I thought you father killed you…”
    Mr. Harley started laughing loudly. Lamlana stood there, giggling. I just sheepishly stood there, grinning nervously.
    “T-then why were you scared when you were ta-talking. Whats all these blood?” I asked.
    “Oh these?” Said Lamlana, still laughing, “My father killed another deer so I was a little angry! That’s all!”
    It was all a misunderstanding. Her mom actually dropped Marissa at her grandma’s house, while everyone was sleeping, and I thought she was murdered. Now we are married, Lamlana still reminds me of that day when I had such a big misunderstanding.
    We still laugh about it everyday.

    (@SFK PLS modify it if you want to post it, because I wrote it in a hurry, and it is a little clumsy. Thanks)

  • Girl in The Attic

    I’ve always felt something was wrong about our house. Ever since we got here, I would here a weird giggling noise behind me that sounded like a girl. I always thought it was my 11 year old sister, Janice, trying to prank me, but she always said it wasn’t her. I never believed her.
    It has been a month and I have already grown sick of it. But Janice never admitted it.
    One day Janice went to visit my grandma’s house. I was sitting on my couch, video chatting with my best friend, Jenn, and suddenly there was this same giggling coming from behind me. Suddenly, Jenn froze. She looked terrified, and in a shaky tone she said, “Umm, I have some work to do… So yeah…” And then she went off. I was confused. Turning around, I yelled, “Jan–” but nobody was there. Suddenly I remembered – Janice is at grandma’s place. I completely flipped out. I couldn’t scream, but all I could do was to whimper like a retarded seal.
    “What’s wrong, Clara?” Called out my mom from the kitchen.
    “Did- did you hear a giggling or something?”
    “No. Why?”
    I didn’t want to terrify her, or else she will go hysterical. I just muttered out “Just asking…”
    I climbed up the stairs, thinking if all this was happening in my head. Then I suddenly had an idea; I called Jenn and asked her what was wrong when we were video chatting. She refused to tell me and hung up. She didn’t answer any more calls.
    I shuddered and went into my bedroom.
    I took out my books and started reading for our test tomorrow. But something was bugging me, but I shrugged my shoulders and thought no more of it. Then I realized that some of my old books are packed away at the attic, and they could help me in the test. I climbed the attic stairs and got inside. I turned on the dim light and started searching for my books. It was unusually cold and weird in the attic. Suddenly, something caught my eye.
    It was a little girl.
    She was standing in the corner, grinning politely and giggling. She was about the same age as me, 13 or so, and she was wearing a
    I wanted to scream, but no noise came out. I was totally flipped out. I calmed myself and asked, “Who-who are you?”
    “I’m Emily.” she replied in a sweet voice.
    “How did you get here?”
    “I lived here from long ago, until my parents killed me, right here.”
    I backed away and stumbled upon a carton.
    “No, no! I’m not going to hurt you! I can be your friend.”
    She gave me a hand and I gripped it as I stood up. She was deathly pale and cold.
    I chuckled nervously as I dusted myself. She said, “Don’t be afraid of me. I have never done anything to anyone.”
    I picked up my books and headed down the stairs, and my mom walked past me, saying, “You should go and study.”. I was afraid that she would scream if she saw Emily, but she never realized Emily was here. I looked behind me, and Emily was standing there, grinning and gesturing that nobody can see her but me. I smiled and led her into my room.
    To this day, I am best friends with her. I shared my room with her, and we watch TV together too. She never had an appetite, though. Since the day we met, till now, I think not all ghosts are meant to be scary and mean.


    @Scaryforkids you can change ANYTHING you want. It’s not meant to be that scary, but just a story to say that not all ghosts are scary. Many can be nice.)

    (Sorry I had to post it again because I had some spelling/grammar mistakes. If I have any more, you are welcome to correct it. Thanks :)


  • “Oh my gosh, DENICE” I went running to the next aisle to of where Denice was at, ” I just saw Klein from school” Clara said,” REALLY OMG girlfriend do i look good or nah?” ” yea you look pretty alright! maybe too pretty” I hurried up and pushed her into the aisle with the cart so she can bump into Klein’s cart. “oopss sorry my…” Klein said ” OH UMmmm HEY Denice i dint see you there” Denice said,” Im sorry about the cart accident” Klein said, “OH no thats fine just as long as your not hurt(blushes)” (Denice blushes too) Klein says ” so what are you doing here?” ( Clara comes around the aisle) ” HEY Klein” Klein says,” Oh Hey clara i haven’t seen you here, are you with Denice?” ” Yea we are having a slumber parRTY! Wanna come?..Ha Just kidding no boys allowed” Klein says,” Aww man, nah, invited or not i cant go anyway me and carter have plans for tonight anyway” I said, ” uhhmm carter? Carter walkin?” “Yea Duh what other Carter do i know?” ” Oh no just making sure haha..uhhh ha.” Klein says,” Oh HEY CARTER( waves at carter from the other side of the frozen section) over here” Clara says, ” Oh Ummm HI?” Carter says ” OH hey whats up you guys?” Denice says,” Nothing much just shopping for some sweet foods and you?” “just grabbing some candy bars for movies tonight Me, klein, Luke, Damian, and Nicole are all going” Clara and denice both said, “NICOLE” Clara said ” Why do you guys even invite her anyway” Klein said,”Because she is going out with Luke haven’t you heard?” Denice said,” NO why. I didn’t even know anything how could they possibly go out she has blue eyes and blond hair, Luke has brown eyes and black hair, she is like SO tall and luke is really short and she is so selfish and luke is so thoughtful” Denice said,”Yeah they are like the total opposites of each other.” Carter said,” well i heard the opposites are the best couples” Klein said,” I disagree TBH” Clara said,” Im not sure who to agree with but I thin……..(Stores Lights went out) Denice said,” Uhh why are the stores lights out?” Klein said,” Im not sure, this rarely happens!” Carter said,” Well maybe one of the gUUU………(someone instantly grabbed carter by the arm and just ran into the darkness) Klein said,” O god we HAVE to find carter before the movies start he is paying for all of us?” Clara said,” What the hell Klein why are you saying that don’t be so greedy, we HAVE to find him so I can go out with him one day” Klein said,” You like him” Denice said,” STOP you guys we have to find him so he can be back here with us what if he’s hurt os something! come on Lets separate so we can find carte. Well meet here once we finished roaming our part of the store area OH and we have 35 minutes OKAY not to early or late!?” They both agreed and started spreading apart until none of them could see each others shadows. Denice couldn’t find carter so she just went where they were supposed to meet at, she was scared and also she waited for at least an hour by now. She got worried so she just started looking for them. She went walking to where clara was supposed to analyze the area. *Lights turn on* Denice finally feels safe once the lights are on.” I better go look for them i bet they are playing tricks on me” Denice walks and walks until she finds something horrifying that just made her cry. She sees Both Carter and Klein sprawled on the ground with blood all over there stomachs and she feels disgust only because she see no intestines inside of them. She just started worring about clara to check what the thing have done to her. She passes by the frozen section only to see her best friend smashed into the freezers in between the 2% milk and the almond milk. She crus so much . she drowned her self in milk for her friends death. FIN
    * This is a really dumb story i literally made up from the top of my head in less than 15 minutes. i was impatient so i ended it in a dumb, funny way.