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Scary Monsters

Scary monsters, creepy cryptids and supernatural creatures. You’ve heard about monsters in movies and myths, but here’s the real thing. These true stories and spooky pictures of beasts with razor-sharp teeth, pointed claws and ravenous appetites will haunt your nightmares.

Scary Monsters

Loch Ness Monster
Loch Ness Monster
Mongolian Death Worm
Skunk Ape
Boggy Creek
Melon Heads
Flatwoods Monster
Beast of Bray Road

Lake Monsters

Bear Lake

Sea Monsters

Montauk Monster
Canvey Island Monster

Greek Monsters


Halloween Monsters

Evil People

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  • Just think about how many stories are on this website! there are like MILLIONS! could you write that by yourself? NO YOU COULDN’T so stop complaining

  • I’ve heard of slenderman but never actually read about him. I think he eats children or something like that.

  • I’m listening to the song scary monsters and super creeps right now. I love David Bowie! :D

  • Here’s another monster you may have heard about:

    It is said that if you travel to Bear Lake in Utah, you just might have an encounter The Bear Lake Monster.
    The monster takes the appearance of a giant snake, it’s brown, with small black eyes and it is almost 100 feet long! People who claim to have seen the creature say that it
    has ears that stick out from the side
    of its tiny head and a mouth big
    enough to swallow a human whole. The creature is very fast, it
    can swim faster than a horse can
    gallop. The monster
    frequently sneaks up on unwary
    swimmers and tries to attack them.
    There was once a guy who said that he saw the creature and tried to shoot it with his shotgun. The man
    aimed well, but not one of his
    bullets touched that beast. He was
    scared to death.
    He ran home faster as fast as he could. Leaving his shotgun
    behind him and he claimed the
    monster ate it.

    There are very few sightings of the creature in winter this could tell us that The Bear Lake Monster is probably just
    hibernating during this time. Keep your eyes
    peeled the next time you decide to travel to Bear Lake, and maybe you’ll see it
    . Just be careful when
    swimming in the lake, or you might
    be eaten by the monster…

  • And what about the internet phenomenon Slender Man?
    There’s a looot of creepy stories about him c:

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