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Red Cap

Red Cap

The Red Cap, also known as The Bloody Cap, is an evil goblin or Fey from English and Scottish folklore. He lives in the ruins of old castles and fortified towers, where battles have occurred and blood has been shed.

Red Cap

They say the Red Cap looks like a tiny old man, with long dirty hair, red eyes, sharp hideous talons, long skinny fingers, and protruding teeth. His boots are made of iron, and the cap he wears on his head is said to be made from dried human skin.

The Redcap is a vicious little creature who loves blood. The cap he wears on his head is red because it is soaked with blood. In fact, if the cap ever dries out, he will die. So the Redcap has to keep soaking his cap with the blood of his victims.

He preys on travelers who pass through the area, pushing boulders down on top of them to stun them, then killing them with his iron scythe. He drags their bodies back to his lair and strings them up from the ceiling and collects their blood in his cap.

In spite of his heavy iron boots, The Red Cap is very fast and it is almost impossible to outrun. The only way to protect yourself against a Red Cap is to quote a passage from the Bible.

“Watch out for the heartless Redcap,
Because he’d rather see you dead.
He’d love to squeeze out all your blood,
then put it on his head!”

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