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Green Teeth

Green Teeth

Jenny Green Teeth is a witch from English folklore who haunts the rivers and lakes of Great Britain. She hides in the muddy water and feeds upon unwary children who fall into her grasp.

Green Teeth

People who claim to have encountered her say she has pale green skin, dark flowing hair, long bony fingers, dirty sharp nails and foul green pointed teeth.

At first, she appears to be just a clump of dark weeds floating on the water, then you will see yellow frog-like eyes peering up at you. If you’re not careful, she floats closer and closer to you.

Her long bony arms shoot out of the water and grab you. Then she drags you down under the surface and clutches you in a deathly embrace. As you are drowning, she devours you in the murky depths.

“Come into the water and bathe, my love
Come swim in the swirling pool
Down in the deep with the rocks and the bones
You’ll swim with me now, you fool…”

She has many names, depending on where you are. In different parts of the country, she is sometimes called Wicked Jenny, Peg o’ Nell, Peg Powler, Ginnie Greenteeth or Jinny Greenteeth.

In Ireland, people tell tales of the “Bean-Fionn” who appears as a beautiful woman dressed in a white gown, only to suddenly attack children and unwary adults, dragging them to their deaths and drowning them in the dark Irish lakes.

So, if you go walking by any ponds, rivers or lakes, be on the lookout. Lurking just below the surface of the water, waiting for her next meal, is Jenny Green Teeth.

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