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  • SFK , Please make them accessible so that I could read them especially Loch Ness Monster , Sea Serpent and Leviathan , please , please , please , update fast

  • Sfk please make it so that i can read the stories with black titles… Especially leviathan….

  • @Jeb, you are wrong. Squids have no spine, much like that of an octopus or jellyfish. It is unknown how big, exactly, squids can be, but the don’t call the giant squid “giant” for nothing. Have you been visiting Wikipedia? Everything on there is fake. You live in the 90’s, there HAVE been reports. Not that you would know, though.

    Scaryforkids, please make these stories accessible, because they are interesting and I would like to read them.

  • I believe everything. From every culture or region, I love myths from over the world

  • The giant squid, giant octopus,sharks, and giant whale are all real, or at least were. Sharks, we all know about. the giant whale I believe may have died off, but at least used to exist. Giant squid can grow up to 60 feet long. the have 8 “arms”, well, tentacles, and two whip like tentacles. they have eyes as big as dinner plates, and a beak. yes, there are some cephalapods that have beaks, including squids and octopi. Giant squids have never been caught alive, but have been caught on film, and dead. I don’t believe there’s ever been a report of them killing a human, at least not explicitly.

  • you can never tell whats real and what fake.. theres still so much we dont know about the sea/ocean!

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