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Scary Mermaids – Real or Fake?

Scary Mermaids – Real or Fake?

Take a look at this bunch of scary mermaids. Are they real or fake? Well, mermaids are supposedly half-fish, half-human creatures who live in the sea and lure love-sick sailors to their death. They are creatures of myth and legend going back thousands of years. But do they really exist?

Feejee Mermaid

Fiji Mermaid

There was a tradition a long time ago of manufacturing fake mermaid carcasses for public display out of the body parts of dead monkeys and fish. The photographs you have just seen exemplify such hoaxes. The most famous hoax was the Feejee Mermaid displayed by P.T. Barnum above.

Barnum’s mermaid was really an artifact purchased secondhand by the great showman in the mid-1800s and exhibited throughout the United States as a carnival attraction. Yet another specimen still in existence was fabricated in Japan and said to be 1,400 years old.

Real Mermaid

Fish With Human Face

Maylasian Mermaid

Malaysian Mermaid

Scary Mermaid Found Dead on a Beach After a tsunami.


In myth and legend, mermaids are beautiful and alluring creatures, but the funny thing is, the “real” specimens displayed here are, without exception, hideous in appearance – “the incarnation of ugliness,” as one American critic described P.T. Barnum’s FeeJee Mermaid. It’s a discrepancy no one ever bothers to explain.

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  • Totally Fake! ahhhh….. lost my golden minutes here….. I thought that mermaids are beautiful but these are hideous….Thank god they are dead. If they were alive, then I would have been died by now…

  • Cool they still look cool and so what they don’t look all cute they still look great and not all mermaids will look cute:-) :-) :-)

  • Ewwwwww , so ugly but I thought mermaids were beautiful , but who knows they were real or some mythical creatures or some type of illusion for a fish that sailors mistook as mermaids , who knows :o

  • Actually watch discovery channel about mermaids they are actually real but they are ugly/hideous!!!!!!! I actually went on a boat once and saw something that looked like a mermaid and when people got closer it swam away real fast!

  • Well i think all stories have a true origin to them… People might add stuff but the base stays almost the same… So maybe they did exist or who knows… Maybe they still do!

  • Dude they’re real. They made a documentary on them call mermaids: the body found. And yes they r indeed ugly…or just not that pretty…haha.

  • I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! THEY WERE ALL PHONY STORIES! MERMAIDS AREN’T REALLY ‘BEAUTIFUL’ THEY ARE JUST WEIRD! My childhood hopes once again crushed… *sniffs* *weeps*

  • I think mermaids, fairies, and any other creatures vary in diff places. I believe them all

  • the last picture is said that ,it is found in the philippines but sad to say that it is fake :( but im still hoping that someday there will be a real mermaid :(

  • omg the wierdest one is the 3rd one form top and 4th one from bottom it looks so creepy

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