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Bigfoot is a scary monster also known as Sasquatch, the Abominable Snowman or The Yeti. It is an ape-like creature that lives deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest USA. Read about sightings of the creature and watch footage captured of this monster that still baffles cryptozoologists.


This is a picture of Bigfoot from the most famous sighting by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin in 1967. The men managed to capture a few seconds of footage (which you can watch below) of what they claimed was a huge ape-like sasquatch creature in Bluff Creek, Northern California.

Patterson had been involved in the search for the elusive Bigfoot or Sasquatch for many years and had written a book on the subject entitled Do Abonimable Snowmen Of America Really Exist? Gimlin was Patterson’s best friend and agreed to accompany him on a wilderness expedition to search for the creature.

Equipped with a 16mm hand-held Kodak movie camera, the two searchers set out on horseback in October, 1967 and explored the wilderness regions in northern California. They concentrated their search in the area near Bluff Creek which is in the Six Rivers National Forest because Bigfoot footprints had been found there years before. Construction workers building a road into Bluff Creek in 1957, had noticed large human-like footprints in the soft soil which were reported to the press.

In the early afternoon of October 20, 1967 Patterson and Gimlin spotted a hairy ape-like creature down on the creek. Patterson’s horse reared up, frightened by the sight of the creature, throwing him to the ground. He quickly grabbed his camera and shot the footage while running toward the creature, who was quickly but calmly walking away across the sandbar into the woods.

Meanwhile, his friend Gimlin observed the whole scene, rifle in hand, in case Patterson was attacked by the creature. The men had previously agreed that they wouldn’t shoot the Bigfoot unless it was in self-defence. The two men decided not to pursue the Bigfoot into the forest because they were afriad and they figured the film they had of the creature was enough evidence of its existence.

Bluff Creek had a sandy clay soil and the monster’s footprints were remarkably well-preserved for a long period of time. The footprints were 14½ inches long by 6 inches wide and the men estimated Bigfoot to be 7 feet 3½ inches in height and weighing 700 pounds.

The film has been studied by many scientists throughout the world who disagree about the authenticity of the sighting. Roger Patterson died in 1972, steadfast in his belief in the creature’s existence. Robert Gimlin, who now resides in Yakima, also continues to maintain that what he saw was the elusive North American Bigfoot. To this time, no firm evidence has surfaced to cast a doubt on this truly amazing Bigfoot sighting.

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