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Mud Monster

Mud Monster

The Murphysboro Mud Monster (or Big Muddy Monster) is a scary creature that was spotted near the Big Muddy River in Southern Illinois.

Mud Monster

In 1973, A young couple were parked in a truck near the Big Muddy River in Murphysboro when they heard a strange and horrible roar that shattered the stillness of the night. Both of them looked around and were horrified to see a huge shape lumbering toward them from the woods. They tried to drive away but discovered their tires were stuck in the mud.

The monster was about seven feet tall and covered with white hair, matted with brown mud. It continued to make horrible, inhuman sounds as it got closer and closer.

Just as the creature was about to reach them, the boy managed to get the truck out of the mud and the couple sped off down the road. When they got to the Murphysboro police station, the terrified young couple told the police what they had seen.

The police returned to the spot but found no trace of the mud monster. However, they did find a set of muddy footprints that led down a path along the river. Suddenly, the police heard terrifying screams coming from the woods. They spent the night searching the woods in the darkness but by dawn, they had found nothing and decided to call off the search.

The very next night, a little boy was playing in his backyard when he saw something horrible. he ran into his house and told his parents that there was a big white muddy monster in the yard. His parents didn’t believe him.

A few minutes later, a married couple were sitting on their porch when they heard rustling sounds coming from the forest behind their house. They looked up and were shocked to see a strange creature watching them from the woods. It was covered in white fur and mud and stared at them with red, gloing eyes. They said it had a round head and long ape-like arms. Shaking with fear, they called the police.

The police officers who arrived on the scene used dogs to search through the woods for the mysterious monster. They found a trail of muddy footprints, broken tree branches and crushed undergrowth, but no sign of the mud monster. They could also smell a horrible stench along the path.

The dogs followed the strange stench to an old abandoned barn but they refused to go inside and just started whining and shaking with fear. The police officers opened the barn door and carefully made their way inside only to discover it empty except for traces of mud all over the floor.

A few months later, workers at a traveling carnival saw a mysterious muddy beast staring hungrily at some horses nearby. Still later, an old woman heard terrifying screaming sounds coming from an old shed on her farm. She was too frightened to go out to investigate that night. In the morning, she found traces of mud all over the inside of the barn. Years later, a tent at a local campground was attacked by a mysterious monster during the night. It left holes in the tent and blood all over the ground. Many people believed that the Murphysboro Mud Monster had returned, but there were no further sightings of the mud monster.

The Murphysboro mud monster suddenly appeared without warning and then, just as suddenly, disappeared without a trace. The mud monster left behind a lot of frightened witnesses, confused police officers and a frightening legend. According to the Murphysboro Police Department, the Mud Monster still remains an unsolved mystery.

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  • Must a been beamed back to space ha jk. Hmmm wonder what its like to live by a forest…must be pretty exciting and interesting. U can probably hide bodies and stuff there too…or discover some…hmm…

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