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The Thetis Lake Monster (or The Gill Man) is a scary creature that was spotted at Thetis Lake in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. They say it resembles the Creature From The Black Lagoon.


In 1972, two teenage boys (aged 16 and 17) were standing on the shore of Thetis Lake when they both saw a strange and violent disturbance in the water just off the shoreline. Suddenly, a monstrous head rose out of the water. The boys watched in stunned silence as a grotesque creature slowly stood up.

The horrible creature had a monstrous face with a silvery-green scaly body that looked almost human. It had large, bulbous fish-eyes and a mouth with razor-sharp spikes coming out of it. The creature’s hands and feet were webbed.

Before they knew it, the monster had emerged from the lake and was moving quickly along the shoreline, coming directly towards them. The two teens were terrified at the sight of this huge scaly amphibious monster and they ran for their lives.

As they fled, they looked back and saw the vicious creature was hot on their heels. The boys were almost back to their car when the creature caught up with them. Scrambling into the car, one of the boys saw the creature lunge at him and felt a sharp pain in his hand. They slammed the car doors and drove off down the road, screaming in terror.

After narrowly escaping the grisly creature, they went straight to the nearest police station. As they got out of the car, one of the boys noticed he was bleeding. His hand had been lacerated by the monster’s razor-pointed mouth.

The boys told police officers about the incident on Thetis Lake and showed them the bleeding cut caused by the razor-sharp spikes of the lake monster. The police believed their story and immediately launched a hunt for the creature. However, they could find no evidence and the investigation came to a halt.

Four days later, two different boys (aged 12 and 14) were fishing on the opposite side of the Thetis Lake. They saw the same creature emerge from the lake. It looked around, stared at them for a moment and then submerged itself back into the water.

“It came out of the water and looked around. Then it went back into the water. Then we ran! Its body was silver and shaped like an ordinary body, like a human being body, but it had a monster face, and it was all scaly with a point sticking out of its head and great big ears and horrifying eyes.”

Again, the police were forced investigate. They increased their efforts, but after weeks of searching the lake and the surrounding area, there was still no evidence of any creature.

Although the creature has not been seen in the area for many years, researchers are still looking for evidence of the creature’s existence. If you ever visit Thetis Lake, make sure you look for footprints or scales and, above all, be careful. Remember these kind of creatures are considered extremely dangerous.

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