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Lake Worth

Lake Worth

Lake Worth, near Fort Worth in Texas, is home to a scary monster that looks like it is half-man half-goat. It was seen by many witnesses as it went on the rampage and attacked bystanders.

Lake Worth

The Lake Worth Monster was first seen on a hot summer night in 1969. Three young couples were parked in cars, enjoying the romantic view at the edge of the lake. Suddenly, a huge beast leaped out of nowhere and landed on the roof of one couple’s car. It was covered with fur and scales and looked like a cross between a goat and a man.

When the couples saw the hideous beast, they began screaming. The creature bounced up and down on the car roof, bashing and tearing at it with his claws as if he was trying to get at the people inside. The couples started their cars as quickly as possible and drove away, leaving the monster howling and thrashing in the undergrowth.

The terrified young couples showed up at the Fort Worth police station. They were so terrified that, as unlikely as their story sounded, the police officers believed that the couples had definitely seen something horrible.

The frightening nature of the attack made the police take the incident very seriously and they decided to investigate. Four police cars raced to the scene only to find the area quiet and deserted. There was no evidence that any monster had been there.

However, when police examined the couples’ cars, they found an eighteen-inch scratch running along the car roof. It seemed that the scratch had been made by the claws of a large beast.

The next day, newspapers ran a front page story with the headline “Fishy Man-Goat Terrifies Couples Parked at Lake Worth.” The story created a sensation in Fort Worth and, that night, many people gathered at the lake, hoping to catch a glimpse of the monster.

Suddenly, people heard a fierce howling cry and someone spotted the creature crossing the road. It ran up and down a hill and was seen by at least forty people as it crouched on the edge of a cliff. Within moments the police were on the scene as well, observing the monster lumbering around on the bluff.

When some of the spectators tried to approach the creature, it howled and jumped off the cliff. Then it picked up a car tire and hurled it at the crowd. People began to panic and raced back to their cars, trying to flee as the monster went on the rampage.

In the confusion, the police tried to corner the creature, but it took off into the woods. The police shot at it, but the monster escaped and disappeared into the night.

One witness described how the “creature showed up and started yelling and threw tires like Frisbees. It was a total panic with everybody running into each other and burning rubber to get out of there.”

For the next few weeks, groups of armed men searched the woods and fields near the lake at night. On one occassion, they spotted the creature and fired at it. They followed a trail of blood to the edge of Lake Worth.

On another night, three men were driving past the lake, when the monster jumped on top of their car. The shock made them lose control of the vehicle and they crashed into a tree.

People who lived in the area reported hearing the monster’s strange howling at night and smelling the beast’s foul odor. They also found several sheep whose necks had been twisted. They were half-eaten and many believed this was the work of the Lake Worth monster.

A man was camping in his sleeping bag in the back of his truck when he was suddenly attacked by the monster. In desperation, he threw a bag of chicken at the creature. The beast stuffed the bag into its mouth, then jumped into the lake and swam off into the darkness. That was the last sighting of the Lake Worth monster, although traces of the creature continued to be found for years afterwards.

The funniest theory about the Lake Worth Monster came from a young boy at the time who decided he knew where it came from. “It was chased down here from the moon by the astronauts”, said the boy. “And as it fell through space, it became so hot until it caught fire. But it landed in the lake and was saved. Now it is wandering around as puzzled about us as we are about it.”

People still visit the Lake Worth area and ask locals questions about the creature. Is there a fishy man-goat out there? Is the Lake Worth Monster still on the loose? If you want see for yourself, take a long, lonely ride out around the Lake Worth area some dark, quiet night. But don’t go alone. It’s too scary out there.

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  • Plot twist: a man just happened to get his head stuck up a goat and was mistaken for a beast when his goatly urges struck.

  • I have a different book that has an entry about this monster.. In the book, it says that the Lake Worth monster is more of a lizard man, but ya know, whatever. ._.

  • Lol @elise
    And btw is it really real? 🐐+👦+🐟 seems a little too far fetched.

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