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Honey Island

Honey Island

Honey Island is home to a vast swamp land area in southern Louisiana. Lurking in the deepest parts of the swamp, the parts seldom traveled by man, there lives a monster.

Honey Island

The Honey Island monster was first spotted in 1963 when two men went out hunting in the swamp. They came across a large creature hunched over the body of a dead boar. The strange monster was very large, covered in grey hair and stood on two legs, like a man. The men were shocked when they realized the creature was in the process of tearing the boar’s throat out with its clawed hands.

Suddenly, the creature turned around and glared menacingly at the two men, before fleeing into the woods. The two men ran after the creature in an attempt to get a better look at it, but all they found were its tracks. The men said that what they remembered most were its sickly yellow eyes, set far apart on its skull, and the horrific stench which surrounded the beast.

In 1973, a guide was traveling down a Honey Island bayou in a small boat when it struck something in the water. The guide stopped to see what it was and saw a terrifying creature swimming to the shore. It climbed out the water and walked into the woods on two legs.

Another man was out hunting in Honey Island when he saw a dark gray beast, about seven foot high. He watched as it jumped a bayou and ran off. “It looked too much like a human too me”, said the man. “Broad shoulders, arms hanging down below its knees, hands that looked almost like a human’s hands.”

A married couple were on a fishing trip in Honey Island when they heard frightening screams coming from down the river. The screams kept getting closer and closer and the man and his wife started building small fires around their campsite to keep any predators away.

As night fell, they saw yellow eyes, set wide apart, watching them from the trees. The husband took a gun and went out into the woods. He was shocked when he came face to face with a creature that looked like an ape, about seven feet tall. He shot at it, but the creature fled into the night. When he returned to the campsite and described the strange beast to his wife, she told him he had just encountered the Honey Island swamp monster.

According to one local legend, the Honey Island Swamp Monster was once a human child who was abandoned in the area by its parents and raised by alligators in the uncharted regions of the swamp.

Another legend revolves around a train crash that happened near the swamp. The train was carrying animals from a traveling circus. After the crash, some chimpanzees got loose and fled into the swamps. Some of the chimps began to interbreed with alligators. The result was a strange colony of swamp monsters in Honey Island.

The Honey Island Swamp Monster has been blamed for numerous human and livestock deaths which seem to have plagued the area for decades.

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  • Wow both those legends sound too crazy and far fetched man. Besides…everyone knows that if u leave a baby in the wild wolves would raise it…haha jk. Seriously though…alligators?

  • Weird-tastic.
    And what type of name is 🍯honey🍯 island? Too wimpy 4 a monstah.

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