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Lizard Man

Lizard Man

The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp is a scary creature that lives in areas of swampland near Bishopville in Lee County, South Carolina.

Lizard Man

The Lizard Man was first encountered by a 17 year old boy, who was driving home from work in the middle of the night. He had a flat tire and stopped to fix it by the side of the road. Suddenly, he heard an odd thumping noise coming from a field behind him.

When he turned around, he saw a monstrous creature running towards him. It had bright red, glowing eyes and green, scaly skin. The creature was coming at him at a furious pace, running on its spindly hind legs.

“I looked back and saw something running across the field towards me. It was about 25 yards away and I saw red eyes glowing.”

Terrified, the boy jumped into his car and locked the doors. As soon as he locked the door, the creature slammmed up against the window and started grabbing and scratching at the door handle.

“I ran into the car and as I locked it, the thing grabbed the door handle. I could see him from the neck down – the three big fingers, long black nails and green rough skin. It was strong and angry.”

The young man gathered his wits and started up the car. He drove off, but the thing jumped up on the roof and began scratching and clawing at it. The boy began swerving to shake the creature loose from the roof.

“I looked in my mirror and saw a blur of green running. I could see his toes and then he jumped on the roof of my car. I thought I heard a grunt and then I could see his fingers through the front windshield, where they curled around on the roof. I sped up and swerved to shake the creature off.”

He was finally able to dislodge the creature but as he sped away out of the swamp, it continued to chase him, running behind his car for almost a mile.

When the frightened young man arrived home, he woke his parents and told them all about the weird Lizard Man that had attacked him. His father checked the vehicle, and the drivers side mirror was broken and hanging off. The roof was covered in long, deep scratches. The police were called, and a report of the creature was made.

In the next few months, police began to receive other reports of encounters with the Lizard Man. Two teenage couples were driving near the swamp, when they saw a huge lizard-like creature dash across the road in front of their car. A construction worker was collecting water from a well when a reptilian creature jumped out at him.

In 1990, a woman and her 5 children were driving home and laughing about the Lizard Man sightings when they had a sudden and frightening encounter. The Lizard Man jumped out of the bushes and into the road. The woman swerved to avoid hitting it and stomped on the brakes. The creature attacked the car and tried to pry open the doors. The woman managed to drive off before the Lizard Man could get into the car.

In 2004, a young girl was walking by a river when the Lizard Man attacked her and tried to pull her into the water. People who parked near the swamp found unusual scratches and bite marks on their cars. Numerous three-toed footprints were found at many of the sighting areas.

This Lizard Man walks and stands on its hind legs like a human being. It is 7 feet tall, and has large red glowing eyes and is covered with green scaly skin. Its head and face look like a cross between a human and a snake. The Lizard man’s hands have 3 fingers each, with long black claws.

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