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The Momo (or the Missouri monster) is a scary creature that appeared in Missouri. Those who saw it said it was tall, black, covered in hair and smelled like rotting meat.


The Momo was first reported by two young women who were having a picnic near a highway in Louisiana, Missouri.

“We were eating lunch when we both wrinkled up our noses at the same time. I never smelled anything as bad in my life. I turned around and this thing was standing there in the thicket. The weeds were pretty high and I just saw the top part of this creature. It was staring down at us.

“It was half-ape and half-man. It had hair over the body as if it was an ape. Yet, the face was definitely human. It was more like a hairy human. Then it made a little gurgling sound like someone trying to whistle underwater.”

The hairy creature stepped out of the brush and proceeded to walk toward the young women, who dashed for their Volkswagen and locked the doors. The beast, continuing to gurgle, caressed the hood of the car and then tried to open the doors.

The women were terrified. They couldn’t drive away because they had left the car keys on their picnic blanket. They started beeping the horn which made the monster back off.

“It stayed at a safe distance, then It stopped where we had been eating, picked up my peanut butter sandwich, smelled it, then devoured it in one gulp. It started to pick up my purse, dropped it, and then disappeared back into the woods.”

The women ran out, grabbed the car keys and drove straight to the nearest police station.

The Momo was seen again in 1972, on the outskirts of Louisiana. Two young boys were playing in their yard, when their older sister suddenly heard them screaming in terror. She looked out the window and saw something standing by a tree.

“It was six or seven feet tall, black and covered in hair. It stood like a man but it didn’t look like one to me.”

The thing’s fur was matted with blood and it was carrying a dead dog under its arm. Its face could not be seen under the mass of hair covering it. The children phoned their father who came home, but could find no trace of the creature apart from a horrifying stench, like rotting flesh.

Later that day, a local farmer reported that his dog had disappeared. A neighbor reported hearing terrible growling sounds that afternoon.

There was another even freakier encounter. A young girl and her mother were sitting in a parked car, when all of a sudden the Momo appeared out of nowhere. It reached in through the open window and punched the little girl in the face for no reason. The mother drove off really fast and the girl escapes with just a black eye.

One night, a man heard his dogs barking. He grabbed a flashlight and stepped outside to see what was wrong. To his horror, he came face to face with a 6-foot-tall monster standing in his yard. The black, hairy creature turned and ran. Police sealed off a 200-acre wooded area while a team of 25 hunters searched for the creature, but they couldn’t find anything.

In 1972, two young men were fishing on a secluded river bank when they noticed a splash and looked up. They saw something wading across the river – a big, hairy thing. The creature began to march towards them, slowly and deliberately. The men began to panic and scrambled up the hillside. The police investigated the area and found mysterious three-toed footprints.

Two teenage girls reported seeing a hairy creature at sunset walking along the edge of a wooded area.

In 1976, two people were in a boat on the Missouri River when they saw a 7-foot tall creature covered in dark brown hair. The creature was drinking from the river, but when it saw the boat, it stood up and ran into the trees.

In 1979, two boys were on a railroad bridge one night when they saw strange shadows moving. They looked up and were shocked to see a creature standing over them. It was 8-to-9-foot-tall with long, matted brown hair covering its body and face. The creature smelled like rotting hair and screamed like a panther. It tried to grab the boys but they managed to escape and ran home.

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  • Haha it punched her…kinda sounds like Bigfoot though…6 ft though that’s pretty short…wonder if it was full grown hmmm.

  • Momo sounds too cute to be a ugly monster TTnTT. I wish momo was just a innocent mouse. And I agree with you, AlienDude and Just Creeped, your story is funny :)

  • Momo Watches Little Girl Afar
    Momo: She’s Too Pretty, Small, And Um.. Young I’ll Deal With Her Later After I Eat The Neighbor’s Dog.
    A Few Minutes Later…
    Momo Climbs The Window, Momo Punches Girl.
    Momo: YO MOM!
    Little Girl: My Pretty Small Young Face!!!!!!! *o’

  • it was probaly some kind of specis that was trying to survive and people kept on scaring it and when the momo puched the girl it was probaly trying to protect its self

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