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The Owlman is a scary real monster that is said to be half-man, half-owl. The first sightings of the creature happened in 1976 in the village of Mawnan in Cornwall, United Kingdom.


The Owlman was first seen by two young girls, June who was 12 years old and her sister, Vicky who was 9. On April 17, 1976, the girls were out walking in the woods. When they passed Mawnan church, they saw a large creature flying above the church tower. The girls were so frightened by the horrible thing that they ran off to tell their father about it. June was later able to make a drawing of the creature.


Two months later, on July 3, a 14-year-old girl named Sally was camping in the woods with her friend, Barbara. As she stood outside her tent, she heard a strange hissing sound. When she turned around, she saw a large figure that looked like a cross between an owl and a man. It had glowing red eyes and big, sharp claws. As the girls watched in amazement, the creature flew up into the air. The girls were also able to make a drawing of what they had seen.


There were more sightings two years later and the witnesses said that the huge bird-like thing was a silvery-grey colour. In 1989, a sighting by two more people described the Owlman as being at least 5 feet tall.

The most recent sighting of the Owlman was in 1995 when a female tourist from Chicago sent a letter to the local newspaper.

“Dear Sir, I am a student of marine biology at the Field Museum, Chicago, on the last day of a summer vacation in England. Last Sunday evening I had a most unique and frightening experience in the wooded area near the old church at Mawnan, Cornwall. I experienced what I can only describe as ‘a vision from hell’.

The time was fifteen minutes after nine, more or less, and I was walking along a narrow track through the trees. I was halted in my tracks when, about thirty metres ahead, I saw a monstrous man-bird ‘thing’. It was the size of a man, with a ghastly face, a wide mouth, glowing eyes and pointed ears. It had huge clawed wings, and was covered in feathers of silver/grey colour. The thing had long bird legs which terminated in large black claws. It saw me and arose, ‘floating’ towards me. I just screamed then turned and ran for my life.

The whole experience was totally irrational and dreamlike (nightmare!). Friends tell me that there is a tradition of a phantom ‘owlman’ in that district. Now I know why. I have seen the phantom myself. “Please don’t publish my real name and address. This could adversely affect my career. Now I have to rethink my ‘world view’ entirely.

Yours, very sincerely scared…‘Eye Witness’.”

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  • Why do I think this is funny? Like, why? Well, I’m weird. But that’s cool! Half-man and half-owl… I wonder how…

  • Nice a hybrid. Imagine the parents. An owl mated with a human and gave birth to “OwlMan”

  • I liked the story…. I think it’s a topic which I haven’t heard before…. I want to know more about it… Sounds cool ‘OWLMAN’…. Half owl half man… I have heard before that there is creature that had half body of a bull and half body of human…. Same with snake…. Has anybody heard about it?… Anyways good job..

  • The story was … Ok it isn’t even a story… A cross-breed between owl n man! Sorry to be vulgar but I just had a hilarious vision about how the creature would have born :p … 1.5/10 feathers…

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